Monday, March 31, 2008

hello ple :)
din gt to blog on fri cos no internet :( cos changing fr starhub to singtel den starhub cut de internet liao :( but nvm,im rgt here nw!!HAHA=)

todae his bdae:) wish him happi bdae in de morning thru sms.den he replied thx but he doesnt noe who am i-.=" cos he 4gt to store my new no.nvm..celebrated his bdae during break.sang bdae song n we went to buy food cos wes damm hungry!ate mee rebus w/o egg n is 10cents cheaper:) i ate 7eggs last wk!! :X went for pc lesson but din go pc.pam gt flu n slight flu recovered liao.but we told de cher we sick (which is true for pam's case) but de cher ask us go for make-up!so unfair la!!we go for pc instead of ponning la!den pon oso nv kana make-up (i tried this b4)but sick still nd make-up.RAH.had bio tut. v funny la,when ms wan ask for another ans fr de ground,i juz sae de ans w/o raising my hand,so i was lyk "for pr0---" den ms wan stopped mi cos edward was lyk waving his hands to her b4 i start answering la.HAHA=) n we hv to say anyitng abt EVOLUTION.lyk human,mutation,natural selection etc.den some said those v difficult de lyk gene pool n tree of life.den de last person to give a word/phrase link to evolution will hv to link up de words mentioned by de class to tell de class abt evolution.HAHA=) poor sarah kana it.LOL.had econs lect test which i din gt to finish (as usual) :( did part b 1st den part a nt enough time to finish :( was damm hungry n stomach v noisy la!!duno my neighbours gt hear anyting nt.HAHA:) gp go thru AP n watch video :) tt's de most enjoyable ting to do during GP lesson :)

sizzlinice trying to hv new image n this is de new layout of de menu :)

took quite long to paste these pics la!!RAH. aaron's arrangement was v neat,in fact too neat,so we change de layout.but i feel tt this lyk too messy.but most ple say it's ok,nt messy,so OK lo:)

HAPPI BDAE TO LAOSAI aka changsheng!!

well,his bdae is on 28march but i din gt to blog as mentioned y earlier.. well,he was sec3-4 classmate.but noe him in sec2.i shouted at him cos he drop my bag in de canteen.HAHA=)for ur info,i was a v fierce person in sec sch.DUN PLAY PLAY.even if u accidently kick my bottle i'll shout at u.HAHA=)but tt's apply to GUYS onli.i duno y.HAHA=) im bias.HAHA=) but nw i rarely shout or scream in jj.ermx,duno wad happened :( realised i shd con't shouting so i can score better.LOL.well,back to topic! HAHA.actualli nth much to talk abt cs ya,happi bdae to u cs!!! :)

well,de wk was ok la,nt v to slp b4 12am everyday! was damm tire for no reason:( i even slp b4 11pm once la!so nan dei!! thurs gt back bio test.sad la,fail by 1m:( repressible operon i write repressor operon -.='' damm it la:( oh ya,i kana de US program.for those who duno,it's nt goin US la,it's a maths extra lesson for those who get U or S for maths :( so every tues i cant go hm at 2.3o (by rgt is 1.30,but mr azmi will most prob drag de lesson :( )!! muz wait til 4pm for de lesson til 6! :( luckily gt ple pei mi la!! nt tt im happi they also kana,but is im nt alone!LOL.i still duno how to do ionic eqm qn notes beside de revsion quiz paper but de qn paper still blank blank.tried to do durin de 1 hr break n manage to gt tt qn rgt:) woot,but overall,still fail by 1m-.="

gt back content quiz,woot,i PASS:) finalli smt pass?? did a timed-practise p2 for gp,which i din manage to finish :( went bugis aft sch to simlim sq wif yt zy hl n pam:) finalli bought de pens fr muji tt i wanted to buy :) de price din increase sia!shd hv bought 1 more pen sia!

muji pens :)
LOL. go hm wif huiling n we decided to take a look at de new shop at mrt station dere. so TATA~~

YES!!finalli gt bakery shop le!!HAHA=) bought egg mayo ham bread while huiling bought de spicy floss de bread.mine was much more nicer than hers!!HAHA=) by de way,i wasnt hungry yet i bought de bread so i can pei her eat!so nice of mi rgt?? :)
did hmwk during sat so i can go JB on sun :) woke up at 7.30am on sun den went msia.din do much but i CUT MY HAIR:) finally go cut n is obvious tt i cut my hair (de previous time i cut nt tt obvious).well,nw my hair damm short as compared to de previous length la!!:( n my fringe is rather short n de hair v thin.RAH.but it's ok,hair will grow.hope it will grow fast :) oh ya,de hairdresser sae "U GT REBOND HAIR B4 RGT?" i was lyk NO.HAHA=) anw nt de 1st tym liao la.HAHA=)yay,so i said byebye to my messy hair which seems to be quite ok on de previous day b4 i cut it..asked de person whether a short hair (in fact near shoulder length) will suit mi blah blah blah den she say i nt suitable for those bob cos de back of my skull quite ya. anw,ate oreo cheese cake which i wanted to eat since thurs/fri :D gt hm pack bag etc n study for econs til abt 1am.but guess 12.30 lyk tt fall aslp :X

my long hair b4 cutting :) quite layered hor ??
i miss my long hair!!
tink this is de longest hair so far,but still quite short la.LOL (i so loyal to JJ,at hm still wear JJ

well, let mi ask u guys/gals smt....

wadx de following cracker call??....

well,it's WANWAN.ok,de ans damm obvious since de name already dere,somemore so damm big!BUT,dere's e other simialar cracker call BINBIN CRACKER!!too bad i ate it n threw de plastic away so din gt to take a pic of it :( asked many ple wad de cracker call n all sae is wanwan even though de name "BINBIN CRACKER" is so damm ple,muz noe which 1 is BINBIN CRACKER n which is WANWAN CRACKER hor!! :)

PARTY ANIMAL BISCUIT!!nice but i prefer de seaweed flavour de :) well,it's quite cheap!! $1 for 1 quite big box:) somemore u can learn abt de shape of de animal n how it's being called in malay:)
yiqing posing during civil session at hall :) sarah was playing wif my hp la.HAHA=) n she even on de music cos i sae de music is soft.HAHA=) civil was quite boring if im nt wrong.BUT de speaker is a gd speaker im so sry for nt listenin:) LOL.

yay,damm with econs lect test! still gt chem lect test n GP tca on fri!!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

seems lyk im getting sick. RAH.

cd hv pass maths. RAH.

duno wad wrong wif blogger again. all de colour tingy gone. RAH.

Monday, March 24, 2008

hello :)

fri: did a bit hmwk.went out to PS to do smt impt :) was late hm n cdnt watch 9pm show!!but tt's ok :) reminds mi of opportunity cost.LOL. anyway de tym spent was worth it :)

sat:did quite a no of hmwk,so quite happi.LOL.

sun:did econs s-pop tiny fr 7.30-11. den read chem eqm til 12.30.was quite awake but 12.30 liao so go slp :)
mon(todae): supposed to go sch early for eclub tingy but i was late :X sad to sae tt yf's screwdriver doesnt's nt her fault,at least she brought a screwdriver :) aaron told mi smt n i was lyk WTH la.cos wen they exco meeting gt talk abt de camp,den they wonder who in eclub know 1st aid.den aaron sae he heard someone say "binbin".RAH. i disqualify liao la!everything learn most turn rusty n return to de mdm n sir liao.HAHA=) so aaron was lyk sayin de rest of de J2 can dun go but binbin hv to go.rah.every1 shd noe 1st aid since we went for de cdc trg liao wad.RAH.but glad to hear fr jas tt i can choose nt to go :) so i shall c 1st :) morning was damm hot!! guess pretty much link to global warming? had pc,was ok cos my pc cher nv cum :)lol,run3rounds n do ex n do 20incline pull up n earli dismiss :) woot:) tried to unscrew de tingy in sizzlinice but onli 1success.poke my finger which was damm pain.:( had bio.chenyaan is a funny gal.HAHA=)den was econs lect.nth much go into my head i tink.den had gp,watched video abt N. korea. de video interestin sia.i lyk gp is for watchin video sia :)anw,de ple damm ermx,ke lian? lyk nt much freedom n weird.LOL. went out wif zy n cs to jp to settle some stuff.went hm ate lunch n use com :)

by de way,these r pics taken durin esplanade trip last mon :) pam was quite high in de sense tt she wanan take pic.LOL.there's more den 2takes but will post 2 onli la :)

take 2.
oh ya,sunday did some stuff n i saw my art pieces.HAHA=) most r damm ugly i tink. de nice one wif cher.HAHA=) as in my arts gt better in sec2 n de cher nv return us :( wanted to give them back but ya,guess they duno where liao.
de unusual farm :)
i love this monkey-duck :)
i like de elephant :) MOO~~~
pls take note of de horse!!HAHA=) no tym to draw de horse so draw their butts onli.HAHA=) im bad at paintin!! [evidence above :)]
masks :)
masks :)
dream :) i love to draw chilli :)
chilli :)take a closer look at it! note de chilli in de shoe?? :)try de colour out :) dun hv de final piece!!wif ms aida :(drawings of hand
well,rmb ms aida[my sec2 art teacher who is a bit crazy crazy but v creactive n gd at act] wanted as to draw smt tt will link to our i drew duck :) see below :
de finalli pic was wif de fact is wif de teacher.RAH.i love tis la!!well,rmb tt tym gt back result c my art fail(49),den i was lyk WTH,so i go ask de end is she 4gt to add in this piece of art of mine!!HAHA=) so i gt my A :)

mother teresa :)

wanted to draw this de,but i duno how to do de effect of summer.LOL.

ple if u notice tt i smt lyk to draw butterfly,u may tink y..well,cos i drew butterfly as my sec2 final piece :) n duno y i quite lyk to draw butterfly :)

stage 2
stage 4

tink i love this (de butterfly art piece) de most,but i dun hv de final piece.RAH.shd hv gt it back fr cher!! :'''( i love de chilli art piece too :)

animals :)

HAHA :) tt's all of de arts la.HAHA=)i prefer usin colour pencil den paint,cos paint lyk nt so nice.HAHA=)

enough of pics le :) i shall go off :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

ms ma demand a post fr mi so here i am to update my blog :) yay,tmr no sch cos tmr is GOOD FRIDAE :) hopefulli it will turn out to be a GOOD day :) PRESENTS(sweets) received on val day. 4gt gt post this b4 nt.LOL.

well,this wk is de 1st wk of term 2.mon was damm tire la.reach sch at abt 7.05 den no seat in de seats we wan kana snatched by j1s .RAH. not much changes [onli 1change in fact] to de timetable :) had pc as 1st lesson.HATE IT MAN.pc cher change to de other 1 =( ms ng kana snatched away by de J1!! %$#@$#. dun realli lyk de "new" cher cos she train more for NAFA [actualli tt's wad pc for]. i prefer ms ng much much more :( so ya,i hate mon's pc even more was ok.anyway,nw we hv to do presentation for our own ans la:( pam n i dunhv partner so we partner each other.HAHA=) n we do de presentation tgt:) thx god she gt pei mi la,if nt mani qn i duno.HAHA=)i onli help her flip notes n c de ans.LOL.then had LT was damm cold(as usual).gt back TCA for GP.failed sia.i shdnt do de stupid qn on de stupid sports tingy la:( n those stupid J1s keep cheer cheer cheer.GO N DIE.cultural went to esplanade.quite waste time n $$$$$ la. we spent $70+ for de tingy n we onli hv TALKS TALKS TALKS TALKS n 1 trip to esplanade. RAH. shd let us go for de s'pore flyer[duno correct nt] la!!! :( duno all de $$ spend on wad man. :( took some pics during de trip which make some ple sae im nt singaporean.RAH. im 100% singaporean hor.LOL.realise cs's fren some realli childish.HAHA=)grow up la.reach hm do econs n study maths.damm tire :( 1 day FINALLY pass.
photos taken on mon :)
de 1 sitting down is de ah long. HAHA=):)
I LIKE THIS PHOTO!!doesnt look real to mi. lyk those fake de.HAHA=)

tues.tire.hv to stay back for maths test fr 4.30 to we hv abt 3hrs break cos no extra lesson for chem[shift to thurs] :) so went lib n study den eat den rest for 10min den study.BUT still,i duno how to do de paper.RAH.even though de test was badli done,i quite happi cos de test finalli over :) tt's so bad.well,so aft de test for all H2 maths students,de busstop gt damm mani ple instead of 174,we took 157.HAHA,nt much ple take 157 at de stop we were.HAHA=) so we seat n rest n wait to reach our stop lo.but i dun lyk 157 cos de journey damm long.cant take it la.SO DAMM LONG.rah. anyway,sms-ed jeremy n he was still waiting for 174 while we in 157!HAHA=) den 174 was damm pack la.but 174 faster la,reach de stop faster.n tt childish jeremy was damm happi tt he reach de finishing line 1st -.=" reach hm watch tv do hmwk n slp :)
changed my sch bag to backpack.dun wan history to repeat itself.HAHA=)

wed.chem lect note gt ma fan. de notes lyk become so damm messy aft dgn de corrections. RAH.pc nv change teacher :) phew!!used to dun lyk her but nw i dun wanna change teacher le!!HAHA=)we run ard de stupid grand stand(rah,grand stand shd keep under renovation sia),was damm nt even de 1st round jiu wanna shit but keep ren ren ren.muz finish running den can go shit ma.HAHA=)but i did warm up n do de stupid jumpin up of de boxes b4 i go toilet.but so sad la,din manage to shit anyting sai :( so run back for pc n do de cher sia,dismiss us abt 10min earlier :) woot :) rush thru econs tut which i did half way:)den had gp den cca.n hm sweet hm :)

thurs.finalli we can sit at OG table :) crapped wif ms ma early in de morning la. ermx,refer to photos below.HAHA=)
de tall bottle on de rgt is MI,de short bottle on de left is HL.haha=) i hv long hair,she hv short hair :)
ms ma says : " u playing tricks on mi ar? put ur twist away fr my head la!"
i refused to do as wad ms ma said n she push mi down...

then i fell down.. nearli roll down sia.. then ms ma nv help mi up..... HERE COMES DE BIG BULLY!!!~~
HL says: WAHAHAHAHAHA :) im a big bully!!!

n she step on my hair.( she so bu shi ren hor?)revenge time!!! hao ren always will win de :) wahahhaha :) huai ren know she wrong liao..HAHA=)
SO hao ren de ms ho befriend wif big bully ms ma.
n they become laopo laogong :)
LOL.i realli duno how to come up wif a story la.lyk pri sch compo sia.give u pics n u muz write story.HAHA=)

back to thurs then.. had chem tut which we finish ionic eqm.even though keep say de pace of our class v slow,but i haven even finish de nxt tut.imagine if mr azmi teach v fast,den doom ya.HAHA=)tt applys to my case la.den had econs lect.was cold. oh ya,aft econs lect,jeremy was behind mi la,den he sae he's nt jeremy [jeremy say he gt a twin,WOOT,n his twin is YereMj (shdb)]. come to de story y he gt twin is becos of a photo he took:
HAHA=) by de way,he's de 1 on de rgt. on de left is serene's "fren".HAHA =) WELL,so unlike jeremy la.thought he's those kind tt wun ban gui lian de. n he sae tt's his twin,so i play along wif him.LOL.ok,back to todae's stuff la.. had maths lect which was quite fast.tink by nxt lect jiu can finish tis topic le.but hate it la,nxt cpt is VECTORS.i hate it since sec la :( had maths tut den chem extra lesson.took back n i was damm angry n disappointed.RAH.thought will pass de la.wth.go hm aft chem.saw de other cousin[lunfa's bro] of mine at BB. he was wif his "fren" but he still gt talk to mi.HAHA=)din realise he was dere at 1st sia.anyway,he's quite friendli la :)LOL.reach hm n rot n use com :)

well,today throat damm pain.perhaps ytd ate too much curry n fried food :X

ok.shall stop postin. happy good fridae :)
n hv a gd long wkend :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

ok,i shall blog since my bro is nt back n i've finish lookin thru periodicity slides. rah,accidentli deleted some parts of de post.RAH.nvm...

went out on thurs. meet hl n zy at abt 1 for kbox at cini.we sang til 5.3o even though we can sing til 7. wad a stupid excuse of demand more den supply.cant they gt more rms so they wun interupt those ple who r singin? we sang for 3.30hr onli =( anw finalli can go kbox aft damm long la=)

pics=) : hl spolit de mic!!HAHA=)so violent of her la!!
n hl wasted de chips la.
laopo zy n mi cam-whorin wen ms ma singing.HAHA

hl done wif singing alone . LOL.

aft kbox-in,we meet up xq at cine at 6+. had prawn noodle for dinner =) hl so LOL la,she asked de chair to move -.=" WOO,i din noe my laopo can talk to chair sia. perhaps de chair no ear so din hear wad hl said n it din move.HAHA=) went de border (is it ar?) cos xq wanna look for pencilbox.anw,shared umbrella wif hl cos mine was dried n i lazy dry it nice of her to share it wif mi =) so we were crappin under de umbrella under de rain.HAHA=)by de way,sometimes i cant c de road cos hl put de umbrella too low.HAHA=)but she's not short u c,she's at de average height!! :) ok,went border n those pencilbox nt nice de.den we went further into de shoppin mall n sit ard de table.well,we love takin photos,so we manage to take pics even though no other ple help us [this reminds mi abt ikea trip wif hl!!HAHA ].so these r de photos we took =)

my prawn mee :)
hl's lor mee..EEE.LOL mi n ms ma

reflection :)

i LOVE this pic =D
hello :)
**punch** seems tt im a BIG bully. i look so GIANT,they look so TINY

we let de tiny ple sit.HAHA

so aft takin them,off we go hm.miss 9pm show cos reach hm 10+ liao.anw de pumps lan liao la.RAH.both of them lan la,luckily de soles din drop off wen im on my way hm sia.this is de 4th tym my shoes spolit?2slippers n 2pumps.HAHA=) oh ya oh ya,manage to rush to listen yixin's delication of song at 933 =) juz nice la,i on de radio den de DJ start yixin's letter.HAHA=) thx gal for de "dang ni" :) ate chicky n veggi b4 i slp at 12.LOL.

my sis's poor pumps.

woke up at 7+ for 1hr econs lesson.RAH.bag was damm heavy.nt becos of econ since onli brin a few pieces of econs stuff.HAHA.brought maths for anling :) anyway,most of my time seatin in de class in starring n's bad.but i gt listen la(hopefulli).HAHA=) aft tt went to hv mac breakfast at JEC.poor yiqing eat it alone.cos mi anling jaime n yiqing wanna go JP eat mac de,but wen they ask where im goin aft eatin,we change our mind of goin jp for mac.HAHA.cos im goin lib ALONE to do hmwk!!tt's wad i planned cos scare if gt ple pei mi i'll spend most of my tym crapping again.then anling sae she dun mind pei mi so ok,i dun mind too cos i wun be tt lonely =)jaime went JEC along wif us since she live ard tt area. so ya,we bought de $2breakfast set :) de tea was damm HOT la.i hate it,nd waste tym for it to ice lei,will melt if de ting i consume is too hot.HAHA=) went lib to do hmwk aft table available we sit at de com dere.anling gt on de com cos lyk v ya,we use a bit com den she copy notes i do hmwk.n we had mac for lunch.LOL. kids nowadays ar,lyk so bunch of kids nd to grow up n stop acting cool or mature wen their behavior so damm childish. heard de bunch of kids keep sae those $#%$#$@ words la.n they play wif's fine if it doesnt concern mi BUT MY SHIRT GT KANA A BIT DE WATER LA!!i was damm pissed off.feel lyk scoldin them but i din.i juz diao de person who dirty my shirt.RAH.nvm,shall 4give these childish kids.

saw a cute little boy at mac =) we smile at him n he laugh.v cute la,den i was laughing while taking his pic n de pic turns out to be:
so ple,dun laugh while u takin pic!!HAHA=)

anw,this is how de little boy looks. i wasnt's y it's nt blur.

so we con't dgn hmwk til abt 4+ cos meetin my pri sch fren at 5 at JE :) cal reached 1st followed by mi=) den eileen n yixin came n off we go to marina sq to meet up michelle de lao ying :) n they had laksa for dinner!!mi n cal din eat since we're nt hungry.aft tt watch de leap yrs.nt bad part quite touching de :) but some ok ok onli la.poor qi yu wu's eng nt v gd,so wen he speaks in eng,gt ple laugh a bit.well,i dun lyk his image nw.i LOVE his old image,wen he was damm tann..guess tt was yrs ago in de swimmin de..LOL.he SHD /MUZ change back to his old image sia.if nt v ermx,nt shuai? so aft movie,we went to espla dere:) gt a band there damm loud.poor leg of mine kaa bite by mosquito :( so damm itchy.den we find seats n sit n chat.seems tt im v old cos i hv damm bad memory!!cant recall many ple n mani stuffs in pri sch=( had nice chat :) miss those old time v much!!hope we'll keep in touch!!

pic time :)

my diamonds damm big rgt? haha
my laogong calista wanna give mi de star :) LOL

a unknown band

eileen n calista :)
hall 4,so paiseh la,i went up to de escalator w/o letting de person checkin de tickets :X mi n mic =)

i love music =)
he's my BOYFREN=) i wanna learn piano :(
mic n i hv de same bag but diff colour.mine bought fr china,hers in spore.
i love my bestie
i diao at eileen's cam :)

ok,this ms lim looks taller than mi even she's this pic was taken to prove tt she's nt taller than mi :) anw,we're both 170cm :)
this shows tt im shy :)
eileen n michelle :) we're too tall,tt's y we cant c our head's reflection -.="
mi n calista ;)

went NUS open hse,nth much.went for an hr onli i tink.den head to orchard. nearly cut my hair.anyway,din realise my hair length is this: ok,messy hair i noe.HAHA=) wonder shd cut it nt.LOL.
this guess handbag looks nt bad:)
nice but exp.RAH.
rah,holidae is endin.i shall nt go out tmr since i've been out fr wed til sat,every single day =( i nd to study for maths n do hmwk.1 day left onli.rah.OK,bye. :)