Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 2 of year 4

Hello Humans,

My hobby is really nuahing and collecting dust.

I just started searching for something related to my FYP topic though I'm still not sure if I'm going really do on it. It's not going to be easy finding subjects and... Basically I just thought of the main topic, which is health, and a sub-topic without really knowing what I really want to do with it. Please don't ask me yet, cos I'm still searching for an answer myself. (:

Week 2 of study has ended. HS222 lecture was as boring as usual. X: I think prof tried too hard to interact with students or get students to interact among themselves. I was just happily living in my own world cos I doesn't feel like involve or simply I don't have people to interact with. It's okay to be alone and I'm fine being alone, but his lecture was quite boring till the extend that time pass damn slowly! ): Hopes it will get better and he'll just resume to his "talk-to-himself" mode. Oh and one more thing, his readings are thick and lecture slides are wordy ): I WILL SURVIVE.

Oh ya, I wanted to mention this, on how a year 2 can make such a comment and I find it very -.- This year 2 guy mentioned in HS222 lecture that if a society needs to eliminate parts of the population, it is common sense that we SHOULD eliminate (killing them off) the poor. He then went on to make his stand (which I don't really what he said cos I was too -.- at his first statement). A year 4 guy then debated that it's a senseless remark and blah blah blah. Of course I agree with the year 4 guy cos you can't just eliminate the poor just because they are poor! And the year 2 guy was very firm with his stand and the 2 guys got quite worked out that prof have to say it was just a "for example" Hello, you are year 2 (and I suppose that he's at least 21 or 22 years old) but you're making such an ignorance statement. *shake head*. I am glad that this year 2 guy is not in my tutorial group, if not I'll vomit blood.

oh by the way, I don't have to do HS222 presentation alone! Will be doing it will Hui Wen since her friend dropping the course. She's the only one that I "know" and since she initiated to do the presentation together then okay lo! HAHA. But we have yet to inform the tutor so... we'll see how.

HS318 was kinda okay. Saw familiar faces (e.g. Si Hui!) during tutorial and again year 4 makes up the majority. It was year 1 sem 2 when I took HS219 together with Si Hui and Val! (: Tutor, Jamie, is a guy and he's rather soft-spoken. He seems to be okay though he can really keep questioning (e.g. when one student answered his question he then ask her why again).

It will be a good semester, I hope.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm anti-social. As usual, maybe.

Hello Humans,

I realized that as I grow older, I'm getting more anti-social. Not sure why but hmmm, I think I'm getting lazy to make the effort to get to know people whom I think wouldn't get too close. Since my social circle is so small already, I have I can at least maintain it and perhaps draw a few more people in over some time.

Okay that's kind of random.

Anyway, met up with Cherlyn after doing a survey in NIE. It was a freaking good money! (: I love NIE and I love their research department!! Lunch took 2 hours without us knowing and oops, I received miss calls from NPM and FY, both whom I need to meet to pass/receive stuff. HAHA. Nice lunch and random chatting. This woman born on the same day as me, but we are quite different. Say hi to my new friend in Soci (:


My date with my laopo (:

Hello Humans,

It seems that I am super free and online 24/7.

It's officially the second week of school but I'm still in holiday mood. Can't help it, just had a long holiday abroad and now seems like an extension of it. Monday was a public holiday (though doesn't feel like one since I've no class on Mondays) and guess who's my date of the day?

 TATAH~    Xiao Qing and Snoopy!

Oh well, It's been a while that the two of us date! I'm quite sure it wasn't the pathetic date we had when we were in Secondary Two, wearing our PE tee-shirt and shorts around in Orchard and taking Neoprint with it. HAHA. Maybe it was some study session, I couldn't recall X:

So anyway, we had our lunch at Charlie Brown :D It was a warm and the place doesn't have air-condition, but good company plus not-bad-food is still okay (:

The Chief and me (: Hmmm, forgot to ask him why the portion of food is so small! Is it because all of them are small in size?

I would say we didn't do much but we kept finding food and eating food! Lunch was at 1plus and both of us were hungry before 4pm. After searching for a good place for hi-tea, we settled down with McDonalds. LOL. Had nugget set since it's more worth it. It's a set meal but hmmm, end up become snacks. HAHA.

So we took photos again after our meal. My duty was to hold the phone and her duty was to take the photo. HAHA, 分工合作(:

See, I'm not so bias that I'll only date BHL okay. I got date if you (and zy i got date you one also!) too :P After hi-tea was walking around and we had dinner together at around 7pm! Keep eating huh! No wonder I can feel myself getting fatter and fatter after I'm back in Singapore! Keep eating (stuff like fries and chocolate) and not walking much ): And that day, straight after my dinner, I had my "supper" with my family! Well, they were having dinner and I joined them so I can eat my fav chicken from Five Star :D


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Say HI to.....

Hello Humans,

Let's welcome 乐乐 (aka lele)! 
Okay I know it sounds a bit cheena but I like it (:

Whee I'm glad that I chance upon this deal on 1 ukulele at $28.80! It's much cheaper than the deal offered the other time! Since I've thought of learning, I almost immediately bought one for myself and pink one for Shan (: I was hesitating between blue and yellow and decided on yellow. Too bad there's no brown, which is the ideal one. But nevermind, yellow is an awesome, at least I think so (:

Can't wait for 17th Sept to collect it!!!

And to my surprise, xiaoqing has one too! We can all learn together when we're free (:

Okay, I'm heading towards one of my small goal :D


P.S. I'm still in my holiday mood. HAHA

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm home(:

Hello Humans,

I am back home after travelling 7 countries!

Sorry for not updating my blog at all for the past 3 months. Thanks to the unstable internet connection and all. I'm back, safe and sound. (: 

Thanks for everything and everyone that make this a memorable trip. Every single kind soul who helped me one way or another, friends that I made through Europe trip (okay I know I'm pretty anti-social and hence not many new friends. ) and of course existing friend like NPM and my sister shan. Thank you very much. (:

It was definitely a good experience, a good chance to break away from Singapore, maybe to know myself better, to appreciate things and people around me better etc. Nothing beats home, i guess so after being away for 3 months, though I have to admit that I'll miss lots of stuff in Europe.

Perhaps I'll update on my trip soon, but maybe not that soon since school is starting and I'm officially a final year student- I have to start working on my FYP proposal soon since dateline is 3rd September, wish me goodluck.

Anyway, I've been aimless of what lies ahead in the future, but nevertheless I thought of short term goal for a year, at least there's something for me to work on, beside academic thingy, not that bad huh. And my aims is to get a driving license and learn how to play ukulele! I know it's kinda random but hmmm, they just came to my mind and I thought maybe I should go ahead. Perhaps I'll start reading the driving book once I'm more or less settled down with my FYP. As for why ukulele... Well, I've always wanted to learn to play an instrument but unfortunately I only know how to play recorder which I believe most of us know how to. Piano and violin would be too expensive and hard to learn at my age and hence, this cute, inexpensive and seems to be much easier to learn instrument came to my mind! I hope I'll really get to learn to play it, not just hoping or dreaming. I even taught of a name of my future ukulele and that's lele! HAHAHA :D yes, we'll see if lele will ever exist in my life. Oh ya, and maybe to engage in some volunteer work or something similar.

Tomorrow shall be the first time I'm going out in Singapore after 3 months. I believe nothing much have changed. Home is still the best. People, meet up with me soon, especially my dearest friends.