Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello Humans!(:

These few weeks shall be quite hectic!

With school work and fun! :D

Got to rush the project part one which due on next Wednesday since I'm predicting quite a few slacking fun days/moments ahead! After considering between Manila-HongKong tourist hostage and City Harvest Church fraud issues, I finally decided to do the latter! Work is progressing and hopefully I'd pretty okay! (: But sadly I have not been reading! Since the tutorial class for yesterday was cancelled thus I decided to do project instead of reading! HAHA, nah that's just excuse la!

I went out today after doing some parts of the project! Finally went KBox with my sister! (: But sing untill very 不爽leh. Cos we were in town and we headed to Cine's. We only managed to sing for 3 hours or so, very short la! I think it's been a long time since I last visit KBox! Oh ya, I didn't know my music and mic is so loud that my sister commented that she can hear me singing when she's in the toilet! Somemore the toilet is rather far! OOPS! Somemore is without the singer! 我的天啊! Nevermind, they wouldn't know is me right? HAHA, lucky the song I was singing is a song I quite like and quite know! HAHA.

I love to earn some money in school! HAHA, doing surveys helps me to earn money and help the surveyor to collect data, so why not! HAHA. Going to do 2 surveys on Wednesday and Friday! Yipee!(: Money is loved!

I'm going to meet my laopos on Friday for dinner meet-up! Thanks for changing the venue to JP since I have lesson till 6.30pm! It's coming It's coming! (:


Yay sounds not bad for the week ahead yay! But I better work harder in academic cos I think I didn't really push myself harder.

And yay, LTA survey on coming Monday and Tuesday to earn some money! Hopefully it will be okay! Again money is loved! WAHAHAHHA.

Okay, back to my project!

Take care people!(:



Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello Humans.

Attended LTA briefing/training on Tuesday. Someone in the group thought that my Sister and I am not local, so I asked her where do we look like, don't tell me China! And she say we look more like TAIWANESE! HAHA. That's much better than from China or Greece! HAHA(: but don't I look just like a local?!?! D:

Found a pencil case after a lecture on Wednesday! It happens to be someone in my Mon's tutorial so I decided to pass it to her on Monday(I don't know her but I remember her face). And being someone who respect privacy, I decided not to look into her pencil case. It's a good thing that she mass-emailed everyone in Sociology and I smsed her! I told her no worries cos i didn't even open her pencil case, then she say I should have cos she have an organiser with her contact in! HAHA, maybe I should have be a bit more KPO so she don't have to worry rgt? HAHA(:

Saw quite a few of familiar faces yesterday! Pam, YT, FengYi and YeeTeng! Is like 一没有就没有,一有就好几个!Somemore is continuous one! HAHA. Pam, next time I no seat u must let me sit on your legs huh! Though I know your legs can't tahan my weigh for sure!HA

Anyway I saw this guy and find him very familiar! In fact I saw him twice or thrice only-as a passerby or someone using com beside me and ask me how to view timetable , but he seems so familiar, like got see before somewhere or maybe TV? HAHA, think too much, maybe he just got a 大众脸。 HAHA.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello Humans!

Suddenly feel like eating twist potatoe!

To think I want to lead a bit healthier lifestyle in school by having some fruit but the price is rather high! Far east's is even cheaper! D: Why like that huh? Somemore the size of the fruit is so much smaller. I don't understand! I'll rather buy my MR BEAN!

Anyway Olivia's voice is awesome! Too bad no photography and recording is allowed for yesterday's session! We waited for almost 2hours and I was melting! But yay, her nice sweet voice makes the waiting quite worth it la! She still got special guest-Liu Li Yang somemore! I think both their voice not bad huh! (: The radio station 1003 so cunning can, want us like their fb page so we can view yesterday's record. RAH. I've added anyway, no harm. But it's not updated D:

Oh ya! I happy that I'm quite lucky! As in I've won a springfield voucher by voting for my senior for her contest but sadly no admin staff have contact me so far! Nonetheless I've voiced out in their fb page and they say they will contact us soon(12days passed and initially I was told an email will be sent after 7days, thus i commented on their fb again. shall see how!)! But the shop's sale is ending sia. D: AND i won $50 capitaland voucher in Lifebuoy "Singapore Let's Get Healthier" Lucky Draw! Well, I almost forgot I wrote something and amazingly I'm so lucky to be one of the 100 winner! HAHA.

May this goodluck pass on to my studies man! Adele and I was writing our targeted grades for this sem! Cos this sem is rather a elective-based sem for us, thus we hope we can score well since we're hoping for As for electives. PRAY HARD MAN! Cos one of the electives is fundamental in communication studies, where the lecturer will give away 3points if student volunteer to participate in the lecture! Quite paiseh and shy to speak up in lecture but that's a good way to score! Adele suggested we should go for it since it's half a grade difference! It's so true!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello Humans!
I wish all these money is mine!

I hope life have been great or manageable for you so far ! (:

It's common to see people stressed out these days for their academics and family issues. 家家有本难念的经, 人各有各自的烦恼, 没有烦恼是假的. Hopefully all these negative stuff will end soon and all the sad faces will back to happy faces :D

Okay, this is suppose to be a happy post so I shall cast those 烦恼 things aside for the time being!:D

I've been having fun or going out for fun these days! (:

Had great experience and fun in Universal Studio Singapore on Thursday (16Sept2010)! :D It was quite my virgin trip to theme park! Well, I went Genting and played the stuff back in 1997, so that's 13 years ago. Besides some of the small rides in Fun Fair (ie the love fiesta games in JJC in 2007) I can't recall much of theme park trip! USS was great, I felt I'm having holiday in other country and like a tourist! It's a pity that I didn't play much game! The queues were long and there were many people! Photos will be up next time (:

Went Supperclub on Friday(17Sept) with my 3rd sister! (: Well, our purpose wasn't clubbing la, but to support a senior of mine (who have the same name of my sister) who was taking part in a Maybelline contest "the power in you"! I got to admit I was attracted by the goodie bag and yay, since I've won a prize from the voting system in one of the webisode, I shall go down to give my senior some support! Though she didn't win, I believe she definitely have learnt something out of it (:

And lastly, headed town for shopping with 2nd sister yesterday(18Sept)! To my amaze, we actually eye on some similar stuff! HAHA! For instance, she like bangles which my other sisters don't really fancy! Well, we eye on the stuff but we don't buy them! D: So I told her she should buy them and we can share! HAHAH. That's good so I can save some money yay? But too bad, we didn't buy anything D:

Since I'm having pretty much fun these days, they of course come with a price! Sunday is officially my 闭关修炼 day where I have to chiong my readings for Monday tutorial! There's pros and cons but the feeling of lack of time makes me read. But I realized there's so many to catch up. And I nearly forgot that one of my project is due on 6Oct and I've done nothing to it! D:

Oh by the way, Olivia Ong is coming to NTU tomorrow and Adele managed to take tickets! (:
Hopefully it will be another fun day! (: And yay, COCO LEE's concert is coming too! It's on 2Oct! Well, not a big fan of her but I think she's rather HOT or something like that? More fun-to-be days and I shall bucked up and focus in lectures and catch up in studies!

Bean :D

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello Humans!

Long weekend was wonderful!

How I wish there's long weekend every week! WAHAHA. But well, I very 知足one, once in a while have some holiday or some weird reasons (eg union day) that allows us to miss lessons would be good enough! Well, I think I spent time having fun, relaxing and not forgetting mugging! Well, not really mugging but I know I was lagging behind and my long weekend got to burnt some of my time off with fun so I had to be more a bit more serious in my studies over the weekend. Now, I have to chiong my CS100 readings which I lagged 4 chapters.

Before that, perhaps I should blog all the excitement and fun I had for the pass few days before the feeling ceased:D

Vegetarian BBQ part two was awesome! :D

10 September 2010 :D The combination of our top is so colourful yay!:D
P.S.: My eyes looks real small here! I wonder is it due to my tiredness (I slept at 3+ am and woke up at around 8am without alarm!) or is my eyes really that small?! D:

We headed down to the BBQ area early so as to help out. The view from the flat is simply gorgeous! With all the lovely greens, blue sky and lake! HAHA, cos Chinese Garden is just the opposite of it! We sat in a semi circle facing the nice scenery and chatted while waiting for jobs to be assigned! Well, it's indeed a good place to study! Cos when you feel damn stress, just look straight at the scenery and relax your mind for a while! :D

After our job was assigned, which was to bring the latern down and help them to attach the riddles to it. Bay and I was trying to be enthu but being referred as being auntie by xq! Well, we took part in the 猜灯谜 game! I think it's pretty interesting and fun to guess all those words! Some are pretty fine but some are damn difficult! It's like testing our Chinese lah! And so funny la, Bay doesn't know how to read some words! She read "蓬" as "莲"! Ehem, I guess our Chinense standard have really dropped since Chinese is no longer a compulsory module. I think that's quite bad. Actually I feel quite bad that my Chinese is becoming so 烂. HAHA, that's why I thought of taking up minor in Chinese. HAHA.

OOPS, I'm going side track!

Before that, HL and I played the swing which we missed a lot! Why are there lesser and lesser swings around in Singapore?! D: Also, we chatted or rather, the uncle who travelled to many places chatted with us! He showed us some of the photos he took in his Swizterland trip! OMG, I so want to go there la!

Anyway, after having the beehoon, noodles, curry vegetable, rojak, fruit salad and the fried oyster with egg (all damn nice can!), we decided to do some "cooking"-we were "took over" a BBQ "store"!
This is me and Hl doing some BBQ work! Well, since I'll reading on Adam Smith and Durkheim's division of labor, I believe specialization in specific job will allow us to have more cooked food within a shorten time period! :D HL was the one putting the raw food on the tray and flip them (since I've no knowledge how to differentiate a uncooked and a cooked food) and me, zy and yt were responsible for fanning :D Fanning requires high energy! Glad that I can enjoy good food yet get to exercise at the same time! HAHA.

Oh ya, I brought my camera but left it in the house so we didn't take much photos. But luckily xq offered her HP for us to take photos! :D We waited for the prize presentation since the 2 ladies (me and hl) participated the riddle game! Hl's turn was pretty fast and she got a pair of chopstick!

Mine was rather long, like the last few (50 is the total) and they were saying maybe I can get the spongebob colour pens! LOL. I was very happy when my number is being called cos the wait has finally ended! I received a BVLGARI 5ml sample size perfume! (: (yt so cute still sms me saying it's real, not cheap! HAHA). WHEE HAPPY HAPPY!

SO yup, I had a great pre-celebation for mid-autuam festival! :D

As for 11 september, I headed to town with my grandparents, my mother and my godmother to Ding Tai Feng for lunch! We order their famous 小笼包, 虾仁烧卖, 蛋炒饭, 炸酱面, 排骨面,and 虾仁腐皮卷!I don't know if I get the names right but that's not the point. The food is yummy! :D

After that, we headed to Ngee Ann City to check out mooncakes! WHEE! I think Durian flavor is on the rise. But a stranger made a good point which I heard when she told someone- 都不知道是在吃榴莲还是吃月饼! I think that's a very good point which made me realized that durian lovers should buy durian to enjoy it instead of paying a very much higher price to eat the durian meat in th mooncake! Moreover, we only get to eat mooncake in this special season so why not just eat the traditional ones? Or at least, the more traditional ones. Also, you know the fried yam mooncake? It's quite expensive too! My sister gave a good suggestion of buying A1's fried yam puff cos the two taste rather similar! HAHA. What was disappointing is that I didn't see many Jade Mooncake, which is the pandan flavor one D:

Headed to JE and walked around the area which I used to go when I was young! (: Had birthday celebration for grandmother at BoonLay Raja (should be?). The dishes were rather standard since we've been visiting it for many many years! But yup, the dishes are nice! :D

As for my Sunday, I spent with my readings! Guess I don't have to say much about it!

Okay so that's all.

bean :D

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello Humans.

Have you ever done you homework with Microsoft Word and close it thinking that you've saved it but when you need it, you couldn't find it?


That happened to me quite a few times! In fact I just did it again! D:

I sweared that I've pressed the "save" buttom numerously times before I closed it. I couldn't find it anywhere. that's like WTH since I spent the whole night working on it so that I can have my fun tmr. STUPID. I even thought of starting a reading today and there it goes!


So for my second try for doing it, I just anyhow do it. 没有心情做这个该死的东西了!

To my horror, the matching for plagirism is 24% which scare me out of hell. Chey, it was due to all the list of references and heading -.-

Okay, now I can continue my delayed to-do list though I'm super sleepy now! D: But I believe tmr will be a fine day! And I hope it will be my lucky to-be day! (:

Oh ya, things aren't going smooth these days! Just yesterday morning when I was heading to school, I kicked some dried stuff from the soil (I was praying that's not dried shit) outside JP and my feet was totally soaked into it. STUPID black stuff. Then I lost my pen cover and my purple rubberband. And today, i don't think i need to say more. HMM.

I need some luck huh?


Monday, September 06, 2010


Sunday, September 05, 2010

Hello Humans!

I'm still camping for my cs100 D: Somehow I feel that my appeal for that will not go successfully cos I've put my supporting reasons wrongly! I put there were vacancies but the system state otherwise, and that was the case for astronomy BUT I actually put that for my reason for cs100 -.=
Well, that's why I'm still camping for it.
But due to the change of my tutorial group from wed to thurs so that I can be the same tutorial group as Adele. I've dropped MS4030 and was hoping to add CS100 faster when there's any vacancy. But if there's no vacancy, i can get my MS4030 back since that will clash with my tutorial D: OMG. That's really 麻烦. I'm quite envy of those who got their ideal timetable! D:
I don't want to go school on Tuesday!
Well, that's my free day for weekday so far, I want at least a weekday for myself, not the school.
Have not been reading much, read 5 pages of reading so far X: All thanks to camping! If not for camping, I wouldn't have use lappy for so long, and for blogging and fbing!
HAHA, I'm trying to push off the responsibility huh?
Oh ya, My family, specifcally my mum,aunt and grandma, is addicted to 爱 and 十九岁的清纯! I'm wondering if that's the case for your family too. HAHA. Personally I think they are not bad, I catch a few parts during dinner or lunch! :D
And yay, I feel that my hair is growing longer! WHEE.
Okay, back to camp D:

Friday, September 03, 2010

Hello Humans.

School has come to the end for this week! :D Lectures are so far so good. I guess I'll start complaining when tutorial comes in, which is like starting from next week.

Anyway, I've completed the 90 over pages long of reading on HOW TO READ A BOOK ! I'm freaking happy okay.

Well, I've to admit it's damn long and the title SOUNDS stupid! Well, how can I read it when I don't know how to read a book (the reading is from a book if I'm not wrong)! However, the reading is quite useful in the way that it reminds us the rules for reading- search for the terms, take a close look at the title/content page/heading etc. Well, most of us know that, but we don't really practice that. At least, that's for my case. I will count the number of pages and reading the words blindly and hope that I can finish it as soon as possible since my reading speed is ultra super slow.

Oh Yes, I'm happy that my appeal for astronomy actually went successfully! CS100 is still pending, pray hard that I'll get it and I'll be even much more happy!(: But I had chances to get it but my fat fingers and slow reaction just let the chances pass by! D: There were 2 vacancies initially but when Adele called, they were gone D: Then later, there was 1 vacancy which I saw too, but freak it, when I try adding, there was no more vacancy D:


I had this sudden thought of minor in both communication studies and chinese! HAHA, with Major in Sociology and minor in both CS and Chinese seems like I'm going to work in some media stuff. Well, I'm not sure where I'll be in the 4 years time, but perhaps I should make a good consideration over it(: I shall not declare minor first, but take the modules and see how well I can cope! :D

So please, cs100, please be nice to me and come to me yay?

Anyway like I've said, tutorials are going to start! I shall be more discipline and try to read up my readings with the reminders from my previous long reading on how to read a book!


Anyway, serveral meet-up and outing coming up! Vegetarian BBQ and YOG appreciation party! :D


Bean :D

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hello Humans!

I'm officially a year two student! It's good to be year 2 cos I'll have 3 more years to complete and off I go! :D

Lectures for today were okay, but guess quite sometime didn't write notes so my handwriting is pretty ugly D:

And RAH, I've to complete a 96pages long reading on HOW TO READ A BOOK and then submit a one page long meno by Friday 3pm! I've read through 3 pages only-.-

Timetable is not fixed, just realized that I shouldn't take cyber security and astronomy since I want to take Forensic Science next semester! HAHA(: But I'm still hoping to get astronomy and drop cyber security since the test and exam for astronomy is MCQ! HAHA.

Okay, pray hard that people will start dropping astronomy and cs100 after their first lect tmr and Friday! :D

And yay, HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY! :D Too bad uni students don't celebrate that. WHY?! One lesser holiday! D: