Tuesday, September 30, 2008

miss chilli family!! well,even though we're nt super close but yay,we get along pretty well :)) rmb callin u xiong woman.haha=) take care gal!!!

anw, tmr NO SCH :))
HAPPI CHILDREN'S DAY [in advance cos tmr shdb wun blog/use com] !!!! to those kids,children n those who young at heart!!HAHA=) but of cos publi holidae nt becos of children's day lah. is malay's new yr!! (if im nt wrong) :)) yea,can stay at hm le!! sry wenfang n calista for nt joining de study session!! :X
summary lect todae was okay. de lecturer is gd n i tink i learn smt?
okay, let mi ask u this : words like was/were/is/are/be - are they verbs?
well, they are VERBS. haha :)) went wm buy stuff so jeremiah walked hm alone. de sun damm strong lah. but freak lah,i din brin my ezlink card :(( saw hl who creeped behind me at mrt station.HAHA=) im quite alert one hor!! dun play play --'

anw,luckily sisters r back! if nt they'll stuck in taiwan sia! anw,they bought lots of stuff!! of cos nt for mi lah. as in most r for themselves. this is common lah, happi enough that they bought some stuff for each of us!! :)) n those food!! :) they bought lots of shoes which i damm like but i cant share wif them since my feet is much bigger than theirs D: BUT my sis bought a puma shoes which is too big for her n just nice for mi!!HAHA=)I WAN GO TAIWAN TOO!!!my 3rd sis also wan lah. mayb aft A's den say lah, we both no $$$ --" anw,sis sae xi men ding is like bigger version of bugis street!! juz tt there stuff cheaper. n n n de ple r v small size!! so muz go jian fei den can buy those cloths! LOL.


note de word "poening" --' it's opening lah...

okay,BYE :))

Monday, September 29, 2008

u're 19 yrs old le!! may u find ur brain soon!! use all ur brain juice for A's!! well, started walking hm becos of u!!THX FOR UR HAO JIE SHAO! help mi save quite a lot :)) always crap thruout de journey wif u jeremy! some r damm funni but some of ur jokes seriously nt funni lah!! dun tell mi de stupid fly away tingy again!!LOL. okay, jiayou for A's n work hard for better result!! :D

watched F1 on channel 5 ytd. NICE :)) but 61laps damm long lah,so in btw do other stuff :X spore at nite is realli damm nice :)) guess ple fr overseas will like wow,where's this place.HAHA=)

well, my samsung hp siao liao.wen hv msg den slide up de screem will slowly turn black--' so i changed to panasonic ytd nite den onli juz nw den realise de hp also gt prob cos cant make call. RAH. :(( ^$#$#^#

today's econs was horrible. i duno wad i was writing lah. 1st time left time cos i've nth to write --' was damm hungry so ate waffle. wanted to try yong tau fo but left nt much time. haix. went lib to study awhile. a bunch of gals damm noisy lah. for a while nvm la,but keep talk talk talk talk talk. wth lah. oh ya, al falling sick. thought she cried cos her eyes red red den watery --' relieved when she say she's like havin fever. im nt being bad lah.LOL. i asked her drink lots of water! tt's wad i'll say wen ple getting sick.lol. case study was on vitual water den pam n jiajun sae i waste water cos my bottle so big n de bottle is full--' so i say i gt drink water n tt's my 2nd bottle,den they say i waste more water --"

okay,gtg! here to wish jeremiah happi bdae den end up con't bloggin :X BYE!

Friday, September 26, 2008

im so damm tire :(

tire for duno how mani days liao,finalli tmr can slp til late late :X but feel like waking up early tmr. HAIX, shall c whether i can resist slpin tmr bah!

anw,MY SISTERS R COMING BACK TMR!! :)) tink onli papa n mama will go fetch them cos guess de car nt enough space! think they bought lots of stuff BUT my bro gt de MOST lah!mi shd hv de least but it's okay if i've smt :))

todae's gp was haix. i din noe broader perspective hv essays on 2007 paper-.=" guess cher said tt but i din hear!! this proves tt i was slpy/nt paying attention :X anw, quite true la,if u prepare b4 hand den de result nt reliable liao. somemore i did read those essays but i duno wad de writer writing lah.my gp realli sux :(( oh ya,we disappointed ms wun todae! felt quite gulity cos i din prepare any of de topic she goin thru todae :X so she asked us copy down de qns n we stay at de lab do our our rev. can c tt's she disappointed/angry but she din scold us :)) so nice of her. By de way,do i look STRESS? ms wun ask whether im too stress sia. guess im juz tooo tire :( al pon-ed sch for n days sia. hv to keep stuff for her. nxt tym i shall keep aside 1file juz to keep her stuff! quite gd lah,if she nv come den we can help her read her broader perspective!!HAHA. but she's quite a gd fren lah,duno how to say..oh wadever lah!

crashed ms yew's maths lect on thurs wif sarah :X so bad of us lah,but we realli wanna try yew's lect lah.. so we tried. but i guess mayb i'll go mr sia's nxt tym cos i tink sia really nt bad lah :))
studyin in lib :)) c de biscuit? LOL.
wearin my bro's 1st spect (so de spect is abt 14yrs old!!)
still playing --'
oh i finalli tried MR BEAN'S ICECREAM :)) it's damm nice! tink i'll eat it soon again :D
oh,talkin abt eating makes me thought of de yong tau fo stall in my sch! i haven try it la!cos de Q is 4eva so damm long!! i still wait til nxt tym when ple lost their interest in it!HAHA. n i ate yong tau fu todae at 6+ pm which is damm early for mi lah. so i reach hm den quite hungry--' esp de noodle so damm few lah! :((
okay,gtg!!BYE! :))

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


studying in sch was okay :) cos din fall aslp or wad. gd ting abt studying in lib is cant tok so wun talk too much,then gt aircon which is good esp in this kind of HOT weather. BUT cant eat in lib (but i still eat biscuit in lib:x) n cant talk so cant ans hp in lib esp i talk so damm loud :X studyin at benches there shdb fine too. juz tt de weather is HOT n there's nth for mi to lean on! i'll sure hv a BAD BACKACHE lah! oh ya,pam is such a NOOB. she nearly took de wrong bag. aiya nvm lah,she's NOOBY to a certain extent! HAHA :)

yixin cute lah,told mi there's laksa in sch!! :) HAHA=) heard tt store selling yong tau foo too! anw, their bowl/plate is PURPLE!so damm nice lah! okay,a bit no link here--'mayb i shd go try tmr!! okay,im getting a bit hungry now! cos din eat lunch :C i noe hl will say im jie fei-ing! how i wish like tt jiu can jie diao all those juicy fatty lah!

went US remedial todae. wanted to go ms yee's lect desperately so i sms-ed mr sia :

me: hello mr sia,im binbin fr s28. can i go ms yew's lect grp for today's us remedial? :)

i waited damm long for his reply,hoping he'll say okay even though it's quite impossible.. BUT he did re :)) he asked ..


HAHA. i dunno how to re but i still re lah.

me: cos i nv go ms yew's lect grp b4 mah.. so can or not?

then he din re liao --' so end up mi n sarah went lt3 for HIS lect :((

BUT aft todae's lect n some thinkin process, i tink he's QUITE GooD :)) as in he'll slow down his pace cos he noe we're US student n even though some stuff r damm simple which most ple noe, he'll still talk abt it so those dunno de wun left out! :)) oh well,i've to admit im part of de minority sometimes :X but he still shout/cough into de mike which is damm dirty n loud! poor eardrums of ours!LOL.

okay,gonna rush econs corrections which i duno how to start D:

bye :) oh,drink more WATER if u dun wanna fall sick!! :D

P.S: it's hard to make a decision even it's YES OR NO. finally ple decided on wad to do n here comes de regret n probs D: RAH.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

ytd went lib wif hl n xq. thought i was late but i was de 1st to reach.HAHA=) poor xq muz hv woke up damm earli since so live so far far away. crapped wif hl while waiting for lib to open.it's realli damm funny n i dun mind living in my whole world! lib trip was okay since there's aircon n i din fell aslp while dgn stuff :))

m&m :)) ate 2packets, so xq gave mi this...

fr xq :))
hl v serious :D

BUT xq keep playing! LOL.

my lunch :) quite worth cos $3 for this amt. quite a lot lei :))

reached hm quite late. din pei xq to buy her dinner fr gombak :X sry laopo!! watch tv while eating dinner den pack bag etc.tried to read bio but i fall aslp aft readin 10pg? so i crawled to my bed n slp til 9++am :)) juz visited econs blog n there's hmwk?!? RAH.i still wanna finish de current topic im studying lei..

anw,here r some other pics :))

:) :D x) xD =) =D fr jasmine [i LOVE this cos v nice+ it's purple :) ]

fr edward [ i also wanna play daidi,mahjong n bowling!! ]

fr cheryl jon jaime
fr jaime

fr jon
fr cheryl

fr yiqing

fr jiajun
fr jiajun
fr yonghong

fr pam :) [dun tell mi u still dun noe im honey or moon hor! u this BIG bully]

fr shijie
fr jiro

fr fengyi


bye :)

P.S.: de weather is so damm hot these days :( im seriously melting :(

Friday, September 19, 2008

finalli can dunnd go sch n force myself to stay awake during lesson :)) but i rarely fall aslp during lesson lah,onli sometimes.HAHA=) onli can recall i fell aslp during chem :X im a gd student okay! dun believe? can ask mi,n i'll tell u how guai am i :))
im gonna watch daddy nanny todae! missed de show for 3days cos was readin chem. yes,i read chem,but fell aslp in btw lah :X but i din miss 1o pm hongkong show! duno y im so addicted watching it. HAHA=) nicole is cute. tt's de baby in de daddy nanny lah. but at 1st i dun like her but she's getting cuter n cuter in de show :D
maths lesson in lt4 ytd was ermx,duno how to sae. mr sia okay la,as usual,he crapped n crapped. for those who attend his lect for de 1st tym muz be thinking y this cher like tt sia.HAHA=) he dismissed us 30min earlier while other lect still goin thru lah!duno wad he's rushin for. had subway wif hl ytd. ate student meal which is $4.50 onli :)) tt consists of 1drink,1sandwich n 2cookies :)) hl din order student meal cos she dun wan de drink n de sandwich alone cost her $4.20 lah! so im like paying 30cents for 2cookies n 1drink!HAHA=) laughed a lot ytd :)) todae's us programme was ok. de test we do is much much much easier than ytd's :)) bought mani junk food fr ntuc juz now :)) im getting fatter n fatter n FATTER :( but nvm since im happily eating wif all those salty sweety stuff :D
okay,time to say GOODBYE :)
take care :D

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


random post :)

BYE :)

p.s.: smt i realli HATE it. wth

Monday, September 15, 2008

hello :))

saturday accompanied sis to job interview at 2pm den we went to kbox since we've nth to do in btw 2+ -7pm. it's like FINALLY~!! but damm exp lah :X we sang those old old songs like wang fei's,HAHA=) den ate dinner at boonlay sharkfin n seafood rest (if im nt wrong) cos grandma's bdae. so ate til 10+pm. this time round like eat v fast, but duno y still so late.

interview place -true colours :))
k-box :))

sundae stay at hm try to do hmwk n pack my stuff out of my sis's rm cos they coming back on 24sept! tt's real fast lah! hv to say bye to bed soon :(( oh ya, my xiaoqiang finalli can enjoy its life in heaven le :)) mama decided to kill it cos it's v extra :(( so we hv to bye to it. okay,hope all de rest of de xiaoqiang men wun be so stupid n ask for us to trap them! so quickly fly.crawl to other hse bah!! :))

stupid plactic bag lan la!! it's tore lah!!%#^$#%

todae morning damm COLD! de wind is like damm strong n how i wish there jacket for mi lah! but nvm since im ice.HAHA=) was damm tire during lesson even though i took a 3hrs nap on sundae! it's been so damm long i had nap la! guess de last time was 1st prelim paper!! but aft nap i still v tire lah! den at nite cdnt slp,same goes to my sis. haix... so i was lying there for 1.30hrs hoping i'll fall aslp asap. at 1st still goin fall aslp but sis talk to mi-.=" den ltr she accidently touch mi-.=" nvm nvm,cos guess i fell aslp b4 2am bah :)) went hm at 12.30pm n went wm pay bills.ate laksa which is nt spicy cos din add chili!but de chili damm spicy de lah! LOL. anw heard tt maths lect gonna split according to our prelims result.RAH.hope i wun be alone lah! i pray hard dun gt those unwanted teachers!!HAHA=) oh ya,exchanged de cards wif classmates todae :))

thx pam

thx yiqing

thx jaime

thx fengyi

thx cheryl

thx jasmine

thx shijie (even though she's nt done wif de card yet)

thx jiro

thx edward

thx jon

thx yonghong

thx jiajun!!


nt forgetting de rest of de class lah (anling, serene, sarahm chenyaan n estee!) :D

let's jiayou bah!!

CHIONG AH~~~~!!!!! :)

okay,easy sae difficult to do.LOL.


Friday, September 12, 2008

SO CUTE RGT? IT'S FR MY LOVER!!! :) want to noe who is it den refer to below!! :))

it's FRIDAY!! so damm fast lah! anw, thx hl for waiting for mi n pei mi go wm! had bio n released at 1.10pm like tt. run for 174 but de bus full lah $#!~#@!@#$% so we miss de bus tt hl they are took. but luckily de nxt bus came quite fast den same bus wif louis n lunfa. tt lunfa V DAO lah! yes,u're dao mr ho! LOL. even louis say hello&bye to me even when we're nt shou lah. okay wadever,im juz trying to be random. :/ but still, i tink guys shd da zhao hu 1st even though im older than him by 5mths (LOL). lalala... so mi n hl went makan snack den go shop n save buy cheese then hm sweet hm :))

okay,i've nth much to blog actually. sry for wastin ur time readin :X

some photos :D
-china (it's taken more than a yr ago!but i onli receive it ytd-.=)

okay,my mama they all din buy stuff for mi fr china/hongkong :( but nvm,at least my gonggong bought smt for us:) fu wa
it's a watch
lao po bing :))

oh ya,mentioned b4 tt my class playing a game lah,so these r de cards i prepared :)) purple is so damm nice!! :D (hope it's blur so u all cant realli read de content!)

spent my time looking at beijing photo taken 6yrs ago! :) still rmb went beijing on 28/11/02 cos tt morning was PSLE release day n i was having a high fever. so fast 6yrs gone!! im realli getting old :(( wo bu xiang wo bu xiang bu xiang zhang da!!!

bro bought these stuff for us (mi n my sis..)

and they're fr ISLAND SHOP! :)

say HELLO to my xiaoqiang!!! it's taken on de 1st day,but nw (aft 7day) it's surrounded by its shit :X it's still survive lah! no wonder ple sae zhang lang da ye da bu si de jin shen (correct?) LOL.

im getting crazy wif de cute pencil laopo zy bought fr genting!!:))

okay, i shall end off wif some meaningful stuff!! :)) if u're bad at chi or wadeva,TOO BAD!haha

BYE :))