Thursday, August 09, 2007

im leavin singapore to china tmr!! so fast man!! well,i'll miss everyone esp my sis!! hope everyting well go thru smoothli=) sry for my pw-mates tt i leave dem in singapore!! muz give mi smt to do if gt tings to do hor!! sry yf for letting u do all de stock check stuff by urself!! n sry for my sis for nt peiing her for nxt 3wks n makin u miss mi badli!!!!

packing still in process..slow rgt? but i wanna do some stuff on de notes so i took dem out den i muz repack de bag..lalala..

ytd had chilli nv go..glad tt js go even though he join us damm long..but realli thx him for cumin=) mi hl yt zy went settlers cafe aft our sch celebration for national dae.. de sch gave us refreshment which is nt bad=) de investiture in de morning was nt as gd as's wad i tink la.. oh,jas was in settlers too..we went to had lunch at holland v 1st..nt bad la=) den we go walk walk n saw a 0 degree cen de bar..den we sat outside tok a bit..den went playground den settlers.we went 2nd floor cos 1st floor full le..nt as high class as i expected cos tok is those you noe..haha=) but overall it's a nice place to go!!we play mani games!! gt de life game which i v gdluck at 1st but endin hv loads of debt!!tt hl hv a happi family man!!im de policeman den can gt 5000 if any1 spin 10..haha=) n de egg game!!so funni la!!oh,b4 tt yt wanna go toliet den de door is close so we wait v long.den yt knock de door den it open a bit!!haha=) so funni la..den her rxn v funni too..den she open de door inside no1 usin!!haha=) so cute la!! well,poor js reach dere 4+pm den abt 6 we jiu leave dere..den we go back le..den on bus had a nice chat =) den i nd go buy newspaper at 7-11 so hl n js pei mi..den aft tt we cont talkin outside 7-11 till 8+! woot!!nice man!! well, dun mind goin settlers nxttym!! :D

mi n pam waiting at de WRONG classrm for china briefin =X

mi n pam in JP toilet :Dat queensway mrt station =)

hope we'll hv fun in china!!!

NO ENTRIES FOR DE NXT FEW WKS!! miss mi bahx!! =x

i'll miss u all badli..haha=) depend hu u r la!!haha=)

bye n take care ple!!

stay happi =)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

w0ot!! it's a long wkend man!! went out every single dae!!! oh, somemore everytime meet pam at de bb lift dere!! wanna do some hmwk de but end up nv do!! *naughty naughty*

fri went to queensway.pam bought 5 her sis's share la.. i lasttym wanna buy de..but den dunwan liao..but de white wif orange de realli nice la!! den i cant resist..mayb i can resist if pam discourage mi fr buyin..but instead she encourage mi to buy it..haha=) gt cough n a bit flu..den smell smt tok is fried chicken but is laksa 0.0.. so much diff..den we went JP..nth to shop sia..den went LJS for my lunch even though i decide nt to eat earlier..but a hungry man make a angry man..i dun wanan to be angry u c=) pam accuse mi of bullyin her..IM NT A BULLY k.haha=) she drink my coke so i ask her to stir de coke so as to let de gas out,..den is do-able cos chem pract we gt stir for 9min ma..haha=) den went sch n we sit in class 210 n tok..den lyk 4.50pm liao still no ple..den we scare wrong classrm so ask jon den he sae 201..den we lyk huh?!?! tok is de class ew hv chi ask chi cher den she sae 201..den we go dere onli gt 1 lady..haha=) our flight is abt 6am den hv to reach airport by 4.30am!! takin tiger airway!!scare scare man!! rah... haven pack!! =X pam,i wan pics!!

ytd went for a talk in nanhua high!!thx jeremy for tellin mi hw to gt dere..haha=) mi n pam stalked a nanhua high guy..tink tt guy noe we r stalkin refreshments nice=) de speaker ask qn den jj ple gt ans so he gave us $$..1 ans 2bucks..provided de ans muz be de one he wan.. den went china town wait for mama n shop for luggage at OG den go walk walk b4 go dad's shop n buy some food stuffs for china..

oh,baad news!! lookin forward a outin but one of dem cant go..sad!!wonder de outin will cont =(

today goin out wif pam!! woot,muz stop nw if nt i'll late!! bye! :D

Thursday, August 02, 2007


well, shd i be happi or sad?.. common test over.. but i FLUNK ALL MY PAPERS!!rah!!! 1st paper was compre was abt happiness..well,im still quite ok wen readin..but start dgn den i nt happi at all..rah!! 2nd paper was maths which i tink abt 36m [passin mark is 37.5] i confirm duno hw to do..=( econ was bad t0o..i hv nth to write for de essay..i was sitting at de 2nd last row in de hall den c everyone writin while mi n pam nv write much!!rah=( well,i spent t0o much tym study for til abt 2..econs i stop study at elascity n read COP durin de break..rah!!CHEM was de most worst sub..i tok it shd b de quite ok de..nt tire while readin so end up abt 3 den go slp..but duno y i duno hw to do chem la..lyk everyting i studied run away man=( depress man..den mcq cher sae 5min i left mani haven wen tym goin up,i juz anyhw shade de option w/o lookin at de qn..paper worse la..rahrahrah..den bio,which is todae's paper,wasnt better t0o..den de cher lyk cant c h1 bio student la..check de no of pg onli sae for de h2 bias man.. rahrahrah... scare bad result getting less intellgent man =(

well,aft bio todae t00k back our chi CT paper..woot,i gt A..tink tt's de onli Sub i can pass n gt A la..i wrote a wrong chi character den 1 mark gone!!rah!!but luckily i gt check de paper so i gt de other mark!!phew! =) dawn was sitting behind mi cos we hv de same chi cher..haha=) aft 7mths she's in de same classrm as mi =) den.mi went polyclinic wif marianne n pammy..pam wanna hv blood test while i wanna buy medic..haha=) but mi n marianne went off 1st for KFC since i nd to wait til 1.30pm for doc..i ate de cheesy melz..i 4gt de name liao..nice but v small den nt full de..den ya,aft goin polyclin den went wm walk walk walk since i nd wait for mama..den i saw mani cute stuffs i bought some =) gt my sis's share x) spent lots todae man=(

oh,i went to marina bay to watch fireworks on last sat..nice..but mayb sec3 watch too much duty den quite normal liao..but nice la,but too short sad nv gt de ticket!!rah!!by de way lunch had buffet lunch,in fact high tea[sounds nice] wif my mama in de hotel dere.. gt 50% discount so 20bucks per food damm nice la..i eat n eat n eat n pasta realli is de waffle,dim sum all those!![im hungry!!] it's worth man!! go walk walk wif my bro..woot!!realise my bro v gd x) lol...

well, IM GOIN CHINA SOON!!countdown 8daes!!in fact lesser la..i haven pack yet..tmr den hv briefin man.. so excited + happi + worry + sad + duno wad tingy la.. rah.. during china period will hv many ple de bdae sia..haha=) by de way 10aug is yh's bdae..haha=) my mama de cumin le sia!!haha=)

sarah can countdown 4more wks for her thin sock to be removed!!haha=) she eat de gummy damm funni la..pour loads on her palm den throw everyting in her mouth.. shijie cute sia,dreamt of mi n marianne tellin her tt PD toilet hv ghost in a a v serious manner..den she v urgent yet cant go.. haha=) poor jas studied for de wrong sub on tues for wed[[study bio instead of bio]..luckily cheryl gt tell her if nt if she morning den n0e jiu doom liao.. but tink she'll still score much much much better den mi de=) so dun worry gal!! woot, gt to keep in touch wif dawn again!!tt's a nice ting!! we sms while study =) tt's wad we did last tym =) so sad la,nw she ask de qn i ALL guilty cos i ask de she noe.. =( sry gal!!

im hungry..waiting for muggin period is over..woot..i can slp in peace..NT REST IN PEACE HOR!! =) my files n table is in a mess!! packin has to be done!! so off i go le!! in fact i wanna chat online n listen songs la..wahah =) bye!!