Monday, March 25, 2013

FYP and Random outings :D

Hello Humans,

Last Countdown in NTU. Think I'll miss it!

Anyway 45 days gonna pass super ultra fast, I don't really want that.

Wonder what kind of feeling will I have on 8th May for my last paper in NTU. It would probably be the last school examination paper that I'll be sitting for in my life. After that, I'll be an unofficial graduate. *clap clap*

So FYP can be quite tiring.

Sometimes I get some relax time by going out. HAHA, and this day I went out with my mama and gonggong:

Yes we went to arcade cos there's no movie in mandarin. We wanted to catch a movie since both of them can get senior citizen price and I'm still a student. Pity that the comedy movie is only showing in Westmall but we were at Causeway point. ): So anyway, since the arcade is just next to the cinema, we went in and take a look.

Since we have the time, mama suggested playing some of the games... and this is one of them! HAHA. I also played too, it's MY FIRST TIME playing. Yes, i think arcade like to eat money and I seldom visit arcade. Probably that's my one and only time playing that.

My gonggong likes to pose huh! HAHA(: He didn't play the real game cos.. he didn't want to. Guess he don't wanna waste money.

We also played other games like... mahjong -.- cos we left 70 cents of value in the card and we wanna use it. The game is freaking boring and ended abruptly. Mama wanted me to try the motorcycle one but I decided that maybe we should play something that everyone can play. So left with 20 cents and we topped up the card and play basketball! HAHA. ALL MY FIRST TIME YOU KNOW?! 

So besides playing at arcade, we also keep eating! This is our tea break. HAHA. Love their curry chicken and I love soft boiled egg too! Nom Nom.

The day end off with shopping in NTUC. I love supermarket. I think I can spend hours (if it's big enough) there happily. HAHA. Of course it will be better if I buy some little stuff. (:

And the other day, I went out with 117 for our $5 kbox promotion at Marina Square! It was really a good deal cos for $5, you'll get a food of your choice + 1 drink +  3 2 hours of singing! Actually I don't understand why from 3 hours become 2 hours. what are they going to do for the remaining 1 hour that they took from us? But never mind, the deal still considered worth it lah (:

Toilet is a must-go before singing session. :D And there's a big mirror for us to cam-whore! :D So cute some more :D There was a crowd when we walked pass KBox and these people quite early huh! Joined the queue after that and surprisingly they are quite systematic (e.g. arranging people with and without reservation) and we had goodie bag! Totally didn't expect that.

My pineapple chicken wing rice. Taste, not bad! The chicken wing after 20 minutes still crispy, not bad not bad. Just that it's a bit mafan to eat chicken wing but still okay lah.

117 super cute, she decided what to eat before coming. If I didn't remember wrongly she said she looked at the food the night before and this thai chicken chop rice is what she chose. HAHA. not bad, the chicken crispy crispy one! And hor, she very cute one. Told me she's gonna wear wedges, so I wore flats. :D

So we walked around after the singing session. 117 wanna get a new wallet and watch! And I was surprised that her wallet only last her 6 months usually. So I psycho-ed  told her it's better to get better wallet that will last longer, at least it will be more worth it in the long run! So in the end she bought a $100 wallet from Pierre Cardin in pretty green! I sincerely hope this wallet will accompany you for at least 2 years, which I believe it should be. (: But 117 should be quite violent one, if not why her wallet so fast spoil X:

I like this photo taken by 117 and I screenshot it. HAHA :D pretty us hor.

Anyway, nice chatting on train (: hope you'll have plans for your graduation trip soon. HAHA(:

The end of my random long post, back to FYP.


Monday, March 18, 2013

FYP in progress

FYP in progress.

Draft submission date- 1.5 days 
Final submission date-16 days


Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hello humans,

I'm so glad that last presentation was over on tuesday. I don't know whether I should say "finally! " or "oh no more, so fast huh?". I guess it's the mixed feeling though I know I'm happy yet sad by e fact that my university life is going to an end soon.

So anyway, presentation is down. Engine for fyp has already started. I hope I'll churn out a draft by next week and perhaps my prof will still be willing to look through. After completion of fyp will be the last assignment followed by exam. *clap clap* but I dont want it to arrive so fast. ):

I'm trying to chiong, my eyes are getting tired. But not to the extend that I'll skip meals or miss my drama. Haha. I still need breaks here and there.  But I can foresee myself my reading any 311 readings for the next few weeks. :x

To others who are rushing for fyp or assignments, all the best to you too (: no matter what, ift will eventually be done and over by the deadline.


Thursday, March 07, 2013

emo emo 就好

Have these weird feelings these days. Maybe instead I should say I'm slightly emo. Blame it on hormones. I hope it is really the hormones. Or perhaps I'm starting to feel the stress for march madness. I don't really know why and what. (So please dont ask me why)  perhaps I'll just continue emo and hopefully emo emo 就好, 真的不需要安慰拥抱. Since music therapy at kbox doesnt help much, maybe i should sleep early and do second round of music therapy (blast music and sing out loud) when I have the time.


Sunday, March 03, 2013

6Girls meet up :D

Hello humans,

Yes finally meet up with the girls! (: was kinda excited that all of us can make it when we arranged it in late jan but last minute two cant make it ): But anyway, hhere's our foursome meet up (:

Here's lettuce to wrap the meat together with sides and sauces (:


Anyway it was my first time to Korean restaurant and personally I think the food are pretty not bad (: We ordered four dishes, beef, pork belly, pork rib kimchi soup and seafood pancake. Initially we thought it wouldn't be enough but it turned up just now or a little too much for us. Shall try korean buffet next time! (:

Hopefully the meet up will be all six of us. That will really be a reunion cos that last time with full force I think was exactly last year for SM's birthday.