Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello humans.

I wanted to post photos but blogger doesn't seems to co-operate. So next time!(:

Had impromptu outing with hl and zy yesterday!(: I waited for them for 2hours cos' my lecture ended 35minutes earlier! So i studied awhile in school and went jurong point walk walk. Then we headed for botak jone at town (: The fish and chips is nice! And the portion is quite big so $7.00 for it is worthwhile. But i wasn't hungry cos my lunch time was over and i ate bun before meeting them! of cos' i didn't waste food like bhl did cos i da-baoed the fries(: Poor bhl so ke lian cos she didn't read the menu carefully that the burger is beef, which she can't eat. i tried the beef, it taste okay but i wanted to finish my own share first. HAHA. Anyway i don't really eat beef though I'm not sure whether i can eat.. I suppose i can eat, but i don't really like to eat it.HAHA. Anyway, there was this kitten which is so hungry la! It keep whinning and walking around which freaks zy out.HAHA. And, there're lots of flies and fallen leaves, so irritating can! so after that we went ION to walk walk and home sweet home. Short and Sweet outing (:

Anyway, i was happy to see the professor to send us a email saying that there will be only ONE essay for the module instead of TWO! I was truly happy la! HAHA, and he even wrote the format of the essay which i always ponder about! so i was pretty happy yesterday night (:

Today was rather a efficient day for studies! (: Went woodlands lib and the lib is crowded. Think 1 year ago i was in the library studying for prelims or A's la! HAHA. Time pass very fast as usual in the library lah! Free air-con and quiet environment! WAIT, it wasn't really quiet, in fact it was quite noisy with children running and shouting. And i didn't fall asleep while reading the readings! That's like miracle man!(: Though i have to admit there're times i felt so sianx and do other stuff.HAHA. Bought new file from Woodlands pasa malam (: It's with spongebob print!(: Tried the pizza thing which will be more tasty if is hot lah! So,today is an enjoyable study day! (:

okay, off i go for my boy over flower(s) [ i don't know is flower or flowers or what.HAHA ]

LOVES,bean (:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hello Humans.

I'm like so active in my blog these days! Back from msia! (: Oh well didn't go msia for a long time! So went today after my school which ended at 9.30am. Anyway, eat and eat and i was sooo sleepy! I didn't buy anything, not that there's nothing for me to buy, but there's not enough time and hmm, i think not enough cash too. HAHA. I was thinking of going there to shop next time with my friends!HAHA. Who want to date me? HAHA. We can go eat secret recipe (it's much cheaper than in Singapore if im not wrong), then go sing K (i think it's much cheaper there too..), then go for shopping! HAHA(: okay, I'm thinking too much. See, this is how much i miss my free days! D':

Oh ya, presentation for 1 of my modules starts from today's tutorial! The group did very well and I felt so sianjipua, cos mine is the week after next week. And I'm doing alone,ALONE! ): Powerpoint or what? Cos my freaking Macbook and desktop don't have microsoft office ): OMG.

And I'm damn quiet in tutorials (as usual), so i guess zero will be the point i receive for class participation. When i finally decided to open my golden mouth then the group discussion comes to an end and i only managed to say "Hmm, can done through education what". I think the tutor didn't even hear that lo.And I'm left soooo far behind. Like all those readings and whatever i read i also don't understand. Like what conflict theory etc?!?! ):

Oh ya, Xin Yi spotted me in the bus when we're on our way to school. I was sleeping so I took quite sometime to figure out who is she. HAHA, chatted a bit and then we head to our own places.

Sorry, I'm complaining too much. I can't help it but to do so.. It's just so.....


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello Humans.

Don't know what happening to me, keep waking up in the middle of the night thinking that I've sleep enough (Seriously la! i thought it's time for me to wake up) and it's like almost every hour after 3am. HAHA. But i get sleepy in the afternoon and i simply fall asleep while reading the readings as usual ): My eyes are damn tired and dry now! RAH.

Anyway, these night the weather is so cooling and so shiok to sleep lah!(: But afternoon is like freaking hot! What is happening to Singapore or in fact the world? the temperature/weather really hard to predict sia..

Okay, i shall go back to copy my lecture slides. HAHA. (:


Monday, August 24, 2009


Finally see pamela in school!(: Oh well, actually is she saw me la! i was boarding the school then she just alighted from it.HAHA(:so qiao lo(:

Lots of reading to be completed but i only managed to read 3 out of 5 so far..D': OMG, sleepy can! don't care later go watch TV to destress sia!HAHA. i was struggling this afternoon - read or take nap (i doubt really like to take nap). Of course i tried to read but gave in and sleep for 20minutes with heads on the table.luckily the topic was not that dry, it's about surgery! HAHA. why undergo so much pain to reconstruction the new look la, waste money and so unhealthy lo! is it really worthwhile to take all the risk? i don't know and i didn't care much cos it's none of my business.HAHA.

anyway, nice chatting with huiling and zhenying yesterday! didnt online for so damn long and chatted for quite some time(:

oh gtg, my 10pm taiwan drama start le.HAHA.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

yeah, i finally changed the front size to much bigger one (: okay, it's really quite big BUT it's easy to read. HAHA.

Oh mentioning about it reminds me that i have not change my spectacles! Those stupid scratches on my spectacle so irritating la, cos i keep seeing them ): But i haven go hunt for a new one, maybe next time (since GSS is over,LOL).

okay,just a random post. Thinking of school makes me so sianx ):

BYE (:

LOVES,bean :D

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello, i seriously think there's something wrong with blogger. NEVERMIND.

Anyway, changed my blogskin cos' i think there's error with the previous one. black vs white background.HAHA. anyway the words are quite small, I'm so sorry that i have not figure out where to make them bigger...

So second week of Uni has ended, had tutorials which i don't really like. So far I have 3 bloody presentations on hand, 2 individual (by right one of them is pair work!) and 1 group work. Think there'll be one more BUT i pray hard there wouldn't be any for that course. If not, i'll dread lesson even more. Anyway, i chose the chinese semantics as my elective. It seems to be quite interesting but it's quite hard.

I'm still left with lots of reading ): For my course, there're really lots of reading! and whenever i tried to read, they never fail to make me sleepy la! so i read through without much idea what is it about :X

Accompanied fengyi to purchase her laptop with yanting on Monday. The queue is seriously long. actually it wasn't very long but the waiting time was ultra long! we compplained that they should provide benches and they should have clearer indication of the signs.HAHA,anyway we chatted while waiting. Come to think of it we didn't really chat much before. HAHA.

Anyway, saw some familiar faces in school. Quite a numnber of JJ-cian like zhi hui and jermaine etc. And i finally saw yi qing in school!HAHA. actually is she spotted me la.. Oh ya, saw E-club senior huibing too!(: BUT for my course, i don't see much familiar faces. There's a few like shasha and kathy and of cos' suhaliah.HAHA. (:

Oh ya, saw this NTU email regarding to going SuZhou or BeiJing during december vacation! Actually i quite feel like going for the SuZhou one since i went BeiJing before. Hmm, this makes me recall about the china trip i had with pamela wenfang and calista! Anyone interest in going? (: Tell me! so maybe we can go together, HAHA.

Hope can adapt asap!

Okay,that's all.

P.S. Spent money in bazaar,but they're pretty nice! x:


Friday, August 14, 2009


I think there's problem with blogger, cos i can't upload photo even using my destop D':

So 1 week of schooling has ended. Next week tutorial shall starts... How i wish there's lecture only lah! Those class participation really carries heavy weightage! Unlike in JC, though there's class participation, we don't really care about it. But now, even if i want to care, i wouldn't partcipate much too...

Choosing electives is so troublesome! I'm still clueless to take COMPARATIVE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION or CHINESE SEMANTICS. I wanted the chinese semantics initailly but after reading aloud the chinese lecture slides, i realised that my chinese standard has really dropped! Have some difficulties reading those chinese words and it's really profound! As for the comparative public administration, i chose it out of desperate! Cos the vacancy for all other courses are running low so i have no choice but to choose one which can fix into my schedule. It seems to be quite difficult too, and there's stupid presentations! ): But if have presentation in Chinese, i think i'll be in trouble too cos i have never tried that before... SO PEOPLE,WHICH ELECTIVE SHOULD I TAKE?

Anyway there's a change in my timetable! All thanks to the cancellation of one of my tutorial class and re-scheduling a new one... So good, monday i don't have leave school as early as 9.30am.HAHA.

Anyway,went Tampines with hl zy and pam. Actually there isn't much to shop or i was just window shopping. I was hopping to buy shorts so i can wear it to school. HAHA. a black or white one will do!(:



Monday, August 10, 2009


Okay,think i've said it so many times,but that's the fact that i dread school.

It's been long time since i wake up early 6am (not even for my work)! gonna squeeze bus and MRT which i didn't do for many many years since my dad was the one who drove me to school since primary school!(okay, that's 9years...)

okay, i shall not be so pessimistic, life in university can't be that bad right? Things will be fine too. i'll just hunt for another person just like me (you know north and south poles?LOL) and i'll stick with the person first before getting know more people.LOL. okay, that's all i hope.

i have not think of what to add in for the electives.. Better start thinking before the vacancy is all taken up!HAHA.anyway that can only be done from 11august to 23august, so don't be too freaked out.

BYEBYE my long holiday.
BYEBYE for waking up at 9am everyday.
HELLO stupid school life.


p.s.: i don't know what's wrong with blogger or my laptop, i can't upload photos.. NEVERMIND!):

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hello Humans.

I'm having my one week break before studies sets in AGAIN. it's been 8 months that i didn't go school. it would be weird and totally a new experience ahead! hope I'll learn to be independent and make new friends which i didn't use this skill for quite long.. I'm just too complacency with my social life i guess..HAHA..

Oh well, I've left Choon Heng for this one week break on Friday (so Friday was last day)! I've worked there from 22April2009 to 31July2009! that's pretty long right? To be frank, i was feeling quite sad to left this place! the place i woke up and head to every morning (weekday, the place i spent my whole day at.. Moreover, my colleagues are nice, at least they're nice to me lah.HAHA.

i used to be damn quiet, perhaps just talk to the admin manager for work stuff. but like for the last month or so, things get better. it's like when the manager is not around, we're damn noisy, talking about some you de mei de stuff! it can be quite fun la! then when the manager is around, everyone just do there stuff and the noise just come from the radio or conversation about work. Eh, it's like teacher and students.HAHA.. Perhaps when i first join the company, the people there are quite not easy to communicate. but I've seen people left and come and left, some people are really talkable.

like uncle Joe! i used to dislike him, he's 32 years old but still wear a earring! bad first impression lah. HAHA. he treated us nice good food for don't know how many times! and he treated us Tiong Bahru bao and KFC when he strike TOTO and 4D! and he even snatched Janet's chance to treat me Nasi Lemak on my second last day of work!(:

Sok Jye also treated me ban mian on my last day of work. xiao qian,samantha, Daphne, Sok Jye, Janet, Soo Pei and I walked to the kopitiam for our lunch! (: Good nice last lunch i had with them over there!(: it's just sad to say that everyone was busy (including me!) on last friday! i almost forgot to pass the chocolate and cards to my colleagues la!! wanted to finish my work but didn't managed): rushed to give out the stuff and take photos with my colleagues when the clock strikes 5.30pm. it was quite rush cos we can not miss the bus mah..

i spent a great night with my colleagues singing!(: it was sort of a farewell party for me la. that's just a nicer way for them to give excuse for themselves to go singing.HAHA.anyway, since it's their treat so why not right?HAHA. to our surprise, Sok Jye was able to make it cos we thought her husband wouldn't allow her to join us! oh ya, poor Joshua just sat at a corner with Samuel cos he doesn't know what the hell we're singing.HAHA. sang till 12am then Joe drive us (me SokJye and his girlfriend) home(:

NOT TO DENY, i did enjoy life in CH! good colleagues (though there're office politics) and nice food and easy job!

Oh man, i do miss working, and perhaps my colleagues to a small extend. Think what i miss is how i spent my school-less days bah...


P.S. Matriculation was a hell. My timetable is really bad. REALLY BAD. i envy those with long weekend or those with lesser than 5 studying days! ):

byebye freedom, hello bloody books.