Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello Humans!

Like I said, I'll be doing some review (short review duh, run out of time!) for the modules I took for the semester that just past though it's a bit late!

HS201 Classical Social Theory
Basically it's about the 3 theorists- Karl Marx, Max Weber and Durkheim, discussing issues on what is society, what is the central problems and where is the society heading. I thought I'll hate the module cos it'll be dry and probably these men wise wisdom would probably be hard to understand. Surprisingly, this module is manageable and it wasn't as scary as what the professors and seniors were telling us! Cos we were told that HS201 is a tedious module and it's a hard module. Anyway it's good to feel otherwise! Hopefully I can score well for it,or at least better! HAHA :D

HS205 Organizations and organizational change
The title doesn't apeal to me. But the lecture seems okay. Yet as time goes by, the content getting okay to "sorry what's that". I thought this module would be fine, cos the readings are pretty okay, or at least not that many readings. But, I score pretty bad so far for this module! Well, expected, so nothing much to say expect it's over! (:

EE8084 Cyber Security
It appears to be fine for the first part. The guy lecture seems like a friendly joker. Like Mr Sia, my JC maths teacher! HAHA, and the lecture seems okay cos it's like on basic stuff that are not that technical, unlike the second part of the lecture by Flora. She's totally a ____ lecturer. Indeed she's intellectual and obviously some parts will be out in the examination. Blame myself for not being an attentive student nor a hardworking one to work hard to understand the calculation! If I does, the paper would probably be fine.

EE8086 Astronomy- Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology
The name sounds cool right? The lectures can be interesting, though most of the time I'll fall asleep. When I was preparing for exam, I can't stop cursing at it. But wait, now I find it pretty interesting! HAHA, why? Cos exam is over! Though the stuff I've forgotten, it nonetheless is QUITE interesting la. Like the sun is actually a gas ball, the season on Earth is not affected by the distance between the sun and earth but instead the earth's tilt etc.

CS100 Fundamentals of communication studies
One of the so -called slack module! As in, there's no tutorial and pure 3 hours of lecture! I LIKE IT! and actually some of the stuff we've learnt in Sociology or somewhere so some content is pretty okay to understand! It's a module that you can't fail and most probably have/can do well IF you study. Well, I studied, but not everything. HAHA, but at least I read the whole damn textbook. If you need the TB, kindly approach me yay! LOL.

EN121 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
A 2 weeks long module. Stress and teamwork. The seminars are kind of boring. Presentations and report kind of stressful but at least I'm with teamates that are pretty good. I like to be led, cos I hate to lead (it depends on what thing I've do), especially with something I don't like or don't know. A xiong module, but after that you PHEW and glad that you took this course u only have to endure the 2 weeks!

Okay that's all. I've cleared my GERPE for STS! 88AUs to be cleared before graduation, which is 2.5 years later. LOL

Finger War just ended too. Another round on 24th Jan. RAH.

Off I go to JP and get my hair trimmed. Long hair will be missed! HAHA. Then go cousin's wedding!


P.S.: Happy birthday Yi Xin :D

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hello Humans.

Finger War is tomorrow.

I hate it. I've eyed and sort of decided what to take for next semesters and I'm so freaked out cos most of them are kana snatched by seniors. WTE. And the other timing just clashes with each other. D: I got to re plan. I think I might just appeal most of them, hoping appeal system will love me like how it does for last semester!

Okay, wish me luck.

Enough of that. Let's move on to something lighter. LOL.

So, I've been visiting town damn frequent for the past few days!

I had Christmas eve meet up with....

BHL! This is bay's fav of the day! (:

Needless to say, this is me! We had unexpected gift exchange since we didn't say we'll have one before hand! (:

And this is what I got from her! SPONGEBOB PASSPORT HOLDER! :D It's rarely that she's so sweet cos she get it for me when she sees it! LOL. Luckily I didn't get this design the other time! HAHA. And this shows how fates spongebob is to be with me! LOL

A nicely decorated envelop cos delivered by HAND! Sorry for those who have plain envelop! May I seek for your understanding that the rain and sun might spoilt the decoration so might as well not put right? Moreover the space is so limited! HAHA:D

HL unwrapping the gift! :D A Poor girl looks cui after working as an intern in audit firm! Should have give her eye mask huh?

We had our dinner at Carls' Junior! Waited for this for damn long and finally we get to eat it! But it was rather disappointing for the small portion cos we were expecting much larger size! So... I suggested writing honest feedback! HAHA. It was damn funny that we totally lost our image cos we laughed damn loudly! (Like we care! HAHA, we're not going to see the people over there again and if we do, most probably we don't remember them nor they'll remember us!) Okay, that's as usual. I love their fries, the chili and the free-flow drinks. The bread is healthy yet it sticks to teeth. The portion shrank and a girl like me didn't even feel too full, let alone guys! So yay, I feel damn honest especially during Christmas Eve! Cos Santa will know all the goods and bad we've done! LOL.

And we headed to "river" side along durian shell and sit. Love the company and the wind! :D Anyway this photo is cropped as requested by HL. My hair looks quite long here right? HAHA, cos can't compare with others! You may refer to the photos below and you'll realise my hair is damn short as compared to the rest. LOL. Oh ya, feeling bad that she's late, HL treated me ice-cream! :D Thanks da nai! :D

On Christmas, I finally get to meet up with my primary school friends Eileen and YiXin (and yixin's 10yr old student)!We went Town! Watch movie and had dinner! :D Looks like Charlie Angel huh?

Gift exchange!:D And this is present from YiXin! :D

This is eileen and I and ManYing, the 10 year old China girl! It looks like family photo right? LOL. YiXin was like the photographer of the day! (she was from photography club in JC and currently an ADM student!)HAHA. Anyway, we (mostly me and ManYing) were talking in the train on our way back and the rest of the passengers were listening to our conversation and they were laughing! HAHA. I had to constantly tell myself not to be too serious with little kids. LOL. And yes, YiXin treated us fried wanton and fried chicken wing! HAHA(: thanks girl! :D

On boxing, there I went to PS with my siblings to buy their windows HP! Stupid SingTel took damn long. We spent 5.5hours getting 2 phones. It's so damn stupid and idiotic and angry that we dressed up but trapped in the stupid roadshop! Cos we wanted to go Far East shop one! RANT.

The day after boxing day, I had a wasted trip to town. Yes, headed to town again. My sister and I wanted to go KBox to spend the POSB voucher but it's so dumb.It's so stupid when the voucher expires on 31dec but KBox stop accepting it since 16th! -.=

Okay that's all. Wanted to do some reviewing for the mods I took for year2 sem1 and for year 2010 but I don't think i have the time. Shall do it next time when I'm more free! HAHA.

Anyway, XQ is coming back tmr! Can't wait to see my laopos on 1st jan 2011 to Barrage! :D


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hello Humans!


Meeting HL tmr! Then Yixin and Eileen on 25th! WHEE:D

I'm back from Malaysia for a few days and have been 阿宅 since the day I'm back I've been at home tidying my stuff and planning my timetable! Well, tidying is endless, yes I'm still tidying! Actually I keep lots of rubbish sia, but a lot is 不舍得throw one. HAIX. I'm still keeping some secondary and JC notes!-.-

Anyway, Malaysia trip is such a FATTENING trip! All I do is EAT N EAT N EAT N SLEEP. HAHA, i didn't even shop much! Well, a new shopping mall (KSL Mall) look not bad. We shop for an hour only! Sadly I didn't buy any clothes though I kind of regret for not buying one! D: My sisters bought 4tops and a skirt! The good thing is.... WE CAN SHARE! But wait, provided I can fit in la. HAHA. Perhaps it's a new mall that's why there's ongoing sales like 2 clothes for RM50! And that's for many shops in the mall! :D

We celebrated grandpa's birthday at Zon Hotel, okay as usual. Just FYI, when I travel to malaysia in late dec is not to celebrate christmas but my grandpa's birthday! :D So birthday dinner was great, though I prefer traditional style for shark fin! HAHA. and yes, 多年不见的表弟also got come! Now he's sec 3 in bukit panjang govt high! That's fast, cos in my memory he's a primary school! Basically his look remain, just that he grow taller!The dinner of course is let 大人们talk and we just eat and eat. HAHA, they even talk about politics in Malaysia. LOL.

And the next day, my sister's bf brought us to eat Dim-Sum in the morning! It's nice! (: DIM SUM IS LOVED! And we went to somewhere I don't know to have lunch! Well, at least I know the place is call 蔡记! We had great yummy food such as CRABS, CHICKEN WINGS, BUTTER FATTY PORK MEAT, veggi, hor fun, fish and blah blah blah! Of course those in bold are preferred and I had lots of them! OMG as I'm typing this I'm imaging the food! Yes it's super nice. I'll get my parents to buy food from them again! HAHA. Too bad, my dad don't really know the way there!

Photos for Malaysia trip:
bro and 2nd sis! :D

me and shan :D

(: randomly we took this half way eating the prawn. LOL.

:D Happy birthday grandpa!:D

grandpa asked me to take this photo! HAHA:D


I took a similar one last yr!

the ball hit me! D:

mama and papa :D

bro playing with my grandma! :D

me and my godma! :D

these photos got the kampong feel to me.. HAHA.

So that's pretty much for my Malaysia trip! :D

Oh ya, I bought a school bag! HAHA, a peach-coloured backpack! HAHA. Heavy one-sided bag is really bad for shoulder and that's why I decided to buy backpack! But peach-coloured is a bit too bright! But it caught my attention! (: Shall be a real guai student starting from next sem huh? HAHA.

By the way, I've uploaded SMRT calendar photos on FB. Some people are shocked cos I don't look like myself in the photo. IS THAT REALLY TRUE?! HAHA, 连我亲娘都不认得我啦! Maybe is the Pop-art effect hor? HAHA.

Really don't look like me meh?! Cos of the pop-art effect right?(:

Anyway I didn't cut my hair for 7months! But it didn't grow a lot leh! It was at my eye brown 7 months ago and it only reaches my mouth after 7 months! Sad can, this proves that my hair grow damn slow! D:

Okay, once again, merry christmas to ALL! :D


Friday, December 17, 2010

Hello Humans!


All the five evil devils are killed! :D

Oh well, I'm still in one piece though the war is quite tough! But looking back, I could have be a better student! Cos I really didn't make an effort to study the calculation for cyber flora's (a female lecturer) notes thus losing 25m out of 100m. It's like confirm will be tested yet I didn't make an effort to understand it, my bad. Also, I've collected my stupid HS205 essay which i scored a C which like RAH! that's worse than my HS103 paper! so, it's a record breaking paper! D: Nonetheless, some papers are quite okay or manageable! As in better than expected cos I wasn't fully prepared. Well, first time wrote 6page (6-sided) long for a 40m essay! Somemore I didn't write everything that I wanted to write cos due to the time constrain! But, i think i got off track la! Just vomit everything!

Okay, done with all the guilt, it's over and worries shall come later! Can start planning timetable liao sia. Shall do it soon! :D
Anyway, this is what that shocks me the other day:
How about a closer look?:


Anyway I'll be off to Malaysia tomorrow!

Maybe I should just cut my hair. I mean, trim. HAHA, I've been thinking for super ultra long for months. Waiting it to grow. Well, it's progress is damn slow. But yes yes it's growing la. Shall cut away those spilt ends! HMM.Later end up never cut again! HAHA.

OKAY, to those still fighting devils, all the best!
And yes, Hershey's kisses from Valerie! Christmas present! HAHA, shall get hers soon. LOL.


bean (:

P.S: start DATING ME! :D

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hello Humans!

One stupid idotic devil is killed. Four more to go. :D

Well, today's paper wasn't good. Too bad I don't like this module but I've no choice since it's a core module. Can't be bothered about it already! Actually I was feeling weird, cos it's the first time I'm not nervous for a paper that I not really good at. Well, I do know the details (most or more than half, LOL) of each topics but some I just can't relate or get into my brainy.

Okay whatever. Four papers left. Better be good cos I'm expecting much for from you all! Well, some also very jialat but i'm still carrying some hope so please don't disappoint me. HAHA. Okay, my letters (blog) seems to speak louder than action. Shall touch my CS100 and astro as planned!

How bad can it be, five more days only man! :D

Oh ya, my holiday is from 17th dec to 23rd jan! Date me if you want! HAHA(: but of course I'll be away for quite a few days. Shall talk about it after my exam yay! :D

bean. :)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Hello Humans!

9 more days to my freedom where all the fun and joy begins! HAHA(:

Well, my exam period is short, I've 4 more days to my first paper which I've not touch.

Faster come faster end.

I can't wait for holiday! So many things to look forward to! HAHA. :D :D :D

Shall blog again once exam is over! I should be looking at Astronomy stuff. HAHA.

To my dear friends who are having exam soon, ALL THE BEST, WE'LL (at least) IMPROVE YAY!

To my friends who are ORDing, have fun! Enjoy your long holiday and work before school starts! HAHA.

To XQ, all the best for your report! :D

To HL, all the best for your internship :D

To ZY, Eh, what are you doing now? HAHA.

and yes laopo, happy DOE. How could I forget right? HAHA.

Take Care.


P.S. : it's good to sound optimistic! (:

Friday, December 03, 2010

Hello Humans!

So today I'm going to blog on my sis's birthday celebration! (: Well, it's quite outdated but who cares. HAHA.

And yes, we watched Harry Potter 7! :D Actually I find it quite sad that it's coming to an end! So fast! D: Argh!

Anyway we were in Illuma! There's display of the Harry Potter items! (: So my sister took photos with all the kind people!

Hello Harry!

HAHA, he as stupid and cute as usual. LOL

And me! I took with all the bad souls in HP! I still smile till so happy! LOL.

I tried to go with the theme! :D

Okay my finger should be more to the right. Anyway I'm wearing a top my sis bought for me (eh i mean me and my 3rd sis since we share clothes) from HK! :D

D: Poor owl will die in HP7.

And we had lunch at Pizza Hut! (:

Hello jiejie! :D Her spagetti is really hot and spicy! D:

Mine is pep n spice i guess! Taste okay, but it's one of the cheaper range ($6.90?). HAHA (:

How could you not order this when u visit pizza hut right? :D

Sadly we didn't buy anything in town. I was ready to spend some money on my sister to maybe get her something she wants. But too bad, the items didn't attract us! So we headed back to bugis (since we have to watch harry potter in the evening.)

Initially we wanted to take neoprint! It's sort of a custom we had! Only on her birthday lah! But, hmm, it's getting to pricy! SO... we decided to use our own camera! LOL.

Money is loved! :D Sister is even more loved! :D

22nd le shan! But you're still my sweetest sister! WHEE:D