Saturday, January 18, 2014

Work-life balance? Maybe.

Hello Humans,

Finally it’s weekend again!

Well, somehow this week pass slightly faster as I’ve assigned stuff to do. I spent almost 3 days working on it, OMG so slow can. I can’t imagine next time when there are much more stuff for me to do and doing each of them at such a slow pace.

I’ve really become fatter with this desk-bound job. A bit confusing cos’ it should almost be the same when I’m holidaying since I nuah a lot. But perhaps I do go out walk a bit during holiday. As for work, we only get to walk about when we travel, short mini shopping during lunch time and minimum walking in the office itself. Snacking isn’t helping much, when I can’t control. Those colleagues whom I’ve talked to know that I’ve food stocked up in my work station. It’s quite funny that they thought I’m healthy. It’s a false impression from some snacking on fruits. Lol. But anyway, it’s hard not to be hungry during working hours. Tell me how, I have to stop eating. Just 2 weeks of working become so fat already, I can’t imagine how fat I’ll be in 1 years’ time. HBB, you need to stop snacking if not CNY chiam liao. Talking about HBB, my colleagues are like “laughing” at my nickname in office. Nickname as in the short form for our name created for our email etc. I’m HBB. It sounds damn like HDB. HAHAH. Quite funny hor.

Hopefully work will become better, and when work comes in, I’ll be able to deal with it.

TGIF yesterday and met up w YW to Chinatown! It was suggested by me cos it’s CNY mah, we should go there walk walk and get the CNY feel! He actually has not come to Chinatown during CNY period before! How can it be?! Such an anti-social person huh! We took quite a while to find the La Mian place cos his sense of direction isn’t very good. The La Mian is pretty not bad, but the portion is quite small. After dinner, we started walking along the CNY streets. It wasn’t very crowded at 7plus so we managed to walk around, eating samples and see stuff quite easily. Had waffles from The Loft cos he was having some waffles craving or more like his tan chi bing is acting when we walk pass the board with waffles. The waffle isn’t very nice leh, as in doesn’t feel fresh. But anyway, the place is kind of cozy and we spent quite a bit of our time there nuahing. (: Gonna head home since it’s getting late and we got ourselves stuck in human traffic jam at the CNY streets. We really couldn’t move at all, with everyone feeling so packed. One woman even shouted “don’t push la”. Another uncle got angry and shouted back saying CNY is like that one, if not happy just go home and sleep, which I find kind of true. HAHA. People coming here should expect this kind of crowd and isn’t this quite a good squeezy experience? I hope it’s sort of a good experience for him and us and everyone. HAHA.

Love Fridays and weekends! Enjoying my nuahing session now with my radio on and I can’t wait to see my laopos tomorrow for CNY shopping! (:



Sunday, January 12, 2014

Just some comments for working life

Hello Humans,

Working life has been okay so far. I can’t comment much after just 7 days of work. But of course, I’m still adapting to waking up and reaching home when the sky is dark. Time becomes something awkward- precious after working hours so that I can spend time with myself and people I love and of course catching up with sleep YET I’ve been counting down to lunch time and knock off hour every single working day. ):

The first 2 days were pretty honeymoon period where I just read information from the intranet and newsletter to gain insight of my job scope and about the organization. The remaining days were busy with hand over procedures. I spent almost all the time for hand over and information seems to be flying everywhere. I was so lost and stone at some points of handover. Not having access to the programmes is definitely not helpful. Thanks to my boss who seems really nice and patient, she allowed me to digest the notes for days. She even had small talks with me every day to make sure I’m okay! (:

To be honest, I’m still digesting my notes after 2 days of looking through the notes I’ve taken during the hand over, the notes given and the systems that I currently have access to. I feel guilty for taking so long to digest them but I can’t help it with all the notes everywhere and not in order.

People here are, well, I can’t comment much again since I’m still too new to even start interacting with some people. In general they seem okay, I’ve not seen any evil people around yet. Just a pity that I haven’t really got to talk to people from the same department as me.

But anyway, just 7 days of working I've enjoyed some good food! First it's from Departmental Lunch and then it's CRG Lunch Buffet. I need to shed some fats by eating slightly healthier food and move a bit more which are not really easy to even start. HAHA.

A new week ahead, wish me good luck. And same to you, have a great week ahead (:



Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Reflection of 2013. Resolution for 2014.

Hello Humans,

Happy New Year!

It’s the first day of 2014 and I'm spending it well alone at home, enjoying my me-time with my lappy, music and tv. Oh well, it’s a good time for me to do some reflection of the past year and set some resolutions for this year!  Checked out what I've set for 2013 and seeing it is quite…well... HAHA.

1) Graduate Smoothly [Goal Attained]

So yes, I’ve completed my final semester in NTU earlier this year, crapped through my horrible FYP and enjoyed the last phase of my student life. As expected, it was difficult to maintain cGPA of 3.8, let alone pulling my degree to Second Upper Class, I think I’m quite okay to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Second Lower Class. Wearing a mortarboard was like a lifelong goal for me since I was a young schooling kid and I couldn't imagine I've achieved it. Yes, 人生重大目标No. 1 has been fulfilled! Happy that I did my family proud, especially my parents who see us through university. It wasn't easy, though my parents are financially well to support all 5 children of theirs’, but let's not forget about all the hard work that they paid off for that.

2) Good Job upon Graduation (Decent Job with Decent Pay) [Goal Attained]
My only paper for my last semester in NTU was 8th May 2013 and my convocation was on 26th July 2013. Job hunting was irritating and I was so busy with nuahing and only started job searching in mid/late June. I wouldn't say I didn't care much about job searching cos that will be lying to everyone. I think it’s more like I’m stressed at times when there’s no news or when people around me started stressing me out with my job hunting progress. I’m okay with being jobless, since I don’t mind having a long break before work kicks in. But having to find job (on and off) for good for 5 months is too long and tiring. The job hunting process took longer than expected and I’m glad that it ended in early November when I got a job offer from HDB. It ended my 4.5 months of job hunting. On a side note, work gonna start tomorrow! Wish me luck.

Resolution 2014 #1: Smooth career in HDB, good colleagues and boss(es), a friendly work environment and me performing well as an employee. Somehow I hope I can survive through the first year and get re-contract or a permanent position after the first year. We'll see how it goes.

3) Get my Driving Licence [Try Harder]
Started learning driving in June 2013 despite learning the theories in February. Driving wasn't something easy for me cos I get freaked up all the times, especially when I’m allocated to this fierce and unfriendly instructor. But the good thing is that most of the instructors are pretty friendly to us (my sister and I) and sometimes we even chatted. I was quite confident for passing my driving test in just one try but unfortunately I got freaked out during the test again and thanks to my lousy driving skills, I gonna take the test this February! Wish me luck, I wanna get that driving license, stop wasting my money and stop seeing those driving instructors.

Resolution 2014 #2: Get that damn driving license

4)  Know the Basic of Ukulele [Try Harder]

I got my hands off ukulele on the last lesson of basic ukulele class, partly cos it was really difficult for my fatty fingers to press on those tiny strings and thanks to my poor coordination, it makes playing ukulele such a tedious task! It seems like singing (off tune at times) is much easier than playing an instrument. I thought the string got snapped off during the tuning on my last lesson and it was just recently that I realized it’s not snapped off. HAHA. Okay sorry LeLe, it’s my fault. Perhaps I should really try harder to learn ukulele again. It’s supposed to be the easiest instrument to play! Okay, I’ll try.

Resolution 2014 #3: Get my fingers on LeLe again. Learn a few chords that I'll be able to 自弹自唱。Super difficult and hard to achieve, we'll see how, it might become resolution for 2015. HAHA.

5) Stay Healthy and Fit [Yes and No]

Met my targeted 58kg so kinda shed some Europe fats BUT after the Christmas festive my weigh started to gain again. HAHA. Looked through my Record/Report Books that I weighed 53 kg (163 cm) when I was 12 years old and 56 kg (170 cm) when I was 18 years old. And now, standing at 171 cm, I’m weighing 58.5 kg. I think I gain around 3 Kg after every 6 years huh! I need to get back to my healthier lifestyle of hitting the gym which I stopped months ago due to all my nuahness and dates.

Resolution 2014 #4: Exercise more, eat lesser or more like eat healthier (e.g. lesser maggie? lesser chips? THIS IS DIFFICULT.Arghh). Aim for 57kg? HAHA.

6) Travel [Yes and No]

Didn't do much travelling in 2013 such as graduation trip or overseas voluntary trip. But I’ll glad that just one year ago, I travelled with my BFFs to Bangkok Thailand from 5th Jan to 8th Jan 2013. It was a short and sweet get-away trip and I can’t wait for more foursome travelling next time! Was kinda excited when my sister suggested going Hong Kong in December 2013 which got cancelled off but never mind. I’ll visit Hong Kong one fine day. Well, I don’t have plan for travel for this year, but who will mind to go on holiday right?! I’ll see how my schedule will be like for this year and hopefully get to travel to somewhere?

Resolution 2014 #5: Go on holiday to a place. Maybe, if I feel like.

7) Better skin complex [Yes and No]
Skin got slightly better this year compared to 2013. Hopefully in 2014 it will be better :D

8) 等久久的人

9) Remain happy and be happy
I’m overall a happy girl in 2013, with all those stuff happened in 2013. Tried new things such as going for musical concerts, having lots of me-time and family time, having some lucks of winning lucky draw to concerts or movie tickets or random gifts and changing statuses (e.g. from being a student to working adult, meeting someone special etc). I hope I'll continue to be blessed with lots of love and happy stuff this year and of course bad things can happen to make make a better and stronger person but hopefully those bad things will be stuff that are manage-able. 

Resolution 2014 #6: Be a better individual for different roles in life. For example, I haven't been a good sister/daughter at times with all the talk-back or being headstrong. Sometimes I hope I can learn how to be a good one but it's just.. not that easy. So yeap, learning to be good in different roles, especially those new roles that I've gained. 

Resolution 2014 #7: Getting a job means saving should start soon. HAHA, time to fix my saving account. HMM.

Resolution 2014 #8: Continue my reading momentum. It's not easy to get back on reading momentum. I'm glad that I've read a couple of books by Mitch Albom and Agatha Christine during my long break between school and work. So hopefully I'll continue this good habit of reading. HAHA.

That's all for now, it's long enough. Wordy post that serves as reminder for myself. HAHA. Thanks if you read through.

2013 is a past tense, all the good and bad stays. May we learn from the bad ones, and the good ones continue in 2014. As lunar 2014 gonna be 犯太岁for me and most of my friends, let's hope we'll survive through this not-too-good or not-too-bad year ahead! :D

And to people who are close to my heart, thanks for staying in my life and playing a part in my life. I hope I did in yours too.

Lots of Love,