Friday, February 22, 2008

congrate spore gt de chance to hv YOG :) WELL DONE :) anyway many JJians went!! as usual la,jj is proud of our cheerin!!anyway,mr koh came out wif a cheer la.HAHA=) oh ya,saw sarah on news man. haha=) channel 8 de. somemore quite long. HAHA=) jon oso gt.but i din c him.HAHA=) anyway spore lyk hv more n more events coming up sia. lyk de airshow,f1,den de IR n YOG which r yrs ltr la. HAHA :)

todae's bag damm heavy sia. brought 2maths bk,1GP bk n chem tys. but end up onli use tys n 1maths bk. RAH. poor shoulder of mine suffer for nth la!! %$#^%$ :(

todae my retina tangle sia. scare mi. scare i'll break it la. it cost $400+ so i untangle it v carefulli :) had extra chem lesson at 2.15pm. azmi bought food for us :) so nice of him la!!yay,gt food to eat.was quite hungry tt tym la. HAHA=) anyway my mum called mi before chem.den in de classrm onli mi pam jiajun n anling.den as usual,i talk quite loud,which they sae i talk v loud. den i go outside de classrm lo.den wen i go back to de classrm,dey say i talk super loud cos they can hear every single word i said -.=" omg,am i speakin tt loudly???HAHA :)

well.. stay back aft sch to wait for yt they all but they v late den dismiss. den mi pam n yiqing[she wait for her jurong gang] wait for them. den we talk n ear banbantang :) n i finish it faster den yiqing. so this prove tt i hv more saliva den yiqing :) LOL. well,meet my sis at wm den ate at foodcourt den went swensen for icecream :) damm nice but too sweet la.juz like mi.HAHA=)anyway dinner n icecream all paid by my 2nd sis!! :) wahaha=) so gt hm use com watch tv :X anyway din gt to catch P.S. i love u. wm dunhv la. den since nxt wk no tym,guess dunnd watch liao :( RAH.

rah,comin wks damm mani test la :(
wk 9: tues-SPA
wed- GP essay test
thurs-maths lect test
fri-bio test
wk10: mon-econs lect test
wed- GP content test
fri-chem lect test
stress la =(
somemore gt mani hmwk. well,is i do v slow :X anyway tink i wun blog much nxt wk cos bz la:(

wkend cumin,nxt wk cumin,nxt nxt wk cumin. sianx la.. haix :(

BYE ple.let's be nerd -.="

Thursday, February 21, 2008

hello world :D

it's been a wk since i blog!! so i guess this post will be quite long? im bad at summarisin.HAHA


last sat [16/2/08] had s25 gatherin. meet marianne jeremy pam n jeremiah at gombak b4 meetin de rest at JE. guys nowadays nd gals to wait sia. anyway yh noob sia. everytime duno y cant find him de. last tym s28outin n tis tym de gatherin at JE but cant find him.LOL. ate lunch at LJS. jeremy hv to leave earli cos his close relative goin his hse bainian,so i ask him to make his relative open.HAHA=) help pam to eat her fries as usual.den we hand to alex hse. someone ask mi to sms him aft we had lunch so aft lunch i inform him.den say i too late inform him blah blah we went alex's hse w/o him :X anyway is he ask us go 1st.HAHA=) but he reach quite fast la.we watch spongebob b4 playing cards =) some ple say HO de luck v gd,but ya,i still lose $$,but it's ok. HAHA=) din gt to play mahjong cos demand more den supply n dey play 20cent per tile. i decided nt to play. so watch de rest play xbox.den mi marianne n pam went off cos wanna watch movie. cant catch P.S i love u at cck so went wm to watch ahlong.nt bad la,cos quite funni :) bought sushi n fishball=) aft tt meet up wif edward n yh for dinner. tt ed win 40+bucks la!! wanna play mahjong den edward suggest go james' hse but too late.RAH.

sun[17/02/08] hmwk dae

mon: sianx la,sch again.shit-ed thrice earli in de morning b4 pc la :( had pc as de 1st 3rounds warm up den do leg ex den run 1round within 1.50min!!tt's a challenge la.if pass den gd,if nt doom.cos nd to run 3rounds if fail-.=" den cher ask who's goin for challenge 1,which is de 1rounds in 1.50min de,everyone stand up sia.HAHA=) so we CHIONG~~!!!!!!v xinku sia. lyk abt half round mi jiu nt much energy left.but luckily pass de tingy!!n every1 pass!!WOOOOO~~!!! legs damm pain la!!somemore we nd to shuttle run.i did poorli. 12+sec la!! :( econs lect started on new topic,de lecturer oso gt change.den usualli pam will fall aslp but tis tym round she din.HAHA=) cos we were laughing most of de's bad to laugh but i tried to ctrl ok.HAHA=) louis dey all worse la,keep laughin den influnt mi n pam to laugh.HAHA=) gp hv to do essay as a grp. onli wrote de intro during lesson -.=" so we divide up de job,pam 2OA,mi 2SA,anling 1SA+conclusion. so we r suppose to go hm n do our part.anling sae she'll do on tues nite,den i keep explain to her tues afternoon we're combinin.. rah. went hm n do gp 1st cos at nite i'll fall aslp while dgn hmwk de. took v long to do gp i guess.den study chem pract.

tues: did quiz durin civil lesson.i guess im a extrovert,intuiter,feeler n perceiver b4 i took de quiz. end up im a introvert,intutiter [yay,i guess it rgt -.="],thinker n judger!!! quite surprise cos diff fr wad i thought i m. well,so im a INTROVERT!!!LOL. had spa trial.similar to wad we did last tym. gt little pdt tis time round. :( but it's ok since mr azmi sae de %yield doesnt matter :) stay back to go thru de spa trial. den stay back to do gp. ate de mee fr malay stall [ i dunno how to spell lei :x ] 1st tym tryin tt in jjc sia.but de taste v standard,de quantity v little,confirm nt full. den pam edit mine,i edit hers.anling din do -.=" so i decided to brin hm combine mine n pam's. den anling sae she'll take de job,but we sae let mi do better.cos she still nd to her ya.. i spent lots of tym combining de parts even though there isnt much changes -.=" but it's super neat since it's b4 my dinner :) [usualli i'll gt slpy while study aft dinner]. oh ya,my fish hide between de sponge n a transparent plastic in de fish tank la.den my dad was counting de fish b4 we go off. luckily my dad found it if nt it will die man! :) even though i did a gd ting in de morning,smt bad still happen. my bag de strip break la!!somemore is i juz enter de sch -.=" den HL n pam dey all keep laugh la :( RAH.

wed. pc-ed.3rounds warm up. de last round gt a ball hit yiqing den de ball rebound hit sekchin. of cos i stop cos sc my fren wad. she lyk v pain la.. de ball #@#@%$#@$% la. but she was surrounded by her classmates so off i go n cont run lo..den did ex as usual. anling din complete her part. nvm,she tried to do durin pc cos she pon. so during break we edit it n copy lo.oh ya,yiqing sae i can tt be la.HAHA=) den she copy de way i talk.LOL. nt mani ple went eclub due to YOG. anyway we went to buy de stuff as a BU =) so funni la.duno y i was super ultra high.bought smaller version of pam--> mop. y i sae smaller version? cos it's shorter den pam.HAHA=) n mop is pam's relative!!i wonder how she go bainian sia!HAHA=) study for maths.RAH.

thur. de nxt class of ours during chem is forever so damm noisy la. their gp lesson sounds fun la.anyway we r damm slow for chem.we juz finish carboxylic acid sia ;( maths test was horrible i guess. haix. stayed back wif pam til 3pm.haha=) ate waffle n we sit at rgt i shdb askin her maths qn but end up we read newspaper.HAHA=)

WELL,tmr goin out wif sis=) her last test is tmr :D

1wk pass damm fast. wk 9 n 10 damm stress la,TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST :::((((( i can feel de stress. do u?

haix,tis wk test my patient sia.anyway these days mani ple in n out of relationship sia. ple so strong :) those tt r in,enjoy!! :) .im not in or out of it la.LOL

OK,off i go for hmwk.HAHA=)bye

Thursday, February 14, 2008

hello ple!! im here to blog again!!tt's fast rgt?LOL.

todae is VALENTINE DAY!!


thx to all my beloved frens for all de pre[sweets n choco :) ]
my lovely pri sch fren tan yixin gave mi choco!!so sweet of her!!muacks!! tmr we goin to hv same chem extra lesson tgt!!it's been damm long [5yrs] we sit in de same class n hv lesson tgt!!haha :)
my laopo zy gave mi choco n laopo hl gave mi sweets :)
my bestie yt gave my sweets n biscuit :)
paul aka monkey aka sala aka sarah gave giant strawberry biscuit stick :)
my beloved sec sch bestie gave lolipop :)
n de sch gave 1 lolipop wif a post it attached wif it wif our names!! dey seems to be so FREE la..but it's so sweet of them!!
it's a soooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet day!!! HAHA=)

mr azmi weird la. during morning assembly yangcong sang.duno for wad v. day stuff ba.den mi n pam were lyk tinkin who's singin.den i c is yangcong.den amzi sae he's singin to mi-.=" den he start to say yangcong nt bad blah blah blah..lyk sellin him to mi la-.=" so mi n pam were lyk "wadx wrong wif mr azmi?" HAHA=) well,todae seems to pass quite fast sia.sch so loveli man.HAHA=) left sch aft dismiss at 2pm.ate n do nth at hm den watch tv.den use com n chat wif jeremy n xq. xq so cute la,on her webcam la.i can c her but she cant c mi!!HAHA=) anyway,glad tt huiling sae de choco is nice!! :D oh ya,mi anling n pam share buy choco for de class =)

did this tingy:
What Hobinbin Means
You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out.Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia.Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person.
You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life.You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you.At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself.
You are full of energy. You are spirited and boisterous.You are bold and daring. You are willing to do some pretty outrageous things.Your high energy sometimes gets you in trouble. You can have a pretty bad temper at times.
You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.
You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

duno true a nt sia.u ple shall be de judge.LOL.

P.S I LOVE YOU is out!!seems to be quite nice!!well long tym nv watch movie liao.RAH.but shall c 1st.

ok,gtg. my bf waitin for mi.HAHA=) who's my bf? hmwk lo.LOL.well,hmwk can be gal also hor?HAHA=)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hello world! im finalli here to post :D

anyway, HAPPI CNY TO EVERYONE :) lol

oh,this post quite long :X

wed went sch for celebration.we lao yu sheng as a class.of cos we wish for gd grades for chi n pw la.den read yq's they all de blog den c yh de noob wish for mani stupid stuffs.HAHA.cheryl's wish is de best la.hope yh will grow brain sia.HAHA.:Dwell,had 2reunion dinner this yr sia.ate de 1st one at my grandma[dad's side] wif dad.had steamboat.v sianx but luckily gt a cousin to play wif :D de 2nd reunion dinner of cos at hm la,lol.but we dun eat steamboat for reunion some ple seems weird but ya,my family dun realli lyk to eat steamboat u see,so we cook many dishes instead :D was v tire tt dae sia.oh ya,thx yt for shou-liuin mi.LOL. CNY eve nd to shou ye for parents,so i slept at 3am. anyway chen fengling change her name sia. prefer her name as chen fengling sia.

these r de pics we took for CNY eve :)

went grandma hse to bainian.din do much sia. den went msia.hello my baby cousin!!HAHA=) she din cry as much compared to de previous tym i went.n she gt grow up lei =) as in get heavier!!cos wen i hug her,my hand ache aft sometime sia!!HAHA=) but she's still a greedy pig keep wan us give her food to eat.anyway wanna buy her fav biscuit fr kbox[my sch de,nt de singing de.LOL] but dunhv liao=( by de way,my baby cousin scare my bro!!HAHA=) so funnnni la!! cos baby lyk to walk here walk dere den lyk kitchen quite dangerous so her mama gt sae try nt to let her go i'll hv to stop her or carry her wen she enterin de kitchen.perhaps i shd juz gt my bro stand at de doorway of de kitcHEN.haha=) well,besides playing wif my baby cousin,there's nth else i can recall.LOL.cos nth to do,slp,play wif tt's how i spent my 1st 3days of CNY.LOL.quite borin.

woke up at ard 7am den prepare to leave wif my 3rd sis n my dad cos my dad nd to open de reach dad's shop den go eat breakfast,use com,den go my sis's fren's hse to bainian cos her fren keep ask her we went.ate n slack awhile b4more ple reach.n we play MAHJONG!!finalli aft duno how long i play la!my sis dunno how to play so de rest teach her while we playing. i lost 4bucks sis gt win sia :D MAHJONG IS ADDICTIVE SIA.haha.:D ate dinner n went hm at late la.nd to travel fr kovan to gombak la!! aft bath too tire to do hmwk. so i din do GP n bio.BAD GAL :(

mon->sch start again.SIANX LA.anyway ponned pc cos i wanna do GP.bad excuse?but i thought of it de day b4 liao.HAHA=) so mi pam anling serene estee n sarah went lib.HAHA=) went hm wif hl dey all. same bus as jeremy but din go hm tgt cos he duno go wad pop n shop'n'save.anyway,mi n hl damm funni la.i dun rmb wad de ting we were laughin abt la.den we enter de train n laughin laughin laughin.den beside us gt 2sec sch boys.den i heard 1 of dem sae "wadx wrong wif them la?!". i was lyk $#@%# so i sae "everyting is wrong"..but i wasnt realli #@%#$ cos i was high durin tt tym so ya..n i said in normal speakin vol.oh by de way,they r juz beside they heard it.n mi n hl juz burst into laughter again.HAHA=) i feel tt im so entertainin la!!HAHA=) nv fail to make hl's back hm trip enjoyable.LOL. hl say im fierce wen i sae "everyting is wrong" but i dun tink so lei. cos i sae n laugh at de same tym.HAHA=)

tues had econs test.sianx.duno hw to do sia.jasmine's contact len broke b4 de test la!!so scary!! spect is still de best i guess.LOL. had maths even though mr sia din cum.did summary for cpt14.chem do OR3 which we done b4.did previous time was trial nxt wk.nxt nxt wk jiu spa.RAH.hate it.

wed had pc wif de guys!!tt's lyk so weird cos 1yr nvpc wif guys liao.we run 2rounds den did pull up n de other tingy i duno call wad.den push up n all de stupid ex.but de guys go in rows orderly,de gals go tgt teacher duno how to ctrl us sia.HAHA=) anyway was quite ok. eclub made choco :D well,cleanin de most tedious job ba?cos it's admm oily n difficult to wash de choco away fr de mould n pot la.we spent duno how long la.thx jaime for helpin la!!mi so gd took de initative to wash sia.HAHA=) n yanting wait for mi for damm long!sry sry!!anyway she wait for mi nt for pam!!HAHA=) de choco made is for V day which is tmr =) it's juz a normal day for mi. sch til 2pm den off i go hm!! :) poor pam nd do pw!!wahaha=)

sat s25gatherin :D
ple who r goin : mi pam marianne yiqing jeremy lunfa edward yonghong jeremiah zhichiaw yuankang alex :)
hope we'll enjoy.LOL.

ok.late liao.BYE :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

tmr onli nd to go sch for CNY celebration!! :D seems tt tmr lyk no sch la! de feeling is damm great=) HAHA. well,mr azmi din turn up in sch. guess he's sick cos he ytd oso din cum. so there's no extra for chem aft pract!! :D we so xian shi la,even though azmi sick liao still yeah,cos no extra lesson.HAHA=) so evil la us. but we still gt pract. tink this tym round better den de last few times ba :D nxt pract goin redo again. civil lesson is free period since azmi nt ard. anyway,there's a boliao person who destroy my class property la.DE PERSON SHALL GO N DIE.oops,CNY cumin,shdnt hv ask de person go n "dye".. but come on la,how old liao still wanna do those childish stuff. hope XXX [i duntink it's gd to say hu's de victim] feel better now.

well,went wm aft sch. estee meet her fren for movie. but her fren was late. so we go c earring tgt.HAHA=) we spent more den 30min standing in front of de earrings man.HAHA=) so funni la,all de stuff tt we crapped. gt a earring is "," den estee say is sperm. den i ask where de egg,den beside de "," earring is a circular earring so tt's de egg. funni. so we bought 3pairs each..

ok.i shall go. BYE

happi CNY :D

Monday, February 04, 2008

hello world.

todae so funni. morning pam scold mi stupid.n i complain to zhenying.HAHA=) cos pam say de maths tut v easy den i sae i duno hw to do so pam is tryin to say i stupid.HAHA=) but end up is i saying tut 13B den pam say tut 14.-.=" HAHA,so i nt so stupid la. den aft morning assembly mi n pam were lyk tinkin whether we shd pon pc.den we decided pon n join serene they all.HAHA=) den yiqing n jaime change liao den saw us still in uniform.HAHA=) so end up mi n pam gt go pc.LOL. run 2rounds ard de field n run 1.6km den did sit-up n standin board jump. THX YIQING FOR ENCOURAGIN MI TO RUN WHENEVER IT'S TIME TO RUN!!!muacks** :D i love ms huang!!HAHA=) as in she'll dismiss us earli if she's so nice for her!! :D

stayed back in sch awhile to do eclub stuff which end quite fast!!=) *surprise* so we go JP since pam wanna find shoes.funni la tt cs sai. sae pam go in de shop less den 5sec or de most 20 sec [4gt liao] jiu will out.n true enuff,she within de timin will step out of de shop.HAHA=) pam tried to "molest" mi hold my hand til my hand hot hand nd fresh air if nt nd to do cpr sia.LOL. well, yiqing joined us ltr n cs sai left. so we con't to look for shoes. n in de end,she bought a shoes :) plain black de. i wan plain white de lei.HAHA=) well, if pam's readin this,she will sae binbin blog abt wad i bought......... HAHA=) thx yiqing for lendin mi ur maths!!HAHA=)wa,i thx u twice in this post!!

anyway,it's realli tt peter's [peter=lunfa,lunfa sounds nicer lei] fault for jeremy's belated present.cos he 4gt to brin todae.LOL. shall remind him again if i rmb.LOL.

juz nw did de "quiz" to c im resemble to which cartoon character n im lyk SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!!!
this is wad de mail says:
You are Sponge Bob Square Pants: You are the classic person that everyone loves. You are the best friendthat anyone could ever have and never wants to lose. You never causeharm to anyone and they would never not understand your feelings. Lifeis a journey, it' s funny and calm for the most part. Stay away fromtraitors and jealous people and you will be stress free.

i dun really care wad de ting above says la,but im happi im resemble SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS in de quiz la!!HAHA=) i used to HATE SPONGEBOB BUT I LOVE IT NOW~~!!! dun u tink it's cute. u better say it's cute if nt u're dead man.

ok,i shall go do hmwk le :D

Sunday, February 03, 2008

din go bugis wif sis as planned ytd's afternoon cos she hv afternoon i spent my afternoon dgn some hmwk =) tt cs sai crazy sia,keep sms. so in de end i nv re him.HAHA=) look out for choco for eclub but din buy.cos duno nd buy de end aaron ask mi buy but de shop close liao.HAHA.

went imm a while den head to de boon lay restaurant for reunion dinner wif my dad's side relative.. so as usual,we r de few earli one n wait wait wait til 8+? so here comes de yu shen n other dishes like shark fin,duck, chicky,noodle,fish n etc. but de interval of each dish wait v while waitin keep drink de drink so u'll gt full quite easily. anyway,sms-ed tt lunfa more den 1 day ago but he nv re, so i sms him again even though he's juz at de nxt table.n he FINALLI re. so he went down n bought de ting. i nt do bo hor. i write letter=) so if jeremy dun lyk de present, blame peter.HAHA=) anyway i dun tink jeremy will so xiao qi la[hopefully,LOL]. oh ya,i wanna more drink n there's no waiter ard so i waved to de waiter lo.den lunfa thought i was wavin to him.LOL.den he sae wad i wave til exaggerate.RAH. so rude la,he sae he wun wave back if i wave to him. im older ok.HAHA=) nxt tym wave to u u dun wave back im goin to shout ur name out n poke u.WAHAHHAA=) so evil.muhaha=) n tt lunfa sae he went kbox ytd n gt sing!! surprise sia!!HAHA=)n he sae gt ple praise!! so rare to c some1 rareli tok to sing.LOL. ok,back to topic.end dinner quite late. as usual la. oh,ytd gt a weddin. de bride fr china i guess.anyway de atmosphere nt v high sia.HAHA.

anyway,todae do hmwk. stare at maths n i duno hw to do sia. RAH.i duno even noe hw to do qn i keep stare at it lo. den wanna try econs but 25m sure v long so i do chem SATT instead=) left maths tut 13B,tut14,chem tut n essay 4 for econs. mani la.

rah.ok. i shd go le!!wkend is ending AGAIN!!rah. wed qucikli cum n here cums CNY :D

Friday, February 01, 2008

tis wk pass v fast. wkend is cumin AGAIN!! =) anyway, had bio test. i feel so stupid aft dgn it la. de punnet sq i gt try wen study,but durin test 4gt. den i nv write in front de,as in parental phenotype genotype etc cos de qn ask for f1 n f2 i so stupid go liq. RAH. it's nt a difficult paper la. if i do badli,i'll so damm RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :(

anyway i love my maths nb. nt de content of cos la. i love my neat nb. HAHA=) ok,random. todae jeremy's bdae. but too bad,nv prepare present for him :X peter aka lunfa's fault la. sae share den 4gt buy.den he ask mi buy den i too long den c. HAHA=) so,sry jeremy,ur present will be belated :D n peter stop rubbishin.

1.5hr of gp was quite fast. had grp presentation but jeremiah alone do de presentation! WOOT=) glad he's willing to go present cos de rest of us dun wan.HAHA=) n he can crap well,if mi i sure duno wad to sae if ple ask qn.HAHA=) ms huang v gd,dismiss us 10min earli=) n nxt wk dunnd do newspaper article!!woot=) but i bought newspaper la. den pam sae nt buy newspaper juz for newspaper article de ma. HAHA=) but i buy juz for tt. :x

went JP aft sch. had lunch at pizza hut. studentset cost $6.50. de price reasonable =) went shop shop n bought 1dress=) my sis bought 1 too.but i wonder if i'll wear.LOL.

oh ya,ytd 4gt mention tt while we waitin for 174 at de busstop. gt a bus wif pri sch kids[i guess]. den i randomli wave to them.HAHA=) so cute la dey. some lyk scare scare some wave back.HAHA=) so we laugh n laugh.HAHA=)

anyway,was chatting online wif xq. she told mi smt funni la. china weather is bad currentli n gt jam n stuff la.den gt a pregnant woman gave birth. guess wad her baby call?HAHA=)
he's name is....
so creative hor de mama. LOL.if im de baby boy i'll wanna change my name wen i grow up sia.HAHA

well,tmr will hv reunion dinner at JE. standard la. b4 tt shdb out wif sis :D

well,shall wish jeremy happi bdae again =) HAPPI BDAE!! u're nt 8,u're 18 le hor.