Monday, January 30, 2012

happy CNY!

Hello Humans,

Happy CNY to all.

It's still CNY and I'm sick twice already! First was cold which turned to a bit of cough. Now it's vomit and diarrhea. Too bad I didn't have the fortune to enjoy the good food for my grandma's 80th birthday celebration.

Think I'll need to visit the temple soon to pray for good health in 2012 huh.

Good health to all in 2012.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

the week before CNY

Hello Human.

Week 2 of school has ended.

Well, it seems like school have not really started since I haven't read readings.

Registered with 3 HS modules (HS 316, HS317 and HS416) and 3 CS modules (COM222, COM254 and CO265A). Seriously I can't decide what to drop, but for sure I'm keeping HS316,317 and COM254. Though I'll be applying UCB and most probably gonna clear 2 Soci there, which mean I only need to clear 2 more when I'll back for my final year, BUT i couldn't be sure that I confirm plus chomp that I'm going to do that. I might end up not going UCB due to some unforeseen circumstances which I hope will not happen (like I'm kana rejected or end up going Europe for Summer School etc. Unforeseen means unpredictable and hence I'm not sure too. LOL). In that case, if I were to take 2 soci modules this semester, and touch wood that unforeseen circumstances take place, then I'll be back with 4 soci modules, with 2 soci on top of my FYP and another UE for each of my semester for my final year.

I was wondering if I should just drop HS416 and take the "risk" since everything will be perfectly fine if nothing goes wrong. Or perhaps i should drop COM222 or CO265A and take them in my final semester when I'm back. Okay, HBB gonna decide by 10pm tomorrow since add/drop is till tomorrow. Please forgive slow thinker Ho.

Anyway, met up with my primary school besties today for gathering plus ShiMin's super belated "20th"!
We had our lunch at Din Tai Feng! XIAO LONG BAO IS LOVED and all the food is so nice!! (: Spent $18 per pax. Oh ya, I wonder why they think I eat a lot! Thanks for giving me peer pressure that I got to eat till my plate damn clean huh! (: Like what my grandma say, must not waste food if not next time old no food to eat!! HAHA(: And we sang birthday song softly and had the cake! SM and I got the bigger portion, see how much love we got from each other! Walked walked after our meal and Tiffany went off early. Nice short gathering(: oh ya, not forgetting to mention a weird uncle in the 157 queue who looked at the 4 of us. He's like a weird ah pek, look at us from bottom to top, and we even had eye contact and yet he continue looking at us! It was super irritating.

Oh ya, according to SM, YX n I am creative person (we use more of our right brain), and E,C and herself is a logical person (they use more of their left brain). Well, I'm not sure how accurate the test is and I thought I'm quite a person who use logic, I'm actually quite happy to hear that I'm creative. HAHA. Maybe I crap too much in everyday life and in exam. X:

Back to today, I waited for my mama for almost 3 hours. I think I super guai okay. I've sneezed N times today, please tell me I'm not getting sick. ):

Oh ya, yesterday was cute. It was raining heavily and we (my mum, sis, bro and I) had to use magazine as umbrella. Stuck somewhere and we started to complaint about the rain and this uncle came and asked if we are from China -.- lalala, somehow I feel it cute for the 4 of us to "run" from one part of chinatown to the other part in the rain with a few pieces of magazine paper. HAHA(: Okay, i think I'm getting mentally sick. Had Ho family Reunion Dinner at our usual place. And yeah.

Met HL on Tuesday for dinner at Anchor Point, which is near Queenstown. Signal in MRT station wasn't very clear and I walked to the wrong direction -.- Convinced myself that the signal is still accurate for people who wanna take bus to Alexandra Road. Both of us were a bit blur and "unwell" in some sense but we had great laugh over XXX. I guess I'm not saying here if not HL will be angry!HAHA(:

me and my fried dory fish (:

hello. thanks for letting me to eat you.

and THANKS HL for the dessert treat!

CNY is coming, why is my house still in a mess :/


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week One of Y3S2

Hello Humans.

This post was saved as draft and I finally have the chance to complete it.

First week of school has finally ended. Have been attending lesson that I might be ended up in, though not all.

For the past few days, I have been loaded with thoughts regarding timetable and exchange. Life is full of choices and whether we have or do not have the choice, we complain (maybe, maybe no). What a contradiction. Okay, maybe that don't apply to me, but I guess it applies to me.

Time-table: What courses should I take?
My ideal plan for this semester would be clearing 3 sociology module (PE) and 2 other modules (CS+UE) but I guess I'm fine with 2 CS modules. Yeah, I'm thinking that I should stick back with my Minor in CS cos it still looks good with a Minor. HAHA. I'm glad that I don't have to camp for COM254 anymore cos the lecturer is kind enough to accept NPM and me (: I've  also gotten another CS module COM222 Basic Media Writing in Chinese, which I've thought of adding since last year? The lecturers/Tutors are Prof Xu Xiao Ge, a China man, and another female professor from Taiwan. Well, I'm still thinking whether or not to stick with it, though most likely I think I am. It's a 4 hours lecture combined with tutorial since one followed by another. Prof Xu was seems to be happy to see me in this course as I was the first to introduced myself as a non-wkw student. He even said something like journalist with other degree (like Sociology) can actually be helpful as these people can tackle social issue with more depth etc. HAHA, this sort of reminded how I used to think Majoring in Sociology and minoring in CS can make a pretty good journalist. Well, that's quite ideally speaking. Somehow I felt that I will learn something useful from this module. This maybe a senseless sentence that may make sense to you (right NPM?)

Finally decided on HS 316, HS 317 and HS 416 for this semester! Hopefully we'll be fine yeah. I mean we will be fine (:

GSS: USA or Europe.
For this I got to decide by Tuesday (which is today) and apply on Wednesday. Seriously both places are attractive and have their good and bad. I would say I would love to go Europe due to all the pretty buildings they have, and the programme fee is cheaper (4k for the trip). Yet I'm caught in University of California, Berkeley's (UCB) big name as it's a really good school! And, it's the BEST SOCIOLOGY UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD. How could I not be tempted to go there to study, just for a single month. Well, I'm not a big fan of sociology but as a sociology major, somehow it may add value to my degree. USA costs around 7k, and probably runs to 10k or more for travelling and shopping.

Argh, tell me where to go!

Oh yeah, I'm a slower thinker.

Okay random photos here:

Happy breakfast to start a day! Last Tues's breakfast! Awesomeness to have right before COM222!

NIE lunch- Prawn mee with meatball! Uncle wasn't really friendly but the food is cheap and nice! (:

Present from Europe! Thanks yilin (: Joghurt-Yoghurt! Learnt a new word yeah! (:

My chocolate still in nice shape huh! (:

Handmade fried yam cake from grandma (:

Donut treat! Thanks wanxuan! Btw green tea flavour is nice! :D

and a random cat sleeping.

okay time to sleep.



Monday, January 09, 2012

The Start of Y3S2

Hello Humans.

I'm back to student life.

Welcome back to NTU.

Journey to school was okay, pretty smooth. And I'm happy to get a seat in 179A and I slept from Boon Lay Bus Interchange to Innovation stop. Luckily I'm managed to wake up on time- at home and in bus (:

Attended classes at 9.30am for HS4016 Social Movement. It seems to be okay, but it was just an introduction and I expect much more pressure and expectation as weeks go by. Ain't sure what modules to take yet, hence gonna try out the lectures! NPM and I are so guai that we plan to go for all lectures that we might end up in for this week! Decided not to go for COM257 Media Effect class cos there's lesson on Friday! NTU likes to change their plan last minute huh! ):

Timetable is unpredictable yet, but I'm still keeping 4-day week with Friday Free! Lots of camping to be done over the Add/Drop period. Wish me luck and hopefully the system no longer show me the loading sign despite the fact that I clicked on the "Add" button on time.

Oh ya, I brought backpack to school. Couldn't have survived today without it. Laptop is really a burden. My shoulder aching now -.-

Lunched at Canteen B with NPM. Had our beloved food from Chinese stall! Canteen had some changes and we were like SPOT THE DIFFERENCES! Oh well, so money are used for renovation in the canteen huh, when I'm leaving in 1.5 years' time! And why not hire more sociology professor? I need we need quite a handful more):

Shall meet Xu Xiao Ge tmr for COM222! I hope I wouldn't be wasting my time there since I'll be attending that class only for tomorrow. And hopefully the module is decent enough for me to stay on, instead of dropping it.

Time to sleep early, soon.


Sunday, January 08, 2012

Last week of holiday

Hello Humans.

yay that's me in my popo's pretty skirt which is older than me! HAHA. And yes, do visit Tekka Enterprises if you need to sell/buy gold!(:

Today is the last day of holiday for this vocation. I feel so sian that I have a 9.30am lecture to attend tomorrow. I wonder if I can wake up on time ): Arghh. And camping starts tomorrow, which I'm not sure what I'm gonna camp for except HS4016. Supposed to be planning timetable right now but I'm getting sian and sleepy ):

I'm still thinking whether to camp for COM mods and just continue with my minor. HAHA, is COM257 better or COM254 better? Seems like that COM254 (interpersonal communication) is much more useful though it seems to be easier to score for COM257. Should I camp for them? HMMM.

Anyway I didn't blog for a week! Last week of holiday was enjoyable!

Aunt's birthday celebration on 3rd Jan (Tues) by having a simple lunch and shopped around in town. Grandma saw a top which she likes but it's kind of expensive. We didn't buy it not because of the price, but the piece wasn't in its good condition. Bad me spotted a few threads coming off from the design.

Oh ya, I was in good mood and so treat them Cold Stone ice cream! :D

Shan and I went shopping at Jurong Point on 4th Jan (Wed)! It's quite a nice place to walk or get some bites! The two of us had billy bomber for lunch cos we were craving for the ribs! HAHA, and it happened to be Ribs and Chips (is it?) for the day (for it's 1-for-1) :D And so, I treated her cos I was the one who dragged her there. As usual, the food is nice. But the shop was like quite dim? We wondered if they were trying to save electricity. Oh well, the shop remains dark at night, with some candles lit up. HMMM. Anyway we shopped for CNY stuff and my lovely sister bought me a quite expensive dress! Whee, the benefit of being mei mei huh! She bought a dress for herself too! Great day spent with my dearest jiejie!

JB-ed with my parents on 5th Jan (Thurs). I finally had my curry fish head after weeks of craving! (: It's a super nice and cheap curry fish head from JB. I didn't ate much of the meat but I love the curry and the beancurd skin! And it's only RM35 for the curry fish head! Another purpose for JB trip was to look at CNY goodies. I didn't buy much cos it doesn't seem to be much cheaper in JB and there's still time to buy and eat! CNY is such a fattening season.

Dated Adele on 6th Jan (Fri) in town! Had cold stone ice cream before singing at *scape! Treated strawberry banana and NPM tried cheesecake flavor (: Was late for our K but we managed to extend it by ourselves! HAHHA(: Dinner at PS since I need to collect my "gifts". KFC increased their student meal price! I'm so sad okay! And we planned to have KFC buddy meal but the promotion ended! You know how sad I was when I know this?! Cos I imagined myself eating the chicken already! ): So ended up I ordered chicken to satisfy my wants. lol. And nice NPM accompanied me back to somerset cos I was waiting for my dad to fetch me! Such a kind soul right? (:

Strawberry Banana with white choco chips in it! :) Feels so healthy!

Woodland-ed yesterday (7th Jan)! Had lunch with shan at Freshness Burger though we wanted to eat Burger King but the shop was being replaced by freshness burger. Shan treated the meal, which is pretty decent, though slightly pricey! I had Pineapple Grilled Chicken while she had Bacon Omelet Burger. Ordered mashed potatoes that comes with salty sauce and some organic tea!(: Went walk walk in the mall and pasamalam before she headed off to work and I waited for my laopo ZY. Bought mushroom for bay family within a short time and we shopped at pasamalam! I bought a maxi dress (semi-maxi?) and she bought 2 at $13 each! Could have bought more dresses yesterday but due to the stall-attender's inflexibility, I didn't purchase anything from her, but from the other person who is kind and friendly! (: Headed to HL's house for the first time for steamboat! Damn nice and clean! She's definitely a xian qi liang mu! The table was nicely laid out and food were ready so were we! We started without cs sai cos he was freaking late! The soup was super sweet, all thanks to the sweet corn that Bay mama puts! By the way we really had a reunion dinner for "my family" cos all my laopos (ZY HL XQ) and my qing ren (Pam) turned up for steamboat!HAHA(: Nice chit chat with the girls and guy till 11pm! Hope to be invited to her house again, soon huh!

3 free nuggets with burger, sides and drinks ordered. 

Time to get back to work.

Last but not least, our latest toy:
lomo that we bought online! Time to assemble it and play! (:

I shall sleep early tonight to have a good start for the coming semester.


P.S. Are the sizes of the photos too big or just nice? HAHA, I put it as X-large instead of medium!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

Hello Humans.

Happy New Year.

You might be thinking I must be damn free to keep blogging.

HAHA, I'm just too nuah. Woke up at 12 plus near 1pm. Ate my breakfast and watch TV and had lunch and started to nuah in front of lappy. And yup, dinner soon X: Oink, i sound like a p.i.g.

Edited my resume so I can send in for internship application. It's always funny to see my employment history. I shan't say too much about it. Becoming lazy, lazy to type why I wanna apply for those internship. Shall do that next time :P

Anyway, I always find girls/guys who can play instrument attractive! How I wish I know how to play one! Okay, that's pretty random. But don't you all think so? (: And yeah, no matter how pretty the girl is or how handsome the guy is, a stick of cigarette spoil the image.

Whee, CNY is coming.