Friday, June 26, 2009

Hello People ( i shall use people instead of human. HAHA)!

This shall be my last post before i'm NINEteen(:

Heard this from someone (If i didn't remember the someone is bay bao bao,HAHA) that one should thank their mother when their birthday arrives. Yes i agree, because they suffer 9 months and most probably they had a hard time giving birth to us. Without our mother, we wouldn't be here. But, i find it weird to thank my mum when it's my birthday.HAHA. (:

Anyway, had an early celebration with my besties on Wednesday!(: We went bugis to shop a bit and makaned at a vegetarian restaurant and took many photos! :D THANKS besties for squeezing out your precious time to prepare the card for me. I know how hard to arrange the time etc since everyone of us are damn busy. It's great having you people around. I don't have much friends, and you people each play an important part of my life. Hope we'll remain as close as now though we're going to different route in our life.

that's all,im too tired to blog le. SLEEPING TIME!

Loves, bean.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello human. (:

here to talk a bit about the camp i went last week (though i've already mention it in previous posts). we had our first lunch in a special way. you have to find a partner. one of us is being blind-folded while the other's hand is being tied with a string. so the blindfolded have to feed her/his partner. it was tiring BUT at least we get to try eating/feeding without the ability to see. i couldn't find the chicken egg or egg or vegetable. all i did was take whatever in front of me and put into my sister's mouth.HAHA. and i guess it's pretty hard to eat the chicken wing without looking at it.. okay, maybe in the next post i'll say about camp thing again. but please don't blame me cos there's always something that i missed out and remember it suddenly.

Till now i still don't know when will be my last day of work. the new admin girl should start working this week, but we still didn't see her. think she's coming over next week. my colleague asked my admin manager to let me work till end of july since it will be quite hard for me to find a one month temp job!  so nice of them, but i don't think they'll let me stay there so long. i don't mind working till end of july so i can earn more money though i'm getting a bit sianx for this job. HAHA. so my colleague asked me not to ask the manager when is my last day again since if she don't need me to work, she'll tell me (i told them to give me one week notice).

Oh ya, the small boss treated us sakae sushi yesterday! taste great especially it's FREE!!(: but one of my colleague was being sacked due to complaints received about him. 

Outing with my friends tomorrow after work! hope we wouldn't be too tired (:

LOVES, bean.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hello human.

i've been leading a rather healthy week (:

besides camp where i get to run about (not much though), today played badminton and went cycling at east coast park with huiling yanting zhenying and xiaoqing(: i love when the wind blow against my face. damn shiok can! and i didn't take very long to start my engine which makes me so happy!!(: though it was really just a cycling session, chatting in the train was great. we stood damn long due to some technical problem of the train D':

oh ya, i forgot to mention about this important thing i learnt from the camp! i learnt some hand sign (: but sad to say from A to Z i can't remember much! D": HAHA, cs sai wants to join this camp if there's one next time. not bad lah (:

okay that's all. i'm going sleep with my aching legs!

Hello human (:

I'm back from a 4D3N camp at sembawang camp site. the camp was a meaningful one and quite a fun one. i get to know more people through this camp BUT i think they'll be just hi-bye friend. anyway, i really feel that i'm getting old and mixing with secondary school kids and JCians makes me feel that I'm no longer that young. okay, that's how i feel la,I'M STILL EIGHTEEN okay!! we played games like the blind walk- we were blindfolded throughout the whole game. we have to spread kaya,prepare syrup drinks,remove apple skin and walk with a blind stick to our destination. easy jobs to be done with two eyes able to see but they're damn difficult to be completed without the ability to see. initially i felt so sianjipua of this blind walk but i get to put myself in the blind people's shoes and i felt that this game is pretty good(: and we came out with COME WHEEL ABOUT event for our project-brain storming,come out with the event and then look for sponsorship (game) and auction etc. pretty nice one(: Oh ya, how could i forget to mention about my group name? HAHA. i think it's a pretty nice and eh, long name- THE ORDER OF THE PEOPLE WHO COULDN'T THINK OF A NAME BUT CHOSE THIS ONE.(: cool right?(:

though i felt quite out (due to the age gap) but this camp is overall a worth and good one. i've forgone my pay for 5 days ($220) and the camp fee is $60. but i've learn more about volunteer thing and how the disabled feel. and there's a after camp project which we have to come out with an event and make it come true. it's a 8 weeks project if i'm not wrong. i don't know how much i'll commit for this project since i'll back to work while the kids (i mean the rest of the team) will be having their holidays and back to school. anyway, met some of my unknown juniors from JJC! some like familiar faces but like never see before. there's one call yujie,his face damn familiar but i cant think of the people that he look alike too. but after thinking for 3days in the camp i realised he look like the jiang chen xi.HAHA. oh, and i think i saw the guy who mr leow say look like cs sai (but i cant remember his name except his nickname xiao qiang).HAHA. anyway, campfire was a nice one. clement have the sportman ship and his damn chio lah (he's our model and we won!)! and we used our butt to write out our damn long team name....

meet up for project yesterday with the PEOPLE. yesterday then realise no project discussion is allowed in the whole entire building of national library! so we went to mac for further discussion. so we spent around 5 hours to come out with 2 proposals...

meeting friends for cycling tomorrow!(: i'll take damn long to start my engine....


P.S. can i don't start work next monday? (:hee.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

hello human.

I'm not going to work from monday to friday (: not that i've quit or i'm fired lah, but i'm going for a 4D3N camp (not university camp la). pray hard that the camp will turn out to be okay though there're some changes to the venue etc.D':  it's been a year since i've go to a camp. the last one was E-club camp last june. 

anyway, my contract is being extended from mid june til end of june. or maybe til 1st/2nd week of july(: the new admin girl is coming on 20 something june! finally can plan and go some datings with my laopos and friends after working for so long! the one fine day is reaching, most probably badminton&cycling? (: happy + sad, cos no work=no money yet no work=more outings!

meet up with zy and hl yesterday at town,xq was left uncontactable (she was in camp). had pizza at delifrance which is pretty not bad(:

okay,that's all. still need wait up early tomorrow. don't miss me.maybe i'll bring my hp,maybe i wouldn't.HAHA.

LOVES, bean.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Hello human, just here for a short post(:

i saw someone who i didn't meet for years. and i saw her in the company i'm working in. HOW SMALL IS SINGAPORE!!! (: anyway, the she i'm refering is MDM NG! okay, not all of you know who is she but my fellow friends from SJAB will know! i was surprised that she's working in CP (sister company of the company which i'm working in). and she's there to help the angmor with something (if im not wrong). so i was like calling out for her "MDM NG?!?!!!!!" then she was like "A, what are you doing here?attachment ar?" HAHA. didn't talk to her since she's busy with the angmor and im busy with my work.

Work is busy. thanks to the xiao lao ban,we've to rush the thing for him. my poor colleague have to work overtime in order to finish it. and i didn't work overtime since i'm not being asked to stay over 5.30pm. And of course they will not ask me to do that cos they wouldn't want to pay me OT etc. (my colleague didn't earn any OT pay!D': ) what a sleepy day today!

anyway,read some parts about sociology and i starts to worry. it's seems like PW-research and presentation. i seriously hate these. and with my lousy english,i hope i can endure through the course and hopefully enjoy and like the course!

okay,it's not even 11pm but i guess i'm going sleep soon!

Take care,lOVES

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Hello human!

the above picture is taken on last saturday after the make-up artist help me with the make-up. perhaps that explains why i smile in this way. HAHA. anyway, I'm pretty happy that she commented that i have big eyes. HAHA. after taking family photo, we had lunch at KOPOTIAM at city hall.nice meal (: anyway, that day was the first time i shopping with full make-up! HAHA. and i must say removing make-up is really a tedious job! but of course, i must learn how to use make-up sooner or later!

short post here cos it's getting late! it's 12.07am. I SHOULD BE SLEEPING NOW! im damn tired everyday after work and i simply don't know why.

will you be a hair model if you're being paid? like 50bucks. HAHA.

okay,that's all.

take care