Wednesday, May 09, 2012

CO265A Photoshoot!

Photoshoot taken for CO265A. 

I know I'm a bit slow to realize that the photo taken are post on the Radio Fusion website recently. But ahem, someone else even slower! HAHAHAH.


 Directors.... find me!

 Research and Sales department. 小得可怜.

and.... adele's! okay I shall just put one if not later she scold me! HAHA(:
Hello NPM! :D

Okay, this is a random post. 


Year 3 debt- CLEARED.

Hello Humans.

I've cleared year 3 debts!

Exam wasn't as stressful and it wasn't satisfactory. I made mistakes that I've never made in exam before (not that I can remember).

First paper was HS316. I got to admit I was ill-prepared for the paper. 1 question was asking on 'G' and my answer was '9'. Totally like no link-.- Felt @#$%^&* but what to do right? Plus it was my first paper and I better stop emo and study. Stopped emo but couldn't stop falling asleep. So I did a bit a revision for the paper next day.

HS317 was better, since i prepared more for it. Still, more potential answers came to my mind after submitting the paper. lalala.

COM254 was... i don't know what to say. I seriously hate 2hour paper that requires writing (i.e. essay). 22marks were left untouched. And I wouldn't score 78marks for those that I've done. but if given more time, I still don't know what are the answers to the 17marks questions that I didn't do,haha, so it's still "okay". anyway I've sort of prepared not to get B+ for that mod so rahhh, okay, i'm fine/i'll be fine.

HS416 is another 2 hour paper, and I seriously think there's not enough time! I think my writing speed downgrade already and my hands felt tired for writing little! That's for every single paper for this semester, except my final paper, which is COM 222 since we got to use computer to type our answers):

COM222 sucks i tell you. I type the best I could, 2,000 words in 2 hours, it's considered very good for me already. though my answers are damn incomplete and short but that's the best I could give. It wasn't that shitty till I realized a stupid mistake that I've made. It was only till 2 hours after the paper when I show adele the question paper that I realized I answered the wrong question! E.g. there're 2 compulsory questions (Q1n2) followed by 2 choose 1(Q3/4). I thought I answer Q1,2 and 4 but in fact I answered Q1,3 and 4! -.- I WAS SUPER SIAN JI PUA.

well, exam sianness is over.

The reason why I like exam is that I can use study as an excuse/a reason for not doing anything else. HAHAHAHAH. oops, but it's true that exam period should study huh! haha. Anyway, i have been busy doing stuff and pei family etc. Time to plan for Europe trip before I leave on next Thursday! Not sure if I'm excited, cos there are so many things to be done. Hope all's well. (:


Tuesday, May 01, 2012





在广播听了一首很好听的老歌-领悟。电视剧《 再见双人床》的主题曲- 也超好听的。觉得不只好听、感人,也似乎说明了一些道理。我并没有追看《 再见双人床》, 但认为这是一部具有教育意义的戏。对了,如果我没有错的话,以后的电视剧都会有中/英subtitle!

i-weekly的其中一页就有剧中一些有趣的婚姻理论。taken from Joanne Peh's Facebook.

多两天就考完试了,剩下的 COM222 将会是用电脑打中文字!(哈哈,所以我才那么努力地在打华文字!)既然不知要读什么,所以就开始做CO265A report. 啊,也不清楚他要的是什么,只好agar agar 咯!要专心并不容易,一直重播那几首歌,又做一些有的没的。 X: