Friday, June 28, 2013


Happy birthday to myself.

23 years old, sounds like a getting old age but of course it's still a relatively young age to me. But anyway, thanks my mum who refused to give birth to me 23 years ago cos she wanred to wait for the doc. Of course a huge thanks to my dad, grandparent and silbings esp shan. Hee. Love u all and may all or some of my wishes come true.

And thanks friends for all the well wishes.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I always thought working with kids would be something enjoyable as kids are so adorable! I mean they are (or supposed to be) naive, harmless, 天真无邪 etc. But they can get really irritating when they cry or play around. I actually worked with some kids of mid and upper primary range weeks ago and it was actually a mixture of feeling. Some kids really need to warm up before they share while some kids can just hit off with you once you engage a topic that he/she is interested in. I guess that regardless of age actually cos I'm those who need to warm up too. It's kinda heart warming when the shy ones started opening up, or simply a small from their cute little faces, or the way they look up to you. But some can get quite irritating in the sense that they don't really listen to what you say, or worse they disobey to what was told or being naughty/rude/impolite. 

Anyway I felt so outdated and old cos I keep feeling that I'm like one of the oldest among them. HAH, true and untrue cos actually a handful of them are of the same age of me or even older (i'm referring not to the kids of course). Kids nowadays are super updated. They have handphones, they watched movies that I didn't watch like Ah Boys to Men, Iron man etc. I was totally out of the conversation.

Thanks kids for letting me to have this valuable experience by working with you all over the short 2 days. Don't think we'll have the chance to get together again and even if we ever met next time, I don't think we'll remember each other. OMG, I sound so heartless. But still,  hope you kids stay happy and healthy and enjoy ur childhood!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend is loved.

I think I'm having 5-days week too and weekends are meant to be nuah at home and laze around. HAHA. Yesterday was great! Watched 4 hours of drama-1 Hong Kong movie with Stephen Chow(逃学威龙2), 1 local drama with Ann Kok in it and 1 Local drama 豆腐街. So instead of going to gym and I've been eating and eating and watching TV X: So hopefully, somehow, I'll go down to gym a bit later in the afternoon. HAHA.

And weather has been VERY VERY VERY WARM these days. Have been waking up in the middle of the night due to this hazy warm weather. Maybe it's a good season to let all bed mattresses and soft toys to enjoy some sun-bathing sessions. -.- My grandpa was so cute cos he say this kind of weather go shopping malls the best cos got free aircon! AGREE MUCH!

Coming 2 weeks will be busy with meeting up with friends and family! Tomorrow will be going for hair cutting, wonder how short should I cut since I don't want it to be too short for convocation. HAHA. And yq reminded me that I didn't cut bangs for quite some time! shall see what the hair dresser say. Have been thinking of getting a new glasses but I'm not sure what suites me. Shall see how again cos it's gonna be money out weeks.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Job Hunting.

Hello Humans,

It has been 38 days since my last paper and after so long I finally started a bit of job hunting! *clap clap* It's so enjoyable to nuah and I think I've the rights and deserve all the nuahing I want or what you all may think as wasting all my time. HAHA. RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT?! But before proceeding my recent job hunting may be I'll share a bit about my application with SMRT. HEE.

I was super happy when I received the above email! Why? Cos' I was thinking there's no response from the 3 companies that I gave my resume to during NTU's career fair and tatah~ here's one from SMRT! Anyway it's just some cognitive assessment and I'm not sure if it's mass-sent or really shortlisted but that doesn't really matter cos what matter is that I got the email. I enjoyed doing the cognitive assessment, cos it's like testing your brain etc. Like you gonna remember simple sentence and some other parts like those sudoku kind! Simply love this kind of test-brain "games" but I made handful of mistakes and felt sianjipua after that cos I was thinking probably I wouldn't be given the chance for next phase.

BUT I WAS WRONG! It really took very long for this email , almost 3-4weeks! Just when I was thinking about it on bus and tatah~, someone from SMRT called about me being shortlisted. I was sort of excited, nervous, happy and all cos it's gonna be my first interview for a job that I'll probably hold for much longer period! 

And the day arrived, all dressed up in formal attire early in the morning. It was so awkward when people started introducing themselves and shaking hands while waiting for the rest to reach. It feels so fake. But then again, perhaps that's being polite and forming first impression. But I couldn't help it and "hello you all serious?! why shake hand?!".. and I slowly withdrew from the crowd (mentally and a bit of physically)- the rest was moving around shaking their hands and doing some mini introduction while I stood one side and stone. Yes I know, I am damn 不合群. So the group was split into 2 teams before the SMRT team gave introduction on SMRT and sharing session done by graduates of past trainee programmes.

Okay, so here comes the test- individual and group. Individual basically is picking a given word and you have to deliver it in graphic, then writing short essay on a given topic. Group work is basically on case studies. I don't think I should spell them out since I'm not sure if I'm allowed to. X: So anyway, I was damn heng to be the first to be called for the individual presentation -.- As for group work, I am damn quiet and so  more or less I know I wouldn't get into the next phase as they are 2 or 3 super out-spoken in my group. 

Oh well, and the news is here. Heng I wasn't carrying much hope so I don't really feel too bad. But thanks SMRT huh, at least now I know what and how assessment center is like! (:

Okay now I'll share a bit on recent job hunting! Finally, I started job hunting!! Started with public sector cos that's probably where I wanna go. Don't ask me why cos I'm not very sure too. But all those job available are quite standard... Spent less than 2 hours for job hunting on day 1 cos it was really sian! HAHA, didn't apply for any jobs cos don't know what to apply for and I need referee before I can apply for jobs through the portal! -.- I was cracking my brain cos seriously I think I have no referee. FYP prof? I think she don't really have much good impression of me. Actually I'm not sure if the bad impressions are more than good impression. Anyway, so I thought of TYY! It's super random but I guess she's the only prof that knows my name. Yes my name, not even really knowing me. I've never find her for consultation before, or actively participate in class. But I was really desperate and decided to give it a try!

And yes! She's damn nice right?! Now I can just 安心地 job search! :D Tried job hunting like just 2 days back and decided to just apply for those I think are okay. So what's okay? Okay= Jobs that I wouldn't go eeee + okay don't mind try try see. Basically I am just spreading my net. If good enough that I'm given chance for interview, at least it will be some training for other interviews should I have no fate with the position. HAHA. So I think I sent 5 job applications yesterday, and I can't really remember what I've applied actually.

And this is what I got yesterday morning! Damn surprised cos they are super ultra efficient! I only applied in the evening and this is what I received in the next morning (: To be honest I felt a bit guilty cos I couldn't recall what was the job scope. 28th gonna be another nerve-wrecking 3-hour session but hopefully it will be good! It's an experience anyway so all the best bean!

TATAH~~ End with this formal photo of me! Taken for free by Picture Me, thanks OCBC Frank! HAHA. Tell me I look so 亲切 okay. Oh well, I actually feel that I look like some property agent. HAHA. Anyway not bad cos I was in a more formal top and shorts since it's only upper body shoot and blazer was provided! Okay more job hunting, soon!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Gardens by the Bay on 16th May

Best model award: My Mum (you'll know why soon)

My mama is so ON right? HAHA.

XQ joined us too, cos we happened to plan to visit the place on the same day (:

Godma, mama, gonggong and yours truly.

The reason why we were there.

Little Netherlands.



My cute grandpa say the photo will look nicer with the umbrella opened. HAHA.

And my mama just follow my grandpa

Godma naughty didn't follow.

Thanks XQ for being photographer Ke of the day (:

One of my favourite photo of the day

Height doesn't matter for friendship! HAHA. oops, why did I come up with such a caption?! HAH.

Happy mama!

The Falls.

Omg this is so damn cute!


 Another group photo.

 This is kinda cute too (:

 Reminds me of the parliament in Berlin..

 Whee we finally waited till the light up! HAHA

Instead of flying off to another country for graduation trip, I have been visiting some place of interest in Singapore! Okay, but visiting Gardens by the Bay is more because of the Tulipsmania in Flower Dome. The entrance fee for the 2 domes is $20 for adult but with NTUC/Passion/Safra card, there's a 10% discount! So do remember to bring one if you have them. 

Talking about the Tulipsmania, it's a bit disappointing cos' the bed of tulips wasn't as big as what I thought. The domes are also not as big as I thought and we only took around 3 hours plus to explore the 2 domes. Nevertheless the flowers are pretty, the night scene is really pretty and it's more like a bonding session. But I guess I wouldn't be visiting the domes anytime soon, just like other local attractions like Singapore Flyer (I got the ride for free, super shiok hor?!). Back to the dome, please beware of slippery wet floor in Cloud Forest since The Fall is right at the entrance to welcome visitors. 

P.S. I finally use my pen-mini after so long. LOL.


Sunday, June 09, 2013

Picnic with my girlfriends on 18th May

Picnic with BFFs.

Food of the day. Finally get to try Jagabee and it is really nice!


Our cute 十连拍

Our cute 千手观音

Finally we got to have a foursome awesome picnic at marina barrage! Bought all the food there instead of preparing the food ourselves. Maybe next time we can have some self-prepared food! Anyway the weather was a bit disappointing in the morning with the dark sky and some drops of rain. But luckily it ended up to be a fine day and all of us got sun burnt which are quite bad. Enjoyed the picnic with lovely people, chatty with them, lying on the nice picnic map and listening to the music. I was sort of living in my own world as I was the one that lied down most of the time after our meal. HAHA.

Picnic is loved.