Thursday, August 29, 2013

Movie Mood

The Purge
Human Nature can be scary
"If on one night every year, you could commit any crime without facing any consequences, what would you do? The police can’t be called. Hospitals suspend help." What would Human, without regulations and law, turned into? I can’t help it but to think of Durkheim. Rules and regulations that human are subjected to allow the proper functioning of the society, the peace and stability in our society. Rules and regulations punish those who breach it or challenge it. Durkheim aside, the movie seems to be quite interesting since it shows the scary part of human-人性的险恶. One can appears to be damn kind, friendly, approachable etc but deep down he/she maybe planning something against you on this night. Everyone was just waiting for that night, that night of the year. You can be randomly killed. Or could it be Darwin's survivor of the fittest? If you survived the night, you survive. If you don't, then it's too bad. Whatever it is, it seems like it's a interesting, action-packed, and scary (not in horror-movie sense of horror) kind of movie. I should catch it, maybe!

P.S.: I'm not even sure if i'm thinking along the right line for Durkheim and Darwin's theories. LOL.

The Conjuring
Sticking to my 原则
This movie looks so scary and I was sort of drawn to it when I was reading the synopsis in the magazine. Things that are so "old-fashioned" like ghost pulling your feet under your bed, ghost hiding in your ancient wardrobe etc are actually the scariest ones since these are so close to us. I have not watched any horror movie in cinema and I shall not break my custom of paying money to scare myself, especially on the lunar 7th month. I was tempted, really. But I shall endure and wait for Channel 5 to air it soon. 

The Internship
Old Interns
I wasn't really interested in this movie actually, not until when Shan briefly told me about the story line. Never did I realize the two characters in the poster are men in their middle ages. It seems like a funny movie that Shan really wanna watch. HAHA. I remember telling XQ that I wasn't interested but now I don't mind watching it. Maybe I shall check with Shan first. X:

Award winning local film
This movie revolves around 4 characters- a family of 3 and a Filipino maid. The story seems to be very plain and to be honest I wasn't paying any attention to it, until my mum was saying that she wanna watch this movie. Through the short advertisement on TV and synopsis, the movie really just reflects the life of a normal Singaporean family, without much irritating effects or dramas in between. I guess it is the simplicity and the close-to-heart approach of the movie that won its support. Probably I'll bring my mama to the cinema then. 

Seldom that I'll have the feel to watch movie. LOL.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Botanical Garden

Hello Humans,

How long have you not been to Singapore Botanical Garden? I have been wanted to visit the place ever since I went there with Shan on a rainy day for a photography workshop organized by i-weekly. However, 2 attempts to go there wasn't a success but this time round I finally make it! In fact the weather was far too good with super scorching sun. It seems to be the case whenever I'm out with my mum. HAHA. And aunt and grandpa joined us for this trip too. 

Nature's work really makes one feel so happy and relax! Here are some photos that I think they are beautiful, and noting that S3 was used for taking these photos, the quality and resolution should be considered as not bad already! Personally I think that Botanical Garden can be a good place for photoshoot, given the right weather condition. (: And I can't wait to visit the pretty place again since we didn't get to explore much of the area due to the hot weather and we were all too tired. I wanna go to the swan lake! HAHA. Okay, that's all. Hope you'll enjoy the photos (note: no filter)! 

 this is call 石树. I thought is fake one initially X:

So our date ends off with Starbucks 1-for-1 before I headed off for my driving lesson.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Getting old and weak

Hello Humans,

I think I'm getting old and weak cos my immune system seems to deprove over these recent years. ): In the past, I can survive without falling sick throughout the whole year, not even a cough, sore throat or fever. But now, I can fall sick easily with a random sore throat, irritating flu, fever etc. It's so irritating that I can barely talk in the past few days. Never mind, cos I am recovering now especially with medicine I got yesterday. The doctor even asked me not to talk too much. LOL.

Maybe it's time to 进补. LOL.


Friday, August 16, 2013

People Watching

Hello Humans,

Finally I did a part-time job after 8 months (the last one was for Barclays Singapore 2012 in November). It was just a 4-days job at Takashimaya selling some soft toys cos I guess they were just too desperate to look for part-timers due to shortage of workers.

Being a sales person is really damn sian- mentally and physically. You got to stand the whole day/shift unless during your break or meal time. One day, I was doing my full day shift from 10am to 9.30pm and I was thinking whether I should have 2 breaks of 2 hours for my lunch and dinner or should I have just 1 break of 1 hour for late lunch cum super early dinner so I can earn slightly more. To my surprise I was actually asked whether I wanna take 1 1-hour break or 2 30-minutes breaks! It was really “inhuman” cos imagine that full shift is 11.30 hours, and I gonna stand for 10.30 hours?! That’s is really a physical and mental torture to me. HMMM maybe it's okay for a few days but in the long run I think that it is very bad for the body even if one's body is adapted to this unhealthy lifestyle. An aunty was telling me I will get used to standing after a few days and full shift isn't that common as people usually work in shift. Okay, I hope so cos I saw a few girls doing their shifts while I'm doing mine.

You know that kind of sianness I have while I was working? Here touch a bit there adjust a bit. I tried to do stuffs to keep myself occupied by ensuring that the cuties are in place but I only take care of 2 cupboards and a table with soft toys (it's around 9 of my feet size X 6 of my feet size. yes i was really bored.). Suddenly I understand why salesperson like to constantly tidy up their area -.- HAHA, an evil thought came across: Maybe next time I shall be naughty and mess up the place a bit so they wouldn't be so bored! HAHAHA. My 出发点is out of goodwill one okay! HEE.

The first 2 days were very sian cos I didn't manage to sell anything. There wasn't any crowd but only some human beings walking pass with some popping by to sayang the bears and dogs. Weekend was much better! I wonder if it was weekend or due to the baby/children fair at B2, there were quite a lot of mummies and daddies bringing their kids out. What I wanna highlight here is that there were a lot of hot mummies with their babies! I think their kids are like less than 2 years old and most of the ladies are young with slim figures and fashionably dressed. There were also a handful of young mummies with their children in teens. I’m amazed and I wonder if I’ll be one of them next time. HAHA. Or maybe I’ll be a 黄脸婆?! One of these hot mummies has 2 kids and she actually have 2 maids taking care each of them. HMM.

I also looked at how people dressed and what they carried with them. Most of them were dressed up probably because they were in town, with a handful casually dressed in tee and shorts plus slippers. Most were in pairs, married or unmarried. Why am I the single one? HAHA. Okay random. And I saw a lot of people carrying Chanel bag! It’s like really a lot!This made me wonder if we are all so rich to afford it? Or people don't mind paying more for quality products that can be sold off at a good price (compared to XXX brand bag that you can't even sell it)? Or they wanna to use it to reflect their social status? Or they just like it? HAHA. I gonna admit that I think Chanel bag is so pretty that I'd love to own BUT they are far too beyond my budget and I don't think I know how to take good care of them.

Another interaction with a father and son made me think a bit because to me, soft toys are not meant for girls, instead they are meant for kids and the young-at-heart people like me! A little boy was immersed by a doggy which is really cute but his daddy told him (and me) that he can’t buy it for his boy cos he is a boy, not a girl, so he shouldn’t be playing doll. Of course the little boy tried his luck and kept saying “I want… Daddy I want the dog…” but he didn’t get his way. His dad then continued and say that he has 3 boys at home and boys should play something like toy guns and blah blah blah.. Sad little boy kept looking at the doggy while making his way back to his mummy. ): I was thinking about it and thought to myself that probably I will buy soft toys to my kids, be it their gender, cos soft toys are freaking cute! They are not just a soft toy, but something more. It provides comfort when you're sad. It provides a listening ears if you need one. It will never talk back or fight back. It brings you a smile by doing nothing. It accompanies you regardless of what kind of person you are. It has so many functions that I couldn't finish here.

Oh and I realized that I am really anti-social. Or perhaps I don't have a friendly face and they refuse to talk to me. It's okay. I can survive. I wasn't even bothered much since it's just 4 days and I kept looking at my watch and clock nearby to countdown. I just live in my lala land, do my work and off I go. But I hope that wouldn't be the case when I'm holding a long-term job.

It can be really happy and heartwarming to see innocent kids playing with those toys. Some said goodbye and thanked me for letting them to play the toys for a while. Got manners, I LIKE! HAHA.

Stopped working after 4 days. I was asked if I'm able to work over the long weekend with the same amount of pay. I felt that it wasn't the market rate (though I'm not very sure how it works) and I don't wanna be a cheap labour so I decided to just nuah at home instead of earning some money.

That's pretty much. Till then.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Addams Family

Hello Humans!

Don't be mistaken that we are doing advertisement for Candy Empire or Laneige or Bag, please focus on our fingers and the poster behind us. YES IT'S THE ADDAMS FAMILY MUSICAL! I was kind of excited since it's my first musical! (: Anyway, I SUPER LIKE THIS PHOTO cos we look so cute with the finger snapping pose! *snap snap*

So yeah, it was at Resort World Sentosa at 8pm and we were just on time for the musical! We sat down and tatah~ it started! So people, if you think you gonna be late, please don't be too late cos this one started at about 8.10pm. *phew* Just a little confession, I didn't know about the cartoon The Addams Family prior to this X: The most I can say is some of the music sounds familiar, perhaps only the one that used in advertisement. But overall I think it was a good one. Just a bit pity that we couldn't see the facial expression of the performers since we were seated quite far away but it's probably quite a good seat for Cat 3 tickets since we bought it quite last minute. We could see the overall stage clearly and we were seated quite central! (: note: there's no screen in RWS, which I thought maybe there will be some/one screen so that audience at the back can see their expression, haha.

Probably one of the better self-taken threesome photo in the theater itself. I think people behind us really detested us cos the flash was really powerful and we were seeing things (i.e. the flash). And I'm damn zhai with all the photos cos I'm the only one with wide-opened eyes for all photos! *CLAP CLAP*

Our view of the stage. This is actually zoomed in. HAHA
Pretty curtain! :D Like so grand right!Okay this is zoomed in one.

Because taking a good threesome photo is so difficult, we decided to do it individually! The 15 minutes break was a quick one when we tried taking photos. And this was taken in a rush cos the break was over. In fact, the musical end super fast after the break ): Time pass super fast and it didn't feel like 2 hours plus!

The Addams Family Tee selling at $40. Shan was a bit tempted to get one. HAHA. So that's the cartoon version and I think they look quite similar to the cast! :D

Their poster! The boy who acted wasn't him but I love the guy who acted cos he looks kind of cute and silly little brother. HEEE. I admit that my mind was wandering around for quite a few times, thinking of random stuff like what is the actual age of the one who played grandma, how many years each of them have to be endure before getting the chance to be in the limelight (i.e. those who acted as supporting roles like ancestors) and I can't help it but to appreciate their talent of acting plus dancing plus singing so beautifully! It must be really tough for them.

So here's a few photos of us pretending to be them, but let's have a normal one first.

So who is who? Got act like or not! HAHA.

A for Addams and Adele!

Very not creative.

finger snapping pose.

So yeah, we sort of rushed for our last train. Bidded goodbye to Adele at Habour Front since the train (yellow line) is approaching and we shan't waste time waiting for train at purple line. But too bad we still gonna wait for train (green line) when we were at Buona Vista. 

So these are some stupid things that we did. SO CUTE RIGHT. i know thanks thanks! :D

That's pretty much for my first musical experience and I can't wait for The Phantom of the Opera on 25th August! :D


Thursday, August 08, 2013

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Hello Humans,


It's another day to celebrate the nation's independence day and whee, it's public holiday! Okay that doesn't really matter since I'm not affected (not schooling/working).Singapore is 48 years old. Getting old already huh! But no worries cos we are still relatively young and still healthy (workforce, economy, happy population etc).

Wait, how can we forget about the pretty fireworks each year?! 

Chio right!

I remember there were a few times that I was away from Singapore during National Day. Once was last year when Shan and I were in Berlin and I was so cute to change into red tee. HAHA. The other time was back in JC days when I was in China with Pamela they all. This year, I guess I'll probably just nuah at home to enjoy my nuahing session and to avoid the holiday crowd.

Anyway, I kind of miss those national day theme songs! Heard this year's (One Singapore) once and finally it's by random people, I mean no celebrities. HAHA, something new and I think they sing pretty well! :D But my favourite still goes to Kit's Home and Stephanie Sun's We Will Get There. I actually like Tanya's Where I Belong too! HAHA, actually a lot more, like those super old ones like.. omg I can't think of the names though it's singing in my head now... you know the one with "this is my country.. this is my flag......" (Okay it's We Are Singapore lol) and Together. HAHA, I like them cos like very patriotic one with lots of emotion and love!!

So yeah, Happy birthday once again!

And of course HARI RAYA PUASA! :D

Lots of love,

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Review: Hada Labo 3-in-1 Perfect Gel

Sponsored Review

Hello Humans,

Guess what I received last week? (:


HAHA, please don't be too surprised cos I actually signed up for doing a review for them since they were asking for interested parties on their Facebook. What made me to go for this: 
1) I was having some luck (I just got myself a pair of free tickets to Wilber Pan’s concert on that day); 
2) New experience (Finally blogging about something different! Wonder if my review is a truthful review since I may have to account to them as the product was given to me FREE but you'll know later.) :P
3) Free product!! (HAHA. Okay I know I’m very cheapo but who doesn’t like free stuff?! Maybe you’re not one of them but I’m certainly one of them!:P ); 
4) Finally get my hands on Hada Labo product! (I've been wanted to try but I've yet to try. So it was a great opportunity to be seized right?!)

Hello Hada Labo!! I've been anticipating for its arrival cos I only accepted the invitation just a few hours before the dateline and I'm worried that they did not receive my reply. I was so panicked that I decided to email the contact person that I've yet to receive the product! And the next moment my sis passed it to me saying my brother signed it on behalf of me! -.- So paiseh to give false alarm but never mind huh!I was too excited cos I’ve not tried this before and I have no idea what kind of product they actually want me to review on.

I didn't really wanna open it up cos it's so wrapped until so pretty! Here's a photo with my stupid face. HA.

What appeared before me first was this cute panda eye mask! Seriously my first thought was "huh, why do I need this mask when I'm not travelling?!" But oh well, it was so cute that I refused to lend it to my sis for her Australia trip! X: I MUST BE THE FIRST USER! HAHA! Oh a bad news to all panda lovers, sorry that this cute panda eye mask is not for sale! WHEE I'm so lucky to have one! Thanks Hada Labo and EK Media huh! :)

Okay I'm getting off track, back to topic on eye mask! To my surprise, wearing eye mask when you're on bed is actually quite good!

Benefits of eye mask:
1) Cover direct light on the eye, remove interference for comfortable and cozy environment to rest and sleep.
2) Suitable for use in rest on night-time sleep or cure for insomnia or during office noontime rest.
3) Improve eye circulation, removal and relieves eye strain and fatigue, restore ciliary muscle flexibility, reduce eye congestion, suppress weak eyesight and improving eyesight.
4) Remove eye bag and prevent black rim of eyes!
* NOTE: Don't wear it too tight or too loose (BLOOD CIRCULATION!) and remember to wash it frequently unless you wanna to have some pimples around your eye around. HAHA.

I’ve tried wearing it for a few nights but they were failed attempts. X: I only fell asleep after removing them. Paiseh, I guess it’s just me not getting used to having something on my eyes. X: Perhaps I will try it again and again cos my dark circles are getting darker and bigger! ): But if it hinders my sleep then I'll just do away with it and let my Pinky Blossom (i.e. my soft toy rabbit lol) have it for the time being until I'm good with it.

Oops, I just realized I'm being naggy again. Actually the eye mask is just a supporting figure in this post! HAHA. Here's the main lead- Hada Labo 3 in 1 Perfect Gel! It's a full size product instead of sample size! So generous of them huh? Okay I'm being mountain tortoise again. So what exactly are the 3 items that combined into this Perfect gel? Essence + Sleeping Mask + Moisturizer= 1 Perfect Gel (everything at once) ! This means that you're saving a lot of space, time and of course money! (: 

What can this little bottle of gel do? It can do a lot since it contains what we/our skin needs- Collagen, 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid (Nano-Hyaluronic Acid, Super Hyaluronic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid) and Ceramide! Definitely great for hydration and anti-ageing purposes!!! 

The label gave a good summary of the functions of the ingredient but if you're interested to read more, here it is:
1. Hyaluronic Acid: It is able to hold 6 litres of water per gram, providing intense moisture to the skin when applied.
2. Super Hyaluronic Acid: It is able to hold 2 times as much water than Hyaluronic Acid per gram, providing maximum moisturization.
3. Nano Hyaluronic Acid: It is able to penetrate deep into the skin, providing long lasting and deep moisture to the skin.
4. Collagen: The skin starts to age with wrinkles, enlarged pores and poor skin clarity when the body's collagen levels decline. Hence, collagen helps to provide firm, elastic and wrinkle-free skin.
5. Ceramide: It helps to hold and repair the surface skin cells together for a healthy, smooth skin.

In case you're wondering what the ingredients are, check this out! It may help you one way or another to decide whether you should give this product a try or whether it is suitable for your skin! Do take note that Hada Labo 3-in-1 Perfect Gel is exclusively available at all Watsons outlets in Singapore at the price of $35.90

Just a little confession, I was a bit confused on how to use this product. Cos it might be weird to use them all at once. I mean combining sleeping mask with essence and moisturizer?! So I can do away my essence and moisturizer with this product? YES YOU CAN! But for now I'm using it as a sleeping mask only since I just started using my essence and moisturizer! HAHA. And the other confession is that I thought it's a sleeping mask since I need to remove it using toner before putting make-up X: Okay, IT IS 3-IN-1.

Having sensitive plus combination skin can be quite troublesome. But unlike some brands, this Perfect Gel does not give any trigger/sensation upon application! It's really light, leaving me with hydrated skin and comfortable feeling even for the first try! You don't need a lot, just a slighter bigger pea-sized should be sufficient for the whole face. Spread it evenly on your whole face, massage it well so that the gel will be absorbed. My face became shiny after that but never mind huh, at least it's like shining healthily! 

I've tried 4 times so far, probably like twice a week but there isn't much result yet. It must be because I've not been feeding myself with enough water recently so my skin is kind of dry and even the skin at the side of my lip are like flaking. ): BUT BUT BUT, the flakes were gone after application of the gel. I'm not bluffing okay. At least the whole of next day my skin feels hydrated and no flaking skin! So yes, I believe long term usage will yield better result! Have been hearing good reviews on how Hada Labo products are great for hydration and I've experienced it! But to give a more convincing verdict I think I have to try it over a longer period. But at least the first few tries were good! (: And what's so good about this product is that they don't add in any fragrance, colouring and alcohol! Phew, label it "safe to use" for me. HAHA.

Time to go off, wash up and apply this perfect gel before getting into my bed! Thanks for giving me this opportunity, Hada Labo and EK Media:D

Hopefully my first review doesn't sounds too naggy/boring/wordy/irritating/unconvincing! HAHAHHA.

Check out more on Hada Labo products, news and updates via their facebook and website! (:

Lots of love,