Sunday, September 06, 2015

Is it real

Hello Human and hello bloggy!

I have been MIA as it's either i'm not in the mood or not enough time and sometimes i do feel a bit bad since it's a platform for sharing with the present and future me.

Anyway, i am flying to Taiwan im almost 2 weeks time with my bff zy! It feels kind of unreal and our travel mood have yet to kick in! We even joked that it's not true and we are not travelling. It's okay, the holiday mode will come soon, especially the next 2 weeks is gonna be shorter week due to GE and i have applied for time off on 18th (:

We will just be covering Tai Chung, Nantou (Cingjing and Sun Moon Lake) and of course Taipei. Shall do more homework on Taiwan when i have the mood!

Although it differs from what i always dream- a at least 2 week taiwan trip so that i can cover the whoe taiwan, i bet this taiwan trip is going to be an awesome one too!