Sunday, September 30, 2007

fri bio nearli fact luckily rush hall juz nice=D i late for abt 1min den de train gone n hv to wait for 7 min!! #$@#$@$ rah!! den we miss de bus=( waited for abt 25min? saw rina louis n we r nt de onli 1 =D phew!! rina still sae nt late wen it lyk 2+ wen we r waitin for de bus la..she power..den we reach dere jiu start paper gt loads of qn fr last yr paper!!rah!!i shd hv read it carefulli instead of flippin thru=( oh,i din manage to finish study sia..din touch respiration at all..luckily it din came out much.=) anyway,i crapped thru bio paper.. 1st qn duno,go 2nd,duno,go 3rd...rah.. de nite b4 bio was horrible!! my back was damm pain for no reason =( n i was damm slpy so i end up keep slpin instead of studyin =( mi slp at 2+ den cs slp at 3+!! oh,he's power cos he woke up earlier den mi..haha=) went "shoppin" aft bio paper=) bought pen,milk n etc =D thx huiling n yanting for accompany mi =D

gp n chi lyk tt lo.. oso die!! even chi k!! to mi de paper quite hard..esp de mulitple choice de..keep tinkin wanna change e ans nt.. haix =( had a break in btw chi n gp..we went canteen to eat--luckily we r earli,if nt de Q super long!! oh,dere's a teacher de laughter damm funni!!wen she laugh, we laugh!!haha=) uncontrollable man!! x) studied a bit bio b4 goin chi paper damm long..sit til i bad pain sia!! somemore cant do stretchin =(

anyway,half de promo done.. i shdb happi..
these days im a bit crazy..oh my.. it's exam's fault.. im a normal person usually =D

oh,ytd sent lame sms to some of my fren..den jon v funni...

jon:lol.. (aft sendin de lame sms)

mi:woot,no more hehe?!?!

jon:hehe u too (i wish him gdluck)

mi:hihi :D
sheshe :D
byebye :D
:D :D
xD xD
x) x)
=) =)
:) :)
=D =D

jon: goodness lol. creative ya.

haha :D
im creative!! :D
jon:oh my.Go study ba! haha! :)

oh,guess im realli sick!! CHOY!!im juz creative =D

oh,pls stop bloggin n off de com n go study now..RGT NW!!cos nxt wk is H2 papers..all killer papers =( nd pass at least 2 of dem!! rah,hw m i gonna do tt la?!?!? rah..i wan kill de papers sia!!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

it's 25sept!! 2more starts jiu start of war against promos!! RAH!!actualli 1+ days la!! haha=) oh,y am i here? bloggin of cos la..haha=) but short post onli la.. hv been studyin these few days BUT lyk nth much =( cos onli those cpt under organic chem n 1st 2 cpt of bio!! readin globalisation but aft readin half of it dun feel lyk readin so online n ltr switch to bio=) went out ytd but lyk quite waste tym..haha=) went out to orchard to buy mooncake!! but lyk nth much lei=( haix.. oh ya,TODAE IS MID AUTUMN!!well,wen i was much younger mid autumn is realli is fun festivial..nw?STUDY!!!rah..Oh,recentli i keep sendin lol sms to my frens=) cos every1 lyk study much relax a while ma=) c i so kind =D den yq shoo mi away =( haha=) de jon keep hehe ,den cheryl keep >.<,marianne sae im lame n etc!! haha=) oh,n tt VIOLENT ERXIN BIANTAI BAD OUTRAM YONGHONG!!keep quarrel wif him la..haha=) mi so kind gt send those lol sms to him he still tok so much.. simple chi he still dun understand ask him go above den he sae i lame..lalala=) wadeva..
oh,i finalli find some motivation for study=) i dun wanna gt retain!! i dun wanna go poly.. even though i keep tinkin i can go poly if i cant be promoted,but i dun lyk mgt as well try harder to pass promo n gt promoted =D so off i go to study le.. those kind ple will ask mi go study,unlike some violent erxin biantai bad ple who ask mi go slack..haha=D u noe hu r u..

aft promos jiu muz buzy wif pw de op!!den can play le=) woot=D


Thursday, September 13, 2007

this week is finally goin to end!! oh,shd i be happi or sad? promos is juz 14days ltr =( well,i haven start study at all=( feel tt im wastin tym sia =( at nite wanna study n do hmwk but end up dgn + slpin fr 10+ to 1+ =( tt's a waste of tym since im nt dgn either of it wholeheartedly!! disappointing!! tym to take out notes n study yet im sitting in front of de com =( rah..SDSM =(
had GP test abt globalisation n discrimination on tues..well,i juz touch de note tt morning n it was being tested a few hrs ltr!! crap thru cos in china nv teach abt globalistion =( SPA was on wed,i thought it was ok..but it's nt..WTH =( maths test was horrible.decided to go since nt counted=( tink i'll fail man=( cos i dun0 hw to do all 3 qns lei!! rahrahrah!!

QUAKER GRANOLA BAR is nice!! esp de cookies n cream =D i bought 6 boxes of it man!! at price of 28bucks!! rah!! spend some much on food =( BUT IT'S REALLI NICE NICENICE!! but it's a little too sweeeet!!

tues went wm to meet mama=) saw jeremy n frens running for de 174!! haha=) so mean of mi..den jeremy keep ask my family/hse hw big..den i keep sae nv measure so duno..guess i mistook de qn louis sae is FAMILY TREE-.=" oh well,my family hv 7ple=) but my dad's side no of ple i nt im sry jeremy i cant give u an exact ans..haha=) by de way duno he ask for wad la.. lalala

cookies hse sellin waffles which is quite selling!! tried their waffle n is realli nt bad!! no wonder hv so mani customers!! BUT!!sizzlinice oso sellin waffle!! but is ICECREAM WAFFLE tt is $1.20 =) it may looks plain BUT it's taste GREAT!! esp wif raspberry =) de guys hu gave stupid look wen dey 1st bought it tink it's too plain or wadeva came to buy again de nxt day =) oh,our TUNA SANDWICH nt bad too. juz tt i DUN LYK tuna la..haha=)
went to eat SUBWAY at westmall wif LAOPO ZY N HL on wed since we hv no cca!!woot,so nice of dem to pei mi eat=) oh, i treated dem icecream waffle but i gt eat oso la.cos we eat n walk den 174 cum le!! haha=)

oh, i love watchin 9pm show on channel 8 =) ytd gt weilun le!! nt bad gt lines!! haha=) at 1st tok he's de teens de gang hu noes he's in de lion dance troop de!! haha=)

oh,revision revision REVISION!!i seems lyk duno EVERYTING man =( rah =(
shit,i haven fix de appointment date for nxt dental visit =X cos i pon a dental appointment -.=" haha=) 2 wks liao =X

oh,im bored!! shall upload some pics fr china to entertain myself=)

pizza fr ZHENGZHOU!!nice =) our 1st GOOD MEAL!!i MISS dem =) miss de days in de hostel nt dgn hmwk n chatting til late nite!!it's us again =) reach too earli so take pic while waiting for de rest=) look,zhengzhou sec so wc us=) oh,wenfang is so kind to make my unglam pic more glam =) muacks!!fake KFC? nt nice de =( dun try hor!! haha=) kfc is much much nicer!! we bought kfc back to hotel!! even though is nt hot de but it taste much better den dico's!! well,kfc gt corn!! i squash it n de juice cum out!! haha=) oh,im violent =0 i miss de chilli sauce in s'pore!! dey dun hv any chilli sauce!! so ke lian rgt? they shd try de chilli la!!
trying to molest wenfang's leg=) hee=Dgrp pic wif hao fu =)behind us is HUANG HE!! i quite excited to go dere at 1st de BUT it's realli disappointin!! we juz stand there n LOOK AT DE RIVER WHICH IS YELLOWISH -.="ok, HUANG HE maybe nt tt nice BUT takin tis car is COOL!jon can consider a reckless driver? ok la=) nt bad at HIGH SPEED=) wenfang drove de car too!! we 2 scream n laughin!!haha=) pam dun dare to sit de car cos i scream v loud! oh she smashed de horse shit along de way sia!!haha=) poor aaron bang into de signboard =(yu tai airport waiting for our luagges to be checked in =) jon's is de photographer =)

tt's's to entertain mi so i wun upload much pic =) for more pic,refer to wenfang's blog =) haah.. ok,gtg..bye ple=)

jiayou for promos =) DUN BE LYK ME!!=)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

oh shit man!! tmr is sch again!! sad to sae i HATE SCH =( rahrahrah!! im suppose to stay at hm to do my freakin hmwk n study for my freakin maths test!! but i was usin com!! dun hv SDSM man=( rahrahrah.. i left mountain of hmwk undone n im dgn nth..yes,i've changed!! to a LAZY SLACKY person!! sad huh? rahrahrah!! aft tis post i shall GO STUDY!!i mean it k! i dun wanna change to a LAZY SLACKY PERSON MAN =( haha=)

tis is a rubbish stupid idiotic post..cos im hm alone!! woot!!

bye ple=) BE A GD NERD!! dun lyk mi hor!! :D
i realli miss YOU GALS !!! ;'(

my laopos n mi =) [clockwise: mi zhenying yuchan xiaoQIng huiLinG ] =D

Saturday, September 08, 2007

i've finished HUAN HUAN AI!! nt bad indeed!! woot!! finalli finish!!nw i can find lesser excuse to use com!!n i shall do my hmwk!! i love DEVIL BESIDE U n HUAN HUAN AI!!MUACKS

ytd was quite sianx man=( go sch so man fan today man!!cos de train was 1min den i rush up but cant squeeze into it..nvm,wait for de nxt train lo..but nxt train 8min n i cant squeeze in again!!rah!! den i c gt loads of space in de train la!!den i tell mysel muz squeeze into de nxt train no matter wad!! n i did =) den wait for 174 for more den 25 min la!! tink i juz miss it!so i reach sch juz nice abt 9am!! phew! by de way,went sch juz for de 1hr chi test!! but still hv eclub which we din do i end upSTARTIN hmwk!horrible rgt?fri den start hmwk..haha=) well,actually hv econs consultation de..but jon cdnt rush down on tym n i 4gt to brin ct paper,so i sms ms aw to ask whether can cancel it nt!!haha=) n she's kind enough to sae ok :D so went hm at abt 1pm which is freakin earli!!

den i meet up wif my laopo hl to pass her smt to pass to laopo xq!my laopo hl so kind rgt?haha=) well,actualli laopo hl was irritated by her com cos she cdnt sign in n she nd to do her pw!!she i ask her down to relax a while=) so im kind too=) den we had a nice tok!! woot!! de tok make my day happier n nt sianx!! realli!!! hl muz be v happi wen she read tis =D we sit dere n tok for abt 1+hr or 2hr!! realli miss de daes tt we can tok everyday n w/o tt muxh stress!! tok abt loads of stuff!! wen we abt to leave den i kana birdshit on my back!!rah!! kind hl help to clean it since i cant c de shit on my back!!n she ask mi go buy 4D!! haha=) well,both of us r facin de same problem!!hey gal!!let's start STUDI K? MUZ rmb u sae we go kbox aft promos de hor!!haha =) but i din buy lei! den wait for my lunch [prawn noodle] damm long la..den reach hm den realise i 4gt take key! luckily mama at hm!! =) at 1st tok my key lost but impossible wad,cos i tt dae haven use any coin yet! den i rmb shd be de dae b4 gt a big idiot zhang lang on my door ytd den i rush in den 4gt put key back into my wallet!RAH!!i hate zhanglang!!tink it's still alive man!!pls go die k?haha=)

well,hv been goin back sch fr tues to fri!!lect,extra lesson n consultation!! sry mr er!!cos i almost fell aslp twice durin his consultation!!haha=) thx for his sweet too!! thurs wasnt a v happi dae afterall! but thx for xq's smses!!

i miss my sec's fren!!i miss de days staying late for sj trainings n de tym i spent wif sj besties!!de days im more motivated n i realli will do hmwk n din score so badli for my test n exams!! nw,im so RAH la... i din do much to save my BAD result!!oh shit, 2nxt ltr is promo!!i dun wan retain!!but i dun wanna go poly even though i sae i'll go poly if i cant be promoted!but,i wasnt dgn wad i shdb dgn!=( hmm,i shd start dgn smt but im sad rgt? lookin at my result nw,i cant be promoted!!gonna work on my bio econs n chem n maths !! rah!

oh,channel 8 9pm show is damm nice k!!as in parts r so damm funny n siao!! i simply love tis kind of show!! woot!! heard weilun gt involve in de show,2-3lines!!haha=) nt bad ar? fr no line to hv lines! both mi n laopo zy wanna go TAIWAN!!woot!!but muz wait til we older la!! still rmb last tym we sae wanna go VENICE!! =) MUZ GO HOR!! :D

well,holi endin n im goin back for sch!! no more china's trip kinda studyin!!back to normal jj study le!! =( sad sad sad!! hope can focus on studies tis 2 wks!! ple pls ask mi go study,pls let mi go studi so i wun gt retain!!! gt it? nvm.. tokin rubbish again.. =(

gtg..i wanna do hmwk..hope i will..cos tmr i goin out =X haha =) bye!!
some photos fr china trip!! ENJOY :D

I LOVE MY SIS =) [[10 aug 2007]]

gonne miss her!! mama mi papaon plane!! sunrise nice man!!
we r on top of china land!!bai yun ji chang de shopred banana VS yellow bananaour hostel!! =)welcum us=)
our rm's toilet basin

these r de weapons used for fighting for hot water=)my table=) calister sae im typical e-club ple..i dunn0 y sia! lesson in cHinachIna Class rmmy words =) jay VS yanzi [[both v nice!!]]drawn by WENFANG :DWe enjoyed our PIZZA =)they used my shoe to kill de insect!!we drink MINERAL WATER FOR 3WKS!!calister's table is de messiest!! haha=)pam n my bed + tables=)
it's de 7 of us =)
de museum we 1st went look at dere!! woot!!some stuffs in de museum =)=)x)dog's skeleton!bone of cow's head!!twist =)jia gu wen =)
1st form of chi word = jia gu wen
jia gu wen cute hor?poor skeleton!! dead liao ple still wanna take pic of it!!two ren = congthree ren= zhongthey lyk helpin each other to dig nose!!haha=)hand in hand =) woot!!this pic a bit er xin..dun tink dirty hor!!hah=)i love SHITINGlooks like egg n sperm!!smiley face =Dthis person eat too much sweet!!my surname!! =) fu hao !! =)fu hao mu =)bai jia xin =)mi=)tis place shdb qing ming shai he yuan =)dou ji =)mi ridin a horse :Dour gang takin pic aft lunch at kai feng =)mai li chengzhu ge liang uses tis i guess..this person i tink shd be zhu ge liang =)=)zhou wang jiang li chengba guaahemnice =)
i cant climb it @ yutaishan=(
my dearest ROOMMATES
wif bao lao shi!! last day in ZHengZhou Sec!!
last day in de hostel

poor pam n wenfang's head bei cuti love tis pic!!i love dem more!! =D this is de car tt we took instead of walkin =)

back to OUR HOMELAND S'PORE!! [[31aug2007]]

these r SOME OF DE PICS !! MORE TO GO MAN!! BUT im waiting for wf's thumbdrive wif de rest of de pic!! =)
well,uploadin de pic took mi hrs!! rah!! i shall go study nw!! bye =)