Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ho Ho Ho: Merry Christmas!

Hello Humans,

*Merry Christmas*

The month of December is coming to an end, it's 25th December today- Merry Christmas people! In 6 days' time, we'll countdown to a brand new year ahead. Isn't time passing at unknowing fast pace? 359 days past already? 2014 is coming! Perhaps it is time to sit down and look back at 2013 (quite a year with a few changes) and look forward to 2014. Gonna start work on 2 Jan 2014, a new brand stage of life awaits! Well, I'm not excited but I'm not exactly too worried yet. Cos I haven't got the time to sit down and think about work. Yes, life has been quite eventful these days, partly due to the fact that December is a month for meet-up and it's time to enjoy before the start of work. And of course, meeting and dating people who I have to spend more time with. 

Have something in mind and wanna do? Go ahead and leave no regret in 2013. Okay that's kind of impossible cos I believe there's always some regrets. So make lesser regrets and all the best (: You wouldn't know if it works until you try it! (It's always easier to say than to do. I love to contradict myself huh. HAHA)

Okay that's all. Enjoy this festive period- Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year! 



Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hello Humans,

I didn’t pass my driving test. That’s so irritating. It’s over. I’ll wait for the next one in February. I know that I didn’t achieve my 2013 resolution for getting my driving license and learning ukulele but it’s okay, I’m going to get them done one day, one fine day. I shan’t talk about it anymore and you shan’t ask me about it.

Anyway I believe 2013 is still gonna be good, at least so far so good. Failing driving doesn’t make this week a bad week too. I’m still overall a happy girl (:



Sunday, December 08, 2013

December, a month for meet ups!

Hello Humans,

How's December so far for you?

Fell sick at the end of November but I've recovered already! My mum says I'm like a kid who recovers after visiting the clinic. LOL. But of course I comply to sick roles, had my medicines and had plenty of sleep. All I did during those days were sleep and more sleep and eat. But yeah, I'm good for festive seasons! Jio me out if you want while I'm having holiday (or while you're having holiday mood).

Upcoming weeks will be quite exciting or fun cos I'll looking forward to meet-ups! December is such a month for meet up and next week's schedule is full! (: But I'll keep my finger crossed for tomorrow, MY PRACTICAL DRIVING TEST. Wish my goodluck, it's been really long for me to take any test. I just hope I wouldn't be too panicky, just stay calm and get my damn driving license. And of course, all the best to my sis too, she's taking it on the same day.

Till then,

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Hello December

Hello Humans, Hello December!

2013 has been good so far, despite falling sick and losing voices for quite a number of times. But of course, I'll remember the good things that happen in the past 11 months of 2013 too.

For the remaining 30 days of 2013, I hope I'll continue be blessed with all the love, luck and good health. No forgetting that I'll be taking my driving test in 8 days' time. I hope I will get it done with just one try (though I'm seriously have no confidence) BUT i'll just pray and cross my fingers cos it's 2013 resolution AND I don't wanna waste money. Things are getting into place and I'm pretty much a happy soul.

So yeah, what else have you not done for 2013 resolution? Make it happen, you still have 30 days (: As for me... I'll try to make it happen. HAHA.

P.S. It's the season that people fall sick. Do take care people! Get well before Christmas and New Year so we can enjoy ourselves (:


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random updates on food

Hello Humans,

Here's a random updates on food:

Lady M 
@ Marina Square
Vanilla Mille Crepes with 20 layers- New and interesting
Green Tea Mousse Cake-Light and spongy, the green tea taste isn't those dominating kind
Strawberry Mille Feuille- Ok ok only
A pot of Tea
Costs around $32.

Yomenya Goemon
@ Star Vista
Generous portion but it's slightly oily. Though it's not really to my liking, I took damn long to finish it.

@ Star Vista
50% off on Tuesday is still on! Waffle smells damn great when we haven't step into the shop but when it's served, I couldn't really smell any waffle fragrance. Nothing special about the ice-cream (Macadamia Nut and Honey something) and waffle ):
Around $10 (ate it on Tuesday!)

Lerk Thai 
(i think it's Lerk Thai, can't really remember X:)
@Chinatown Point
Satisfied my craving for thai food!
Green Curry Chicken with Rice- Serving of Green Curry just nice for 1 bowl of rice!  Pretty not bad.
Pandan Leaf Chicken- I can't remember the taste...
Soft Shell Crab Rice Vermicelli- Crispy Crab with slightly moist Rice Vermicelli. Very yummy esp when it's served hot!

 Peach Blossom
@Marina Mandarin
Lots of food that took damn long to be served. But they taste nice, though it's rather expensive and the portion can be quite small....

 Paradise Dynasty
@Causeway Point
Lots of yummy food, meet up with Bay!
生煎包- Not really crispy for the pan fried part
小笼包- 8 flavours original, foie gras, garlic, crab, cheese, black truffle, szechuan and ginseng (pretty interesting huh)
Braised Pork Belly Ramen- Braised pork belly is nice (:
李白酒鸡- standard
It was around $20 per pax after 20 % off for student  :) So do remember to bring along your student card if you have one. And the outlets in Causeway Point and Lot 1 are having promotion for 小笼包 (:

Everything With Fries
@Holland Village
Grill Pork Chop + Curry Shoestring Fries ($17.90)- Tender and juicy meat that's easy to cut. I like the taste too! Curry powder plus curry leaves makes the fries yummy yummy.
Ham & Cheese Sandwich + Garlic & Herb Straightcut Fries ($13.90)- ZY loves it.
Nutella Tart with Ice Cream ($9.90)- Pretty nice and sweet. Good to share if not you'll get sicked of it. Nutella taste is pretty special cos doesn't really taste like nutella to me...
I wanted to try their Salmon hence I was super surprised when one of the first thing I was told was that there's not Salmon that day. Never mind, I'll visit it again one fine day.
Okay enough, I don't want you to hate me.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Complex human likes to complicate simple things?

Hello Humans,
Don't you think sometimes we are just too complex, too weird, too funny?
Sometimes we like to think, spend lots of thinking about this and that, and eventually all those thinking leads to nowhere. Sometimes thinking just makes one more confused instead of being clearer. Is it because we like to make thing more complicated than they are supposed to be? 
Note: Sometimes, meaning there are times with fruitful thinking and times with fruitless thinking

Opportunity might be gone, time are lost, but are thinking really unnecessary? No, thinking is important but perhaps sometimes we shouldn't think too much and just go ahead.
Random pondering from an indecisive person.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quick updates

Hello Humans,
It may seems weird for me to say I'm quite busy these days due to my employment status but anyway, I feel kinda tired. It's more like my mind is awake but my eyes are tired. Maybe I've been thinking about things but usually self-questioning doesn't help much. But of course self-questioning is important, but it doesn't help much when your brain isn't functioning well.
Perhaps it's due to the idiotic lizard that freaked me out by popping on my table when I was using lappy. It drove me mad and I was like tramatized. They ought to obey the basic rule of sticking to their walls and not invading human's personal space. I felt extremely tired yesterday thanks to it. Headed bed early and my mum was so cute to ask my sister to check if I'm sick cos I look kinda pale. Felt so loved but I'm not that weak lah.
Life have been quite good these days. I'm kinda enjoying my life, despite getting upset at times on issues. But of course I'm still overall a blessed happy human. Having no work woes at the moment is kinda good too since I can spend my time on other things and people. But I'm sure being unemployed will become woes in months time. But we'll see how cos there might be changes. I'll just see how.
Oh and I just wanna say it's good to meet friendly stranger! I was at Keppel at Tuas for interview the other day and I met this super friendly uncle. He was like "goodluck for your interview" before I went in and before I left, he was all smiling and asked me how was my interview and reassured me about it and he even commented that it would be great if we can be colleague. HAHA. So cute hor this uncle.
Kinda excited for outings for next few days! Can't wait for yummy food and spending quality time with my loved ones!(:

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao Buffet (Holland Village)

Hello Humans,

Shan and I- do we look alike? Most people say no, haha. Anyway we were making our way to Holland Village to meet Adele for our XLB Hotpot Buffet! I was kinda excited cos I've always heard how great it was- free flow of XLB and locating at Holland V sounds kinda good too-I don't know why. 

Our only group photo of the day! HAHA, I was so happy that we got this seat in the sense that there's a huge mirror next to me and I can take a group photo even though I don't really look good here. LOL. So this was taken right at the start of our feasting. We were too busy eating and some photos were taken randomly thereafter. 

So our feasting started! Not sure if I should say we ordered a lot or not. But we've ordered quite a lot of mushroom and veggi. To be honest, I was quite sad that don't have fish, prawn, scallop and chicken slices (their's come in pieces). So for meat wise since I don't eat beef (not sure if there's beef though, I didn't even look much at the menu) and mutton, I ate mostly pork, and those meatball thingy. The Szechuan soup base was spicy, and hence I didn't have much of that. 

What's Xiao Long Bao buffet without XLB right?! I was kinda a little disappointed cos I prefer Din Tai Fung's XLB. Perhaps I didn't eat it asap while it's hot... Oh well...

Char Siew Bao

Gui Hua Gao and Red Bean Jelly

We weren't very hungry to begin with though we didn't really have much for our lunch. We were basically stuffing ourselves with the food we ordered and I was super full! Well, I seldom eat steamboat (at least that's what I think) and this pretty okay in the sense that the ingredients are pretty standard like like tofu, veggi, mushroom and meat. But I'm quite sad that they don't offer seafood choices like fish, prawn (we were given 3 each FOC but that's of course not enough) and scallop. Yes I know I've said that but I'm just trying reinforce how sad I am for that. HAHA. Drinks can be only refilled when you finish them, so it's too bad if you wanna change your option (they have coke, barley and Chinese tea)

And another thing that I'll probably comment is the dining duration. It's only around 2 hours for you to enjoy the buffet and to catch up with friend/family. HOW IS THAT ENOUGH?!): Personally it wasn't enough for me cos I eat pretty slow. The place is slightly crowded and noisy so I could barely hear NPM when we were doing some catch up.

So would I go there again? Well, probably not anytime soon. If I've a craving for XLB, I'll probably head down to Din Tai Fung. Oh ya, Mayim (in WestMall) serve pretty nice XLB too. If I've a craving for steamboat, Xian De Lai is much of a good choice. I've tried it in August and they serve scallop, fish and prawn if I didn't remember wrongly. And they do not rush you off! Maybe it wasn't crowded that's why we could take our own sweet time..

So anyway, Thanks NPM for treating the Ho sisters! It's expensive, especially on a Weekend! Lots of love from us to you! HEEEEHEEE.

So after our buffet, we grabbed some bread for next day's breakfast and headed down to D' good Cafe for MED flea! We just wanted to take a look and see if there's anything for grab. The queue was super ultra long before we head for buffet and the queue was pretty short after our buffet. And guess what, we met XQ at the stairs! HAHA. I got myself a pretty green top, whereas XQ and Adele got themselves a dress each. 

Took photo with the pretty swing in the cafe before we parted:

Shan and NPM

The Ho Sisters. 
Pardon the big fat legs.


Group photo: thanks to the free photoshoot booth at the flea! Reminds me of neoprints.. HAHA.


Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Hello Humans,

Have you tried wandering around Singapore alone? 

Well, I haven't really tried that but I did walk a bit after a random short interview with Recruit Express the other day at Raffles Place. Went for that interview at 10am and it was done at 10.05. Hmmm, It was so damn early that I decided to walk around.

I was having my breakfast along Singapore River, snapping some photos, enjoying the wind, thinking where to go later and looking at people- tourists, random people going to work or having a cigarette. I realized I didn't really bother much about Singapore River. I mean I was thinking of Amsterdam, the short cruise trip on the canal and looking at what past by us as a tourist. Are tourists taking the boat ride or sitting along Singapore River having the same attitude that I had back then? And then I thought of my Chinese teacher in Sec 1 cos she always tell us her stories with Singapore River- their lives back then along the dirty Singapore River.

Visited Asian Civilization Museum cos it was just right across! I was tempted to buy some icecream but it was still pretty early in the morning, so I thought maybe it would be good to have one after the museum trip. But too bad, there was some filming by don't know who around the area and I didn't wanna interrupt, so I left without having any ):

Didn't stay in the museum for too long, it's too quiet and weird. Spent most of the time there looking at exhibition on Singapore River... HAHA. And it took 10 good years for the cleaning project. Oh well, it must really be a different picture if there's no such cleaning project...

This reminds me of my trip with Bay years back. It's still there! Mega love those models..

So I wandered again, thinking of where to go. It would be good to go Chinatown since I need to take a look at the travel agencies. You know, my siblings and I were actually thinking of going Hong Kong this December. Since I'm the one that is free, I should go around checking if there's good offer. But sadly, the trip was cancelled but it's okay, there will still have chances! :)

A random alley.

Settled down at saladstop! for lunch! Oh well, also for aircon from the hot weather and finding a comfortable place for some reading! Have a Little Faith, my read of that period. HAHA, I've just finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie too! :D

Ended wandering at Chinatown to complete my mission and walked around Daiso too. Check out their cute Halloween stuff and I was so excited to find these plastic toys! Hopefully my kids in the future play this kind of toy (hopefully these toys will still be available in the future) instead of playing ipad. LOL.

Okay, that summarizes my not really exciting solo wandering. There're actually so much to explore in Singapore. Maybe we should slowly discover them, one day, some days.


Sunday, November 03, 2013

Some thoughts on friends and friendships...

Hello Humans,

Have you really thought of what makes someone your friend? 

Everyone has different definitions, expectations and contributions to their friends and friendships.

Friend becomes acquaintance and acquaintance becoming friend. People come and go in your life. They may have left deep footsteps in certain part(s) of your life, they may not have. But they may also leave (left) at certain phase of your life. Not to deny that each of them played a major impact and forged great friendship, at least at that particular stage. Thank you friends, friends in the past, present and future, for building fond memories with me and treasuring(ed) our friendships. 

Not to worry, I am not emo-ing. The topic on friendships is common. And somehow there were conversations on friendship with my friends. It reminds me of how I've missed some (used-to-be) important people in my life.

*a super long post ahead* 

I remember my lower primary school BFF- NHS and LPY calling ourselves weird names like Bunny and Tweety. We sneakily ate that 10cents sweet in class, pretending that the teacher didn’t notice us. I remember talking with you in class, but yet I was the only one the received the punishment. I don’t really blame you, I blame that teacher. If not it would be great to get punished together. Oh ya, and my first friend in JPS-NHW, the fat little boy who adores Fann Wong and Sailor Moon. You were my first best friend. It saddens me a little that we are strangers. I know we've tried to stay close but things just get awkward as time passes. I do remember you whenever I flip through my sticker book during tidying/cleaning. Haha. Not forgetting another lower primary school BFF-ACK. I still find it weird for us to be BFF given my super Chinese background and your super English background. I wonder how things worked out for us. It was always a pleasure to visit your house, to play with you and your little sister (who is forever 3 years old in my memory), eating your mum's maggie, jumping on your bed, dirtying your carpet with my ice-cream, celebrating your birthday and of course visiting zoo with your family. I felt so welcomed, by you and your family. It was genuinely a true friendship, and I thank you for all your love as a friend.

People move on and BFF changed over time, given all the streaming and all. I’ve no idea when I start speaking more English. Perhaps it was my primary 5 BFF Nurul that forced me to speak more English since that was our common language. Upper Primary school life was great, having ELYL, TYX, CLYR, TLBE and TSH as my favourite people. I truly enjoy all those moments- skipping meals during recess for games like catching, playing no-rule basketball and badminton, nuahing at all your homes and eating all the yummies, or heading to the library to “chat” instead of doing of homework. Oh yes, of course being similar at height brought us together too. No doubt we drifted as we grow, it's a huge pity.

Guilty am I, sometimes I forgot a good friend of mine from sec 1 to 4. Well, she's very soft-spoken but a considerate being. We got lost of touch despite being in the same JC. Yes you, LSC. Sometimes I’m still reminded of you, for instance looking at books by Agatha Christine. And yeah, probably another person to bring up is DKSZ, a "neighbour" of mine staying in the same area. We started to know each other when I make delivery for her homework cos she was on MC. From that period on, we had been SMS buddy for at least 8 years. We weren't particular close but we always SMS each other on random things until University year 3. It's really a pity for us, to drift despite living so close. There were occasions that I was thinking if this SMS friendship works, it didn’t last but it certainly helped me get through some ups and downs. You had been a great SMS buddy, really.

As I'm getting more anti-social as I age (okay I shouldn't make myself sound old), my social circle gets smaller. Personally I don't think I've made many friends in JC. But thank you people like MC and AL for all the fun moments in school. M only stayed with us for the first year but it was a great year. Coming from the same Secondary School, with seemingly quite different background, it was quite amazing how we could somehow clicked and had all those stupid lame moments together. As for AL, who got MIA, I can’t remember much stuff between us but I hope you’re doing fine. Some other random people include JW and JY- sometimes I also can’t recall much shared memories beside talking on our way back. It seems like I have poor memory, I do not deny of that. Not forgetting the fun moments we (some Hillgrovians) during the first three months, playing dai di and mahjong. Despite not being close from the start till the end, those memories still print in my heart. And thanks CWF and C for those wonderful memories in China! It was definitely fun sharing room with you girls and doing stupid things together. At least we were close during that travel period as getting drifted when we were back was kind of expected.

Like I’ve said, I get more anti-social as I age, so I don't really bother much with socializing in University. I’ll never forget my first friend in NTU, a girl who was sitting alone in the tutorial room and I went to talk to her. She, my first friend from NTU, is VC. As a friend and course mate, she was always truthful and helpful. There were so many times when I was stuck at choosing essay questions or running out of ideas to crap, she was always there to help, offering me ideas. Having her own attitude can be sometimes quite intimidating for her friends. We are quite different, in the sense that sometimes we just couldn’t communicate. We’ll just sit side by side on the bust and remind quiet. She’s honest. Let alone her dressing sense, she can tell me/us straight into the face that probably we wouldn’t be contacting in the future cos it was quite natural for us to be together since we are in the same course. It’s like friend of benefits. You’re right val. I can’t really recall when we started to drift but thank you for playing such a major role in my life in NTU, especially in the first year.

Friends we were, strangers we are.

School indeed was like a place where I make friends. I don’t really have much life outside school. Yeah, I love school. Of course like I’ve said, friends of course can remain as friends. I’m not a sadist with all my friends disappearing from my life and keep making new friend. That would be too tiring. Hence despite for once or twice that I thought maybe I should be less anti-social and have more friends, I’d rather spend the effort on maintaining friendship than creating new friendship.
(Okay I still do think maybe sometime I should step out of my comfort zone and say hello stranger. LOL)

Somehow things got more stable in Secondary school. One of the best choice I've made is getting into Hillgrove, joining SJAB and meeting my BFFs (aka laopos)-LZY, BHL and KXQ. I'm glad that and thankful that our friendships are still going strong despite entering different stages of life. Let's make it work and stay by each other's side to deal with future’s ups and downs! You girls are certainly at the top of my friend list, despite me joking at times that I’ve to re-rank your ranking. I’m not sure how our friendships will turn out be in the future, but let’s hope we’ll get to each other’s phase of getting into relationship, striving for career, building a family, having kids and of course in short, growing old.

Another clique of BFF I got to know in my life is also from Hillgrove. It is also where I got to know PKLP, LYT, SCS in upper Secondary. Come to think about it I wasn't really that close to PKLP or SCS in Secondary school. I think we got closer only in JC. PKLP was just my partner (index partner for queuing for morning assembly and maybe for labs experiments) and sometimes we’d fool around while walking up the stairs to our class. We only got to know each other better in JC, thank god you were in the same class (and OG) with me. I hope I didn’t stick too much to you, but I think I did. Your presence in my life was great. You’re a great friend, for being so real and truthful. My first interaction with SCS wasn’t a good one. I believe he was the one who dropped my bag in canteen and I flared at him (I wasn’t that good temper in the past, HAHA). I’m not quite sure if that scare you or if you remember it. You’re the next better guy friend of mine (aside NHW as my first guy BFF in JPS) though we don’t really talk a lot but since in the first place I don’t have many friends, let alone guy friend, yes you are one. I’ll also never forget my first impression of LYT- the fierce and unfriendly girl who closed the bad door when we were trying to peek into your classroom when you all were doing foot drill. To my surprise, you’re such a sweet friend! Thanks for being so patient, so caring, so helpful and I truly enjoyed all our study sessions in schools and of course visiting your house! Despite having lesser meet ups and contact with these BFFs, I hope we wouldn’t get drifted and I believe our friendships will last cos we’ll be each other side in times of need.

Okay, this is getting really long. But please pardon me for a little while more. I’ll just do with 2 more people! YYQ is the only friend that I’ve really made in JJC I guess. I mean the one that has been there since JC and is still there. I remember you being my biology partner, being my PW group mate and all. Thanks for all your encouragement, your sharing and treating me as a friend who you can share your issues. Thanks for seeing me as someone whom you can confide. Let’s make this friendship work okay! And I still look forward to our one-fine-day successful Botanical Garden trip!

Last person, NPM! Thank you entering my life in NTU. I can’t imagine completing the course without you! Though we are quite different in some sense, thanks for being such an honest and truthful friend, like clearing things up instead of keeping to yourself (it’s really a bit different style for us). I know everyone is flawed; me and you are not spared. It’s quite amazing that I’ve some sort of transformed you to slightly more open to Chinese language, haha. Yes, maybe we should go sing K sometime soon.

Thanks friends for trusting me, believing me, confiding to me and of course treating me as your friend. I don’t really confide to people but I guess I prefer to keep it to my own. People works differently, don’t they? I hope I did perform my role as a friend and have/had somehow impacted your life in one way or another.

This post really summarizes all my used-to-be close friends and those who are still close to me. There’s too much effort required from both parties to make things work. But as time passes, things may just get too awkward for people to work it out. So I guess the best of all is to be appreciative and be grateful of what you had and have, because some stay, some leave. It's the truth, I'm not sure whether or not to use the words "sad truth". But that's how life works...

And to end off, I hope new friendship do lasts too. There are still plenty of chances to make new friends given the age of 23 years old (even though I seldom make friends with random people). But of course, there are different types of friendships and hence hopefully those that can hit off will remain. (:

Lots of loves,

P.S. I didn’t expect this post to be so wordy. It’s like an essay with 2000 words! If only writing an essay is as easy as that… Oh well, I’m super naggy and I wonder who actually read the entire entry. If you really do, thank you friend. And please pardon the poor command of English. You should have known that the English standard of your friend here (me) isn't that good. HAHA.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Review: Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion


Hello Humans,


*Read on to see how you can redeem a sample!*

First, let's check out the lovely packaging! I can't help it but think of some yummy strawberry chocolate. HEE, it also reminded me the colour combination that I love in teens- pink and brown. Anyway, it's a zip-lock bag with cute and neat packaging! I was excited to cut along the dotted line and take out my new baby!

It's so thoughtful of to have the item wrapped with air bubble sheet to prevent it from getting hurt when it's on its way! Xie Xie!

As mentioned in my previous review on Hada Labo 3-in-1 Perfect Gel (1 and 2), I have not tried Hada Labo products before despite all the great reviews. But I’ve finally get on hands this popular product that 1 bottle is sold every 2 seconds (it used to be 4 seconds)! Oh well, come to think of it using maths, it means 172700 bottles sold everyday?! (1 day=24 hours= 1440 min =86400 sec)

Well, I'm always skeptical of the maths above, it's like are you serious that they sold soooo many bottles in JUST A DAY?! Wait, maybe they only considered that every 2 seconds during the operation hours so perhaps the sales should be around 72000 bottles a day? Well, I'm not very sure, it could just another marketing strategy. Or it could really be that this product is really fantastic. It could be the affordable price. It could be a lot of other factors. BUT no matter what, somehow I believe that this figure requires some solid background and they wouldn't anyhow say one right! So it's quite unfair to have too many doubts without giving a try and thanks EK Media, SampleStore and Hada Labo for giving me this chance to try it and clear my little doubts!

Just like the previous product, this is just the first impression that I have of Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion and usage for a few days! I will be doing another review update on the product again after a few months! 

So here's a quick one:

What's the highlight? 

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion contain these 3 crucial elements:
1. Nano Hyaluronic Acid - with molecules size of 1/20 of HA, easily penetrates into the skin innermost layer to deeply moisturize the skin.
2. Super Hyaluronic Acid - with 2x the moisture retention capacity of HA to keep skin hydrated and smooth for a longer period of time.
3. Hyaluronic Acid(HA) - 1gm is able to hold 6 litres of water, effectively locks-in moisture on skin.

Since Hada Labo’s philosophy is PERFECT X SIMPLE where only the finest, purest and highly effective ingredients are used to give you beautiful skin, be reassured to use their products! This bottle of lotion is free of fragrances,  alcohol, mineral oil and colorant, and it helps skin PH balanced and having low irritation. Basically it hydrates skin instantly and helps to preserve skin optimum moisture balance. 

I use only 4 drops of the lotion and it seems like more than sufficient. Drip the lotion onto your palm and spread it on your face, patting it in and let your cells drink it! The hydrating lotion leaves quite a special impression cos it doesn't feel like those normal lotion/toner. I mean the usual ones are like really liquid that are like normal water? Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion is slightly different as it is liquid but comes with a slightly gel-like texture. It really does hydrates my skin quite instantly but I can't really say much since I've only use it for 5 days! Actually I've tried Hada Labo Whitening Lotion, just a sample size BUT I love it! Cos it really feels like lots of hydrating and indeed there's some whitening. So I'm quite excited for my continuous usage of  the hydrating lotion and I'll keep you people update again!

You can easily get hold of Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion (170ml) at places such as Watsons, Guardian, SASA and NTUC at S$22.90! So affordable right?!

Okay, Sorry for the wordy posts but just read on for a while more cos here's some rewards for you! (:

I can totally understand how it feels like when you're having a hard time deciding whether or not to purchase a product since you have not tried it (so you don't really know how it's like and what the result is going to be like) yet you gonna purchase a big bottle (I mean normal-sized product) to try if it's suitable for you or not. Imagine purchasing Product A at $30 and it doesn't give you what you want and dumping it at one side, or worse still causing irritation on your face.

Well, GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! Redeem you FREE sample here, starting from 29th Oct 2013! No harm trying out the product for free and decide whether or not the product worth your money! Like it, buy it. If not, byebye! HAHA, so simple right?!

Check this out to make things easier! :D

Okay, that's about it and let Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion do its wonder! Redeem yours now!

Once again, Thanks EK MediaSampleStore and of course Hada Labo for this awesome item for me to preview! 

Oh ya, do take part in this instagram thingy to win yourself movie tickets! ALL THE BEST!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Coffee bean w shan

 Hello Humans,

This is probably the last time for cafe-hopping with Shan after Monday morning driving lesson since our driving lesson is nearing the end. So anyway, this time round we visited Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Holland Village! Walked around HV before settling down at Coffee Bean but we were too early on Monday so shops are either not open or not opening.

Shan's Salmon Wellington- It's a huge piece of Salmon wrapped with a puff with spinach inside! We didn't eat it immediately but once cut, you can see some hot steam coming out from it! And surprisingly, the puff wasn't like what I've imagined. I thought it would be oily and soggy but it's not! Instead the puff thingy is thin and it's crispy! So yes we kinda like it but it's a bit expensive at around $15.

My Omelette with bacon, cheese and mushroom! Ordered it partly because this is a breakfast set that comes with tea, haha. but it's not bad leh, much like those big breakfast just that everything is inside now. NOT BAD, though Shan's food is still nicer. HAHA.

And we decided to order a piece of Warm Chocolate Cake to end our meal there! Warm chocolate cake is so damn yummy!! Just that it's a little bit too sweet that the icing sugar on the top is a bit wasted cos we removed it. Love how it feels at each bite- like 暖在心里. Hee.

Love the feel in HV Coffeebean! It feels very comfortable, cozy, quiet and the outdoor seats feels a bit European. Actually I've thought of visiting it since the day I came HV with YQ. Imagine ordering something to munch on or a cup of hot tea, have a good read and there goes a perfect day! But sad to say that outdoor seats aren't that good cos you might not want to be second hand smoker... But anyway, I should just try it one fine day indoor cos their indoor seats are very good too. It can get quite cold inside and we were freezing. Oh yes I've to mention the toilet! It's quite well hidden so it's clean (: 

And say HI to TWG macaroons! I didn't know they are selling at $2 per piece, which I think it's considered cheaper to a lot of other brands. The flavours are pretty limited so we ordered Passion Fruit with Coconut (the purple one) and Kaya something. Not bad and satisfied my slight craving BUT I still prefer Pistachio macaroon that we ate in Europe (though I can just vaguely recall pistachio tastes nice)


Friday, October 25, 2013

Review 2: Hada Labo 3-in-1 Perfect Gel

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Hello Humans,

I'm going to write a quick update on my usage of Hada Labo 3-in-1 Perfect Gel which I got on hold a few months back. Like I've said, it's hard to judge or assess whether something is good or not after just a few tries right? So here I am doing my second review which I promised! Do check my first review here for my first few usages and impressions! 

So after months of usage, I REALLY LOVE IT! :D

This bottle of lovely item is a combination of ESSENCE, SLEEPING MASK AND MOISTURIZER (and hence known as 3-in-1) that is great for hydration and anti-ageing purposes with ingredients like collagen, ceramide and of course Hyaluronic Acid (Nano, Super and normal)! It's safe for sensitive skin cos they do not contain any fragrance, colouring and alcohol!

I actually have 4 bottles of sleeping mask in my cupboard, with 3 brands that I've started using. 1 of them is of course Hada Labo and the other 2 are Korean skin care brands (I'll name as brand X and Y). What makes Perfect gel stands out is really its hydration power. Cos I can feel the instant water supply on my face upon usage that last for day(s), feeling so light and healthy without any pain or irritation! Unlike brand X, I'll sometimes feel slight irritation upon application that will go away after minutes. I'll confess brand Y is actually not bad BUT it doesn't "replenish" water as fast as Hada Labo. And brand Y is quite expensive, selling at the price of at least $50. I got mine from my school exam welfare pack. So Hada Labo stands out not just because of it being pocket friendly at a big bottle at S$35.90 but also of its effectiveness and being trouble-free! (: Imagine that you have to spam some many things on your face before you can get a proper rest- it's too mafan and sometimes I'd rather skip my mask. But with Perfect Gel, you can just cleanse your face, put toner and then this gel (note: Perfect gel is essence + moisturizer + sleeping mask). WHEE, save a lot of steps!

Oh ya, remember to spread it evenly on your whole face and massage well so that gel can be absorbed instead of sticking to your pillow- so wasted right! Sometimes I think I massage so much/hard until my face turn so red but heee no worries it's not irritation. Now I'll use it the night before meet-up with friend cos it makes my not-so-nice skin slightly healthy/nicer. LOL.

Check out more on Hada Labo products, news and updates via their facebook and website! (:

And also, I'll be posting a review on another Hada Labo product on this platform soon! Can't wait to share and do read up!

Lots of love,

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The book cafe

Hello Humans,

Yes, it was cafe-hopping with Shan after our morning driving lesson again! This time round we visited THE BOOK CAFE! So far the photos not bad right? I mean, the place. Got ourselves settled down on the sofa seats and it feels so cozy at home! HAHA. Checked out their menu and they have quite a range of food like sandwiches, breakfast, pasta and even some Asian food! The lunch promotion caught our eyes but it's really much worth it. Just that the promotion only starts at 12pm and it was only 10.30. So......

We order a Tradition Apple Pie to share and just nuah and wait for 12pm! I know we damn zai. HAHA. But anyway, we wanted to order almond cake cos we always love almond. But too bad, almond cake is not available today and we were introduced to this lovely pie! IT IS NICE. Warm desserts are so yummy too! Love the crunchy tart, a bit sour apple filling and green apple and chocolate at the side! It was really a good try!


We finished the pie in no time. Walked around the cafe to pass our time and they have so many magazines for you to pick up and read/flip with your order in the cafe. They also have books which you can even buy them home. Not bad huh! And we come to realize that we can start ordering a main since we plan to have just one lunch promotion set. And so we made an order for this:

Egg Benedict with English Muffin with Rosti! I love this! The English Muffin is soft yet is crispy cos I guess they pan-fried it for a moment. And it's quite good of them to have a small rosti! :) YUMMS. And we requested the staff if it's okay for us to make our order for the lunch promotion first and they can serve us later when the time strikes 12. HAHA, the staff was kind enough to say okay and she's kinda friendly and polite (:

And our lunch promotion comes with:

Soup of the day plus 2 pieces of bread. You can order dessert if you prefer it over soup! We ordered soup cos we already tried apple pie.

Seafood Pasta which tastes not bad. I can't really recall the taste so it should be okay, not bad, but not too outstanding. HAHA. It's the more expensive dish and we prefer it over others so yes this is the one. Oh, the set comes with coffee or tea too (:

We sat in the cafe for almost 3 hours before heading somewhere else. This cafe really seems like a peaceful quiet one, with their pretty not bad food and staff and cozy environment. Oh ya, their toilet is super clean also, I feel like it's like in hotel hotel/clean shopping mall toilet. HAHA. I'm not sure whether I'd say the location is not really convenient but come to think of it, it is still okay. We took train to Tiong Bahru and took a bus 123 outside Tiong Bahru Plaza. It was just 6 stops and a few minutes walk, which I think is still acceptable and accessible. It'd be good if you can spare some time wandering around the place too. Probably I think that way cos I've not explore that part of Singapore. HAHA. The Book Cafe, I don't mind visiting it again! :D