Saturday, September 28, 2013

Random Update

Hello Humans,

I was kinda tired these days cos I've been helping out in my dad's shop since they were away to China. It was only 7 days and I feel so tired! But anyway, since I'm not really a sales person so I only do back end stuff like you know, tidy up my dad's and sis's office, helping out some admin stuff, boiling water, preparing milo and green tea, feeding our fish, watering our plant, sweeping and mopping the office and haha, tidy up stuff. In short, I'm there to 打杂. But it's still great to be a helping hand to my sis cos somehow I'm useful in lessening her workload/burden and there's someone to accompany her! And since I'm so free so why not right! Not to forget we also had supper as and when during those days! HAHA. We had roti prata and yong tau foo! And during Mid-Autumn festive we even be big lightbulbs by clashing Xin and her bf's date. Well, they invited us to join in the fun so we did. :D

Life was quite routine when work starts: wake up when the alarm ring, head to work, do usual stuff, time for lunch, do usual stuff, time for dinner, do usual stuff, knock off, head home, bathe and wash up, watch 甄寰drama and sleep. It preview for work life next time, and this really make me o.o

Anyway talking about work, it's time for more active job hunting (I hope so)! With my family travelling, Shan and I feel like travelling again! HAHA, we were talking about going Taiwan or Europe! HAHA, can you imagine us saying that when I'm freaking broke now?! So... I have this thought of getting a temp/contract job for a few months and after which I'll have some money to travel! Like 3 weeks or travel or so! HAHA. Okay, I'm a dreamer. It's a feasible option. I'll see how it goes. Like if I can get a perm job then good, more secure. If I can get a temp job, never mind if no re-contract cos off I go to travel! Well., that's just a plan, nothing is actual till it really happens huh cos anything can change anytime! (: The thought of travelling makes me so excited! LOL. But looking at my bankbook, I can only tell myself keep dreaming and you'll be do that one fine day!

On a side note, I guess the heat and the unhealthy food that I've been eating (and maybe lack of water intake), I'm having sore throat again -.-


Monday, September 16, 2013

Cafe hopping with xq [Letoile Cafe and Wimbly Lu Chocolate]

Hello Humans,

This post is gonna be on yummy food again! Yes I've been eating all the sinful sweet food, especially on this cafe-hopping day with XQ since most of the stuff we ate were starchy and desserts. FATTENING SINFUL FOOOODDDD, I think I'm gaining weight again ):

Cafe-hopping buddy of the day!

We have a list of cafes but we decided on Letoile Cafe and Wimbly Lu Chocolate as they are along the purple line. Cos since we'll be having the whole day for two cafes, it will be better for us to go cafes that are further from where we stay. We did think of exploring other parts of the purple line, such as walking around Puggol Park or something cos it's really somewhere that seems not bad to explore! But we'll save that to other days cos it was raining quite bad and XQ had something on that day.

As I've mentioned, it was raining on our date so it got a bit troublesome for us to nagivate our way. ): Meet up the girl at Farrer Park and we spent more than 30 minutes finding Letoile Cafe though it supposed to be like a 7 minutes walk. I was hoping that Goggle did not lie to me again and make us walk one big round. It didn't really lie to ask but somehow we just got lost. Our poor feets were all soaked in water when we finally reached the place. But anyway, the cafe is really quite easy to find and nice the MRT if you didn't get out at the wrong Exit.

Though we were quite sianjipua with our wet shoes and feet, I got to admit that I'm quite happy with the cafe! It's kinda like a peaceful and quiet place standing on a random Owen Road.

We didn't order much since we just wanna try some of their food and to look around and nuah around. So here's Banana Nutella Toast and Carrot Cake. We shared the food so we could try more but sad to say that XQ didn't eat much of the Carrot Cake cos it was too sweet for her. But as for me, I think the sweetness was still okay! HAHA, so I ate most of it :X We also order a pot of tea at $5.90 to share and it can be refilled! 2 food plus tea, we just lazed around and chat on random things despite us getting sleepy from our lunch and rain.

And it is a pretty cafe with pretty stuff, as can be seen from the photo above! Tables, sofa and all the stuffs make the place so nice to nuah. A place where you can really just laze around, along or with your friends to chit chat and munch on affordable food. Cakes looks not bad and the price seems acceptable but I've yet to try them. But I believe I'll be visiting them again so no hurry! HEE. Anyway the total bill was around $20.

My POV: I think I don't have to say much. Personally I love the place. Price range is sort of standard for cafe but some prices still acceptable eg tea. I also love where it is located, standing along a random street with less crowd on a weekday, sipping tea into your mouth, reading a book on hands or catching up with friends.

Operation hour: Mon-Fri 11am-10pm / Sat-Sun 9am -10pm (YES it's open on Monday!)
Nearest Station: Farrer Park, Exit D

P.S. I went there another time after a few days with my sister! HAHA, so did XQ with her friend. LOL. Will blog about it in another post! HEE.

So after hours of lazing around and got cheated that we could get cheap Golden Village tickets at City Square, we set off to Wimbly Lu Chocolate which is near Serangoon MRT. We gonna walk a bit from the station to the cafe but it was much easier cos the rain has stopped and somehow we got some directions already and hence didn't get lost. HEE.

We ordered Vegetarian Baked Rice and Larva Chocolate Cake since we had too much sweet treats and it's time for some savoury food! HAHA, and we have to try their chocolate since their name has "Chocolate" too! Okay that's what I'm saying only, we actually were thinking between chocolate tofu cake or something and larva chocolate and end up ordering the latter. Vegetarian Baked Rice was nice. It looks quite simple and plain but it's nice! You know some baked rice you eat and eat until don't really wanna eat cos it's too oily or 腻? It's totally not the case for this. I'm not sure what kind of cheese they use but we kind of like it. The rice, its ingredients and cheese were like good combination for something starchy, nice and simple yet nice. I think I'm repeating myself. So anyway, the larva chocolate cake was yummy too, but it's kinda small too! Inside was really soft. I guess inside was almost all liquid state of chocolate but I couldn't really remember.

Here's us with the background of the cafe! Pretty nice and we got ourselves a corner table which is kinda peaceful in the noisy cafe. HAHA. What's above us was a glass/transparent roof where you can check out what's happening outside! We also talked about it whether it's good to have one at home, HAHA. Didn't stay that long in the cafe, we were really tired and sleepy but decided to make a move before any rain comes. By the way the bill for two was $20.

MY POV: This cafe is located among those landed property, pretty interesting. The location wasn't difficult to find, if you never get lost. The food here are not bad. As for atmosphere wise, it's pretty not bad though it can be uite crowded and noisy. Seats are pretty limited too.

So all in all, we spent $20 each for cafe-hopping that day! Awesome date with XQ while she was having holiday! I have been eating nice food and visiting cafes cos people around me (e.g. sis and friend) wanna try out some cafes and so do I! But I realized my wallet/bank is getting from thin to thinner and me myself getting from fat to fatter so I guess I need to control a little bit already. HAIX.

But anyway, food is loved. How to resist you tell me?!


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Meet up with NPM before her weird shift starts

Hello Humans,

I realize I've been updating my blog on outdated things. HAHA.

Meet up with NPM before she officially steps into the next phase of her life-working life! Oh well, by now she has been working for 2 weeks already. Haha, now you know how outdated this is!

Planned our lunch date at 49 Seats Cafe but unfortunately the sole of NPM's shoes was coming off and hence we went to Tiong Bahru Plaza to check out their shoes. And quite suay, the only pair of shoes that she eyed was faulty and of course we didn't buy it. So we had our lunch at Korean Restaurant (the name is really call Korean Restaurant) to save time on travelling and perhaps we'll have time to get her shoes later when we get to town!

So here's my Porky (mild spicy) with rice and her Spicy Tofu soup with rice! I always eat the same things for Korean food cos there isn't much for me to explore in the first place. Or perhaps I'm just being safe as usual. Side dishes are pretty nice too and can be refilled! Despite being weekend, there wasn't much people in the restaurant. In fact, we were one of the very few X: But anyway, the taste of the food are pretty not bad and the portion of the meat is quite generous. You know some people like to cheat you by putting lots of veggi beneath the meat to make it seems like there're a lot of meat?! Luckily this is not one of them cos this meal costed me around $17, but come to think about, it is very expensive right? HAHA. Catch up a bit before heading off to KBox after our lunch and we didn't have time to get her shoes X: Hee, sang those standard songs that we always sing. lalallalalaaaaa. Too bad that we didn't keep our song list updated up since we seldom listen to new songs. But some old songs are awesome, really! Pretty much our standard date of eating and singing HEE.

All the best for working NPM! Hopefully we'll still can find a good timing for meet up due to your weird working schedule! HAHAHHHA.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

M&M Dates with Laopo ZY

Hello Humans,

Musical: The Phantom of the Opera

The distance and angle from my seat! Seems a bit slanted but it was okay!

The long awaited musical, which was supposed to be my first musical experience, was finally here on 25th August (Paiseh I know it's kind of outdated but bo-bian). To be honest, my excitement level was the highest when we made the purchase of the tickets. It then went on and off. HAHA, it was quite a hard time for us to search for the best seats and I can remember how heart-wrecking it was when someone bought the super best seats that we were eyeing.

Anyway, it was a threesome date with ZY and her younger sister. We were kinda excited in some sense and I wondered how great our seats would be since our tickets are so expensive. And it did not disappoint us cos we were really kinda near the stage! As in we get to see the performers' facial expression (though it may not be those super clear kind but still can see I think). The stage was a grand one and they even cover it up so as to prevent people from taking photos of it -.- The performers can really sing, and some were like oh-my-god super high pitch! I was lost here and there but I felt so happy when I hear familiar music/songs! HEE. We were also quite curious of whether the music was played by an orchestra or via CD or whatever cos it was  really fantastic! We went into the crowd in front of the stage after the performance and saw the band! :D It was like damn awesome. If only I can play an instrument! And I can't help it but to confess that Christine's childhood guy friend (aka her bf) looks so good-looking! HAHA. It was a pity that we couldn't find the poster of the musical for memory ):

View of other seats

Movie: The Purge

The other M date with ZY was MOVIE!

I've finally have a movie date on a random Tuesday night.

Thanks ZY for reading my post and accompany me to do things randomly! HEE. So anyway, sometimes it's good to have a cinema near your house and when it is not really crowded. I mean there wasn't a lot of people buying tickets and all. So ZY read about my post on Movie Mood and she hinted me to date her out, which I did by PM-ing her. So yes, I dated her. As I was afraid that we can't get good seats should we buy the tickets too late, I reached at 6.20pm for our 7.30pm movie. To my surprise, there were barely some taken seats. Also, I realized that it's good to have movie date on Tuesday if you have a passion card cos you'll get to have a free combo- a pop-corn and a drink. *Cheapo mode on*

So anyway, the movie was quite a short one- 85 minutes. But it goes straight to the point instead of beating around the bush. It started a few hours right before The Purge and end right after The Purge. The Purge is a legalized time frame from 7pm-7am on a day for people (i.e. the Americans) to do something like killing, fighting, burning or whatever they like, to release the beast side of them and to cleanse their souls. In other way, the country will be "benefited" from The Purge by having low crime rate, low unemployment rate and maybe some other stuffs that I didn't really catch. For those victims, their loss were seen as a scarification for the better of the society.

This movie made me pondered for a while for some issues. It raised issues of humanity, social issues etc.

1. The Purge should be supported as it helps the progress of the country. For instance, a safe nation with low unemployment rate and low crime rate. However, all the figures are so unreal cos hello, people might just wait for that day of the year to do all the evil crimes. In fact this idea wasn't really realistic. Imagine there are some many people being killed, the employees and the employers. How can a workplace/organization/shop function properly the next day? For example, a lost of a employer or a leading figure could risk the functioning of the company. What happen to the destroyed infrastructures?

2. Do we have the rights to end the lives of anyone, especially those of lower social class just because they are homeless or different skin colours? This was highlighted in the movie and it was quite sad to admit that some people do think so that the lives of the homeless or lower social class indeed have less worth as they have lesser contribution in the society and in fact they were seen as burden.

3. Should I be one of the people witnessing the victim (e.g. the Black in the movie), will I try to save him? He was begging for help. He's innocent but he became a prey of the night. Who is he for me to save and to risk the lives of my family? I don't know what kind of decision I will actually make. To watch him die since it's better to protect your loved ones first or to save a life. It seems that kids have more empathy towards the victims and hence the son helped him. Yet standing from the viewpoint of his dad, what he was doing was just to protect his family. HMM, so honestly speaking, I guess I'll do the same as the dad, being selfish, protective and heartless. Though it's gonna sound cruel but I think more fault lies in those who wanna to kill that man, though unwillingness to lend a helping is kind of immoral too...

4. If I'm the dad, will I hand over the Black to those people who wanted to kill him? I think my stand is already quite obvious for point 3 already X: But humanity can be inspired or reminded even in the nick of time (:

5. If I'm the mum, will I kill those neighbours who nearly killed my whole family? I'm a petty person and I don't think I'll be able to face those fake people in the near future and moreover they might just come back for revenge on The Purge next year. 斩草除根,免有后患。OMG I sounds damn cruel again. But it's really like I wouldn't provoke you if you don't provoke me right? HMM, humans....

So yeah, the movie is pretty not bad. Those points above are just some random thoughts of mine. To me The Purge is something lack of moral and is a flawed activity. Does it really cleanse one's soul by doing all these stuff? Does the society and country really benefit from it? Sorry I don't think so.Maybe it set us thinking that violent doesn't solve the problem? Maybe.

So that was it for my M&M date with ZY. Can't think of a list for ZY to date me yet. We'll see how :)


Friday, September 06, 2013

Bonding Session with Shan (Cafe hopping & movie date)

Hello Humans,

Shan and I have always wanted to do some cafe hopping and we finally started our cafe adventure with our first stop- The Orange Thimble last Sunday. It was around 10 plus when we reach Tiong Bahru and we could see crowds around the area. As we made our way toward The Orange Thimble, we spotted a coffee shop with a long queue. Customers were eating Hainanese curry chicken and pork chop if I am not mistaken. They (the food) look good! Seems pretty nice to have a eat-out-breakfast or get someone in the family out to take-away some hot-piping food for the family. So we walked past Tiong Bahru Bakery. It was full-house, packed with humans of different ages. We made the right choice and headed to The Orange Thimble, which is super peaceful from the outside as there is no single customer via the glass door. The photo above was taken when we left the cafe, hence there was someone in the photo.

It seems like a peaceful place to chillax, to chat with your friend, to enjoy a cup of tea and a book or whatever you do. There were 2 groups of people there when we reached the cafe. A couple was about to leave and the other big group seems like some editorial group having some informal meeting at the long table. Not bad, the cafe offers different types of tables that suite different groups of people. Like I've mentioned they have long table for big groups, or a sofa seats cos cozy time in the cafe or maybe a normal table and chairs if that's more of your preference for eating.

Somehow the both of us thought that the cafe is 2 stories but no, it is not. We settled down and ordered a Red Coffee Rib Stew with Pasta ($12.90) and a cup of tea ($5.90) to share. I gonna say I love the ribs cos the meat is so tender and there's no difficulties at all to eat the meat! The stew was kinda sweet but after you add just a bit of coffee, the taste changed and there's coffee-taste added to it. And it was great cos there wasn't much noise in the cafe, unlike Tiong Bahru Bakery.

Overall feel: The Orange Thimble seems to be a great place to just spend a peaceful day with yourself or some people. It seems pretty much that you're living in your own world. I love the food that I've ordered and tea can be refilled with hot water upon request. However, personally I feels that the range of food offered is slightly limited, that includes their dessert. But surely, I'd love to visit it again. (:

We planned to go Tiong Bahru Bakery as our second stop of the day since it is just next door and we would love to try more of their tarts. However the crowd on a weekend is a huge turn-off and hence we just nuahed in The Orange Thimble. HEEE. But to be fair, we had our lemon tart take-away from Tiong Bahru Bakery and ate it while we were waiting for our bus to town. I gonna say I love their lemon tart too! The lemon is sour! HAHA, I mean it's really appetizing and kind of nice to have a sour dessert. It actually taste nicer than those pastries that I've ordered during my last trip with Adele! So... I don't mind going there again to try out more of their tarts! (:

Overall feel: Taste is something that is simply too subjective. What you love may be hated by someone. I mean some of their food are so highly recommended but after tasting they can be okay okay for me. However I fell in love with the lemon tart and hence will not mind going back to try other tarts. But hey, visiting it on a weekend for me is a no-no if possible since it's way too crowded.

Another highlight of the day is probably our movie date too. We watched The Internship as much desired by Shan. Surprisingly, it's an awesome movie! I mean, I wasn't really interested in the movie but I don't mind watching it. But it was quite funny and a laughed quite a bit! And yeah, it also reminds its audience that when there's a way when there's a will. So don't give up too easily and some ridiculously options may actually turn out to be a fantastic one.

That's all. It would be great if we can have a monthly all-day-out bonding session with sis. HAHA.


Wednesday, September 04, 2013


I had a weird dream.

I dream that Greece was about to be destroyed (It wasn't clear in my dream what was destroying it and I'm not sure whether "destroy" is the appropriate word though) and everyone living in Greece have to leave the country, the land. All the businesses closed, with some hanging piggy banks in their store (yes, blue piggy banks) stating that they do not owe the state anything and they have paid whatever they could/need. They fear that the "monster" will chase them for what they thought its people owe. People fled in fear and some were still planning their departure. They only left 135 days. 

I could vaguely remember the dream. But I could sense the fear when I was dreaming. I woke up with a clearer impression of the dream but it faded as the time pass. I could no longer remember much of the dream and all I remembered was mentioned.

What happens if one day, you have to leave your country? Given 135 days, I am not sure if it is sufficient. But that means it will be gone forever. But could it be that bad? At least I can bring my family ago, to maybe Malaysia which is just next to Singapore. But I might not be able to return to the place I once called home. I don't know. Okay, I'm just being random. Random thoughts here and there.

I kind of miss dreaming about weird dreams. Dreams that you know they are dreams but feels so real.


And the other day, I had another dream.

As usual, my memory of the dream fade as time pass but there's always some stuff to talk about.

In this dream, I was being chased by something, perhaps a ghost or a monster. I was scared but I managed to run to a place. It seems like a hall, where there were some people practicing at the stage. They were kind people who were helpful enough to let me hide among them and somehow I was able to camouflage myself. The ghost came and asked for me. To prevent the ghost from seeing my face, everyone looked down. It was weird that the ghost was here specifically for me cos he/she did not hurt the others. To my surprise, the ghost remember my gelish nail polish (the one that I am having now) and ordered everyone to lift their hands up and point in front. Since some of the kind soul didn't know about my special nails and they have to obey the ghost, some of them raised their hands while I managed to tell some not to do so as it will expose my identity. That's all I remember. I guess it is the funny or weird part of the dream on my nails that made me remember it. HAHA, so random right?

Can't wait to have more dreams.