Saturday, December 31, 2011

Before 2012.

Hello Humans.

Last post in 2011.

May all the bad stay in 2011 and may all the good carry on in 2012.

Hopefully most/all our resolution for 2012 will be achieved.

Take Care people (:


Friday, December 30, 2011

Review 2011

Hello Humans.

It's time to do some review.

2011 has been a... well, I'm not sure, a pretty decent year for me.

Not a single lucky draw winner but I'm fine with that though I don't mind to win anything (: (I just sent a couple of lucky draw for Her World, HAHA)

Academically, I think I've done pretty well since expectations are met. GPA of 4.1, what else could I ask for? Perhaps I'm getting greedy but I just thought maybe I should try to have a nice full stop to my academic pave in 1.5 years time and hence that explain my goal of GPA of 4.5. I'm heading towards it and hence I pray that 2012 will be a good year for me in academic term.

It was pretty much distracted semester, on top of those necessary work for exchange, indeed, many things in life are 徒劳无功的.

I was given a few overseas opportunities like GIP Work and Study in China and GIP Study in USA (and was offered a place for International Housing-it would be a great place to meet people...), but still I always ended up in Singapore. I super love Singapore and NTU, that's why huh. I would say nothing would really be finalized till it really happens cos life is so unpredictable. Please stop asking me why cos thing happens for a reason. So I thank you for your sincere concern. It can get quite tiring to repeat the same old thing during meet up but I'm glad that as time pass, such question are forgotten (: So, I'm still on my way in trying to make overseas exchange a reality. I will be going for an exchange next year, I swear. Okay, I shouldn't have use the word "swear", it's too harsh. But I promised myself I will sort of try my best for exchange, if not somehow I'll get to travel. So cross my fingers for GSS application which I've yet to look at and GIP which I may have to apply if I failed to get myself a spot in GSS. If I'm really so fated not to go there to study or work, I'll go there to tour as a tourist!

Oh ya, I've sort of decided to do Final Year Project! Wish me good luck for mid 2012 to mid 2013. (:

In 2011, I've officially become an adult- I'm twenty-one year old. Actually this doesn't make much difference to my life yet, so... I'm still a happy girl well-fed by my parents,HAHHAHAH(:

I've learnt that health and happiness shouldn't be taken for granted. I'm blessed to have love from my family and friends. So I wish for good health, happiness and peace in the family, and to my friends.

I'm glad that I'm keeping in touch with my primary school BFFs, let's meet up soon, maybe during CNY! Please stay in contact okay, I feel so secured and happy with you girls, miss the good old days!

So basically as a student without much other commitment from relationship or what-so-ever, I think academic will be the top priority at this stage of my life. My special friend in life is still unknown in the sea of human beings despite that people who  horse and horoscope cancer will have more 桃花 this year. I've no idea if this creature appears but he will appear when 天时地利人和. HAHA. (right zy?:P)

Oh ya, I joined the competition and ended up we didn't get into the finals! I think I mentioned it before. A few months back, someone mentioned it again and said there was an opportunity for making it a reality. I decided NOT to join since I was lacking of commitment. Well, I hope I didn't make the wrong choice though  life is not all about studies.

Thanks for all the good and bad, in making me a more complete and mature being, though I think there's still lots of room of improvement for maturity, haha. But somehow, I think I grew a bit (: May I get prettier, slimmer, smarter, healthier and bolder as I grow huh! Oh , and please let me have a sense of (or discover) what I wanna do in the future.

Bin Bin.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New blogskin

Hello Humans.

How's my new blogskin? (:

Personally I think it's quite relaxing, (Green-> good for eyes) HAHA(:

Anyway songs are pretty much the same, I can't bear to remove Hebe's songs! But I've placed Chen qi zhen's songs first.

I spent hours trying to figure where to insert tagboard, blog list and mixpod! HAHA, but still I'm quite proud of myself cos I think it's pretty fast already. By the way, of course I didn't come out of the blogskin, it's template from the blogger and I'm glad that colour etc can be changed!

1.5 weeks of holiday left, better start clearing things on my to-do list :X


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blog under construction

New blogskin on the way (:


Monday, December 26, 2011


Hello Humans.

I hope my serious blogging regarding academic didn't scare you all off (or put you all off). Or perhaps simply no one reads my blog and hence there's no advice. Never mind, at least as I was typing, my mind is doing some thinking and it feels good to do some self-talk. (: And if I really do scare you, I'm so sorry but hey, you just see another side of me- I can be happy-go-lucky or a serious freak :D

Happy me was tidying my cupboards on Christmas and Boxing day (Yes I'm a boring freak but I love staying at home to do my own stuff. Plus no one dates me so I'm happily on my own). And there're still many more left to to be tided. It's good to reminisce the good old times with developed photos. And here's photos which I took 14 years ago (when I was 7 years old) when I was cruising with my godma and my grandparents. I still remember how picky I used to be-I only ate lotus paste bun and some other meat, no veggi! HAHA.

I used to look so slim and pretty cute right? At least that's what I think la, so you better say yes! And my hair look pretty straight too right? It's in the genes, tell me it's in the genes! HAHA, why so? Cos I'm once again tempted to perm my hair with Groupon's deal! It's $53 to perm, cut, treatment and wash! Though I'm pretty sure there will be some top up for better products used. But it's still quite attractive. I'm reconsidering whether to perm, though I've decided not to previously since there was no deal. :/


Okay, I shall think about it, and if I can't make up my mind before the deal ends, means I'm not getting it. Whee. okay great. Anyway my hair still looks pretty straight/ wavy in the right way right? Please say yes, then that would make the statement of "straight hair genes is running in my genes" as a valid statement. And yeah, that's my third sister with her new permed hair! Scully I'll have a perm similar to hers. HAHA(:

By the way, do I still look the same- from 14 years ago? HAHA(:

4 more days to the end of 2011. Review and resolution to be done soon. I'll wait till I have the mood and time to do (:


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Minor vs GPA

Hello Humans.

A sudden thought of mine- Minor or GPA.

Minoring in Communication Studies wasn't really in my initial plan. To be honest, I used to think it would look good to have minor in something. I thought of minoring in Chinese and CS, but decided only the latter cos minoring in Chinese is really a major challenge cos' I can't imagine myself reading all the Chinese readings on top of my Sociology readings. Moreover, I'm only left with 2 CS modules to complete my minor. It would be a waste if I don't minor in it right?

But I got to admit that I have limited interest in CS, I thought of journalism in Chinese but somehow I don't think I'm looking at that direction anymore. I think I was just idealizing and trying to find some directions at that point of time. Is minoring in CS any value or benefit to me? I'm not sure. But for the time being, it's not as important.

I wonder if I should continue to minor in CS at the expense of my GPA since CS usually drag my GPA down. (Or maybe I can take them and just SU them). Or perhaps I should take some other modules that are more meaningful or interesting or easier to score.

Sorry that I'm quite GPA minded, cos I've nothing else besides academic. I mean, I've no CCA, I've no Hall activities. I've no exchange experience FOR THE TIME BEING (I'm hoping to have one and I WILL have one). So, I only have academic result to rely on. Moreover, I don't have much commitment to other things so I thought maybe studies should be my priority now. It is only through improvement of GPA that I can graduate with a Second Upper. I need to get 4.5 for each of my remaining 3 semesters. Teach me how to! Yeah hard but not impossible, so let's wait and see! :P (Scully i'll change my expectation again when the semester begins, LOL).Probably a better Class of Honors will open more opportunities and higher pay which yield higher benefits as compared to minoring in something which I most probably will not be using in the future or do not have much interest in.

Anyway my mind is not set, I'll still think about it (at least I wouldn't have to decide til the SU deadline for next semester, LOL) . Any advise out there?

I want to happily graduate with a Second Upper in 1.5 years time. Not that I'll be sad to graduate with a Second Lower, but I'll definitely be disappointed if my effort didn't yield the result I want. Wait til all of us "unleash our potential" ( Yee 2011)- yes I quoted from 117! HAHA. Oh ya, I've sort of decided to do FYP and hence I'll be graduating in 1.5 years time instead of chionging to graduate in a year time. What to rush to graduate when I've no idea what to do in the future right? HAHA. Plus there's probably NO presentation-what a good news for me.


P.S. And I got a random thought of whether just to apply for MOM/HDB internship if it's still open. Just apply and if I get then it's good. If I don't, I'll just happily clear it with other modules. lalalaaa

P.S.S I'm so sorry for all the academic related posts here. I have to "talk" to myself, and maybe whoever out there. HAHA. There're still a lot to think about- exchange, internship and blah blah blah. And I'm so sorry NPM that I've think about exchange at all. I'm thinking about some other stuff. HAHA. Okay, I still have 2 weeks to think about them and to nuah. Holiday is still the best (:

Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday is loved

Hello Humans.

I shall update about how I've spent my holiday so far (:

Have been spending time with my family and friends. That's why I love holiday. Though it's gonna involve some monetary investment. LOL.

Watched fourth movie of the holiday with my dearest third sister! Thanks to my second sister who went for the standard charter 42km run that we have these 2 free tickets for Mission Impossible 4! Well, did I mention that I never realize how handsome Tom cruise is til I watch this movie? HAHA, okay it's more like he got the charisma! I never thought that the movie would be enjoyable or nice, and a ridiculous imaginary link of the movie was Jackie Chan in my mind. Mission Impossible- Jackie Chan, I think I'm cute. LOL. Anyway the movie was nice! We got comfortable seats too! Shall watch part 1, 2 and 3 if possible :D

And we wrote this before going for our movie! :D May everyone be safe,  healthy, happy, blessed with love and money and laughter. Students like me perhaps can achieve good results, adults who are working maybe can earn big bucks and old people, i mean elderly, enjoy their golden years at home! HAHA.

Had pizza hut lunch and KBox singing session with Adele before the movie! This girl came back to Singapore from Japan and she can't wait to see me! Ahem, NPM, if that's not the case just pretend you are eager to see me! Singing session was short 3 hours that I/we felt that we didn't manage to sing much songs ): Dinner at KFC and we walked to PS! Thanks girl from accompanying me while I was waiting for my sister :D

Thanks for you Moo Moo Strawberry sweet from Japan :D

Somehow my sister and I learnt of a good lobang and we bought 2 cartons of Pink dolphin- a total of 48 bottles! It costs us.......
$10!!! $10 for 48 bottles, it's quite a steal, isn't it? :P Okay, I may turn into a pink dolphin soon with over dosage of pink dolphins. LOL, okay I'm exaggerating. But carrying these 2 cartons was a torture. ):

Of course, out with sister means good food too! I was in good mood and hence foot the bill!s!Okay, I'm not that nice la! More like I was the one with craving or the one who suggested them... Plus my sis is the one who pay for our online shopping.... So good food includes....
Marche (I love the crepe!) and Charles Brown (the Hawaii pizza is rather cheap consider its size. But it's not nice and surprisingly it's not

And we cold-stoned!!! :D it's BERRY BERRY BERRY NICE! I think there're 3 types of berries, that's why it's berry berry berry nice? :P Finally I get to buy one and eat lots of it with my sister!

Went out with my family too! We were in town! Had short shopping with mama and she wanted to buy me a dress and a skirt! HAHA, so nice right? I must shop with her more often from now on then she wouldn't nag me from shopping cos she's the one who WANT to buy them for me :P HAHA, but she wanted, but haven buy for me la, so we'll wait and see.

Grandpa's birthday celebration at Tung Lok! Though I am closer to my grandma, I know my grandpa dote me very much. I think I've mentioned before that usually my grandparents will buy cake and stuff to celebrate my birthday. They are a very cute couple. HAHA.
The food are seriously nice! I was quite full that day. Think I could have eaten more if I wasn't feeling unwell! The chicken shark fin soup is very special. It's not like the normal shark fin soup outside. Instead it's more like chicken soup, in a good way. You can taste the freshness and sweetness of the meat and it goes.... yummy!

The duck is damn tender and I think I had 6-8 pieces of them :D The tofu wasn't to my liking, I only had half of it.
Coconut ice cream with hei luo mi! Nice but it got a durian taste! Which means it sort of weird? Cos how can coconut or hei luo mi comes with durian smell?! And my siblings came out with all the funny possibilities which made all of us laugh til stomache! (:

Yi Xin's 21st.

Finally it's yixin's birthday! She's the youngest among our JPS clique! Happy birthday to you yixin, though you're still a 20years old kid right now! HAHA. :D

 I actually like most of the photos taken that day! HAHAHAHHAHAH, I was joking to Shimin that I'm tian sheng li zhi, LOL. And I attended the celebration with eyeliner used! HAHA, I think i was too harsh that I drew it too thick! But never mind, it was a good try though (:

I love to be my JPS BFFs. It's like even though we didn't meet up for so long, the feel is still there. It's like so relaxing and we could joke with one another like how we used to in primary school. I seriously miss those catching time and freeze and unfreeze!

Birthday girl pretty pretty huh! And her bf made her a pretty pretty big birthday card! Oh ya, did I mention a twin in her party? Their name super cute! Chen xin and Chen yi aka chen xin chen yi! And I finally get to see yifang :D

 Meet up with pam, cs, yt, zy hl
Yt treated me mocacinno at Mac for a short meet up. Pam came and we chatted before heading to Causeway Point to meet ZY HL and CS. Oh ya YT, thanks for the lovely present from BKK! :D Hope you're enjoying your Malaysia trip right now (:

We had dinner meet up at Pizza Hut. Had some catching ups and some conversations were really funny! HAHA. And the last piece of Hawaii which I eyed for was taken by zy! HAHA so cute can!

And I received this cute pouch from my laopos! Presents from Taiwan! Love you girls! I've no idea what I'm going to use it for so for the time being it will be happily rest in my cupboard(:

Timbre with laopos 
We finally had a proper meet up after so long :D Went timbre and order pizzas which is quite yummy. And actually the place is not bad in the sense that it's not that expensive (around $13 per pax, depending on what you've ordered) and there's live band. I sort of like live band too, though all angmor songs. But the loud music is slightly unbearable. It's like my mind will wander and thought of some other random stuff in the loud music.  May or may not be a good place to have proper serious catch up cos talking after 9.30pm is difficult. Meet up soon again people, but i guess most probably it will be on 7th jan (:

Okay I know it's a long post, but one last thing- I'm so happy that the place I went in my China exchange in JC ain't that bad. As in this place call "qing ming shang he yuan" is quite famous! The painting or don't know what is having an exhibition at expo right now and I was feeling a bit happy that I went to the place before. LOL.

Okay that was kind of random.

that's all people, time to rest at home to nuah and do some stuff. I've been out too much and since no one wants to date me, that shall be my plan. HAHA.

Til then.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Result for Year 3 Semester 1

Hello Humans.

Result's out.

All grades are above or on par with my expectation which I've blogged in the previous post!

To be honest, I wasn't as nervous to know the result. Meet up session with laopos was great and my mood ain't affected by it at all. Well, I did thought of the fact that it will be released, but I was feeling well, it's going to be out.

HS 215 A- (expected B+)
HS 301 B (expected B-/B)
HS 401 B+ (expected B)
CS8004 A- (expected B+/A-)
BU8301 S (expected S)
GPA: 4.1
cGPA: 3.74

I got my 3rd A- for sociology modules. (: Though there's no A but I'm happy enough to have such an improvement. I'm pretty surprised when I see "cGPA 3.74" in my degree audit and I wonder which module pulled me up. This semester wasn't as good as I thought initially and I was seriously stressed over a short period of time when we were rushing for HS301 essays, presentations and HS401 assignments. It was the second time that I actually felt stressed in University. It's those kind of stress yet not extreme kind, so I feel it's pretty okay. The first time was actually in year 2 semester 1, but it was super short and turned out to be okay too.

But anyway, it's over and I'm all well to say yeah, this semester ain't that bad right? Therefore I would expect a much more decent improvement and hopefully in going back on track for my initial goal of improving by 0.24 for my GPA per semester. Whee, tell me a GPA of 4.48 is achieveable. I'm working towards it for next semester. It's going to be super tedious, especially with Communication Studies modules.

Oh well, I'll see how again, planning and adjustment will be done next semester.

As for now, I'm happy and shall continue to psycho myself that the road to second upper is getting nearer and it's not impossible. Whatever it is, i'll just try.

Okay, time to sleep, it's 3.07am.



Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mod reviews.

Hello Humans.

Year 3 Semester 1 comes and goes.

Perhaps I should have a short review before result release in 12hours time so I wouldn't be too bias due to result and perhaps to alter my expectation for this semester.

Well, this semester was tedious in the sense that the content were rather heavy. Yet it wasn't that heavy in the sense that I only took 5 modules and was having a 3-day school week.

HS215 Education and Society (PE)
This module was taught by Genaro, a professor who I thought is pretty okay since I've taken his HS314 and scored a very decent grade. Somehow the grade obtained from HS314 encouraged me to take his module, plus he usually make us submit graded weekly mind maps which forced me to read my readings on time. Moreover, there are usually movies (which are nice) and there was no presentation for HS314. So I added it despite hearing negative comments regarding this module. Another reason would be due to all the clashing and sudden change of timing, if not I would have taken HS208 (inequality) instead.

As usual, his content in lecture was quite limited- short and sweet. I've not much idea what I've learnt except some functionalist perspectives of education, conflict theories and maybe some other recent theories.

Essay was kind of weird too cos what I thought that was expected wasn't really what was expected. Oh whatever, at least I scored a B+, which I think is the average. Tutorial wasn't as good as HS314. That is what I feel. I don't think I have learnt much in tutorial, as compared to HS314. Presentation was quite a waste of time where I just passively sit through the tutorial.

Final examination was like shit. It wasn't something expected for me. But it was the last paper that I couldn't care more (or was it "less"). Honestly speaking, I thought I could have scored better. I wanted to score better for his module cos it seems to be scoreable. I don't really care if there are some really good students taking it but I think... well, so what if they are taking? As in true that our grades are relatively graded, but still I don't think that with strong students taking the modules, me as a weaker student will confirm suffer from a lower grade. Aimed for an initiate grade of A then A-, I'm hoping for a B+ now since my final was a crap. Though deep down I'm still wishing for an A- but I think it would be a miracle. HAHA.

HS301Contemporary Social Theory (Core)
I hate HS301, which I don't even finish the weekly required readings. All the theorists and theories were like bombarded to us, and since I rarely keep up with readings, this means that I'm always lagging and getting more lag and lag. Tutorials were scary too, since I was afraid of being called upon to answer weird questions. But I'm glad somehow harry doesn't know me since he never call me before! HAHA, well it can be really bad since this is the second time he's taking the tutorial room that I'm in. This just reflects how inactive I'm in tutorial. HAHA.

Lectures weren't any better. Every week I was stoning in HSS Auditorium waiting for the freaking 2 hours to pass. I. Feel. So. Nuah. Every. Lecture. Essay was a miracle that I passed with a B-, which I was expecting a C+ and fearful of a plagiarism remark since I didn't really cite my sources accurately. I'm so sorry to those unknown information providers.

Oh well, preparing for finals which like damn torturous? I assigned 5 days for HS301 revision and it took me more than a day to complete one chapter WITHOUT readings. Meaning I only flipped and tried to remember the key stuff in the lecture notes. I was sort of distracted. Nevertheless, finals was... I don't know, at least I felt that those chapters that I spent 1 day per chapter ain't wasted cos they were used, though not used perfectly well. At least what I learnt from my preparation period was useful and applicable to the paper itself. And actually during my preparation period, I get to understand HS301 better and was like "oh so these are what we learning". Third question of Final was testing my crapping skill and i didn't manage to crap the right thing. Too bad I've not enough time for my 1 day per chapter.

I'm hoping for a B or B- this time round, please don't give me a C+. I will never want to see a C+ and below in my result slip. Thank you very much.

HS401 Research Practicum I: Qualitative Social Research (Core)
A module which sort of prepare us for our FYP since it's practical. 3 assignments of ethnography, interview and research proposal were used to grade us. I would say I've done pretty bad for all the assignments since I aren't really interested in those topics that I've chosen. Blame myself, I'm too indulge in last minute thinking and last minute work which I'm bad in. Scoring B for my first 2 assignments sort of determine my overall grade of B, hence I'm expecting a B for overall grade. I'm hoping that my crapping assignment 3 would not pull me down to a B-, which will be disastrous to me. TYY, you're not that mean right?

BU8301 Fundamental of Business Laws (GERPE-Biz)
With this, I've finally completed all my GERPEs! Planned to take this module in my final years but humans are flexible and hence I adjusted my thought and planning. LOL. Lectures were okay, fell asleep sometimes and waking up to stone. Taking it alone ain't that bad too. I can survive. I was glad that I SUed Business Law and I secretly laughed to myself that my SU was well spent this time round. I was happily crap and flip my papers while I was doing my finals. Well, I didn't manage to finish it cos I took too much time to stop and flip and think, but never mind, getting S shouldn't be a problem, I hope.

CS8004 Media in China (UE)
Thanks to CS Sai that I decided to take this module. Adele added this module too, and this is how CS and Adele gets to know each other. Lecture was boring with super many unexplained graphs and videos that are mostly draggy and unentertaining to me. CAs were like crap too. I tried to study but studying didn't help much. I guess I just starred at the notes without processing the information. Online discussion was quite time consuming for me. Not much effort put in as time goes by. Seriously, we aimed for A for this module but now I'm hoping for an A-. I really wanted an A for this module cos I don't see any potential As for this semester in other modules. Yet, finals wasn't as greatly done as what I thought initially. What's the point of writing long essays when the question is not fully well-addressed? I failed to give SPECIFIC examples, and I think would pull me down. Oh whatever, if I don't get an A- please give me a B+!

See, expectation aren't dead, they are meant to be flexible and adjustable! Though 2 years ago I've set the goal of improving my GPA by 0.24 per sem (which is improvement of cGPA by around 0.1), I don't think I can meet the target of 4.24 this semester. I shan't be so harsh to myself. HAHA, overall I want to at least maintain my GPA first and still, I would like to have some improvement though it can be less than 0.24, i just want some improvement.

So, hopefully I will be contented when the result is out IF my expectation are met. I don't mind to be surprised like last semester since it was a pleasant surprise.

Friends, we've tried to do well, whatever the result is, it is what it is. No point mourning too much about it unless after a few days of emo you'll be motivated by it (Somehow I said this to remind myself). I felt that not much hard work are invested this semester despite people commenting that I'm getting more hardworking. Seriously, I can get more serious and be more hardworking. It will come when it have to come.

Loves and goodluck,

Monday, December 19, 2011

Short update.

Hello Humans.

I'm busy catching up my 9pm drama which I missed whole of last week!

I wonder I can finish all before meeting YT later. HAHA.

Okay shall go makan lunch before continue chionging my drama.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

random update.

Hello Humans.

Thought of perming my hair- those Korean perm.

Though my hair seems to be growing at a very slow rate (note: it grows but at a super slow rate), it actually not as short as what I thought. HAHA. And I've actually asked the hairdresser and he said it's long enough to do the perm! LOL, i asked him when he was doing hair for my mama.

But my hair seems to be quite guai these days that I think it curls in the right way and I shouldn't do anything harmful to it. Maybe I should just cut my fringe. Shorter fringe suites me better, right? I don't know, I wanted give longer fringe a chance, but my head looks so much bigger. LOL.

Anyway there's no good deals on perming on any websites for the time being. So let's just see how :P

Finally stayed at home to tidy up a bit for my table and some of my cupboard :D

I love neat, colourful, tidy and full of childlike stuff table! HAHA.

My mama commented that my table is the most CHILDLIKE among all my siblings. :D I think that's a praise.


Friday, December 09, 2011

Fun-filled holiday so far! (:

Hello Humans.

Sometimes I thought of blogging on some stuff, but once I started typing, I don't know what to type.

Many of my friends are away from Singapore! Like Adele (Jap), HL, ZY, XQ (TW) and YT (Thai). Someone asked if I'll be very bored cos all my friends are away. True that it can be quite sian to have them all travelling but hello that's only a few days! HAHA, if like that also can't tahan then...

Haven't been staying at home for 1 whole day since holiday started!

1st December was my last paper-HS215. It was at Hall K, a small and cozy (eh and cold?) function room right above medical center. Brought my breakfast (bread) into the examination since we have to wait for a few minutes to start the paper. It was my first time bringing food into the hall! It feels weird, and to eat it. HAHA, the girl next to me smiled to me when I held my bread to my mouth. LOL. And I finished the bread just before the start of the paper! JUST NICE. I was pretty freaked out when I flipped through the paper. I was expecting case study for the first question since it's our prof's pattern. BUT I'LL NEVER THOUGHT IT WILL BE 7 PAGES LONG OF WORDS! ): I spent 30 minutes reading the damn case study! I'm a super slow reader sia. Anyway I found all the question very xxx ): But never mind, last paper already so I just hope everyone die together. :D

Went to Charlie Brown Cafe at 313 with Adele after our paper! Went Cold Stone Creamy for a short while and walked a bit before settling down at Subway. Chatted and this woman laughed with her mouth full of water! The result of that was poor me kana splashed ): NPM I'll never forget huh! HAHA.Anyway that's considered as mini send-off for her Japan trip :D Still enjoying in Japan, good! :D

My table, cupboard and room is still in a mess! Instead of tidying "my" area, I went to my dad's shop and helped my sister to tidy her office! HAHA, I'm such a good sister :)

Watched 3 movies within 9 days- You Are The Apple Of My Eye, Already Famous and Happy Feet 2! The first movie was with YT, ZY and CS! I think it's the first time for us to watch movie together. Anyway got one customer cute sia, say "I want to watch the apple show". HAHA. Honeymooned with pam for Already Famous. She's so  有心 to "do" her hair before our dating! BFF was nice, as in the Best Fries Forever that she introduced is nice! :D I wanna eat it soon, maybe on Monday when I go town with sister. Happy Feet 2... Not really a movie that I'll watch in cinema, but GV is having a promotion of 1 for 1 for that movie if u show them the coupon. So why not right? (:

Oh ya, course registration on 5th December was rather successful! Except that HS4016 can't be added as the system is not updated -.- Hopefully I can get those UEs man. Friends have been asking me about STARs, make me feel so senior sia.

Went Teoheng with YiQing! Didn't know that we can bring outside food in and there's no drinks provided! HAHA. But it's a good place if u're going in big groups cos they charge by room instead of number of pax! I don't know why but every time I sing with her I feel so.... stress? HAHA. Wanted to jio pam but she say she don't wanna to 杀鸡, lol. Oh ya, both of us bought $3.50 worth of sushi! Indeed great minds think alike! But we bought all different types of sushi! No clashing at all :P More singing to go soon, when NPM comes back!
Chicken Rice at Mandarin Orchard

Had Chicken Rice at Mandarin Hotel with godma! We had half chicken for ourselves and we had a cup of beer each. I don't really like beer, so I ended up finishing half the cup of beer only): Oh ya, I also started carrying this lovely Charles and Keith bag from my beloved primary school friends! :)

Sent my laopos off yesterday! HL was damn happy cos it was her first visit to our beloved Changi airport! Our mini meet-up before their fly off was super short and rushy over Mcchicken! Thanks SC, xq's bf, who treated us the meal! and I took his shun feng che to T3 cos I wanna go walk around :/ Walking around airport really have the travel feeling man. I'll make sure I travel to somewhere sometime next year, via plane. LOL. And I took bus from Changi to Town! I thought it'll be fast but.... it took me an hour! ): I was so sianjipua when I saw ECP etc ): In SC's car, he asked if I'm sad since I didn't travel with the girls. Well, I wouldn't say I'm not, plus some disappointment BUT it was still okay since there will be opportunities for us to travel together next time! Moreover I'm not a fish monger, can't tie my friends up and make them go according to my schedule. And Tiger is being kind enough to offer me a full refund! HAHA, they offer it to me without me requesting okay, NO DISPUTE as guessed by HL. LOL. And HL seems really excited for her first far far away trip to experience Taiwan with laopos and to experience winter! I think it'll be a great memory for them. As for me, no worries, got heart and money and time, there's always chance :)

These pretty summarize my holiday so far.

Till then.


Sunday, December 04, 2011


Hello Humans.

It's holiday time!

I wasn't as happy as the end of the first paper (HS301). 

This semester was super fast. Not much counting down.

It passed before I really know.

Anyway it's stars war tomorrow.

Wish me (and friends) all the best.

But I'm still not very sure of what to add :/

Proper updates soon when i'm free.