Saturday, May 30, 2009


sabah trip was okay, rather relaxing (cos nothing much to do). The laksa was not bad though it's not spicy and it's quite expensive compared to other parts of malaysia.. anyway, prices for food are rather high over there. at 6.30am, the sky will be damn bright, just like the sky you can see in singapore at 7.30am or so! and of course, their night falls earlier too lah. we woke up at 6+/7+am everyday and sleep at 9/10/11+pm! so early right?HAHA.

we visited SEA's highest mountain (okay,we just see it from far cos if you want to climb it,you have to register 1year earlier and the climbing take 2D1N and that will cost you around RM800!). Went poring hot spring too! wanted to soak the whole body one, but idoitic me only brought along my top,tower but not shorts! HAHA. so i only soak my leg la ): there's a bridge too,i don't know the name for that la. HAHA. but i didn't climb it since someone have to accompany my granny. and i plenty of chances to visit the place so i ask my grandpa to go climb the bridge. and not long after they set off, i saw my grandpa walking back into our direction -.= so wasted right? and most of other time was spent on shopping and resting in the hotel. HAHA.

back to work on tues was sianx (i got back from malaysia on mon). every minutes seems to pass damn slowly lah. luckily friday wasn't that bad.HAHA. i was talking to the angmo and i suddenly burp out lah. then my colleague sitting beside me and the angmo keep laughing!oh well,it's the first time i burp in the office okay!

oh ya, the angmo ordered mac delivery yesterday. the delivery took about 2hours lah! then when the deliveryman arrive, the angmo went misisng and 1of the colleague called the angmo but he left his hp on his table. then when he's back,he called back the no and asked who was that (he didn't know the number belongs to where/who cos the hp is new and he have not update the contact). HAHA. then i was sitting there and heard the conversation bwtween my 2 colleagues on phone at 2 ends of the office. then i asked the angmo is the caller steven (my colleague) and then we realised they so blur.HAHA. and and and, cos my colleague's english not that good, she find it hard to communicate with the angmo. then we were talking about her wife and him and he say his wife is 9 years older than him and she married before. then my colleage was like trying to say the age gap is wide then she say " wah so big ar". then the angmo say" ya,my wife is quite big size". HAHA.

meet up at yt's house was great (: didn't know cs sai is coming too lah. nice "reunion dinner" though yt watch tv as usual. cs sai shared some of army stuff with us and we finally took a group photo! but cs sai,please send to us one fine day(: and hope of plan for stayover will works.bhl,are you a good kid?

anyway,F4 is once again the popular thingy now. and the newspaper says if singapore were to film the drama in gao siao ban (in chinese), mark lee and mo xiao ling can be the main characters!HAHA. and i must agree with that cos the 2 person i was thinking are the both of them!!HAHA. okay,i know they're no longer that young to handle that age, BUT they're funny okay. HAHA. and then my sister and i keep thinking who shall act as who. we voted zhou chong qin as hua zhe lei,chen jian bin as dao ming si's father, yan ru ping as dao ming si's mother, yi da li as xiao you,ben as meizou and hui-ge as ximen. HAHA, okay,you may disagree with that and i have to admit some arrangement is weird like the age etc. but say say only lah,NO OFFENCE OR WHAT (:

okay that's all. today taking family photo! (: oh ya,took my cert already. friend, if you're taking it on saturday,go after 8am! bye


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


i shall come over to blog for a short post before i go to watch my television programme (:

packed my stuff, i mean almost done with packing for the malaysia trip. going sabah with my godmother and grandparents! the 4 of us went for cruise trip when i was 7years old (okay,that's 12 years ago)! hope the trip will turn out to be okay! (:

hope after im back from malaysia can play badminton and go cycling with my laopos! im so sorry but hopefully one of my laopo can plan for it! haha.

anyway, the sititng arrangement in my office has changed! i was happy that i was arranged to sit right behind. BUT now,im right IN FRONT! and im back-facing my supervisor! but i shall freak not since i wouldn't play during work time. HAHA. oh ya,did i mention my computer no internet access? i was wrong -.= all i need to do is to add the website!HAHA. but knowing it doesnt not help me cos im tempted to go internet to check mail etc! HAHA.

okay,take care (:


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hello human,im back to blog after one week (:

my application for nus is STILL under processing! sianjipua la! im no longer that hopeful to receive good news from them anymore. i would prefer them to just send me a rejection letter and i'll go ahead with ntu's sociology instead of dragging and waiting.

had dinner with my laopos on friday FINALLY! ate tasteless fish from Delifrance,i'll prefer their chicken chop (: short and sweet gathering and took a few photos. and i realised that i rarely take pic with bhl/xq when we go out.HAHA. and we'll wait for next one fine day to go out! (:

oh ya,went to the pool today(: didn't say went to swim cos i didn't swim much. soaking in the water and sitting there is what i did mostly.HAHA. i want to play badminton! but so sad i got to say no to hl's proposal of playing it on next sunday as i'll be in msia! haha. im going msia from thurs night to monday, so people,so if i reject your invition! haha.

oh oh oh, and thurs may not be my last day of work! i shall see how then. maybe IF my supervisor wants, i can work there til i find another job. and the person i'm covering for her duty is back tomorrow! (: so hopefully i don't need to do all the calling etc(:

that's all,it's pretty late and i should go to bed and start dreaming!

LOVES,bean (:

Sunday, May 10, 2009


did i mention before that there's a angmor working at my workplace now? okay, he'll be here for a few weeks only, guess til coming thursday and bye bye to him. i didn't talk to him before( in fact i don't talk to many people) and i didn't have eye contact with him before. HAHA. but he treated us (those who work at the same level) to eat KFC cos his birthday is on sunday! though i brought my own lunch, i still have a piece of chicken since they were too full. HAHA. of course i did thanks him for the treat! (: so happy la,cos the leftover piece is chicken ribs (not chicken breast)!(:

went out with my 3rd sister yesterday to jurong east(: actually we didn't have much things to do, just wanted to go walk walk. in the end we bought some stuff here and there la. and i bought myself a racket!woohoo,can play badminton le! somemore bought two,if no friend play with me i can ask my sister play with me! HAHA. and i bought myself a skirt!it's been damn long since i buy skirt la! the last time was when i in secondary school? HAHA. cos i either wear shorts or leggings for the past 2 years!went IMM too, enjoy shopping in daiso!(: okay,so i spent quite a few yesterday...

oh ya, how could i forgot to mention about this stupid little boy we saw at imm? oh well, we went to the garden at imm,and i was praising about the garden and the kids were enjoying the playground with water etc. then this little boy tried to use the water gun to splash water at us! i didn't move away and remain at where i am cos i thought the water gun is design in such a way that the kids wouldn't splash water out to the public who are watching them.moreover, i don't want to let the little boy to feel proud as he succeed to let things go into the way he want. and bad enough, we kana the water. i was pissed of course, but my sister kana water more than me. the security guard saw the liitle boy still want to splash at people( and at the security guard) so he scolded the boy. then later no water come out from the water gun.HAHA. yes, little kids tends to behave in such a childish way,but i hope his parents should do their part to handle their kids. i mean to teach them. but his parents wasnt doing anything lah!):

and.. i went SWIMMING with my 2nd sister today!it's been at least 3 years since i go swimming la! okay,i don't really know how to swim,so i just play with the water. hit here hit there, and if i can get from one end to the other,im happy enough.HAHA. and i know people around may hate me for splashing water at them. im so sorry but i cant help it too!

it's around mid may!and where's my nus letter?): dad opened the mailbox and said there's a letter from uni. but it's ntu again.haha. but it's just a invitation card for their tea session to know more about the course i being offered. okay,i shall keep on waiting then, then make up my decision.

okay,that's all. bye and take care!


Wednesday, May 06, 2009


taggy replies:

6 May 09, 12:42
huili: yeah things getting fine for me, i suppose =x haha... but i still prefer schooling :/ anyway thanks for the wishes(x appreciate it alot :D loves
bean to huili: yes, schooling is always better than working for me too! though i don't really like studying nowadays. HAHA. and you're welcome(: TAKE CARE!

5 May 09, 10:56
wenfang: pam! what song you referring to? hahah, the song bin and i are singing/typing now is the "shake shake shake, shake to grandmother's house" that song. :D
bean to wenfang: aiyo, pamela all childhood songs also don't know lah, cos she got deprived childhood you see. HAHA. you translation good la! reading what you tagged makes me laugh! THANKS!(:

3 May 09, 21:11
yixin: congrats for receving ntu's letter!! :D
bean to yixin: THANKS! but i'm still hoping for NUS letter. HAHA, must study hard wor,JIAYOU(:

3 May 09, 20:35
pamela: what song is this huh? nvm next time you sing for me :D
bean to pam: HAHA, you're refering to the song i asked you right? next time see if i remember to sing to you not, and must see my mood.HAHA. so funny.

3 May 09, 17:09
wenfang: wai po shou wo hao bao bao. hahah. aiyah! my hanyupinying really stinks. ): anws, YOU WHERE GOT FAT PLEASE?! walao!
bean to wenfang:yes yes you get it right! what's the next line then? HAHA. YES IM SERIOUSLT F-A-T!!!D': im fat here and there,is fat everywhere!)):

anyway, i feel like cycling and playing badminton! okay, i don't really good at both though. HAHA. cos for cycling, once i stop my bike i'll take a great long time to start cycling again.HAHA. and it's been really long since i go for cycling! ):

i've finally for 11 days!11 more days to go and i shall say bye bye to TUAS!haha. can say time pass fast yet slow. eh, you should be able to get what i mean right? HAHA.

helped my sister with filing on monday and i missed my channel 8&U drama series,nevermind it's okay. then read a script done by my sister and her groupmates which is damn funny.HAHA. we even read the script together and laugh out loud!HAHA. the next day my supervisor ask me help her with filing! LOL. and today she ask me help her pack her table since i've done what i should do and she got to go out to do stuff.

okay, that's all. so surprised that i'll use com today, it's not even friday. HAHA.


Sunday, May 03, 2009


okay, i'm so FAT D':

im so free these days to blog! but i wouldn't be coming online again next few days cos i'll be too tired to use com when i back from work. i would rather sit in front of the television to watch drama series. HAHA. anyway, nice chatting with pamela yesterday and she helped me to pass my time!THANKS LOT.

buffet yesterday was nice (: though i didn't eat a lot cos i was too hungry. eh, does that make sense? HAHA. think i saw feng yi when i was in the train towards Joo koon. but she was chatting with the other person she didn't say hi to her. HAHA.

okay,here are some overdue photos(:dinner at cck with bhl wks ago.


the non eye-catching shoes i mentioned.

did i mention before that the company bus towards my workplace from cck is like school bus for primary school kids? cos this is the way i have to sit for maybe 30minutes in the morning! but i realise only this seat is so cramp. other seats are more spacious than this!(: phew. so next time i'll not for the that seat so as to free myself from the torture.HAHA.


P.S. feel so sianx to work after taking such a long weekend! ):

Saturday, May 02, 2009

HELLO humans (:

I'm so freaking bored now! i'm alone in the library waiting for my sister to finish her examination, then we'll head to have BUFFET! (: i thought there're plently or suffient things for me to do within 3 hours of waiting, yet i was wrong D': i read people's blogs, do stupid quiz on facebook, read my mails and now here i am complaining i'm too bored. perhaps i should have bring alone my storybook! but nevermind, i shall see what i can do now. HAHA.

oh ya, can't play games on facebook! that freak me out even more lah! D': and i saw a free sudoko game online and i was damn happy cos i think it's pretty good to pass time (and of cos i can train my brain and force it to think) and sudoko is FUN! but the page is blocked due to a security policy that prohibits access to category Games. D': that makes me so SAD. okay 2 more hours to go, i shall entertain myself. and yay, pamela is chatting with me online! HAHA (:


P.S.: i miss wearing school uniform! ):
oh ya,happy birthday hui li (:

Friday, May 01, 2009


*long post ahead. exit if you want. D:

taggy replies (:

bean to pamela: wow, you know the lyrics! HAHA(: what about this :aiyo bu dei liao xian zai zhen zao gao? HAHA(:

bean to qing: HAHA, sorry lah, i few days didn't use internet already. think my company's computer no internet access la (so smart of them).. but if have also no time to use lah. HAHA.will read your blog later (: miss you too! do you have school on saturday ar?

bean to wenfang: maybe? you want to join in? eh, yao yao yao yao dao wai po qiao...... continue from here please! (: or you know how to continue the song i give pamela above? HAHA(:

bean to hl2: HAHA, since you have requested to put your name as hl2, tatah~ hello hl2! if not i'll just put your name as huili! anyway, thanks for your concern! currently still doing fine (: hope you also (:

bean to fengyi: HAHA(: HIGH FIVE! luckily XXX didn't win lot of awards!(: though they still won quite many -.=



thanks to labour day i don't need to go work today! HAHA. yes i know i'll earn lesser but never mind since i can enjoy my long weekend(: so i have worked for 7 days so far, still have 13 more working days to go (excluding weekends of cos) . so sad that vesak day (i wonder if i've spelt it wrongly) is on weekend if not i can have another long weekend again!

but time seems to pass quite fast lah, cos everyday work quite busy (so it can be a good thing) but sometimes my supervisor will ask me to do thingS when i only left with 10 minutes to knock off from work. and i will be damn rush cos i don't want to miss the company if not i will have to take public transport! so i will either anyhow do since it's urgent or i will leave it to the next day. HAHA. yes i'm quite bad.

anyway, star awards was okay lah. though they wanted to control the time, it's so bad to create the stupid beebee sound effect when the time is almost up. it's especially bad for those who rarely have a chance to go up to the stage to thank or say what they always wanted to do so. that's in my opinion la. and they tried to make the whole programme more interesting by adding those parrot and magic tricks la, good try but quite waste time? HAHA. anyway, i think the top ten for guys are quite surprising, especially the last to get in- alemak hui ge! though i think many people will like say why he can get it since he didn't really involve in drama (honestly speaking i myself also can't recall any). but i think it's pretty good to give him since he have contributed in this industry quite a lot for many years. but everyone thinks differently lah.

and though i was hoping chen li ping to win the best actress award, i'm still quite happy that joanne peh won cos she've done pretty well in that show too(: and i wonder why fann wong didn't give out award during that night... though she stands a chance to go up the stage for the best actress award (eh, to a small extend since i prefer other actress), but end up she sit on the seat for the whole night. how sianx can a ah jie be right? LOL.

went to yanting house for dinner on monday with zhenying. left at 8plus cos i was rather tired already. though i know she's doing for our good, i'll still prefer to stay where i am.. oh ya, yanting rebonded her hair and cut it short! (:

meet up with zhenying and huiling on wednesday at jurong point. (: hl bought what she wants sia. eyed on a everlast pumps! red with poka dots! okay, it's not really eye catching and it is rather heavy, but i think it's not bad! BUY FOR ME!! HAHA. but i wondering if i buy shoes, should i buy a pumps which is made of cloth or leather one. HAHA. anyway bought myself a blazar (: if our school uniform have blazar damn nice lah!! but it will be damn HOT of cos. HAHA(: we had KFC for dinner, it was damn oily and we felt uncomfortable, as in they feel stomache then i feel a bit like vomiting. D':

anyway, received NTU'S LETTER! like finally lah,and it was just nice 2 weeks after my interview! i was like aiya it can't be good news given to my performance during interview. but to my surprise, it's positive! i only read the first word that is "congratulation" with i first open the letter. LOL. yet i wonder it is a good or bad news as mentioned by my brother. nonetheless, i will still hoping for the arrival of NUS's letter before i accept NTU's offer. still have one month for us to receive letter, don't we? (:

HAHA,rather long post this time round. sorry for taking your time to read and i appreciate it a lot! (: TAKE CARE, go look outside if there's any green objects to relax your eyes!

oh ya, and all the best to my shan (3rd sister) for her examination! (: so sad that she have plan for the both of us but i have to work. MUACKS! (:


P.S.: what's next after eyelashes curler? mascara (i don't know to how spell) ?HAHA.