Monday, April 28, 2008


here to blog.ok,tt's rubbish.

well,nic came over to JJ todae sia. wad a big surprise. he wanted to cheat us tt he's goin to retake J2 n blah blah blah. glad tt we're smart enough to noe tt he's lying.HAHA=) anw he came over juz to visit us :) so mi n pam ponned pc juz to chat wif him. too bad he hv interview at NTU thus hv to leave at 8.30. so as usual,he crapped la.LOL.but told us quite lots of stuff too. sheila told him tt there's no more OG table,instead it's call binbin's table.LOL.went to c wad de rest were dgn for pc n saw zy walking on de track.HAHA=) so they ran 2 rounds n hv free pc. feel lyk playing basketball (in fact is juz throw de ball la) but no1 pei mi. n we went to canteen n do nth.

bio was rather funni la..went thru tut for evolution. den ms wun hv to go out of de class to attend some impt stuff. den chen yaan damm funni la!!she wanted to eavesdrop on de conversation btw ms wun n de students.HAHA=) den lyk so.FUNNI!! chen yaan so aunty sia.HAHA :D den ms wun suddenly come in n scare chen yaan.luckily she respond fast enough n jump jump jump to her seat.HAHA:) but she onli to manage to overhear parts of de conversations la. wadx de conversation is realli abt i oso duno,but we're trying link it to our hao peng you. tink is jasmine gui's fren ba. but heard jas can c too. but i din noe even though i was same class wif her for 4yrs la!! so ya..

gp did essay outline which took mi n pam quite sometime to do sia. anw,it's suppose to be a grpwk la,but it's ok,gt used to le. we do til siao liao den pam wanted to brin in econs concepts n i was laugh damm loud la. HAHA:) we were outside sizzlinice n yiqing they all at canteen den yiqing they all heard mi laugh-.="jon asked mi how's lunfa n i sae duno.HAHA=) i realli duno wad. we're not those v close(or close) de cousin u c. anw,hope he's ok le. n GET WELL SOON!!

yay,thurs no sch. but tmr n wed will late hm. sis wanna out wif mi to bugis cos M-industry (is it) is having closing down sales!! :) aiyo,ple closing down i still so happi!! oh ya,this make mi think of smt during econs lesson la.HAHA=) ms aw was goin thru unemployment tut n she was talkin abt factories close down den unemployment rate increase.den pam v random sae she's sad.den i sae ya lo,close down den high unemployment v sad. den she was lyk "HUH." cos she's saying tt we r stepping down fr eclub n she's sad.HAHA=) anw,retrenchment is realli a v sad thing wad!!

pam was amazed tt my hse gt 10ple living under de same roof!!HAHA=) ok,give mi a WOW~~!! LOL. pam was lyk saying tt my mama v xinku hv to cook meals for 10ple,wash clothes for 10ple(i noe there's a ting call washing machine) n wash de dishes for 10ple.HAHA :) so xin ku my mama le!! anw,10ple living tgt n imagine every1 speak quite loud (AS LOUD AS MI OR EVEN LOUDER),de vol of noise is damm high la.HAHA:) ms ma once called mi n ask "ur family quarreling ar?". i was lyk "NO LA!!WE'RE JUZ TALKIN!!" HAHA=) my family is trained to speak loud u c. in de past wen we were still young little kids,we can shout for our mama who is walking towards our HDB flat fr our hse which is 12th floor :D aft shouting for our mama we'll juz hit cos other ple ard my mama will look up too.HAHA:) tt's so cute rgt? xD

by de way,am i fierce?!? sherlyn told mi tt she thought im a v fierce person when we're in J1 sia. but tt's nt de case nw!!HAHA=) she say i rarely smile during J1 sia.. but i almost :D de lei..hmm.. den i ask her is it gt ple backstab mi.if yes tell mi i gt beat de person.HAHA=) den i sae muz be ms ma.LOL. but i noe my da nai wun do tt to mi de la. de most she'll juz bully mi la.HAHA=) anw,if u ple fr jjc tink im fierce,den my fren fr my sec will tink im even more fierce sia. guess i nv realli fierce in jj. HAHA :D

ok. shall be a gd gal n off to do US ws which i gt it todae.HAHA:)

Friday, April 25, 2008


this is an edited post cos i juz rmb smt to blog abt. LOL. sry for de inconvenient caused :)

tis wk pass damm fast la!! well,onli gt hm earli on mon for this wk sia. cos

tues: US programme

wed: CCA [we went to watch semmi-final :x]

thurs: GP remedial lect

fri: dialogue session.

so i lyk everyday go hm n din do much :X somemore smt my sis will c mi batok n we go walk walk n buy stuff to EAT :D

ok,let mi recall wad happened these days. my memory seems to become nt so gd........

anw,re-run 2.4km on WED!! poor chenyaan who failed by 1SEC hv to re-run again!! lea fr s31 run her 2.4 tt day de 3 of us ran. anling din wear suitable shorts so she's goin to re-run on mon. THX PAMELA KANG LI PING for running wif mi!!w/o her PUSHING N DRAGGIN mi, tink i cant make it again sia!!SO V GRATEFUL TOWARDS HER!!:D MUACKX~~~ even though she din brin towel on tt day n her legs still pain due to mon's excessive jumping,she offered to run wif mi!! :) thx those who jiayou-ed for mi too!!:)esp de last run last 200m la,can hear jon/jj they all shout "dun walk" HAHA :) anw happy tt i walk for less den 1round :D ok,i noe my timing wasnt GREAT but im contented :D ok ok,shall stop abt til freakin 2.4 :D play badminton wif pam aft de running. it's damm quite a long time since we play is lyk she hit,i pick.i hit,she pick.HAHA :D we shall train our badminton skill durin pc nxt tym :)

tis wed's cca was de 2nd last session sia.BUT we still wanna go watch semi-final for talent time!HAHA=) freaking hp doesnt hv reception in lt2 la!!asked yiqing to sms wen de semi-final starts n wen de jurong gang sing BUT i din receive yiqing sms :( so we missed jurong gang's performance AGAIN-.=" there r realli some GREAT singers BUT some ahem..ya.yanxi's fren can realli sing man!!

well,gt back quite a few tests n i V HAPPI :D.well,im nt happi cos i score those high marks but is becos i pass some tests!!:D it's v rare for mi in jc to achieve tt la!! pass my bio (13.5/20),maths (21/35) n chem (21/35) :) hopefulli can at least maintain a pass. WOOT :D even though im no longer aimin for As lyk wad i did in sec,but at least im improving.better keep improvin!! :)

anw,my sis saw this magic trick fr her email:

my sis was damm amazed cos her card realli GONE. den i try n WOW,IT REALLI DISAPPEAR!!but soon aft tt i noe y!!HAHA=) cos de leftover cards r all diff fr de 6cards in de 1st pic n for de last slide,de person juz remove 1card!! so it seems tt ur card disappear! anw,hope tt's de case :) feel so happi to "solve" tis!!HAHA=D

oh ya,ate nasi lemak n stingray on mon n tues,den ate omelette (duno how to spell la) on wed n thus.HAHA=) n ya,ate waffle todae n ytd. ok,random. took pics of de omelette wif pam's face.HAHA=)waffle :)

stingray :) YUMYUM. too bad it's NOT HOT :( say HI TO PAM :) actualli wanted to draw =) but end up becum lyk tis :X thought is a lyk a frighten expression but pam sae it's a EVIL tt's her face xPpam poke her own face,den vomit

well,stress sia.cos gt many CTs n MYE :(

ok,random pics: 1set [fr xs->s->m->l->xl->xxl ] :D
mp3 earpiece :( pam likes her "plight" :)
class gathering at sizzlinice??HAHA=)we're waiting for bio make-up lesson on thurs so bought stuff to eat :Dim nt gao-ing emo hor. HAHA

HAPPY + ANTI-SAD +ANTI-MDY+SMART+MAKE SENSE PILLS :D yay,i invented them b4 jeremy :)

anw.lunfa asked mi to help him to renew his bus concession coshe's too lazy to go mrt station to renew. so as a kind cousin,i help him la. HAHA=) actually he looks QUITE CUTE when he's young!!im serious! dun believe take a look at this: well, nt v clear but tt's ok.if too clear i mgt gt scoldin fr him.HAHA.well,lunfa if u're lookin at this,dun scold mi hor!!im praising u lei!! :) anw,i returned him de leftover $$$ ($2.50 i guess). so kind of mi nt to charge him GST n service charge la!! den he wanted to give mi2 bucks de but of cos i din take. n he sae he treat mi drinks. den i ask him wad abt pam.HAHA=) so he wanted to treat us drinks.SO DAMM FUNNY LA. den he juz sae he own mi $$$.LOL. anw,take care of her dislocated arm hor lazybum.
ok,mani hmwk n grp work to de done.BYE :)

Monday, April 21, 2008


well,dad din drive mi to sch todae so went sch wif ms ma.took train to lakeside n we walk to sch. IT WAS DAMM HOT N TIRING LA. it's been damm long tt we walk to sch!! :D so i was sweating (lyk mad?) wen reach sch.HAHA=) fun de tai xian ji sia.LOL.

did sit n reach todae. amazing sia,i can reach 42cm!! woot :D b4 tt cant even reach 36cm to pass,glad tt i made it thru de 5 stations.. as for 2.4,RAH.i still haven run,cos de cher nv ask mi run N i cant find any cher to ask abt it aft dgn sit n reach.LOL.mayb i was too lazy. HOPEFULLI de timing is haven minus (which i doubt so) so i can dun run 2.4 le.

ms wan din come sch so we end up hv 1.5hr of free we studied econs test. basically nth goes into my brain during tt 1.5hr of readin.haix. smt happened while we study. well,wad we hv to say as friends were said. when we realli stop saying,means tt no1 is goin to bother abt u liao.ok im sort of tire to keep repeating wad i've said. RAH. so ple,u shd free happi (at least a bit) when gt ple say u cos they r concern. why wd ple wanna waste their tym n breath n energy with smt none of their buz? nvm. she wun read my blog anw. saw yixin n she gave us biscuit!tt's so kind of her!!muacks :D ok,random -.=

econs test was. HORRIBLE. i duno how to do n simply crapped thru'out. even though easy de,i dun realli gt them.RAH. oh ya,ate de spicy stingray for 1bucks :) nt bad,juz tt it's cold. perhaps will order it nxttym cos i tink it's quite cheap in de sense..ate nasi lemak n went for GP. continue dgn de summary which is basically done by JEREMIAH n pam was de 1 for mi,count de words?lol.n help to repeat wad jeremiah said even though i hv short term memory.HAHA=) but i mark de other grp's ans ok!so i did video n off we go.

RAIN DAMM HEAVY LA :(( well,i duno de weight of de rain la.HAHA :D

hate it cos i hv to go polyclinic to collect x-ray for my mama.her finger duno y injured. BUT I 4GT TO COLLECT DE LETTER-.=" means i hv to make a trip there AGAIN since im de onli 1 tt will pass by it everyday -.=" anw yanting pei mi go polyclinic cos she waiting for de arrivial of de wanbao.HAHA=) but at least she pei mi u c,if nt i'll be alone,sitting there for an hr or so. so thx gal :D sry tt ur NEW PINKY SHOES is damm wet cause by de "flood"!! my shoes simply juz soak in de "floodin" area.RAH.

I dun understand y my leg is pain onli do sit n reach sia.LOL. shall upload pics nxttym cos i lazy upload.WAHAHA :D

how i wish JJC gt sell laksa!!RAH. i wanto eat laksa!! :((

Saturday, April 19, 2008

hello :)

shall blog a bit n post some pics. this post mayb quite random i ya,bear wif it.

tues dunhv US program,so stayed back a while since marianne came over :)

free milk or shd say some choco drinks. quite nice :) drink le will quite full :)

thurs had gp remedial cher was ok. those bunch of idiots sitting behind us was so damm noisy. they keep talk talk talk talk damm annoying can. yanting funny la.sae they nt onli noisy but also tan chi.cos they eat liao nv throw de food wrapper.hey,where's 500bucks for de fine? accompanied ms ma to cck to buy bdae cake for her sis. she was lyk complainin im weird.HAHA=) ate nuggets :) so exp 3 for $1.30.tink tt's de price for tt nw.EVERYTHING IS MORE EXP!! :(( anw,smell otah since some1 bought it. so i bought it too on my way hm :D
yum yum xD
5stations still left wif sit n reach.well,to mani of u tis station is damm easy cos u simply juz nd to sit n reach. ok,im nt realli making sense[i nd make-sense pill invented by YEremi] but to mi tt's a difficult task. either de prob lies wif my back or my hand is too short. can u imagine i onli reached 19cm for p4 den 20cm for p5!HAHA=) tink sec i juz pass ba. well,back to my hand short tingy,it seems to be quite true.

my class tee's sleeve is reachin my elbow.anw de tee size is M,anling's also M but her sleeve is reaching her elbow too, juz lyk mine.

small JJ logo looks so weird -.="
anw,wanted to try fishball mee soup.for de third attempt,we finalli auntie nearly give us de wrong tingy.she heard we sae we want fish i shouted for her to sae we WANT FISHBALL MEE to fishball me: finalli can U!

pam trying to steal my fishball!!
had extra lesson for chem on fri .mr azmi bought us some food :)
curry puff fr MR AZMI :D
tt's so nice of him!! so nxttym if hv chem xtra lesson better make it on fri!! xP ms ma n yt went for blood ma gt de purple bandage while yt gt de green ms ma was lyk "i want green de".hey,purple v nice liao hor,de nurse nv give u white de v gd liao!!aft tt went KFC wif zy n hl while yt eat chay guo tiao.HAHA=) de KFC so damm quiet la,no ple lyk tt de. din get to take pic cos hp low battery :( went wm meet mama n bought stuff. ate durian :)
anw,feeling better le :) THX ms ma,but u still hv to entertain mi cos im nt "fully recovered"!! n thx jeremy for ur jokes tt some r nt funni.HAHA :D n thx those who concern :)

Friday, April 18, 2008


ms ma say i look sad.maybe,perhaps,probably.

shall blog nxt tym ba,no md nw.BYE.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

dun feel happi these days. seems to be STRESS. stress by wad also nt sure.

RAH. feel lyk shouting sia. like v long v shout.HAIX.

stare at SPA notes for 2wks for SPA but still quite nervous to do.HAIX. c de notes til sianx liao,BUT cant rmb some n de conclusions :( anw,SPA trial gd la,can give more practise =) hope tt de actual SPA wun be too hard n max 5compounds jiu hao le!!! :)

nxt mon de econs case study test lyk v diff,mani topics involve n muz study :( RAH.

anw anw anw, done wif 2.4KM le :) glad tt i pass!!=) if i din pass im goin kill edward cos he told mi my timing is 17min,n my age 17min is pass liao! :) so ya,tmr will be 5stations!! hope can pass. HAHA=) usually ple will wanna c A/B/C but for mi i JUZ WAN A PASS. so easily contented rgt?HAHA. so quickly finish 5stations n say BYE TO NAFA :)

my 2nd class tee will be done soon (2/3wks ltr I GUESS?) yeah :) so 2class tee for abt $37 ok la :) anw, my 1 class tee looks like tis [pics r copied fr yq's blog =) ]: front view :)
back view :D
i tink my class tee is nice. WHO SAY NO SHALL KANA FR MI!!haha :)
marianne came jj todae.we were still dgn spa trial la.HAHA=)took photo n tok a bit.some play de fishin game n some left. glad tt marianne is enjoying sch nw :)
OH YA,paul twohill came jj.ok,random.he sang 1song den disappear liao. n we gt 1packet of choco milk!!BIG PACKET i mean.quite nice la :) anw,civic was rather funni la.weilun want de goodie bag so he wanna ans qn.den wen de person ask wadx his name den he sae he's desmond. den ltr wen de person ask for volunteer den he wanted to sabo desmond so he shout "desmond" cos he 4gt he's desmond for de time being.LOL.anw,tsin horng (aiya,duno how to spell la) they all v funni. de person ask wad P stands for den they sae PIKACHU -.=" den ltr de person realli go ask him qn la,den he sabo weilun.den ltr he kana invited on stage.LOL. civil power la,can drag lyk 20-25 min la!HAHA=)
ok,shall go off.BYE :(

Sunday, April 13, 2008



well,ytd was their bdae but i din gt to blog ytd :X

damm long nv take bus334!!!

anw, meet up yixin at jurong west to get cake for de bdae gal. yixin was damm late!! de rain was damm heavy,my pumps kana soak in de rain n i fear it will end up lyk de previous pumps tt spolit in de rain.HAHA. din eat lunch,so bought waffle:) went eileen's hse n gave her a surprise :) nt bad la,i still rmb where she live even though 5yrs nv go her hse liao.HAHA=) yixin n mi bought a heart-shaped cake:) yixin made a call to eileen,saying tt she stained her jeans cos she hv tt ting n she wanna go eileen's hse change. so wen eileen open her door...


eileen was stunned la.HAHA=)took pics n ate de cake :) den head to cine for K-box :) yixin cute la,record MOST songs we sang! heart-shaped cake :)at eileen's hse
de 3 of us :)
mi n de bdae gal :D 1person 2 mics!!
yixin singin,we cam-whoring xD

had dinner at BK.eileen was lyk crazy la,keep LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH.haha,i know i can make ple luff!!n she cant stop laughin!LOL. yixin's dinnermy dinner :) eileen eat v slow.i help her eat some of her fries :) oh ya,they sae i drink lots of water!isnt it gd? :) n it's not wastin water hor!! went hm aft dinner :) scary white hand!!!
REflection :D
tika :)
at raffles :) de train take damm long. tis explains y i took so mani pics of reflection!HAHA:D

lalala candid photo of ms lim n mi :)
woot,can take reflection even though de train is movin!! :D
mi n eileen =)
mi n yixin xD
my CUTIE fren :)


anw, eileen n i was quite noisy n we keep take photo. HAHA=) we din bother much abt others cos nobody wd recognise us/know us! :x well,both eileen n yixin wore heels n put on make-up. yixin told mi to wear heels BUT i DUN wear heels. den she ask mi put on make-up den i sae I DUN put on make-up.HAHA=)

was damm tired,cant do hmwk so went to slp quite early :) enjoyed myself n spent loads of $$$!! brought 50bucks n left wif abt 4bucks hm!! :( IM BROKE :(
NAFA IS COMING!!tink tmr will run 2.4km =( aiya,wan run faster run la. :( den aft NAFA can dun go pc liao.HAHA=) i HATE better quickly end!RAH.
ple do put on diff mask in front ple at times. a mask to cover wad de person realli feel.
there's realli no fairness in de world. de reward u receive may nt = to de effort u've put in for it. tt's life.GET UESD TO IT man/ladies :( lalala

Friday, April 11, 2008


survived SPA trial, maths n bio test for this wk.MATHS WAS HORRIBLE.i thought de topics for de test ok ok BUT i was wrong.i was lyk skippin all de qn n hv to anyhw do.luckily manage to figure how to do some.RAH. my rgt pain fr wed's nite til nw.IRRITATING.RAH.

as promised,i'll upload pics for hl's bdae :) n other pics la =)
TATA ~~~~

ms ma's bdae cake :)

making wish/wishes
unwrappin present =)

surprise afr surprise =)
mi xq hl zy =)
wif our lovely present :)
ms ma n mi :D
danai n da laopo =)
danai n xiao laopo =)
happi de ms ma =)
well,gt back pw result todae. gt a C :( nvm,it's still ok la.knew tt OP sux so nvm lo. de report states tt i speak too fast.
DID I?!?!
i thought i speak quite slow liao la.RAH.n de 2 examiners din even glance at de ppt slides tt i spent duno how mani hrs/days to make de animations la.RAH.
even though de process was a bit sianx cos i dun lyk dgn project, but but but....
had a nice exp dgn projects wif u ple =) THREE CHEERS FOR JJ146 !!! (is it ar?) miss those time go yiqing's hse sia!!still rmb she gt treat use icecream!!ate de red bean de =) n edward's treat (i tink he treat anyting below abt $1 tt we buy fr de bakery shop :D ) cos he was v late for 1 of de meetin.HAHA=) anw,edward gt C too. yiqing jaime fengyi gt Bs :) we were rather disappointed la. knew our grp OP was bad.written report wasnt well-ly done too :( 2meeting expectation,2exceeding expectation :( we hv 3 EE for drafts la :( overall,my class did ok =) 5A's de rest B's n 2C's. well done n congrates those who gt A :) congrates to cs sai n hl! s29 damm mani As la!! it really looks lyk family photo!HAHA=D
visited wenfang's blog last tym n saw those china photos fr calista!! :) even though we went china last aug,but lyk nt v long ago.
de trip was rather's lyk a holiday instead of a sch exchange programme tingy.
our v 1st meal in china!V ER XIN RGT?!?! fried grass n a few prawn?EEEEEEEE~~
china's ktv :)
MY BELOVED RMMATES!!!:D miss those tym we chat b4 slp sia. MISS "SLPIN TGT" WIF THEM!!!haha :D

there's mani memories juz for us to reminisce,no matter it's sweet or bitter or spicy or sour, they are wonderful memories[HOPEFULLY] :)
anw,econs blog is updated. do go n take a look.MID YR TIMING DAMM IDIOT LA!!RAH.
fr de econs blog:
H2 Economics Mid-Year Examinations
Date: 15th May 2008 (Thursday)
Duration: 2 hr 40 mins (1 Case Study + 2 Essays - More details at previous post)
Time: 4.30 - 7.10pm
- LT1: Lecture Group A (07A01, 07A02, 07L01, 07L02, 07S28, 07S29, 07S30, , 07S32, 07S33, 07S34);
- LT2: Lecture Group B (07S01, 07S02, 07S09, 07S10, 07S11, 07S26, 07S27,07S35, 07S36)