Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello Tuesday

Hello Humans.

November is arriving this week, it's way too fast!

Next week I'll be working for an event job and hence got to miss out exam welfare goodies from HSS and NTUSS ): I'm so sorry NPM for not being able to carry out our sem-ly thing ): Anyway cross my fingers that work will be fine! And hopefully I can get my HS318 done by this Friday since I'll be out over the weekend too. Oh I just started it! X:

Will be meeting friends for their birthday celebrations and followed by my sister's wedding! (:

At the mean time there're deadlines and then exam and end of semester. FAST.

On a side note, S3 lte is pretty user-friendly!(: I've yet to fully explore it but I still have the time to do it next time. Joined instagram (username: hobeanbean) and it's weird to have unknown people commenting/liking my photo. HAHA, and the next moment I changed the privacy setting on.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Steamboat buffet and New phone (:

Hello Humans,

Met up with laopos for dinner steamboat buffet at Royal Hotel, which is near Novena MRT. The food are okay, not bad but not too fantastic. Their yam is super nice and they have chili crab and peking duck too, but the skin for peking duck wrap wasn't nice but overall still okay. It was a good session to stuff ourselves with food and the surrounding was relatively conducive for gathering cos the place was quite quiet! Perhaps we went on a Wednesday or maybe it's the same throughout the week I've no idea. But anyway, it's a get-together-session for us and we had good laughs too! (:

Out with Xin ytd, and we went to recontract our plan and these are the phones that we got:

WHITE S3 which I prefer. Actually I can tell my sister likes it too. Moreover we got it using her plan, so I've no idea whether it will be mine. LOL.

Sony Acro S, which my sister have been looking at.

So after we got our phone at JCube, we rushed down to FarEast Plaza to get her dress altered and we kept eating! First was at JCube where we ate sushi, chocolate cake and drink taro fresh milk then was spicy tofu + fishball + cabbage, bacon sausage, beancurd, luo mi ji and chicken meatballs. LOL.

 Have been trying out the phones and downloading apps for both phones instead of doing my assignments. clap claps. But who can resist playing their new toys right? (:


Monday, October 22, 2012

Hello to a new week

Hello Human,

It's Monday! Okay it doesn't make much difference to me be it Monday, Sunday, Saturday or Tuesday.

Plaited my hair earlier and hence got the "wavy" effect (:

I'm working on my HS222 assignment. But my rate is like snail, but that's better than not doing anything :P


Sunday, October 21, 2012


I knew it.

Instead of studying, I was editing the template/layout of my blog cos I made some mistakes.

I know the front looks a bit kidish, but I sort of like it so I'll leave it as it is.

Okay my bad.

But seriously, I love this photo and this explains why you see it right at the top of my blog and my FB.

Okay, hopes I'll go studies-related stuff now.



Raining these days.

Took this photo quite sometime ago. I know the resolution is bad, but spot that cute white tree at Lian Hua Primary school. so cute right? (:

 Guess my hair is in its longest length now. But I'm going to trim it and do treatment next Wednesday with ZY (: Funny Bay commented that I can shot hair advertisement cos my hair is straight and long. HAHAH. Anyway, hopes the hairdressers are skilled and give our hair a good cut! :D Can't wait for Wednesday since we'll be having buffet with HL at night too (: TAI TAI LIFE!!~

 Painted nail polish, so shiny right? It's good that this kind of colour doesn't require much skill cos the faulty strokes can't be seen clearly. The rapid dry top coat is good cos my nails really dry rapidly! (: Thanks Groupon for the free $8 voucher! On a side note, both Shan and I were thinking that our body hair (e.g. legs and arms) are getting longer after our Europe trip. I hope this is illusion.

Now I've lesser good reads from friends on my blog, cos I accidentally delete that portion from my blog template. Hello lost and found friends.

Off to study, I hope. I'm seriously in a not-so-conducive mood for study (i.e. holiday mood) BUT I'm fully aware that it shouldn't be the case and I've plenty of stuff to get over with (e.g. HS222 policy paper and HS318 Research Paper and FYP thingy). Time for my fingers and brain to work on either HS222 oe HS318 assignments since I've to get them done before November.

-Here's a random post to compensate for the lack of photos in previous posts.-


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hello Humans.

Weekend Malaysia trip was great! It was like a eating and shopping sessions for all of us :)

Dinner celebration for brother-in-law on Saturday at the restaurant in Zon Hotel. Well, the food are okay okay only and the service aren't good. We have to made request a few times before actions were really carried out (e.g. changing plates or refilling tea). We still love Chua Kee and we have it on second night! :D

By the way. I bought a dress for sister's solemnization at RM155 in KSL shopping mall! It was actually eyed by Xin but she's too skinny to fit into it and so I tried it and it fit me nicely! It kinda weird for me in it cos I don't wear tube dress and I feel so empty and fat! But overall the dress is really pretty and since it's in black and white, it can be wore to outings etc (:

We got back to Sg on Monday afternoon but we went straight to City Plaza to do some shopping cos Xin was still looking for dinner gown. Can you imagine that among the 6 of us, only my mum brought her ezlink card and some Singapore dollar to spend? 没有钱还出来shopping! HAHA. In the end they bought quite a lot of stuff like shoes and dresses -.-

And now i'm back to reality. I was seriously feeling that life's good and I was holidaying in the midst of the semester. Have been starring into the laptop for a few hours, sorry that I'm not productive.

That's all.


Sunday, October 07, 2012

Hello October

Hello Humans,

It's October 2012. How fast is 2012 passing man!

I've been going out most of the days since recess week started unofficially on 29th September.

29th Sept
Out with family to Town for lunch. Xin bought voucher from groupon so we went to Chatterbox for lunch. Ordered claypot veggi tofu ):, seafood horfun /:, curry fish (: and coconut icecream (:. Looking at the emoticons you should know how I'd rate the food. I've no idea why the gravy are so thick, which makes the food not so nice. Walked around to look for gown for Ying's wedding in mid-November (: Glad that I didn't miss out too much! Xin bought a lovely earrings and I eyed on one but didn't buy cos it's the last one and we don't like to buy display item /:

30th Sept
Out to look for mama's clothes for Ying's wedding. Headed to clementi and cabbed to paya leba's city plaza! Glad that mama managed to eye on some dresses and aunt too! After that was grandma's birthday celebration at Boon Lay Raja Restaurant, which we've been visiting since long long ago! But it's kinda weird that we don't feel that full after the meal. Usually we were bloated even at the mid-way or near the end. Don't tell me their portion is shrinking or my appetite is expanding. LOL.

1st Oct
Meet up with YQ at JP for lunch and KBox! Singing session got to extend, perhaps it wasn't crowded that day. We were waiting to be chased away but no one ask us to make payment even when the time is almost up. And so we played old songs and sat and listen and sing along some. It was a super hot day and perhaps monthly-friend is making me sian and tired. Sorry if I appear shag or show disinterestedness X: Straight after the singing session was meet up with Tiff, YX and SM for Tiff's advanced birthday celebration. Too bad Eileen and Cal couldn't make it. We had our dinner at Sakura and it was bad and expensive! Why is my first try for Japanese buffet such a bad experience. Besides the limited variety, the food doesn't taste nice and the lighting is damn dark and I was sleepy. First time in buffet that I ate so little I think. But anyway company was great. Hope to see you girls in Nov for Cal's birthday if possible. HAHHA(:

2nd Oct
Out with Shan to Chinatown to collect nail polish top coat that I got it free from Groupon. They sent me a $8 credit so I just find a $7.90 deal to use it! HAHA. After that we collect our ukuleles- hello Uku and LeLe! :D Headed to town to look at wedding gowns for a while behind parting Shan to meet Cherlyn aka Monkey for dinner! Ate at a Chinese restaurant and had small catch up, and some walk around (:

3rd Oct
Out with Shan again to accompany her to dental. Poor girl's retina cracked and she gonna remake one for the top ): I hope my retina will be good and stay strong! Anyway she's going to extract her wisdom teeth tomorrow and most probably I'm going to accompany her. HAHA. Random walking in Bugis and happened to chance upon some nice and relatively cheap gowns! (: We were excited and thus we went back to the shop again on the next day,HAHA.

4th Oct
So Shan got her gown and I was indecisive whether to get one from the shop or not. I wasn't super ultra into the gowns but they are pretty nice and cheaper! So it is highly possible for me to get one from there and so I put deposit for a gown! (: Oh ya, we had lunch at our favourite place- 食为先! Perhaps it is true that you can't keep eating the same food though you like it cos you might lose interest in it or the taste will change. HAHA.

5th Oct
I finally NUAH AT HOME! (: I was too lazy to travel to school for the exercise program and hence I skipped it! OOPS, I better take note that I can only skip it one more time in order to be paid! :D

6th Oct
Out with Shan again. HAHA, this time round was Central which we didn't managed to see much gowns and Town which sell gown at super expensive price. Perhaps we didn't get to see most or all shops so.... it was quite tiring to walk around and to hunt for gown. So end up we bought some other stuff -.-

7th Oct
I'm at home again, finally (: Was nuahing and listening to new songs from 丁当and Jolin! Nice huh! (: and was trying to type stuff for FYP. I'm so sian diao. LALALLALAL

It just feel like.. holiday. With some stupid stuff (school) to work on occasionally though it shouldn't be. I guess I haven't tune my mood correctly yet, just like my un-tuned LeLe. lol