Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflection for 2012

Hello humans,

I was hesitating whether or not to blog since my lappy is currently in hospital and I can only blog with my Hp. But anyway since it's the last day of 2012, maybe I should just do a short reflection of this year.

Come to think about it, year 2012 is considered a good year and it's not really just another year for me since everything went rather smoothly. (:

In year 2012, i got to travel abroad for good 3 months. It was overall a good and enjoyable trip though it wasn't where I've planned to go last year. I didn't make any friends with super good bonds but at least I get to know some new people and get to travel with Adele and sis. France (troyes and Paris), Belgium (Bruges and Brussels), Amsterdam, Barcelona, Italy (Rome and Venice), Switzerland (Zurich, Geneva etc) and Germany (Berlin, Munich) etc, places i left my foot steps and become part of my memory. Months of frequent movement and break away from familiar places and people. I don't think i've gained much independence but it was really a memorable trip. Perhaps I should have another blog entry about it. Haha. Blessed to be able to travel, and back to Singapore happily and healthily. A good experience indeed.

Academic wise.. so far so good, I'm more concerned for upcoming semester. School have been okay and expectations are more or less met-it's more like I reap what I sow (human do hope to receive more harvest than we expected, dont we?)Though AY2012-2013 semester 1 (the semester that just past)'s result wasnt of what ive expected, it was still okay considered okay since my cGPA remains the same at 3.80. Honestly speaking I was hoping for at least a B+ especially since I've no bad feeling after doing the papers and the modules overall seem okay. Oh well, too long nv see a B, last time was for HS301.but nvm, what I should worry more is next semester if I wanna maintain my cGPA. Tell me how I can achieve a A- for my last soci module and a B for my Fyp (I've planned to get a B- for Fyp cos i dont want to have any Cs -.-). Perhaps too much of nuahing and working hard only when I have to makes it reasonable for the grades. Okay, hopefully I wouldn't nuah too much next semester and I supposed myself not to. If I nuah, please don't remind me about Fyp, please just let me do it and try not to jio me out too often. I hope I will just progress at my own pace and hopefully I'll get it started with the start of the coming semester. I know I shouldn't be so concern of the grades. I know grades are not everything. I know I'm secured either a second lower confirm plus chop. I know education is not just about obtaining good grades and work life is much beyond what we have learnt and seen and experience in school. But it's more like a self motivation and self fulfilment. I know I'm socialized into such a culture of being so grade-minded and ive choose to continue living with it cos given the fact that ive nothing in mind of where to go it's still better to obtain better grades since my people skills isn't that good. Grades is not everything but everything some jobs position do look at degree and it may shapes the type of job scope and opportunities given. oops I'm ranting too much, in a reflection post. Haha. Shun bian la.

Seems like my life only revolves around school and family.

Actually it was a year I went out and spent more time with my family I think. eldest sister got married, the first wedding in our family (:also I'm glad that all of us stays healthy and happy (;

Year 2012, a good year. May the bad, if too bad stay behind, and probably the good shall beeextended to 2013

Year 2013, a year with many great changes and I hope I'll be able to handle. It will be good, for all of us. We all gonna be happy healthy livings (:

Resolution for 2013 will be out soon.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hello Humans,

It's late December now and I am enjoying my holiday after my second last final examination in NTU. Yes second last, how fast right? Can't imagine next year when I only left with one and only paper for my final final examination. HAHA, don't need to countdown already. I'm a bit concerned that I'll be even more nuah as compared to this semester but I supposed that I'll be quite busy next semester with my FYP. So please don't assume that I'll be super free with a one-module semester okay? :P This time round really have to do work on FYP already cos FYP draft supposed to be submitted by early March. Hence strictly speaking, I'll only have less than 1.5 months for me to do everything given the fact that I'm nuahing (and intending to nuah my December away) and BKK trip and CNY gonna take away quite some time away too. And what's worse is that my laptop is sick and crashed and heng that my documents are saved in google.doc! But still, poor lappy ): And so irritating that I can't upload my remaining Europe trip photos which I intended ):

Anyway, final papers for Gender and Population are okay and I'm very sure that I wouldn't fail. HAHA, cos it's never easy to fail, unless you're really power or it's something really !@#$%^. I would say I don't have any or much bad feeling regarding my papers. Either I'm getting pro or I'm letting go. I think is the latter huh. HAHA, but anyway I can tell you which is it on 28th Dec when the result is out. :P

Shall blog again when I have the time and mood.

Till then.