Saturday, February 28, 2009

HELLO(: i'm back to blog(:

i'm glad to say IM EMPLOYED!!! (:

okay, here's where i work!

bay called me in the morning(shdb tues bah) and ask me go for interview ltr. so me zy and xq went for interview(: there were quite many people lah! interview was quite long but was okay! de person was pretty surprise to see the number of people in my family! HAHA(: glad that all of us got the job! WOOT!

went back to the flyer on the next day to collect our uniform cos we went off too fast on the previous day.. so we didn't know we are supposed to stay behind to collect the uniform! the top is quite short lah! it's not that my body is long okay! cos the length of different size is almost the same! RAH. and the person ask me not to change the size since it's not supposed to be long! okay, after that we went to TOP ONE since xq wanna sing.HAHA(: it was pretty fun to play with the smoke and lightning etc lah! HAHA(: dinner with hl and walk walk at bugis street(:

okay, we had training.. 
it's like working with com kills my brain cells! there's quite a no of click and i just cant rmb! okay, too long didn't use my brain juice liao X: and what i was worrying is that i scare i don't understand what the tourist asking or they don't what i'm talking! HAHA(:ANYWAY, it's like not really a very fixed job.. as in the timing etc.. so i might still look for other jobs!HAHA(: but one good thing about this job is that i can work with bhl, xq and zy! it'll be the 1st time we ever work together! HAHA(:

alright, here's so photos before i continue! if not your eyes maybe too tire! 

photos taken at farms

who who and who?
still have the tendency to smile though there's no need to do so...

xq took the pic of the map so we can have map reading lesson (:

veggi farm (:

rested our feets at NEW YORK NEW YORK (though we din bring our passports along.... -.-)
photos taken at TOP ONE

okay, sitting there makes me feel like im playing keyboard! HAHA(:

okay, enough of pic! and i shall continue! LOL.

OKAY,1st day of training is really sianx! but glad that my frens (i mean my batch ple) are quite nice and friendly! (: we took free flight after our training together! FREE!! haha(:

after 2nd day of training (which was ytd), meet up with pam cal and wenfang! we finally had a meet up session after so damn long! ate pizza hut and surprised cal with a cake (: chatted in esplanade til 9plus! (: we miss china trip badly and we want to travel again!!! hope we'll meet up soon again!

okay, working later on from 4 to 10pm! hope everything will be fine! (:


Monday, February 23, 2009


yes I HATE IT.

okay, i'll look at de brighter side! have time to hang out with my friends who are having holiday/off-day/same as me!! LOL. didn't send resume for 4 days already! it's like all jobs from agents and i sent don't how many already!! okay, i shall guai guai wait for call(s) if not i shall ask ma biao if they still need me during march!!

went out almost everyday these days!!
travellin' fee is killin' me! 
especially im jobless now! ):

went for agent interview on fri (NAH!) then meet shan and mum (: 

met up with zy and xq early in de morning to go farm on sat!! (: the weather was nice! thanks god lah! though it was super ultra HOT, it's better than raining when you visit those places! our 1st stop was HAY DAIRIES!(: HELLO LITTLE GOATS~!! finally go there lah! but sad to say that AVA is conducting dunno wad thing and we can only see de goat milking session! D": went to the other veggi farm which have much much more things to explore!! (: qing saw her fav flower- SUNFLOWER!! (: yes, it appear out of nowhere lah! as in there's only 1 stalk of sunflower over there! after visiting the farms, we went to city hall to meet hl for lunch! (: though we didn't visit de farm together but at least we had a small meet up session right? oh ya, qing went crazy while we waiting for hl lah! qing kept singing PONYO PONYO....... -.- 

HAHA, qing don't know ponyo is a GIRL! she thought ponyo is a guy!!HAHA. and guess wadx worse? hl thought that's a korean song!! HAHA(: hey bhl, aren't you a zai nui? you should have watched the advertisement on tv don't you? HAHA. 

went to spore flyer to explore. bhl went to work and de rest of us go walk walk. rested our POOR legs at NEW YORK NEW YORK(: we ordered cheese and sour cream fries (if i'm not wrong) and qing ate pizza too!! (: i think it was damn funny and enjoyable in NYNY with my 2 laopos!! NO, i mean 3! cos' qing wanted to find hl's pic in her hp and zoom in and place it on de empty seat!! HAHA(: as i said, qing was crazy! we CRAPPED pretty much! (: den we continue shopping. okay, window shopping for zy and i! HAHA(:

went malaysia ytd (: watched some epi of jia hao yue yuan(: guess it's a pretty nice show! didn't buy shoes though i wanted since they don't have my size!


bhl have much bigger feets than mine!! :X
okay, there's another pair of shoes which is pretty nice! if i can't find one in spore i shall get it again next time i visit!(:

stayed at home today! planned to go out with mum but the plan was cancelled. okay, quite a good plan to stay at home today cos of the weather!(:


Thursday, February 19, 2009


im still enjoying every second at hm!! (: HAHA. but of cos i hope to contribute to de economy ASAP lah! sent many resume ytd and guess wad? i recieved total of 4calls fr RX so far!! okay,i dun rmb their names at all X: i shall send resume and hope i'll be employed soon!! (: have to go down for interview at JTC (rx de) tmr! i dunno where is it sia... nd to explore explore there sia!! hopefully she'll gt a gd admin job wif gd pay asap!! (: HAHA.

Ooh ya, i FINALLY WATCH BU NENG SHOU DE MI MI (last 2words=secret) by JAY CHOU!! (: okay, im soooo OUTDATED! yes i know tt. but i finally watched my laogong's movie!!HAHA(: i think it's pretty nice!! (: perhaps due to JAY CHOU! LOL. ok, im fa-ing hua chi now! and ya, i've finally touch de storybook i borrowed last fri!!HAHA(:



Tuesday, February 17, 2009


do visit SHOPPING SPREE!! :D it's created by my sis&i (: thx for YOUR support!

oh well, i know not much people will read my blog but it's okay! visit it if u have the time! cos' the table hook is something perfect for a person like me! yes, people who know me should know i think the table etc is DIRTY! haha(:


how was valentine's day? oh well, i spent it wif a guy! WAIT, dun gt de wrong idea! i mean i went to work as flyer distributor for de last day lah! HAHA. it was quite sianx, i duno why. perhaps due to de hot weather bah.. saw many couples with flowers and presents lah!! okay, i survived de 4hrs, gt my pay for de 3working days! though nt a lot but better than none rgt? so im totally unemployed again ): met shan at bugis. ate n ate n walk walk (: den hm sweet hm wif dad(:

sunday was a pretty fruitful and fun day!(: went yt's hse tgt wif zy hl n pam(: yt entertained us though all of us were late X: we chatted, look at each other's photos online, watch BEDTIME STORIES (okay, only yt watch it while de rest were talkin! she's super engross lah!) , ate lunch and play badminton!! (: i enjoyed a lot okay! it's been super long since i last c yt lah! HAHA(: she changed! oh well, to de good side of cos (: oh ya,we took photos! still with pam! hl n pam commented tt they dun like this blogskin ): i've edit de front size liao, so it's easier to read le! (: and de background is nt tt black rgt? at least it greyish mah! HAHA(: so im still pretty like this blogskin!! HAHA(: 

dawn quiting her data entry job. she offered me to take over it. i hesitated .. i wonder if i shd take up de job. oh well, i shall say SEE FIRST. HAHA. hl gt her job and she start work todae liao!! left me n zy unemployed for de moment! ): but im lucky to say im nt even turned bad at hm! let alone rotting lah! HAHA(: but of cos, i wun resist MONEY! any lobang can tell me? (:

okay,off to start job hunting!


Saturday, February 14, 2009



Friday, February 13, 2009

hello HELLO hello (: ms ho is here AGAIN!

HAHA(: back fr JE! had lunch wif XQ n ZY (: ate my usual food over there- FRIED WANTON HORFUN (: worth it leh, 3bucks den hv hor fun and 10 wantons!! paid fines and fees,borrowed book and chatted wif ZY at JE lib (: we want to work!! really waste of man power lah!! imagine all the potential outputs lost etc!! tt's so WASTEFUL lah!! HAHA(:

okay, back to topic!! den we headed to bank! FINALLY go bank lah!! zy pei-ed me despite de long-Q!(: THX LAOPO!! :D aft tt go FairPrice buy stuff n homesweethome (:

so it's quite a fruitful afternoon for me! done all de stuff i wan,WOOT!(:

tmr hv to work! last day and i'll gt my pay!(: but sad to say i nv pair wif my sis b4 lah! ): de person asked de both of us to work initially, and now he's saying he nd just one of us cos they wan 1 girl 1guy. RAH!! okay, 4hrs will pass v fast! (:

finally there's a gathering in yt's hse this coming sunday!! (: it's been so long since we last met!! hope we'll do some baking and catch up and play badminton!! WOOT!!

okay, it's dinner time!! BYE(:
woot(: finally changed blogskinS!!! (:
pretty like this new skin cos of de colours (:

oh well, im meeting XQ and ZY ltr for lunch at JE (: tt will be less than an hr time and im still at hm unprepared and still blogging X:
okay, i shall go lib return loans and borrow books!! (: there's just too many ple like me who own lib money lah! poor lib!! HAHA(: i shall be a kind soul! wahaha.

since im unemployed for the time being, perhaps i shd make use of de time.. like hv a good thought of wad course to choose for uni etc.. it wd really be too late to start thinking by de time result is out!! but to be frank, i duno there're wad courses available AND i can apply with my lousy result! ):  my dad asked me which course wd i take, said i duno ): he commented since i hv POOR MEMORY and NT TT SMART, it's better for me to take a course tt is cold, which is lei men (in chi).. wad he said is true... he also said im quite tomboyish (HAHA) so can join police force or engineering!!HAHA(: my dad is so cute!! (: oh well, i shall make gd consideration over his suggestion though i most prob wun get into these courses...

okay, gtg le!! BYE (:

bean! :D

p.s.: bean is still finding for jobs! (:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

okay, de above pic was taken mths ago.. and i think i miss my braces pretty much! HAHA(: okay, im being random now...

finally meeting up pam soon!! tt will be a few hrs ltr! guess she miss me pretty much! can u imagine we din meet up since 22nov lah!! HAHA(:

ytd (9feb) met up wif zy hl n xq for lunch at JE since xq study in je lib.. ate de same old food- fried wanton horfun cos gt 10 fried wanton((: though it's like a short gatherin, i guess it's pretty good! (: gave my laopos their valentine day pre since we wun meet up on de day itself cos xq will be havin exams soon! D': nah, it's ok since we'll go beach soon rgt? it's been quite sometime since i go beach wif them!! miss those days lah.. oh well, aft lunch xq went back to study n we trained to town (: drank de 3bucks coffee. it's quite relaxin to drink de coffee and listening to music.. we din talk much but stare outside-- went ngee ann city since hl wanna find new agent.. though i dun really like to find agent, i filled up de form tgt wif zy since we've been unemployed for quite sometime!! de last time i looked for agent was like sec4 lah... LOL. went fareast walk walk den go hm since near 7pm liao..HAHA. (: im waiting for hl to send us the photos!(:

flyer distributor job is still okay so far (: my legs din really complain but my arms complaint instead! ): oh well, i'll take it as a form of exercise! HAHA(: my 1st day paired wif a guy (they preferred 1 guy 1 girl-.-'). was told to pair wif james earlier on but suddenly changed to dingjie! both of them ok la, also din talk much since we only distribute de flyers mah.. but luckily tt dingjie let me stand near de escalator so i can distribute faster (: HAHA. he commented im tall and i replied is tt is guy's problem cos guys these days getting shorter n shorter!! he was quite sad cos he thought he already 170cm but he's shorter than me lah!HAHA(: den he sae all his fren v tall can intro, den i say guys are immature! x: okay, i noe guys will disagree wif me BUT girls will support this statement rgt? lalala~. 

worked on sunday wif sis (: but sad we din paired cos de guy fr hwa chong doesnt noe where's de place de "boss" was saying... so end up i hv to walk all de way there myself ): work is okay, exercised my face muscles too cos i believe smiling to de person will make him/her to take de flyer!LOL. ate sushi don for dinner n walk walk wif sis(:

okay, guess i'll stop here.. still nd eat lunch n out! BYE (:

Saturday, February 07, 2009

hello (:

i shall blog since im quite free now (: yes, im without a job so im quite free n thus, i keep goin out!!/:

went msia wif parent on wed.. ate my yong tau fo laksa which is damn nice(: went wm aft tt and shop ard.. din buy anything lah.. NO WORK NO MONEY LAH!!

went jp wif mum n aunt on thurs.. saw a dress which costs 20bucks! i was quite tempted to buy it lah! tried it but din buy D': RAH, go buy for me leh!!! oh ya, i saw sheila at jp!! din c until she wave to me lah X: anw she workin lah..HAHA(:

went dad's shop ytd and went for a job interview (which is like a short chatting session to the person) at city hall area.. it's a flyer distributor job lah.. 6bucks per hr.. since im w/o a job so i decided to take de job.. it's a part part time job cos only some fri/sat/sun nd to work..HAHA(: so i still nd to con't my job hunting!

and today, it's my 1st working day for de flyer job! i noe my legs will complain but ya, go try try c lor!! i usually dun take flyers cos it's like waste of money to de employer cos ple usually just throw it away w/o looking at it.. oh well, hope all de passer by will take fr me!!LOL. gonna work stand for freakin 6hrs!! wish me luck!!


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

went TOP ONE ytd with HL (:
we sang for 7hrs instead of 8hrs fr 11am-6pm!! (: thought it wd be quite challenging since only de 2 of us and last time sing for 4/5hrs had a bit throat pain for awhile! but this time quite okay leh!! we din hv throat pain or wad sia!! and sad to say we din finish singing de songs we wan! D': BUT it's really quite worth in de sense tt u spend 16bucks to sing for 7hrs compared to other k places.. there's just free flow of drinks (though de drinks are nt really nice) and the room is quite big and de screen is damn big(: if u ple dun mind singing and there's no place to hang out, can try go top one lah.HAHA(: so we spent our day in the room singing!!(: went to walk walk awhile and saw pris! we din really c her lah! i was so bad to say tt she's nt my eye level so i din spot her!! :X HAHA. ate curry puff n went back hm (:

okay, it's too dark..

GHOST~~~~~!!! we replayed de song so as to find this pic!LOL.




hl peeling de skin...

it's too blur..

me pointing at hl who is singing.. 

hungry!! luckily bought bread there!!! HAHA

HAPPY BEAN nd to start her job hunting soon!!! (:

Sunday, February 01, 2009


oh well, i was sort of MIA for a week! went msia on mon n just got back todae (: it's not too late to say HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR  rgt? HAHA(: and today is chu qi! which is everyone's birthday! so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE!! (:

okay, let me reply to tag 1st hor, if not later i forget :/

29 Jan 09, 21:53
pamela: oeioeioeioeioeioeioeioeioeioei. u haven talk to me for ages!
1 Feb 09, 18:00
pamela: tt time sick but now voice alright already=) bean is missing. sad.. come back quick haha
1 Feb 09, 19:50
pamela: u want me flood ur tagboard so i will do it now!
1 Feb 09, 19:51
pamela: ur tagboard is innocent? lol
1 Feb 09, 19:53
pamela: im waiting for ur reply lo
1 Feb 09, 19:53
pamela: faster.. 
bean: who is oei? i din noe u changed ur name huh?!?!HAHA(: is u nv talk to me lor!! sick also nv tell me! though im nt doc lah!HAHA(: I noe u miss me v much, n here i am back fr msia!!HAHA(: my tagboard is innocent and cant stop ur bullyin!HAHA(: u still de same sia, BIG BULLY!! meet up soon ya!!(:

29 Jan 09, 22:40
wenfang: hahaha. pam! how's your voice? :D hello bean!
bean: hello (: byebye (: LOL.

1 Feb 09, 12:03
hUi LiNg: ehh u MIA arh??
bean:nah, i din mia for long period lah! just one wk only!! i noe u ple miss me rgt?LOL. and u doesnt seems to be tt bored wad!! keep goin out rgt?HAHA(: went joanne's hse and town rgt? see, i noe u went these places though i wasnt in spore this wk! WAHAHA.

okay, done with replying tags!(: let me see wad can i blog aft quite sometime..........(:

cant think of much to blog except trip to msia during CNY bah.. but there's nth much to blog abt it too! cos all i do over there is to EAT all those new yr goodies (RAH, tt's y im getting fatter!) and play wif my baby cousin!! (: does a 2.5 yr old small little kid known as baby? to me YES! she's so damn cute can! she's the only entertainment i can get there lah! okay, sounds weird :x but she wanted us to play wif her! and of cos we dun mind lah! if nt also nth to do! so we played de same old ting over and over and over and over and over n over^infinitity times lah! but it's fun to play wif little kid like her! and i pretty miss her v much now!! RAH!. guess i'll get to play wif her nxt yr. LOL. and sad to say tt we din take much photos during CNY! my 2nd sis 4gt to take her camera with her to msia and my 3rd sis's battery went flat suddenly on de 2nd day! ):

and yes, de hse is freakin hot! in de day still okay lah, but at nite is really hot! if all my fats can be burnt den gd lah! LOL. helped mum to prepare meals!! okay, doesnt sound woah to u cos it may nt be a fresh ting to u! but for those who know me noe i dun help out my mum for cookin!HAHA(: 

let me think wad else to blog abt msia trip.....

this time round is go uncle's hse at JB instead of goin grandparent's hse at bekok (i duno how to spell, even if i noe how to spell, dun tink u all noe where lah :X ) went shopping for a few hrs lah.. bought some stuff(: like slippers which are much much cheaper!! (: wanted to buy a pumps but there's no size for me!! RAH. my feet also nt v big lah! but i duno y i hv to take size 41 leh!! usually only 39 or 40 de leh..

guess tt's all for msia trip?HAHA(: i like v naggy sia. LALALA. oh ya! an ling emailed me! quite surprise sia! but at least we still sort of stay in contact? bad me for forgetting to send her prom's photos! yes, it was so long already and i finally sent to her! (: hope still can stay in touch with her(:

duno whether im a unemployed now or wad! cos i haven call er jie to check whether i still nd to go back for work! most of my frens are back to job hunting!! but hey, let's hv some meet up soon(hopefully!) ! work in ma biao for last day was quite okay. as in busy yet nt v busy. went off early  to attend reunion dinner wif my relatives.. was disappoint me was tt only aunty ann gave me angbao!! HAHA(: thought workin in aunty environment wd gain me some more angbaos lah! but nvm, at least i gt one! (: my sis gt 100bucks fr de boss yrs ago leh!!

okay, guess i shd gt goin! i nd to eat! BYE(: