Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hello Humans.

Yesterday was cooling!:D I feel that it's been long time since its rain at night, so the feeling was quite weird. But nevermind, at least not like now so hot!

Anyway the above photo was taken quite long ago, hair grow faster please!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Hello Humans.

It's Friday again. Life is such a routine! Never mind, what's most important is to get those items on To-Do list off as soon as possible. (: Anyway I only typed around one-third of my essay, got to speed up a little! Oh ya, I wonder if I really use my tiny brain to think a lot for this essay, cos I get hungry quite often. This explains why I wouldn't success if i were to diet! Cos I must have my three meals! HAHA. (:

Come to talk about To-Do list:
1) HS103 essay [must done by this weekend]
2) HW101 3rd assignment [must done by next friday]
3) Inform my tutors about my self-declared holiday and I'll miss tutorials [next week?]
4) Start packing my lugguage [soon, it will take long time]
5) Study for exam when I'm back from China [next next wk]
6) Prepare for my sister's 21st [when back from China]
7) Go for exam [24nov-1dec]
8) Then I can start enjoying life (hopefully!) Think need to start considering modules to take next sem!

Today's lecture was a short one. It ended around 50 minutes earlier! HAHA. (: Then spend my time in Computer lab doing the essay... But I guess I should get going soon before the rain starts again! Oh well, let me finish blogging first. HAHA.

Yesterday's HS1o2 lecture was interesting. Prof Francis had a meeting so a guest lecturer came for out lecture on Consumption. Perhaps can consider taking the module on Consumption next time! HAHA (: Slept late yesterday at 1plus due to essay. Very long didn't so late sleep and I saw so many people FB-ing! HAHA.

To end off, I would like to say yanting is a stalker! HAHA. She suddenly appear behind me today after i alight at the bus-stop! HAHA.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello Humans. Tomorrow (I realise that I've been using tmr as a short form till i forget how to spell it correctly,BAD!) will be my two laopos's exam! GOODLUCK DEARS! :D After all the stress period that will pass very fast, you all can start enjoying life without lectures! (:

Anyway, was late for tutorial for 10 minutes. Okay, first time late for tutorial. Blame on the stupid trains! I missed 4 trains you see! Two of them were towards Pasir ris and I wouldn't want to waste my effort and time to go down and up the stair for the train to go boon lay. Moreover the trains were flooded with people. totally SIANJIPUA and pissed off especially the weather is damn HOT. I wonder if it's the weather hot or my temper is hot. HAHA. Oh well, never mind.

Had study session with Adele (: It was pretty okay for the study session, I guess we did something for our essays in some way or another. Then here comes the Exam Welfare thing and people started queueing like 12.30pm though the thing start at 1pm. So one person queue then the rest all queue. Of course, as a typical Singaporean I did my part in preserving this culture that is socialize in me! HAHA. Moreover imagine if everyone don't take, it will waste all the effort and time of the organisor! And it's a good virtue to save money! Okay, that's what I think though you may argue that those are just excuses... NAH NAH NAH. AND, I think sort of "kiasu-ness" is not only in Singapore but it is just being highlighted more than other countries. I don't know how true for what I'm thinking but I'm definitely don't have the time to fgo research on it. HAHA. So I had a great auntie-ing and study session with adele! Hopefully each sem we'll meet up and carry out this activity together! HAHA(:

OKAY, I didn't realise that I only left one week of school before my self-declared holiday. Then when I back most probably would be study break. OMG.

OH YA, my sisters are back from korea (:

Off to research.....


Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello Humans.

Today's presentation was Okay, bascially i just sit at the front and read what I've written. Hmmm, it's like news reporting. HAHA. But that's how our individual presentation for the readings is. Nonetheless, I was quite nervous and PHEWWW it ended! (: Oh well, two more essays (one short and one long) for this sem and I'm done for holiday and examination!

But I don't really have a clear mind of what I'm going to do for my two essays, so again I'm pretty stuck. Shall do tutorial work for tomorrow's classes and I think this will take up my whole day. ):

Anway did i ever mention that I hate dislike Tuesday? ("hate"seems to be strong)... Early in the morning for discussion with tutorial done (with many readings) then followed by a break then chinese lesson i always kana ask and answer wrongly then end with a boring lecture. That's why i feeling of ponning tuesday's lesson keeps haunting me though i never fail to be the discipline one! HAHA.

I wonder what grade will make me happy. Getting grade B seems okay, but think about it, there're A+, A, A-, B+, then B! So it's fifth grade instead of the usual 3rd or 4th grade. Oh well, seems that the 3rd assignment which is an individual short essay i got to work harder... But like i said, my mind is BLANK! D': HOW IRRITATING MAN. But thank godness like the pair work we did score better, a B+ (: Okay Okay, i am satisified, a B will be okay, Please don't drop to C.

Okay, off i go.

LOVES,bean. (:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello Humans.

Don't you agree that the weather is damn HOT?

i woke up with my back, my bed and my blanket wet! Seriously hot! ): And now the weather is like going to rain! Poor Earth!

Okay, off for breakfast and continue with my readings! And amazingly my second reading already take 15minutes for the presentation! RAH, need to summrize it again cos think total i only have 15minutes for TWO readings. SIANJIPUA.

LOVES,bean. (:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hello Humans.


Okay, i shouldn't use the word "finally" since time is passing so damn ultra fast that i hope it will slow down so i can quickly read my readings and start drafting what to say for the presentation! But good to receive a mail from the tutor saying that she hopes the presentations ( there'll be 2 presentations on coming monday cos' my class is pretty lag due to holidays falling on Mondays) will not take up too much time so she can proceed on discussing on other issues on religion! HAHA. I shall do summary for 2 basic readings instead of 4. But so far i only read one of them X:

Went Bugis with my sister today, it was quite a impromptu one! So sorry Jeremiah for telling you i busy with presentation and that's true!HAHA. But i still wonder why you like to come school so much! 1+ years later you can keep going school liao la! HAHA. And next time you can find the rest like yiqing or fengyi or pamela! Or else I charge you tourguide fee! Anyway back to topic... Guess what, I didn't know you can hold an event like birthday party or organization meeting or gathering etc in the National Library! So anyway, we went there to check it out la, cos my sister is going to be 21st soon! (:

Studied at Coffee Bean and sad to say there's no 10% off for NTU student which I thought have ): Anyway the carrot cake is NICE! and the yummy hot double chocolate! Total is 12bucks, but the cake and drinks quite big so not that bad... Okay, mentioning it alone makes me hungry already!

Anyway, my tired eyes are not so pain already! Yippy, but seems like the pain is being transfered to my left eye. LOL. I should STOP rubbing my eyes...


P.S.: boys over flower ending tomorrow! Then tao hua xiao mei! Hope it'll be nice... I still think that sometimes watch this kind of drama not bad la, cos it will never ever happen in real life or to me! HAHA.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hello Humans.

I'm using the computer instead of reading the readings for my presentation x: Blame on the limited seats in libraries that led me to com lab! Since in com lab must use computer mah, if not will kana chase out one! Especially it's quite crowded... Back to the readings, they are VERY DRY to me! i know i said that before, but so far i have not even manage read one page! Think i should go home and read cos i need to read out loud, especially i need those information for presentation -.=

Anyway, done my HS 101 essay yesterday. I am damn tired, unable to focus for 5 hours of lectures today ): But i guess i had enough sleep! sleep for 6.5 to 7hours already! Or maybe due to my eyes, which is still pain. Don't tell me is infection again -.= Nevermind, it will be fine soon like last time! HAHA. anyway, left 3 assignments for this sem! (:

It's 22 October! Don't you think think pass ultra very fast? Last year was busy pia-ing for A' level. If I'm not wrong it started 3 november (since that was my sister's birthday) ... and this year is coming to an end soon. after rushing for essays and presentation then i'll off to china, then back to prepare and sit for examination and then enjoy my lovely december holiday! (:

Anyway, I seriously want to go K during my holiday! HAHA(: Feel like going to the K-Box near JP one. Oh well, shall see how!

LOVES, bean. (:

P.S.: May all stay healthy, peace and happy... things may just change out of a sudden...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello Humans.

I'm still doing my hs101 essay! Hope i can finish it by today! Then I can proceed on with my stupid individual presentation on monday! Need to read two readings that look so dry to me la! And i have not start reading them X: That will be my weekend homework.. Anyway I can forsee how I'm going to spend my weeks!

this weekend: HS102 readings for presentation
next week: Pia HS103 essay and HW101 essay. (OMG, how can I do two essays in one week D: )
Okay, by right HW101 essay I can do after HS103 essay, but I have to hand in earlier since I'm going to have a self-declared holiday! So blame myself then!

Oh well, never mind, time will pass very fast, much much faster than usual! HAHA. But then exam will be nearing too......

I've decided to do BULLYING for HS103 essay. Manage to get some materials from the library, hopefully they are useful (:

I can feel the pain from the edge of my right eye. It's been two days. I wonder if I rub my eyes to hard yesterday morning! HMMM..):

Okay, stop whinning and get going!


e-elearning in progress.... then HS101 essay..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello Humans.

I'm staying home with my brother. The rest of my family is at airport! cos they're sending my sisters off to korea!!! Hopefully they'll get some nice goodies for me! (: and somehow i do envy them! Oh well, i can wait till i go overseas with sister/ friends when i get older and financially secure! :D Then i can play like a mad woman and spend like a queen and back will overloaded luagges! HAHA. Nonetheless, i want go Taiwan and Korea/Japan! HAHA. Okay fine since i get to fly next month! The more i should get my work done as soon as possible!

Out with shan yesterday. Studied and went walk walk (: She's as cute as usual! I LOVE MY SISTERs :D

Okay, shall heat up dinner then do essay! (:/ :( this essay is really killing lots of my brain cells and using up my brain juice!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello Humans.

Cute little hat right? HAHA.

Slept at 2 plus yesterday! super ultra long didn't sleep that late! was sleeping and reading my readings. anyway today no school so it's okay! (: HAHA. people going school or starting school today don't be jealous! HEE.

halfway through the essay with all rubbish! okay...

LOVES,bean (:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hello Human.


There're quite a few pictures for this post since I finally upload them to the lappy (: I think the above picture is nice! especially the nice weather (:

RAH. This tiny brain of mine refuse to work! So SIANJIPUA CAN! D': and i barely touch on it X:

and i flipped through this book, hoping that it will help but sad to say the help is rather limited ): RAHHHHHHHHHHH):

YES, the above two photos show my love for my lao gong MR BEAN! it's so much cheaper (like 30cents cheaper) to buy in school! Glad that there's a mr bean shop near the canteen which i always go (:

i don't like this part of my hair (as pointed in the photo). DEAR HAIR, PLEASE GROW LONGER AT A FASTER SPEED! :D

oh well, sorry for the blur picture. just to comment that i still like this cotton on shorts though i bought a new shorts!Personally i feel that's too expensive for cotton on..

okay last photo! a big mooncake at bugis street! think it can be 3meals for a day for don't know how many weeks sia! HAHA(: it would be great if it's mine! i don't mind having it. just give me one big packet of tea which is same size of the mooncake can le (:

okay, random post! guess i'll end up watching television later just like earlier on X: was watching those old drama call he ri jun zai lai. so sad can. don't know what i'm talking about? watch it yourself, every saturday 2.30-4.30 pm.

LOVES,bean. (:

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello Humans.

I have not start on my essay. How sad can it be? THIS SAD: >''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''':

Myabe i should sit down and seriously think of it. I wonder if i've done that but i'll do that again...

Rain heavily this morning again. So mafan with the umbrella.

Watched a documentary on cheap labor in Indonesia being exploited by Some ehem companies (i don't think i can say it out right?) Anyway it's really sad if i have to work for more than 36 hours and my pay is only $1. And i have to stand for the entire shift and i can't even voice how bad the working or living condition is cos i might even lose the chance of earning that precious $1. They have to produce at least 3000 boxers a day, and i think the boxers are pretty expensive (at least for me, im not that rich either), and they only earn $1 each for a day! imagine what's the percenatage the company earn from selling the boxers! ): That really shows the difference of being someone poor and someone being not poor. So ya, be happy and contended to be born in Singapore! (: At least the young children will have chance for education. They can seek for better medical care. If can't afford, the government may help you out. So though there're problems staying in singapore like stressful and fast-paced life, personally i feel that we're much more fortunate than others like them.

Though we can help to fight against exploitation for them, i do not deny that it's pretty hard. As a capitalist society and oh well, a commoner like we LOVE cheap goods so we can spend less and buy more. with more consumption = economic growth. But we often neglect the fact that people in some poor countries are suffering.. Will you stop purchasing those goods? i wouldnt say yes cos i doubt i can 100% say yes. oh well.....

OH ya, i forgot to mention that 15 oct, which is yesterday, was my brother's birthday! so fast jiu 22 years old liao! still remember how we play together in our childhood time! truely, we only can hui wei wang shi! so ya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEGE :D (he wouldn't read my blog but nevermind)

Yeppy, no school on monday. How i wish wednesday no school too cos it's just an hour tutorial and it's e-learning week for that course! so hopefully the lesson wouldn't be cancelled when i reach the classroom!


LOVES, bean.

yayaya, i hate you stupid cramps. D':

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello Humans.

HS101 essay is really giving me a headache! I've no idea how to start it): OH WELL. stared at it for an hour yesterday night before fall asleep D':

It's sad to hear from my chinese tutor that the final exam has weightage of 70%! That's a lot okay! and the chinese essay which I took almost a month to do is only 10% ): WHY not 30%?!? cos i think most people will do at least okay for that, and so much time is spent on it! as for the class participation, i dont expect many points cos i always give the WRONG answer ): and for the recent chinese test, a pass will make me happy! cos' i got the dynasty wrong and hope he wouldn't be bother much about it.LOL.

Okay, shall go off to the HSS library to find some books! hopefully they'll help in my essay!


the long waited has come! LOL.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello Human.

One after the other. Finally done with HS102 essay. But haven really done cos' have not print it out.

Okay, here i come HS101 essay!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello Human!

Morning very nice to sleep right? But luckily i still managed to drag myself out of the bed and go to school (: The rain was ultra heavy, luckily when i out of the house stop raining le :D Anyway, missed 2 trains which made me very sianjipua lo! Luckily reached the tutorial just nice!

Morning tutorial was scary. A debate. Splitted into groups and send one representative-.= and i really hate this impromptu debate or presentation! and the person we're debating for is such a @#$%^ that we're against her/him on. That makes things harder. Luckily I didnt have the honour to represent him cos simply have nothing to say! HAHA. but i guess such impromtu things will get more common which i simply hate.

Got back my mid term test for hs101. I'm quite happy with it cos I PASS! that's so a miracle! (: pass my short-answer questions with BAA and True/False question with 8/10(one of the question is give away-Is your matri no and name correct!). But sad to say MCQ which i fail by 1 mark drag the overall a lot! But nevermind, I'm very very contended! :D

Did elearning tutorial in school with Helei, Qianjin and valerie. Took 2hrs plus but happy that it's done. but the tutor forget to open the discussion board so we didnt manage to upload it. Being a kind soul, i email her that I can't upload so if it is possible for my group just send it to her as attached. HAHA. then she remember that she haven open it. After doing the elearning tutorial which is a short essay, me and valerie stayed behind to do our pair work essay which due next monday. Her ang mor is really good that we spend around 2 hours to finish it. If is individual work, I think I'll take the whole long day or more to get it done! and glad to say that yesterday was fun doing all those assignments! cos' we had no idea how to do and crapped. Somemore we still can get the work done. That's amazing.

Now, I've to continue with the essay which I've been touching on for almost a week and not done ): Die die must finish up by tmr cos due on thurs! So ya, PIA!

Take care people!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hello Human.

Friday saw quite many people, and all from Hillgrove!HAHA. The first person was Pamela. Saw her on the train. To be precise, i heard her voice first la!HAHA. So nice of me to recognise her voice! LOL. and this woman actually didn't recognise me cos' i change my bag -.= she said she thought she saw me but don't think so cos' the bag different! So means i must carry the same old bag for 10 years or more?HAHA.

Then I saw Yu Chan at Westmall. HAHA. saw her quite a few times there le! (: Then the third person I saw was Dawn! She was Queuing for burger at the pasa malam and I was queuing behind her! anyway ate my chicken burger and spicy chicken wing and i'm very happy (: Oh ya, bought candy floss too (:

Okay, random post only la. Going essaying le. Hope I didn't off track!

Loves, Bean :D

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hello Human.

I love Pasa Malam's food!(: Okay, though they can be quite dirty, but they're nice! Just don't let me see how the food is being prepared and how the flies dance around the food! :D Hopefully the Pasa Malam near my area will be there longer, planning to eat the malay spicy chicken wing which is YUMMY (: Dawn recommended Honey Chicken Chop which is not bad, but I think it's too expensive for it to sell at $3.80 at Pasa Malam and the portion is not really big! Nice try anyway(: But I'm feeling that the Pasa Malam is quite small scale, it would be great if they're selling more stuff (Of course i mean FOOD)! OOPS, i feel like eating popcorn's friend,which is candy floss too! It's been really long since i last put it in my mouth! Was that during J1?HAHA.

Okay, Chinese test was choose 1 question out of the 2. One of them was a phrase which I don't really understand and thought of asking the teacher (but i didn't cos not enough time), and tatah it came out-.= So i did another one which I read but not very sure. And i got the names wrong! How can I possibly remember their names... Just hope can pass and I'll be very happy! Still thinking whether should make it S/U option.. But it's only the first year sem1!.... Okay, ONE TEST DOWN! got to pia my HS102 essay already (due on next thurday)... Research, outline etc! OH, not forgetting the pair work essay for HW101! So many to pia -.=

Watched a video today during the lecture. Interesting and funny! But I HATE the bunch of girl who are damn noisy! Keep talking during the video la! So irritating can... Anyway in the video right, they got mention about the tissue aunty who sang "hello one dollar,uncle auntie xiao jie men........". I've seen this auntie a few times! And ya, the video also mention about a performer who perform the 4"33' (4minutes and 33seconds). She was posing ( sitting on a small chair and in front of a small "piano" and her hand on it after she press the stopwatch) and I was starring hard to see what she's going to do next. I was thinking what she was doing or what she's going to do for damn long time cos she just remain in her position! then after some time, she take the stopwatch and press. It shows "4"33'. Then I (and the rest) was like "OH..." HAHA.

Okay, off I go. Think eat some stuff before i do my research!


Monday, October 05, 2009

Hello Human.

The debate (group presentation) wasn't as bad. Cos no sudden rebuttal during the debate, PHEW! anyway it's good that it's over!(: ONE ASSIGNMENT DOWN! :D anyway the tutor said it wasn't interactive which is very true. HAHA. cos i'm proud to say that my teammates use the research i done in their part! Eh, that's prove my research got use okay (: BUT the part which i do (we decide by drawing lots) is stupid cos don't how to link and no people do research for that!): but heng everyone will get the same grade! still left with one stupid presentation for this term... and many assignments....

Went HSS library today with valerie, surprisingly it's quite empty compared to the last time i visit it. Tried to find books on Women in Singapore but sad to say many are taken D: ya, i'm sort of doing last minute research for the essay which due on next thursday (luckily it's push back from 12oct to 15oct!) X:

anyway i have not touch on thursday's Chinese test! intend to study study tomorrow or wednesday so i can upload them successfully into my overloaded tiny brain (HOPEFULLY)!

Okay, i shall get on with my readings! i'm so not into the mood to read now! ): and my legs are aching for no reason ): that's so irritating!

OH YA! how could i forget to mention the PASA MALAM at gombak?!?! i love otah and malay's spicy chicken wing! i ate them today though my throat don't really feel well! HAHA(: but sad to say the otah wasnt nice! ):


Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hello Human.

I don't wish to wake up at 6.30am again, starring in blank from 8.30am, rushing for assignments every week/day to meet the datelines ):

But still, the cycle going start again ):