Wednesday, May 28, 2008

hello :) how's ur holidae so far??? lol

well,these few days were rather enjoyable n fruitful :D

wkend-stay at hm n did some hmwk :))

mon-met pam yanting huiling n zhenying at ard 2pm to go ecp to cycle :)) FINALLY get to cycle aft so damm long. it was pam's 2nd time to cycle n i tink she did pretty well!! :)) cos she din sream or shout wen there's ple near her. cos lasttym i'll juz scream n shout den ple will juz siam themselves :)) de bell so far away fr my fingers la, n i believe my voice will be more effective :D so we gt to cycle n it wasnt v hot since we cycle fr 4+ to 5+ :)) but my butt n back was damm pain. perhaps too long nv cycle den v scarewill fall down so cycle damm slow n hand grap on de handle damm tight. but still,cycling is fun :)) aft cycling,we went to sit at de rock there n look at de sea/sky/wadsoeva. den i sae let's shout n pam rah.duno y i shout "pamela".mayb cos she's beside mi.LOL. so gd to SHOUT :)) well,xiao qiang crepped out fr de hole and gave mi a scare. so we stood up and wanted to move away fr it. but luckily a woman came to rescue n step on it. cruel but yes,it's dead :)) it's a pest anw.HAHA=) den we start camwhoring:)) den went hm. funny la,we in de train still wanna ard us no ple la.LOL. den mi n hl con't cam-whoring at gombak. but mayb smile too much face cramp den pics v weird.LOL. we stop cam-whoring wen we saw my bro n sis.HAHA=) so went hm :)) HAPPI DAE :))

tues- despite my shoulder pain (my legs n butt n back were damm pain on mon's nite), mi n pam still went shopping :)) sry i was late :X shopping at 1 go is damm fun n enjoyable. nt tt i''ll spend a lot wen i go shopping hor!! dun get de wrong impression of mi!LOL. i usually will eyed on smt n buy nxt tym so i wun so called regret n waste money.BUT YTD WAS DIFF. bought 3tops since im out wif atm. even though i bought 3 tops,i spent 2bucks onli!! ALL THANKS TO PAMELA HUILING ZHENYING XIAOQING YANTING N CS SAI :)) They assigned pam a mission la. so i hv to help pam to complete her mission.LOL. SO THX MY DEAREST FRENS :))it's a v earli bdae present!! but it's ok since every1 will be damm busy wen sch reopen :(( to be honest,i rather my bdae wait damm long to come cos i dun wan sch to start n all de stress come back again. once again, im glad to hv this bunch of besties to be wif mi :)) thx for everyting :)) so i had my day spent wif moon :)) happi n fruitful dae :D

wed-went sis's graduation dae. :))

ok,pics will upload SOON. (hopefully) cant upload now cos bloggin at dad's shop. ok,gtg.
thurs to sat gt eclub camp.BYE :))

Friday, May 23, 2008

bye bye term 2.


dunno shd :)/:(. holidae.well,always look forward to it de, but nw..i duno. mayb it's a gd break? hope so ba..holidae means no sch means no fren pei.but nvm,we all can spend this wonderful holidae with all de studies etc. oh,there's many extra lessons too la. so ple dun nd to miss mi too much la.HAHA=) haix haix haix haix. results sux sia. RAH. i realli miss sec sch la.wad i aim is nt pass n is "A".now?i can pass jiu :)))))) le la. WTH. "A" dun wanna fren mi. nt even "pass" wanna fren mi. wadx wrong la?!?! I dun wanna be foreign student la. gt wad i mean? if no den think,foreign student in this case is US student.(getting U or S grade).ok ok,drop this stupid stuff.

shall sae some :D stuff la. LOL.
-sis back fr hongkong :)) she bought lots of stuff la. she bought mi jacket :)) some stuff we share la ;) even though she din gt de kind of jacket i wan,but it's de effort tt counts :)) [she was supposed to come back spore on tues but turn out she wed den return cos tues de plane high Dd n some ple r willing to pay 200USD n 100bucks for hotel my sis n her fren stayed 1more day.due to vector test de nxt day,i decided nt to go fetch her. :X but test turns out to be :((]
-goin to ecp on mon wif my besties :)) damm long nv go cycle la! tink i 4gt how to cycle liao :X i miss de beach sia. de beach miss mi too i guess.last tym i go cycle shdb during mar07 sia. i wanto go there shout sia.miss shouting. stomach gt lots of qi sia.well,mayb fang pi will be more convenient but HAHA :) de pi dun wan come out as tt kind of ya.LOL.
-shopping wif pam on comin tues :)) it's been so damm LONG tt i go shopping la.but no $$.RAH. so window shopping? tt's damm kelian can. feel lyk buying some stuff but it's more lyk wants den c 1st ba.LOL.
-sis graduating on this comin wed :)) YAY,can go ngee ann EAT since MAYB GOIN :D
-eclub camp this coming thurs-sat :)) hope it will be fun :D but funny la,we r nt informed to brin wad n wad we r supposed to in noe nd to do wad for camp but nt for other stuff la. LOL.last camp in JJ!!

oh ya,mid yr for gp n vector test sux. duno y nowadays test or exam will hv mindblock lyk tt.RAH.hey stupid mind-block,u're nt welcome in my brain ok!! . failed chem test but i thought i'll gt single digit la.but luckily i gt 16m.even though tt's bad but im still lyk a bit happi? tt's bad. ple can score lyk 34/35m la!! ok,i dun belongs to tt grp.

i enjoy crapping :)) even though mood bad or wad but crapping makes mi happi. u happi i happi everyone's a happi sln rgt? ok,im random.

morning assembly change ple liao.a major change i shd sae.LOL. usualli is de guy do de commandin while de girl say de announcement.but tues morning (if im nt wrong) de guy was lyk asking ple to hurry to their classes.den i was lyk dun tell mi de girl is commandin hor. den TATA~~ de girl shout. guess she's fr npcc sia. lyk wad ms ma tinks npcc de feel.HAHA=) so these few daes is this pair guy keep hv mistakes la.esp during de pledge.BUT FINALLI,todae no mistake!! :)) tt's a v gd ting la. takes lots of courage to go in front n make annoucement etc. n he din give up la.:)) n ya,girls r taking over de job of de guys!LOL. pam sae mayb i shd go up n shout la.HAHA=) i miss those sj days sia. nw still rmb most of de commands :)) rmb once a junior told mi she scare of mi cos i give command v loud-.=" HAHA.

everytime wanna blog abt smt den wen bloggin jiu 4gt sia. %^^#&%$. NVM,shall blog wad i rmb den.HAHA=) my class is damm behind for bio. hv 2extra lessons during holidae.9am to 3pm. tt's power huh?1lesson go thru 1topic which includes lecture n tut!! ms wun is realli a gd teacher :))

it's gd to complain to ur fren :)) n im glad tt i can complain to them. well, din noe tt complainin to some1 may make de person happi. but true la,it makes mi feel tt im present n im sort of trustworthy in my fren's eyes :))but i always cant give advise to my fren bad at it u c. oh ya,u cant c.or mayb u can.i

ok. guess this post quite wordy n random or wadsoever.n no pic!!HAHA=) so tt's all i guess.BYE :))

hv a gd holidae ahead :))

Saturday, May 17, 2008

hello im back here AGAIN. pretty fast huh? LOL.
china v kelian sia :(( hope things will nt gt worsen n pls save more lives!! :"""(( hv been chasing aft de news at 10pm n read newspaper these days.. everytime c de news heart pain sia :(( those victims some r sooooo determine n feel so happi tt they're safe :D those soldiers or helpers r so wei da too la! 999billion million trillion cheers for them!! :)) feel tt china isnt's tt bad afterall. as in,they r rather efficient to deal wif such a situation n they r united as one in times of need. well,life is so damm unpredictable :((we're so fortunate sia. but hey,wad if,i realli mean wad if,spore hv such an earthquake or sort of thing tt we believe tt it wun happen? think we'll juz disappear fr de map sia :(( HAIX HAIX HAIX..

well,went to sch to do hmwk wif yanting :)) we bought damm mani food la,lyk go pinic.HAHA=) ate damm unhealthly la.potato chips as breakfast n cup noodles as lunch :X thx yt for de 4packets of potato chips :)) she cant eat them cos contain fish :(( did a bit hmwk onli but still ok la :)) weather is damm bad,but luckily still gt breeze sometime:)) FOOD :)
MY lunch :))
photos for ytd :))
my breakfast
can u c de line?
de bus seems to be empty! lyk no sch sia..
refreshment :))
sports day :))
JIAJUN!!haha :DD
mr azmi's son :)) so damm CUTE
i miss my dad carrying mi wen im still a liitle kid :((
free milo n biscuit ;))
i love this veggi :))
random pic :

rainbow in de train :))

i miss my sis. she'll be back SOON :)) tues la. LOL. she went onli 2days lyk tt jiu nt enough $$$ days :)) miss u my dearest sis :))
BYE :))

Friday, May 16, 2008

finalli can update my blog le :)) this week damm bz la. cos hv to study for econs MYE on thurs. so everydae econs wd pei. tt's so sweet of it rgt?-.="

badminton skill improved on wed :)) mon's was damm bad. wanted to run n go off but due to lightning alert,there's no running -.=" so we were lyk ok,play awhile den go. but it was quite gd so we play for 1hr15min.HAHA=) badminton is fun to a large extend. serene pro la,use paper to hit de "ball" (i 4gt de name AGAIN). HAHA=) oh ya,they commented tt i juz move my hand,cos im lyk station at my position (quite true :X) -.="

ytd 8+ den gt hm cos gt econs MYE. it was bad.i noe ms aw will sae we RAH in our blog but HAHA,im still goin to RAH. cos i study so damm.. haix. hopefully can pass la. de "break" b4 MYE pass damm fast la.2hrs juz FLY FLY FLY =(( went hm,eat n watch tv :))

todae sport day. most ple in my class came. overall ok la. banni gt best in cheering again. :)) even though we're nt high but still :)) miss last yr de sport day sia.. tt's so much crazier n fun :(( went bugis to meet my parents for lunch n went NUH. gt free milo n biscuit. so ate them even though i juz had my lunch.HAHA=) den dad drive us to JE n meet up wif my aunt. went walk walk n bought stuff at ntuc. damm heavy la. those stuff i carry at leat 8kg la. so my hands damm pain wen i gt hm :((

tmr meet yanting to do hmwk :))

nxt wk will be fact will gt bz fr wkend onwards. hv to rush tut etc :((
tues-dental n go airport (sis coming back on tues!!))
wed-stupid duno wad fair
thur-make up us programme
fri-gp ct
hv dry run for camp but cdnt make it on any day sia.RAH.

pics? nxt tym ba.gtg. BYE :))

Monday, May 12, 2008

maths quiz n chem lect test were badli done :(( nvm..

well, went talent time rehearsal on fri wif yiqing pam jas serene chenyaan sarah n estee :)) we din do much n watch de rehearsal la.HAHA=) met my mama gonggong n sis for dinner :)) sis bought fried banana n taiwan sauage for mi :))

talent time rehearsal :))
taiwan saugage :Dfried banana :))

sat went out earli in de morning. went ahma's (dad's side) hse for breakfast n get to eat yummy noodle :)) even though de mushroom n pork is abt too salty,it's damm nice ok :))

dad help mi add de veggi n pork :))TATA~~!! AI XIN MIAN :))

den ate grapes n den off to dad's shop. din do much dere. wanted to read econs end up read 2pg den use lappy =X den dad brought us out den hv lunch. i wanted to eat a ke jia food (suan pang zi) so dad drove us there. but he was v disappointed cos de stall din open =(( nvm, so we went to eat chicken rice:)) 3person onli spend $8.50:)) den went buy soya drinks. YUM YUM :)) oh ya,my sis was damm frightened la. there's a new sch (i tink is art sch) which is not open yet near little indian la. aiya,lazy say.HAHA=) aft eating went bugis wif sis.she bought mi smt cos she gt her salay :)) den i buy mama's day present for my mama n ganma :)) den off i go to boonlay to meet de rest cos we goin to help out in talent time.damm scare i'll late sia.HAHA=)

ok,so we took 179 to ntu but we duno where to alight. thx to a student there who told us where to alight :)) some haven reach so we sit there n watch de rehearsal.anw,we din do much stuff during talent time la. help out a small little bit den we cam whore. den ate pizza :D YUMYUM. den watch talent time. sad la,we miss de last 2 dance grps cos we hv to help out for refreshment :(( mi jaime n yh run down to help azmi 1st while de rest still watching de 2nd dance grp. so we r suppose to guard de food cos de food is for VIP onli.HAHA=) azmi is damm gd la.he predicted beat boxin,de gal who sang "everytime we touch" n jowell will win n all come true :(( anw,glad tt beat boxin gt de most popular de :)) yanxi's fren (jingni) also sang v well:)) reach hm at abt 11pm. well,think this help out is v worth it la. gt cip hrs,gt free food n free entrance!! :)) ms wun damm gd la,she thought we dun hv de tickets n wanted to give us.HAHA=) anw,overall talent time is nice :D

mi n anling :))

waiting for it to start :))

waitin for instruction
jas n pam
S28 6241-0-241
woot ;)
all of us :))
sry im too tall,so cant c yonghong's name :X
jaime pam mi n anling
mi n anling :X
pizza :D
mi n jas pam n mi :))

audience :))
goin to start :)) we had to guard these :))

ending :))
azmi took this for us :))
azmi n guys

sundae did some maths n reading of econs. HAPPI MAMA'S DAE :))
mi n my sis's card for mama :)) (draft was much nicer :(( )inside de card...
my sis's card for mama ;))
for my gan ma :))

todae's pc was haix. run 3rounds lane 8. damm long nv run so much so sweat lyk mad. gd tt at least i nv walk la. lol. played badminton again but tis tym round mi n pam's skill v lan :(( RAH.
finalli tried this stall de food. nt bad :))
my 3rd sis is flying to hongkong on this wed :(( cant send her off cos her flight is at abt 5/6am :(( if go send her will be damm tire for sch la. so im tinking whether shd send a not. she's goin hk for 1wk :)) so gd rgt? hope she'll enjoy n hv a safe trip :)) n muz nt 4gt buy stuff for mi la :)) woot,dim sum!!! LOL.
ok,gtg. this wk is econs wk.argg.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

hello :D decided to blog now cos i wun hv tym nxt few days ba. tmr hv maths vector class quiz n fri gt electrochem lect test :( gdluck ple :)

well, last saturday was rather bz.
1.morning 9am went to gombak stadium to exercise with huiling n yanting. we run 1round plus onli :X den did other ex lyk sit ups n step up etc :) n we played XXX(i duno how to spell it :X). gt a CUTE LITTLE boy who is damm cute la!!his whole family was jogging including him! n he run quite a few rounds la!! den we were playing XXX n he wd stop there cos he duno can cross a not.HAHA=) managed to tou pai him :D even though u cant c his face in this pic,but HE'S REALLI CUTE wen u c him running ard la :))exercise is gd for health!!! :)) xiaoqing at JE lib at 10+ to do hmwk. saw chenyaan on train :)) xq cdnt find any seats so we went to children's session.HAHA :D we r lyk so damm gigantic la!! refer to pics below!! LOL. we moved to cafe to do hmwk cos 12.30pm dere's a storytelling at de stage at de children session. n we were sitting rgt in front of de stage la,so we moved. ate de fries which is nice but v exp la. nvm since we nd to buy smt in order to sit dere. i felt so guilty la!! :(( xq asked mi quite a few bio qn i wasnt able to ans :(( RAH. we din do much in lib.too much talking perhaps? n we dun realli hv de md :(( left lib at ard 2.30pm cos hv to meet sis. anw, dearest xq pls dun feel too stress hor!!HUG HUG :))our breakfast :D Mi :)) told xq this kind of table de height is used to be de height my table in my pri sch. den she was lyk "ok la,pri sch tis height". den i sae i onli grow 2cm since pri sch -.="

laopo xiaoqing :)) BIG HUG HUG FOR U :))
3.went dad's shop. bought fried chicken at bugis street :)) dad drove us to eat beancurd n youtiao :)) at 1st my bro wanna treat de,but de person din hv enuff change so end up i treat. luckily not too exp sia.HAHA :) de beancurd nice sia :)) YUMMY BEANCURD :))
mi n dad :))
mi"dun lyk tt lei,come n bite it lei."
sis"dun wan lei"

sis "OK LA"

mi n you tiao :))
bought beancurd tart hm at nearby shop :D

4.den dad drove us to novena square cos we hv a 10dollar we went shopping :)) nt realli shopping cos i din buy anyting la. onli spent $$ on FOOD :)) well,shop til abt 7 den my sis finalli bought smt fr cottom on. went back to dad's shop n he drove us to bukit timah dere de mkt for dinner. ate satay beehoon which is damm nice :)) wanted to eat laksa but dun hv liao. nvm,at least ate nice satay beehoon :))
im goin to eat u :)
this is how i(LAZY PLE) try de shirt :) LOL.

i wan this!
5.HOME SWEET HM :D watch tv while dgn hmwk.i noe it's nt goin to be pdtive but better den juz watch tv ma!HAHA=) watched (i guess)^2 i guess^3 :)) those gals r damm skinny la.tall n skinny la. SCARY.

sun at hm chiong hmwk since saturday din do much/any hmwk. did quite a few hmwk :)) WOOT :D

-play badminton a while onli cos mr koh's talk drag for quite sometime.den pc's attendance taking is damm long n we hv go hall to "warm up" by shifting all de tables n chairs to de back stage.WTH la,so mani chairs n tables :(( so aft everyting left abt 15min onli :(( rareli sad of shortening of pc sia!!
-ms wun funny la! wan mi act duno den open de classrm's door to chase de previous class away.HAHA.

there's a cat in our's lyk to wander at de "garden".so cute la(provided it dun come n kajiao mi). went to de "garden" to find it n i nearly step on was lyk scare of mi n wanna hide so i decided to kajiao it.HAHA=) it's dAmm CUTE n damm POOR TING :(( huiling sae de cat wan ple to saiyang it but it's too's explains y it keep find smt to "rub" agst! :( n it keep make a weird sound la.HAHA=) i was lyk wanted to saiyang it den wash hand de,but huiling keep sae it's dirty which is damm true.HAHA:) anw,missed 174 n a gal was v bus driver was damm nice la!even though de bus was damm flooded,he still let us board de bus:)) n he's quite polite i tink.wanted to thx him but hv to move in since there's end up din thx him :(( HAHA=) guess wad,i wanted to treat him teh but he's working la !!:( ok,ate otah n nuggets fr bb pasamalam (duno how to spell) :D YUM YUM. OTAH IS DAMM NICE :))

nearli step on it. who ask it slp on de walkway la :X
MEOW "i wan ple to saiyang mi!!" :((
de plant kana raped by de cat -.="

-play badminton for abt1.5hr :)) we run 2rounds as warm up n play badminton. overall gt improve:) dun understand y wen we pc den hv lightning alert etc la :(( but nvm since we play badminton indoor de.HAHA=) sarah n her fren (i tink her class ple call her finny?) asked us to play double. mi n pam were lyk "r u sure".HAHA=) end up we keep laughing la. LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH. :D
-gp move forward so no break :(( rush to canteen to buy sandwich n siewmai(so exp la,1 for 50cents). ms huang damm nice la,bought biscuit for us :)) so in gp lesson keep eating :X

fr ms huang ;))

well,my sms BOOM sia :( sent 908sms last mth n singtel onli free 500sms :(( so end up i hv to pay more than $25 bucks for de 408sms :(( i always nv overshoot wen im using starhub la!! cos starhub hv 1000free sms. tt's much more better la.REGRET MAN. so if i nv re any 1 of u mgt becos my sms BOOM. oh ya,de sim card oso siao siao one sia :(( cos smt i din receive sms tt my fren sent :(( tt's so inconvenient :(
talent time is coming this sat!! we're goin as helper to help out for refreshment :)) so it's like a class event since most of us will be goin :)) goin this fri too cos gt rehearsal. HAHA=) hope it'll be nice :))

oh ya,i was eating this chicken wing juz nw n saw this.damm erxin la. well,it's de chicken's hair la. but it's damm long n de person juz fried it.wth la.n aft frying it de person shd hv seen this eye catching long hair wad.RAH.
but overall it's still NICE :))

RANDOM PICS :class jersey :))fengyi oso hv this :)) a daft for mama's card :))
colourful pens ;))
well,gtg liao. post up so mani pics doesnt mean im free hor!juz wanna make it "more complete".HAHA=) ok,hello maths,HERE I COME :))