Wednesday, July 20, 2011

some worky worky

Hello Humans.

I'm finally seeing my face on the calendar on my desk:
Too bad it's mid-July and August is coming! I don't want July to end! First, I wouldn't get to see my pretty face and secondly, August=school. D:

And I was having craving for this food for a few days and had my tongue satisfied last week!(:

This 麻辣豆腐+鱼圆+ is from a Taiwan food stall from Westmall atrium! It was having some fair I guess. Indeed it was very 麻辣 la! There was a long queue when I was leaving Westmall! HAHA.

This post seems to be so random.

Anyway I read finished the book WRONG NUMBER! Any good books to recommend? I'm in a mood to read! I even went to soak in the pool this afternoon! HAHA, okay soaking in the water sounds weird but I didn't really swim at all. So most of the time my sister (second sister) was swimming and I'm just soaking at one end. HAHA(: Swimming is really tough and tiring. I'm a bad swimmer (not even 半桶水). Swimming a lap is a mission impossible to me. It's true.

The weather is good-sunny and windy. The sky was beautiful, really 蓝天白云! It's actually quite relaxing looking at the cloud moving slowly and listening to the rustling sound of the leaves.

That reminds me of ECP.

Went there on 10th July for the Wine Surveyor job! It's quite diao to work there cos there are so many people who seems to be not eligible for the survey. Those who are running or cycling wouldn't be bothered to stop for the survey. Many Malay families were there to have picnic but we couldn't ask them. But I got to be honest, we didn't make the effort to do. X:

The weather was naughty! It was sunny and hot in the afternoon and suddenly the wind became strong and the dark cloud started moving in! The wind was so strong that my hat was blown away! I screamed in desperate and chased after my hat -.- We were looking for shelter just in case the rain comes, but stupidly, we saw a glim and the weather was back to normal! D: This repeated twice before the real rain set in! So we went to Burger Kings to avoid the rain and took a short nap! X: It's not that we don't want to work, it was raining. How to do survey right?! We went back to work after the rain okay! HAH.
Photo: Windy ECP

Anyway ECP aren't as clean as most people think. Okay, many people also think that it's not that clean either. HAHA. I was at this jetty and this is what I saw:
So dirty right?! Saw many plastic bottles and plastic bags D: Oh I saw small jellyfish too! They are damn cute! (: One of them very cute la, even "knocked" itself onto the side of the jetty! But imagine these poor cuties got trapped in a plastic bag, aww D:

Since I'm talking about surveyor job then I shall continue with the other surveyor job I'm holding. Actually I have only worked two days for the PA surveyor job and I've no idea if I'm going to continue with it. It's a house-to-house survey and the households are pre-selected. I think I'm not in a convenient position in saying what the survey is about so just take it as a normal survey.

Day 1 was bad. It's okay to have people who I don't know to work "with" as a team. It's weird to say we're working together but not together. As in we're mentally, at the same time, working together, but physically split to different blocks. LOL. I have 6 blocks in the list, with perhaps 1/2/3 units for each block. The response rate was terrible and I have to find substitute. It sounds ridiculous but I was unable to find ANY unit to sub for the entire block! Okay not so exaggerating, but I mean that particular few rows. It was damn #$%^&* but for money's sake i shall endure. Worked for 6.5 hours to complete 6 surveys. Not as good as expected but oh well I shall be satisfied.

Day 2 was with Adele, feel much better knowing someone whom I know is working with me. :D This time round we worked around a new area that that's just a few stops away from Jurong Point. So, new area meaning the both of us get to work in the same blocks and the list of units are all within that block! (: That sounds good since I don't have to travel to 6 different blocks. However, we were warned that it's gonna be tough working there according to some feedback. Indeed it was not easy D: Anyway since it was our first time there and we couldn't find any coffee shop, we had these for lunch:

Yes, these were our lunch! I was hungry but I didn't have much appetite for the food. But yeah, the biscuit with sugar at the top is loved! We had our lunch at busstop and chatted and laughed! An ant invaded Adele, leaving her as a desperate woman. I didn't want to scare her cos that ant is pretty big and it was on her hair! So, maybe it was her breakfast that she left behind on her hair? X: Just kidding, Adele don't angry okay! (: Did 5 surveys within 6hours (with lunch break). Luck only came after lunch! LOL

Had many feelings while working for just 2 days. Random thoughts run across my mind. Their lives doesn't seems to be that well-off from the appearance yet they are not tempted by the $5 NTUC voucher! Okay, I shouldn't just judge things on the appearance and assume that everyone is just like me-who will be tempted by that $5 worth of thing. But it's like you just got to stand at your door way and answer a long survey and tatah, here comes some stuff that you'll get to use it! If you're tending a baby or busy with chores, perhaps I still can understand. But watching a TV programme and blah blah blah.. Oh well.

Anyway as I was doing some surveys, I do meet kind souls who offered me to get into their house or to have a cup of tea. I rejected all kind wills as it's better to play safe. Not that I see all as evil but there are wolfs in sheep's attire too. HAHA. Wrong phasing but you got my hint. Anyway they are harmless people nevertheless. Some elderly seems to be quite a poor thing. One talked to me for damn long for things that are not related to the survey but it's okay, i shall just be your listening ears. He seems to be a loner at home and have no one to talk to. So he actually told me what happened to his family, his work and blah blah. Some are quite nice to listen though at times I get tired.

It's a good job since I get to exercise by taking stairs instead of the lift (sometimes only!), getting to do some field work (it's sort of field work right?), talking/listening to people who need a listening ears and of course to be paid. HAHA.

Days as ah zhai ends again and out-of-house routine starts tomorrow.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not Studying + Not Working = Super Free + Nuah?

Not Studying + Not Working = Super Free + Nuah?

I don't see the equation as valid.

To me, holiday without work and study doesn't really mean I'm super free or what. (Though sometimes yeah I'm super free)

Actually sometimes I don't know why I seems to be busy, or in fact sometimes I don't know what I'm busy with.

To some people, or even to myself, I see myself as a nuah person especially during holiday. HAHA, but I've actually done some stuffs which I wanted to do over the holiday, so that's not that bad right (: (Ahem, though most are trivial stuff)

Done stuff:
3)Shopping: Demin shorts, sport shoes, wallet, bags.....
5)Learn something new: Kickboxing!
6)Pub (that was pubbing right? whatever)
7)Plans for 21st

I've gone to the beach but it was for work not for leisure. But I shall be honest that it wasn't really a tough job though it involved lots exercising for legs and mouth. Plus the pay is good. HAHA, I've actually work very part-time jobs, all surveyor jobs! That's something which I didn't really planned for. Anyway, I've yet to cycle but that shall be part of beach trip. It's been super long that Laopos and I have not visit ECP to cycle but they seems to be busy so I guess we wouldn't have any beach session anytime soon. Got to wait for Adele to be back then maybe we can arrange for a beach day!

There are stuff on the list that have yet to be done: Barrage and meet-up! Perhaps can organise one that combine meet-up and barrage! HAHA. Gyming in process so yeah. Hopefully it will become a weekly regime huh!

Currently reading an awarding-winning novel, WRONG NUMBER by Rachalle Christensen. It's actually borrowed by my second sister who read finished withing days and then pass on to my third sister. She's still reading the book and I just got hold of it yesterday night to finish up 2 chapters before sleeping. 9th chapter now, there are total of 28 chapters! (:

Shall quickly read it before going to the gym later with second sister! This week shall be the last week for aching limbs for the entire week due to gym + kickboxing! HAHA, finally the fifth lesson for kickboxing is coming! Actually it's not that bad, but it's quite tiring. Anyway i really love the Adidas sport shoes! Though it's not so sweet/chio looking, it's really comfy! (:

I think I need to tidy up my place again before school starts. HAHA.

Back to reading, research for exchange and BKK shall resume after that.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

BANANA is loved! Happy birthday 117!

Hello Humans.

I love banana.

It's yellow (happy colour) and healthy!

They come in different length and I actually prefer the longer one!

Have been eating banana these few days and Yi Qing's birthday cake turned out to be banana cake! HAHA(:

I used to find banana cake is disgusting cos you know, squashed banana is sort of disgusting? Plus banana is yellow, why does it turn brownish-grey when it becomes a cake (okay it must have gone through some chemical reactions)? But anyway, I found banana cake is actually quite nice! HAHA(: And yes, it's unique for birthday cake to be banana cake too!

Cute leh, at first I thought her cake is customized from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf due to the nicely made pinky 2-tiers icing sugar cake! HAHA, she confessed that it's actually under KIDS category and she requested for PINK (she doesn't want blue)! HAHA, cute right?

Went to Chervon with Jiro as I don't really know the way. X: The last time that I went there was during my second sister's 21st, and that was 4 years back! Anyway, I think we were the last few who reached cos it was like late 7pm. Buffet was great and the cake is nice! :D

Yi Qing, thanks for the invitation to your 21st! (:

Other than Pamela, I would say you're the next closer person I have in S28. It's okay if you don't feel that way but that's how I feel lah. HAHA.(How could anyone fight with my moon right? X:)To me, you're a helpful and selfless person. Thank you for your help when I needed assistance in studies. Thank you for your encouragement and cheerfulness. Guess I don't have to talk much about your lameness! Remember there was once you said that you're a "drawer" instead of "artist" during Biology in J1? HAHA, actually the list will go on and on so i shan't talk more. I really enjoyed time spent with you. Like over your place for PW though it sucks but the process was great! I miss going to your place, having red bean ice cream and cheese cake that your dad bought, ordering pizza delivery and taking photos (: And yay, going for the tea session with international students and exploring Chinese Heritage Center together! Thank you for playing a part in the good memories I have in JJC and my life. May you be a happy, healthy, cheerful girl, no I mean lady (: I guess these 3 are the most important? And maybe stay safe. :D

Didn't talk much since i'm ain't particularly close with most of the invited guests but that's okay! Great little chats here and there.

Jiro asked if my Ang Mor have improved since I've been in Sociology for 2 years. Okay he's not the first to ask that. Well, I don't see my English improving or what. Honestly speaking I think my written English is better than my spoken English, though both sucks. Moreover, Ang mor doesn't have to be good to be in sociology though to some extend it does matter.

I was listening to the guy's conversation and JiaJun mentioned that 2 people without any common topics can actually have more stuff to talk about. I was thinking maybe and maybe not. I guess interest plays a part. If I've no interest listening to stuff that I'm not doing, most probably I'll just nuah and just hear the person talking. But yeah, no commonality can lead to one sharing and exploring new stuff.

Oh it's mid-July now! How fast!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Museum with BHL!

Out with HL (1st July)

Hello Humans.

Here to update an outdated date with HL! HAHA(:
Completed 2 tasks on my to-do list before meeting HL at PS (: Got my bag changed and used my Springfield voucher! The staffs at Perllini were friendly and they changed it despite absence of receipt. (: Topped up $38 on top of the $100 voucher to get a demin dress and a top! :D Though it was stated that the voucher is not valid for promotional items, the manager decided to that I should pay at he discounted price as it would be fairer for me! Not bad, at least they know how to "compensate" their customers! HAHA, I made a few trips there you see.

Had lunch at PS food court after meeting HL (: Then we headed to Mandarin Court for my third task of the day- to pass the correct voucher to the person-in-charge. Camwhored in the clean toilet before changing HL’s watch battery at Fareast. Poor Bay paid $5 for the new battery, which only then she found out the fault lies in the watch itself! Cos after changing the battery, the watch still faulty D:

We were tired. I think part of my tiredness came from my heavy bag and paper bag! X: I need someone to carry it for me! HAHA, no lah, maybe I should really pack my bag again and again.

Train-ed to Raffles Places and there we go to Asian Civilisations Museum. We had plenty of fun there! (: Got our bags locked in the lockers so we were very carefree! And out of sudden we became so awake! HAHA(:

These are some of the photos take:
We are kids who want to discover Asia through ourselves! :D

Anyway we commented that the guy in the bottom right corner looks very kelian cos he doesn't have those protection wear. HAHA.

And then we reached this interactive corner.... And had fun! :D

Okay, we stayed super long over there to play and took photos!
The man at the top right corner is those machine that will tell you stuff about history/museum. Cute la, when there' no one seeking his attention, he'll just rest or read a book! You can grab his attention by touching on the touch screen! HAHA. Oh, and I find bottom right photo cute! As in through the door you can see the person at the window at the other building! (:

And then we came across this that both of us LOVE!

So nice right! Like so real! But it really shows the life that people were having in the past. A small area shared with so many people!

Leaving the galleries, to the gift shops(:

Dinner at Burger King which costed me $9.85! Expensive right?! Fastfood aren't that cheap either! But the burger is not bad! Loves onion rings but it was quite oily! D: Plus the shop is super hot! Are they too poor to pay PUB? D:Fun day though we didn’t get to earn our $25 from survey!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

A busy week

Hello Humans.

I've so much to blog (i.e. Sentosa trip with family, Out with sis, Outing with Bay and Surveyor Jobs). But photos aren't ready and I'm sort of busy and lazy to post them! X:

Anyway, this week has been a busy week.

Slacked at home on Monday.

Tuesday was a fulfilling day. Met HL at Bugis to get her watch changed and had a short shopping trip at Bugis street. Had our late lunch at QQ noodles store (I forgot the name but it's near Bugis Street). Tastes not bad though it's a bit expensive. The cheapest, which was the one I had, cost $5. Okay, at least the portion is quite big (: HAHA, window shopping was quite funny cos we were imagining that we were in BKK or we kept reminding ourselves that we shouldn't buy since we'll be going BKK! :D YUP YUP, we're in the process of planning a trip to BKK in Dec! (: That will be our first time travelling together!

On the same day (tuesday), I got back home at around 5pm and gymed with second sister! OMG hitting gym after 6 months! HAHA, after "cycling" for 30minutes, my sister sort of "force" me to run/jog. Spent 15 minutes jogging 1.5KM! It's pretty good for me already cos I'm really lazy and tire. LOL.

Thursday was a shopping day for my second sister. Went to novena square to get sport shoes! YES YES she's footing the bill! (: Glad that there's staff discount! Okay, got one which is quite out of my preference. As in I thought I'll get something purple or yellow or pink or green. Instead I got a black and blue one. Okay, shall run a bit more since money is invested in a good running shoes. LOL. Headed to bugis after that! Sis was the one who shopped! She bought many items and I only got Famous Amos and sports shoes! HAHA, okay that's good enough.

Kickboxing on Friday was tiring since my aching from jogging and shopping aren't recovered. LOL. But it was okay cos I laughed damn much! 2 more lessons to clear and I'll be very happy! HAHA.

Have been working these 2 days. Yes surveyor jobs again. This time round is for an Australia Wine company. The basic pay and incentive are great! Thanks Adele for the intro! We had interview at a ulu place on Wednesday. It's a pity that we can't work together ): I owe you a treat. Maybe should jio you out to sing one day to use our KALA card and maybe I can pay for that! HAHA. PM you got to remind me cos I think I might forget, I'm old liao X: Okay back to the job. Yesterday was at town and today was at ECP. So far so good, though it can be quite tiring/sian, but sometimes quite slack! And thankfully the other 2 girls (wei xuan and joanna) are pretty easy-going! :D Shall see if they want me to work next time! This is much better than the other PA surveyor job that I'm actually holding too. Shall blog about it next time!


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Happy 21st to myself!

Birthday Celebration (25th June)

Celebrated my 21st birthday 2 days in advance at Buttercake & Cream at Sunset Way(: I was indecisive whether or not to have a celebration as I thought it would be quite awkward. Moreover none of my family members really know my friends. HAHA, nonetheless I had one, after being psycho-ed by some people. LOL. No worries, I did it on my own will! Don't think i'll regret having one(:

Theme of the day was Creamy. I couldn’t think of one and actually wanted it to be a theme-less celebration. Bay suggested a few and I decided on Creamy. HAHA, one of the themes suggested was Ribbon&Bow, which was not bad. It was actually my 3rd sister’s 21st theme! Okay not really. Her's was Ribbon&stripes. Creamy seems to be a confusing theme as some people asked what it really means. HAHA, actually I mean pastel, but I forgot the word “pastel”. Anyway, I always find pastel colours nice and sweet! Though sometimes I don’t really like the image of being sweet, but I think I’m getting less resistance to it! HAHA, imagine that I couldn’t be too sweet when I get older, why still so anti-sweet right!

Okay back to topic.

I’m glad that most people turned up that day (:

Friends who turned up:

Besties: Hui Ling, Zhen Ying, Xiao Qing, Pamela and Chang Sheng

Uni BFFs: Adele, Valerie, Wan Xuan and Yi Lin

JPS BFFs: Calister, Yi Xin and Tiffany

JJC: Yi Qing, Jaime, Feng Yi, Jonathon, Jeremiah, Edward, Serene, Estee and Jeremy

And of course my family (:

I’m blessed with all the love from people around me. :D And yay, I've a cozy big family!:D

Thank you for joining the celebration and make it a memorable one. Being blur and lost at some instances during the celebration, I felt like a bad host for neglecting friends or family. People like Serene and Estee, I felt terribly sorry that I didn’t even exchange a few words! D: And actually I didn’t talk much to my family too, as in some of them. HAHA, they cute la, said something like we can always take photos next time or what.Yes I know, the more time you spend with some people, the lesser time you’ll get to spend with the others. Nevertheless it’s great catching up with some whom you rarely see or lost in touch! (:

HAHA, 1960 [Edward] was my classmates for 6 years! But hmm, I can't recall much talking to him! Only remember scolding him (and Lim Yong) in upper sec classes and maybe play Dai di? HAHA, and of course project work la. He blur blur sia, didn't even know Jaime and YiQing got put braces before! HAHA. Actually I also don't recall much talking to Jiro too! Why huh? I think we really didn't talk much in school. Only maybe when we go home together and talk stupidly while walking from BB to BG? HAHA, used to be xue zhang now going to be my xue di liao! WAHAHA.

Thanks moon for staying till 12am to wish me though you still need to wake up early the next day! Miss you coming to assembly in the morning just in time for the flag rising in upper sec! Miss pushing you while walking up the stairs. Miss poking you since secondary school days. Miss you running along the stupid track with me. I miss our JJC days. Hope will bump into you more often in school, only left 2 sems for that! D:

My first LaoPo in HSS! Not Humanities and Social Science but Hillgrove Secondary School! HAHA. You're forever the quiet and sweet girl since day 1 I know you! Though I don't really like Ms Ng but I really got to thank her for forcing us to get into groups! HAHAHA(: Great that both of us remember how we get to know each other yay! Oh man, miss our days as Chinese Rep (though nothing much to do also) and days you sat in front of me! Though you're not the out-spoken kind, but those mo-mo de guang xin wo gan shou dao! :D Thanks for the lovely card! I love handmade card! Cos they also filled with love and effort! The content of the card damn touching! I love you my dearest friend!

DaNai/HL/Bay/Coconut/BayBaoBao. Don't ask me why she got so many names cos some I also can't recall! X: Don't ask me how we get to know each other too cos I've no idea too! HAHAH. All I know is during one of the SJ days? HAHA. The Ma Hui Ling from 1E2/2E2 who Mr Yang kept telling our class (E1). LOL. Miss you being the timer, the one who laughed at me when I fell asleep in Mr Yang class (though he knew I was sleeping but he was kind enough to let me continue flying in my lalaland), miss walking home with you (be it in Sec or JC), miss eating all the so-called sinful junkfood and blahblahblah! Oh ya, miss you bullying me! HAHA, yes you're a bully, as usual. OOPS.

XiaoQing/Jeanette/XiaoLaoPo/KeXinBoQing. Preferred the first and last name of hers! HAHA. Can't remember how we got to know each other. If we're not wrong it was during a Public Duty and we got to take a bus together and we started our conversation that led to potato leaves! HAHA, I was quite a fuss in vegetable last time and potato leaves is one of the few veggi I eat! LOL. That's how our friendship blossom yay! HAHA. Miss all your crappiness and SJ days! One for all, all for one! Thanks to you I got to really more accept vegetarian food! I got to admit that I used to dislike it to quite large extend and wouldn't really want to give it a try. But yay, some vegetarian food are not bad! :D

Thanks the four ladies above! Especially Adele and Valerie!(: Valerie is my first Uni friend in NTU! HAHA. I still can sort of imagine how we met though I wasn't sure whether that's how we met. It was during the first tutorial that we met. Approached her since she was alone too! HAHA, thanks for being such a helpful friend! She's willing to share knowledge and ideas and I'm so love it! If not her, I don't know how to start with some essays! Remember she suggested ideas for HS102 essay and HS219 essay! :D Got to know Adele in Year 1 sem 1 too! We were in the same tutorial group for HS102 and we were in the same "debate" team with Jeremy and Justina!(: But we only get to know each other better in sem 2(: Thanks for being there for me! But seriously she have to quit her addiction-Coke. NTU should remove some machines out there huh. We must jiayou okay, we can do it. (:

By the way do we look alike? I know we sort of look like each other in some ways or another. HAHA. Adele even commented that my da jie looks like skinny version of me but she prefer me! AWW that's so sweet can! HAHA. Actually more people say I look my da jie then my 2nd and 3rd sis more alike. Is it is it?

Guess Wristlet from Adele WanXuan and YiLin :D and accessories from Valerie! Now I can wear different "flowers" to school sia! HAHA(:

I'm so in love with the cup-cake card! I guess it's done by Yixin! So chio can! At first I still thought they bought the cards till I take a closer look! Tan Yi Xin you really good. I mean your handicraft/arts really damn chio! ADM is really where you belong man! And yes even the envelop is nicely decorated with all the bling blings! HAHAH. The Charles and Kieth bag is really chio too! I don't know if it's too small for school but shall see how! I'm so glad that despite that we are physically getting further and further throughout the years, we still make some effort in keeping in touch with each other. I really miss JPS. Of course I miss you girls the most-Calister Yixin Eileen Tiffany Shimin(: I miss basketballing with you. I miss badminton with you. I miss running around playing catching etc! Oh the great good old days! And all the love-letters and comics! HAHA(: Please say there's a meet up soon!

Presents from S28[YQ Jaime FY Jon Jiro Edward Serene]! (: The bag is big and I throw all my barang barang into it! HAHA(: and I love classic design(wristlet)!(: Plus inside can put many cards! (: Thanks people! :D

Cake is proudly sponsored by my third sis! :D She even got me a wallet from Valentino Rudy! :D Bro gave angbao and a bag from BKK! Now I've 5 new bags! HAHAH which one should I bring to school man! LOL. HL don't give me that irritated face hor I tell you.

A Happy Girl :D

Can’t wait for gatherings such as my JPS besties (hopefully in July) and cycling with Uni cliques (before YL flies off)!

P.S. Thanks Laopos for coming early to help out! And thanks Bay for being my P.A. (:
P.S.S: The post turned out to be much longer than expected X:

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Out with adele (30th June)

Byebye Tanjong Pagar Railway Station!

It’s been super ultra long since I last visited it. Remember the good old days when my family went there to pick up my grandparents who came here for holiday! The 10 of us had to squeeze into a small car! It’s still quite amazing that all 10 of us can squeeze into it though we (the kids) were still young and small. (: Can’t really remember how many times I’ve took the trains. I can only vaguely remember once I took the train with my godma and 3rd sister to Bekok (not Bedok or Bangkok or where but Bekok) in one of my primary school days. (By the way Bekok is like a small village in Truly Asia.) The train was rather unclean and the toilet very ancient. As in there’s just a hole for you to do your business. HAHA. I wonder if that’s still the case nowadays.

Anyway, so on this last day of operation (30th June 2011) of the railway station, Adele and I went to have a look. Valerie gave it a miss since she overslept. It was a raining day. Perhaps 老天爷 also felt sad for the station huh. Thanks to the rain, the place wasn’t as crowded as what I thought. But I got my foot poorly soaked in a totally wet shoes D:

Oh, I still find the place dirty. Perhaps due the relocation of stores etc or it’s just always the case.

Lunched at Tanjong Pagar together with Val! It was only 1plus or 2 plus and their lunch meals were all sold out! D: Poor us have to eat 猪肠粉 at $1.80 D: Chatted over the meal (: Complained about stupid STARS war etc.

Parted with Val since she's going to work. So we headed to Clementi hoping to utilise our KBox Kala member card. To our surprise, we couldn't find KBox! D: Checked with the auntie and she told us there's no more KBox): Disappointed we are, we decided to patronise its rival- Party World. It's really bo hua! $8 for 2 hours of singing! But not a bad one since I've lots of怨气 from stupid STARS war. As usual, I'm the song pickers! HAHA. Didn't manage to sing our long list of songs! Anyway Adele sort of know "new" songs which are rather old! HAHA(: But yay, we got to sing some long-forgotten songs! (: Anyway this is the third singing session we had in this holiday! OOPS.

Songs that Adele are looking for:
We weren't hungry yet thus, had simple dinner- 猪肠粉and yam cake! Adele had 水粿plus a 肉包. Didn't go Udders at West Mall for ice cream cos we've been travelling quite a lot that day, though Adele doesn't mind the travelling to Batok. HAHA. We shall have it one fine day yay (:

Photos to be uploaded soon by Adele on FB (: