Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sense of appreciation

Something that was mentioned by Miss Angela Chew, who was my secondary school English teacher, that one should not take things for granted. Of course she didn't phrase it in this way, but she said something similar to that. She said something like people who are opening the door or are pressing the door for you and others are not within what they have to do or what they should do. Yet people take that for granted and often ignore the effort of the person who did something extra. Is saying a "thank you" that difficult? I think people just don't appreciate it, or simply, they don't even think about it as something extra as it is your duty since you're standing near the buttons.

In this bureaucratize society, speed and efficiency seems to contribute to fast paced life of people,who are unable to wait for the doors of the lift to be closed. Do you have to stare at the person who is near the door and signal "Hello, can you damn button since it's near you? it's your damn responsible!". Oh why should the person press the button? The doors will be closed eventually. If you're damn so worry about doors not closing, then why not you just stand next to them so that you can press the buttons asap? 

This man was starring at me in lift as if it is my duty to press for the closing door. HE STARED AT ME. I don't think that I'm thinking too much cos at least I think he did that. Hello, you don't have to stare at me. It's not my job. As a passenger in the lift and wanting to get to my level I did press the button and it's the lift's fault for not closing. Don't give me that stupid damn expression like OH CAN YOU PRESS THE DAMN BUTTON. That's annoying. I was with my friends. I said "DON'T GIVE ME THAT EXPRESSION" to my friend but I was trying to direct at that idiot. I don't know if they get it, but if they don't, I'm performing a convert rebellious (is it?). Anyway my friends were also asking me to press the button and that blinded man seems to be unable to see that I pressed. Why should I be conform to such a social expectation?

Okay, shan't talk so much since I have to do HS401 asap but I need to say it out. Ever since I made sense of what Miss Chew said I think it is very true that we should at least thank them. This is because as one who performed those expectations, I felt so happy and appreciated that people thanked me for my small action. At least I know I'm not taken for granted and I didn't waste my time pressing/opening the door for everyone like a door-opener yet like an idiot to leave the place last. There was once when I left the lift as the second last passenger, I thanked the girl who pressed the door for everyone to get out of the lift first. She look damn happy after I thanked her! A small action should be appreciated.

So people, don't take other for granted. If you don't appreciate me, I'll hate you. HAHA.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

summary of the week.

Hello Humans

Tried Horlicks Crunch McFlurry twice this week! (: Taste not bad! :D

Have been eating fried food this week! Mcs, KFC, fried fish, fried spring roll and fried nuggets! Luckily the pasamalam at Gombak is gone, if not I might eat more.

Went to AKB48 themed cafe at Scape with Adele on Friday! It feels weird initially since we were the only 2 female customers. Headed to the souvenir shop before that and we were pretty amazed by the stuff. A clear folder cost around $9, a socks with "AKB48" costs $29.90 and the tee-shirt with AKB costs $49.90. HMMM. Anyway back to the cafe itself, we order pan-fried chicken and pork each. It comes with a salad, a soup and the main course. The pork is rather hard but it actually tastes not bad! wanted curry chicken rice at first, but there's beef in the curry sauce ): Wanted to try carbonara but it's not worth $18.90 with an egg and some small pieces bacon. That explained why pork is ordered instead. It's pretty expensive, $22.25 each! ): Okay, paid for experience too. OMG I feel like eating pizza hut's carbonara, since it's relatively cheaper.

Anway I'm foreseeing myself spending quite a look in coming days- dinner meet-up with pammy, jeremy and jiro on Tues and dinner meet-up with my laopos on Thursday for Marche! Well have not been to marche so I'm pretty excited! but seems to be expensive too ): Oh ya did I mentioned before that I've tried their bread once and it was super hard?!

Okay, just finished crapping for HS401 weekly memo. 401 is testing my crapping skill every week. Done HS215 readings and mind-map too. Shall start my HS215 mid-term soon cos it's just tomorrow ): And there're still 3 field notes + report due on Thursday. Yes yes they are ending soon. What's more hectic has yet to come but I'm seeing it on its way- presentations and essays and more and more and more readings.

Despite being organised and all (at least I thought I am), my Biz law notes are MIA ): That's super irritating cos I searched every single file! ): shall not do my tutorial and shall start 215 revision!

Till then.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

So much to do, so little time!

Hello Humans.

Half of the semester is coming to an end.

There are so much to do.

So damn many assignments! I realised last sem was better. No essay and presentations. What happened to this sem man! ):

And for GIP, which type of housing should I apply? Fan ah fan ah.

Worse of all, the new friend I've made from CBE decided not to go for this exchange! I'm thinking whether it's a good news or bad news. Good news is can ask Adele make use of this opportunity to ask GIP but still that's a risk.

OMG it's all about risk-taking.

I'm not sure whether I've prepared mentally. To be surrounded by angmor students and taught by angmor lecturer with American accent where I can't catch a word since there will never be subtitle available (like movie). This alone can stress me man.

Okay back to work.


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Quick updates on School

Hello Humans.

I'm glad that I didn't risk rejecting GIP for second round of INSTEP, cos INSTEP aren't going to have round 2! Okay, so I've made the right choice. Please tell me Adele is coming so I know I've definitely made the right choice.

Anyway, I've officially accepted the offer! Thank god that they aren't strict on submitting everything on time. My passport should be ready soon but I've yet to receive the form. Received my transcript and my hands are damn itchy to open it! Too bad I can't do that cos it's sealed. LOL. So, IF NTH GOES WRONG, I'LL BE IN USA NEXT JAN!

5th week of school. I'm not sure what I've learnt. Maybe I've learn a bit but HS301 (Contemporary social theory) sucks cos I catch no ball. I gave up in lecture when the lecturer was giving the lecture. OMG D:

Had lunch at NIE with Adele yesterday! Tried Lontong and it really gave me a back-to-school feel. HAHA. Short meet-up with yanting cos we meet up to go Pioneer's pasamalam together! (: We had a verbal contract, and what's the contract about? HOMEMADE SUSHI!!haha

Went out today to town to try mooncake! Didn't get anything back from there ): Mooncakes are damn expensive! Oh, but they are damn nice!! D:


Sunday, September 04, 2011

what's up?

Hello Humans.

I've no mood to finish up my HS215 reading before coming online X: Only completed half of that 43 pages of reading ): Perhaps will get back to it later when I've the mood!

Anyway, I think most probably I'll be accepting GIP's offer to Georgia Tech (USA) IF nothing goes wrong! Though there's uncertainty and worries, it would definitely make a great difference to me. Moreover by accepting the offer doesn't 100% guarantee me that Georgia will accept me. Though I'm still not ready for whatever that lies ahead, we'll shall how things go. I'm still waiting for my passport and transcript to be ready! ): Hopefully GIP office aren't that strict for deadline submission.

Georgia Tech! It sounds like a very engineering school with a "Tech". True that it focuses on engineering, but they do offer liberal arts! HAHA, just like Nanyang TECHNOLOGICAL university! LOL.

As I get a bit worry for my passport and texted xq, she sort of reminded me that we haven't seen each other since my birthday! I mean the 4 of us.

Oh man, when are we meeting? One fine day? When will that be? ):

Anyway, attended 2 birthday parties on 27th August 2011!

Attended Serene's first. We only took 1 photo with her X:
Tatah, that's me yiqing serene(the birthday girl) and yonghong. Stayed for around an hour and cabbed to Fengyi's house!

The girl is pink dress is the birthday girl! Had a great time at her place! Had second of dinner buffet and chatted over the dinner. Played Indian poker after that and drank a bit! Not that bad since diluted with soft drinks. Anyway FY's dad is so smart&cute! He used the chopper to cut the cake! HAHA, fast and nice! *clap clap*

Back to normal school life from next week onwards. No more impromptu holiday or public holiday. Maybe serious studying should start soon, as in consistent effort and work. Soon.


Friday, September 02, 2011


Hello Humans.

Can you tell me why is time passing so damn fast? ):

It's week 4 (going week 5) yet it still feels like holiday (though readings are stacking like mad). Study momentum shall come soonnnn.

This week is much like a recess week! Only had school on Thursday! HAHA.

Enjoyed 张学友
's concert on Monday with Godma and Shan. He is really Ge Sheng! He can sing and dance non-stop (he's 50 years old) for 5 or 6 songs! And his voice is damn amazing! Like play from his album, or even better! :D The concert is filled with Canto and Mandarin songs, which both I can understand (plus there are screens with lyrics,HAHA). Now he's top 1 in my heart for Male Singer, HAHAHAHHA. :D Guess it's the BEST CONCERT that I've been to so far! Remind me to sing his song in KBox if we were to go KBox together!

Had study session with Adele on Wednesday before going for GIP-Georgia Tech briefing. The supposedly 4 hours study session was shortened cos I went off for 1.5 hours to do some other stuffs-took passport photos, went popular, went to bank to deposit money and to apply for Debit Card and lastly Post Office to pay bill and send off application for passport renewal! Queues are mad long in the morning! People started queuing even like 30 minutes before the operation hours! Back to study after all the to-dos are done, but didn't have the time to be enlightened. ):

Had our lunch in Canteen 1! Tried Japanese food and Durian Ice cream! YUMMY! One canteen down, more to go! :D

There are 20+ of us but I didn't manage see any HSS-face during the briefing! All faces are damn unfamiliar except one girl who I've no idea where I've seen her. Came across this girl (BaoLing), who I thought is Adele's friend since they were talking when I was out of toilet. She's from CBE and she seems to be coming alone too. She's quite keen on going cos she's in year 3 too.

Anyway, I think instead of thinking USA or Europe, it's USA or NTU. Cos' it's very unlikely that INSTEP will be having round 2. Moreover, I doubt I'll have a good stand for round 2. Hence, if I were to reject meaning I have to look at GSS and stuff like that. Or simply, just stay in NTU.

Maybe like what Shimin said, an answer is deep down in me, but I'm unsure. Truthfully speaking, I am thinking whether I should go. Course matching shouldn't be a problem if what are on the list are offered. I should be able to graduate on time even in the worse case scenario where only 2 sociology mods are matched with other electives. 2 Soci mods is the crucial, if not I can't do my FYP in my final year man. Just that life will be difficult in my final year. So it's possible though it's a bit tedious. My earlier imagination of going to sociology classes with Adele in Georgia Tech burst into the air. Well, it's not finalized cos Adele still stand a chance for second round! Cos at least she received an email from GIP stating that her result will be out by 3rd/4th week of Sept. Cross our fingers, please get it!

My mistake, Georgia Tech actually have a long list of sociology modules, just that I'm unsure whether they are really being offered or not. The list is too long to be real. Bearing in mind the Uni focuses more on engineering... The estimated cost will be more than 15K, excluding the school fee that I've to pay to NTU, plus all the stuff that have to be prepared before setting off. Parents are very supportive of me going, money is "not an issue" as they will try to get the money by selling their blood and fats. HAHA. Ain't a small amount, will definitely apply for scholarship which isn't easy to get either. And my stupid PSEA is freaking pathetic will $1000 only D: Okay, that's better than nothing.

And what's worrying me now is whether my passport and transcript will be ready by 7th Sept, which I doubt so! Only this morning that I received NTU's email regarding my request for transcript! And it take 5 working days for it to process, meaning it will only be ready on Thursday?!

With all my worries, seems like I am really going. Or at least, I got feel like going.

It's a cycle, rushing my weeking mindmap and memo again and again and again.