Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hello Humans.

I'm halfway through my exam :D

But today i was defeated by the term "sociological imagination" that i never heard the tutor or lecture mention. Ya, but i saw this term in the first chapter of a textbook which i didnt touch for this exam. What so great is that it is a compulsory question with weightage of 40marks! Of course i was SIANJIPUA to the greatest extend D: Skipped that question and continue with other essays. Hope my crapping will help.

Okay Okay over then don't bother liao. Still got 2 papers for me to fan! HAHA.

Anyway the photo above was taken in China (: cs sai, is this how you write your chinese name? And does the shop belongs to you? HAHA.

Went bugis today after my paper X: Saw karen (zy/hl/yt/cs sai's classmate) and she saw me. Of course we didnt greet each other since we don't know each other. HAHA. And i saw Rina too! Small world indeed. Ate soup spoon (or spoon soup?HAHA). Not bad :D

9P.M. drama is nice and funny! It is loved but sad that it's ending la! It never fail to entertain me! :D

Okay, off.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hello Humans.
My lovely dog is so cute right? (:
I must say a big thanks to it for accompanying throughout my exams since PSLE! :D

Tmr's paper die die must get above C! It's a passport course for sociology! Fail=Waste next sem cos not allowed to take sociology course with a fail of that course!
1 Dec coming, i have a long to-do list! HAHA.
LOVES,bean (:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hello Humans.

It's only one week away from freedom (: Yes i'm counting down! woohoo~

1down 3 more to go!

Though today's paper was seriously WTH and I was quite depressed especially it's the course that my essay only get C+, I'm sort of okay now after collecting my remaining essays. Not fantasy grades but B is good enough for me! (:

take care


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hello Human.

My sister celebrated her 21st this afternoon. pictures shall be uploaded next time.(:

I wonder I'll have a simple one next time like my brother or a mini celebration will be fine. HAHA.

Anyway, happy birthday to zhenying in advance :D

Last year the torture of A's was ending, i guess i'm freed last year. So fast one year later, it's a year already.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Hello Human.

I've no mood to study, that's like SHIT.

Yes, i do worry if i FAIL and wasting my time and i'll be ultra disappointed and blah blah blah. BUT this is still not pushing me. D':

I'm pretty sure that the endless of readings will never finish. Yes i learn my mistake, maybe I'll try to catch up with my readings at a faster rate.

Anyway it's my sister's 21st celebration tomorrow. Perhaps that explain why I'm not so into studying now. REASON? I think more of excuse. I've yet help her with anything, quite guilty especially is TWENTY-FIRST. And her actual birthday fall on my first paper, HOW GREAT.

Haix, exam FASTER COME AND FASTER END! but hope more time is given for me to study. THAT'S SO CONTRADICTORY. /:

Okay,take care!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Hello Human.
I'm back from China!

It was a great self-declared holiday :D But sad to say i was suffering from stupid stomachache then shitted 5 times when i just reach Singapore. Luckily was during the last day of the trip then start like that, if not chiam. Hope I'll get well soon cos i need to study-.=

I shall update about it after my finals. This is so when i didn't read any of my notes in China...

Take Care and all the best (:


Friday, November 06, 2009

Hello Humans.

Guess this will be my last post before i off to China tmr (: i'll be back on 16nov! wonder if i should go for tutorial that morning... it would be so tiring right?...

It feels good to clear all assignments for this sem! :D Happy and worry at the same time for this trip! Hope everything will be fine and safe and smooth and enjoyable! PRAY HARD! HAHA (:

Don't miss me too much, i don't wish to get sneeze /cold in China, that would be bad.

Tmr have to do last minute packing including notes to bring along. I wonder if i'll read them. Cos i didn't really read those econs notes i brought for my sarawak trip last year for prelim. HAHA. But i'll just bring some in case i suddenly feel like studying.

Okay what's more to say? i don't think i've anymore.


LOVES, bean(:

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hello Humans.

How long have you neglected your friendster account cos' you're busy FB-ing?

Added valerie at friendster cos she doesn't have a facebook account which is perfectly okay! I used to love friendster and prefer it over facebook, but come to think about it, it's been at least a year or so that i didn't check my friendster account. HAHA. okay, i shall be nice to my friendster account and take a look at it perhaps at least once a month? LOL. To my surprise there aren't many spam which i thought would be the opposite. Look through the photos in friendster that were mostly taken in secondary, and some JC. I do miss those time! Ikea trip to ms bay, SJ time with ms bay+lek+ke+ruishan, china trip to pam+calista+wenfang blah blah blah! TELL ME YOU MISS GOOD OLD DAYS TOO! If not i really sound someone old and always talk about how i miss those times. Anyway that's not the main point to talk about for this entry.

Valerie was like " where are you?"/ "who is she?"/"is that you?" when i was looking at those photos. So here comes the main point, she say i don't look like the girl in the photos! I was VERY surprised cos i don't think i've change much. moreover those were taken in upper sec and jcs! and she commented perhaps I've put on weight which is ultra damn true! :( OKAY, I REALLY FAT COS I'VE PUT ON MORE ULTRA KGS OF FATS ): my face wasn't that much "meat" (or should i say fats) in the past, but i don't really care much whether this or that food is too fattening. I JUST EAT. okay, i shall consider to exercise but this consideration will take ten thousand years to process... And, do i really change? in terms of appearance of course! TELL ME TELL ME TELLLLLL MEEEEE! For those who know me i thought i didn't change much. i can say somehow xq has changed a bit (not a lot) and zy has changed to quite a extend (i know you since sec1)!

I'll stop talking about fats. I hate fats.

Anyway, almost done with packing! :D Pray hard for a happy and SAFE jouney! I will always scare of those you know?? Like accident etc, all kind of God please bless my whole family!

Time to do my last assignment which i have to hand in on friday. HAHA.

Edit: A point to note, valerie suggested that i look younger when i tie my hair up. HAHA
LOVES, bean :D

Monday, November 02, 2009

Hello Humans.

I've typed finish my HS103 essay! Just nice 2499 words after edit^n :D Left printing and handing it in and then I'll completely done with it (: One more assignment for HW101 and no more assignment for this sem! (:

Phew that I choose my modules carefully so my exam starts on 24 Nov unlike some of my friends who have paper on 17 or 18 Nov! If not I'll be dead meat la!

Thought of trimming my hair so it can grow faster! HAHA, okay that's random.

Sorry, but the remaining post will be long, mainly talking about primary school friends. Skip it if you want. (:

Anyway, thought of this first friend of mine. He's considered as my first friend cos' I can't recall any of my so-called friends' face and name in my Kindergarden (I only can recall that there's one of the girl who lives in Ang Mor Kio). Okay, so this first friend of mine, we got to know each other on the first day of our primary school. HAHA, I can recall that he was the one who talk to me first cos he need some colour pencil for the Art lesson (if I didn't remember wrongly, that's what I always recall...) and we became best friend after that. HAHA. He was a cute chubby little boy who adores Fann Wong. But sad to say that our friendship didn't last as long as I thought which I find it so sad and pity )': It was after streaming that we drifted apart and we were streamed into different classes! D': That goes the same to my other primary one to three besties! ): We were all damn splitted into different classes! But I guess he's leading a very happy life. And he really slims down a lot! And of cos', guys do grow up and I think he's taller now! GOOD for him! :D A side note, we didn't take photo together before! That's so sad can! ): Nevermind, he's cute little boy image will stay in my mind (with the blur face)!

Oh ya, I guess Aimee was the only one who remain the same class as me for some years in upper primary. Anyway, I was a regular visitor to Aimee's house when I was young. I love her mother's fried maggi, jumping on her bed, going to zoo together (once and only, LOL) and playing with her cute little sister! Come to think about it, she's so ang mor and I so chinese, how did we manage to be so close? HAHA.

I definitely miss my primary4-6 gang- Eileen Yixin calista tiffany shimin michelle!(: I'm really blessed to have you people around me especially when I need help! Remember once I fell down while playing catching with them and Yixin brought me to the teacher! And all the cards and drawing exchanges are damn sweet! I still keep them in my metal boxes (: Eileen, who is my sister's friend's sister = my friend, we used to be very close. Of course I keep all our letters in the metal boxes too (: Tried to keep in contact in secondary school but failed after some attempts ): If I didn't recall wrongly our friendship faced challenges in primary six. Oh well, don't say le.

Nonetheless, friend comes and goes and new friendship will be bonded with new friends. Though I really feel quite sianx to have the friend-making process being carried out again and again, my social circle is so small. So why not make some friends if possible and they might be someone close to you next time? Or just a good schoolmate or friend will do too? I had wonderful friends throughout my primary school life (: With them, I had happy childhood in my beloved primary school. I'll miss visits to my friends' house [zu er, aimee, eileen and calister! oh ya shimin and tiffany's!], all the stupid games we played [catching during recess, play with zu er's hamster, badminton and basketball with eileen yixin calista shimin tiffany and michelle, and homework session with calista] and of couse their companies! THANKS for playing such a wonderful friend! :D

To my current besties, don't be jealous that I only mention about primary school friends! HAHA, you girls are loved too! :D Moreover I doubt any of my primary school friends will read it la, just some thoughts in my mind... And I seriously hope history wouldn't repeat itself as if we keep in touch, the possiblity of history repeating itself would reduce!

Okay that's all dearest!
LOVES, bean.

P.S. Hello bay, that's 771 words entry! LOL

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hello Humans.
I love my dimples :D miss my braces! Think I wouldn't bring my retina to china, will be too mafan. Maybe should just wear it the whole day for Thursday and Friday to compensate. HAHA.

Okay that's random. VAIO is a bit siao siao, hope it will be fine later...

Did a bit of essaying just now and to be continued. I hate to type over the word limit and have to edit it again and again ):

Did some packing and to be continued. HAHA(:

Everything is like being halved done, but never mind, let's better than not doing anything! (:

So sianx, tomorrow is Monday again! Have to complete essay by tomorrow and start the last assignment for this sem! ): / (: And off to holiday! I'm quite worried cos' china is now winter time already! that's fast isn't it? Hope that me this ice wouldn't be too freeze, since i only need zero degree to form hydrogen bonds etc to form ice. Hope the mountain area like jue zai gou and er mei shan wouldn't be too freezing!

Oh ya, and i miss cookies/ biscuit we baked in yanting's house before uni start! The cookies are really nice! Perhaps baking can be added to my to-do list after exam, provided someone (AHEM) invite me over to play with the floor and butter!