Sunday, November 30, 2008

i really dun understand y de world is going thru all these.. may these be over soon!

anw,tmr is PROM! hope i wun be too sian! n hope anling will nt ps me!HAHA=)

bye :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


LOOKS NICE! bhl n kxq

laogong n laopo

i no present :'(

im so damm F-A-T!

xq wanna be si ma guang,so i play along wif her.
im so evil*

:D :)
:) :D :)

zy n hl,u all can take de pic fr her/xq's facebk. but i guess de size is much smaller n de images r tt nt clear.HAHA=) if u all gt pic fr zy's bdae pls send to me okay?THX=)
anw,jeremy offered a part time's IT fair fr thurs to sunday. was thinking shd go nt lah,cos sat goin out wif dad n sis! but lucky is work at least3days.. so hopefully can.. jeremiah,ed n his fren goin sianx la,1st time working. but it's nt even confirmed.LOL.
finally can pack my rm!BYE=)

Monday, November 24, 2008

dear sis,THX FOR BEING THERE WHENEVER I ND U!!thx for playing wif me( yes im kidish,lalala,wad can u do?)! w/o u tink i'll die!! so,u muz hv a long long live n die ltr den me!! HAHA=) oh well, went out wif her ytd n we enjoyed pretty much!!:)) bought a shoes for prom n normal outing since i only hv slippers n sch shoes! de shoes i was wearing spoilt n i changed to my new shoes which made my legs damm pain!nw there's blisters.RAH. slippers is still de best sia!! went party world. quite ok la,1person abt 15bucks! n de room is pretty big!! okay,din wanna blog much cos i still gt stuff to do! cos im finally stay at hm aft sooooo mani days!! take care!! :))

my best sister cum my best fren!! :))

stay cute n cheerful!! =)
p.s.: MS KANG LI PING,PLS GO PROM OKAY??? pls dun abandon me!! i'll be damm sian if u're leaving me along n i'll hide at 1corner drawing circles.. ltr kana caught will kana fine de lei! so will u pls go prom??honey cant survive w/o moon!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


may u stay innocent,strong n healthy!!! u're my 1st secondary sch fren n i'll nv 4gt how to gt to noe each other!! THX TO MS NG sia! if nt her,probably we wun get to noe each other tt fast or we wun even be de same gang!! n i'll rmb y im in SJAB instead of MRL!!! HAHA=) i'll nv regret joining SJ!! all those fun n tough moment,it will always stay wif mi! come to think of it, i'll realli gain a lot fr SJ! beside getting noe all my besties,i also married to 3laopos!! HAHA=) guess SJ moment is de most memoriable part of sec sch life! i mean it. i duno how to say,im realli thankful to hv all ple wif me! hope we'll still stand side by side of each other like we always do! i worry tt de 4of us will drift apart, just like wad happened to our pri sch frens.. our social circle is so damm small already,i dun wan it to strink!! somemore i dun wan lose u ple!! MAY OUR FRENSHIP LAST!! we noe each other for abt 6yrs le! tt's 1/3 of our life! v fast we'll be celebrating 10yrs of frenship!!!

todae we went zy's hse surprise her! damm funny lah, pam pressed de doorbell but aft damm long no ple open de door. so she called zy.HAHA=) den wen zy open de door den de rest of us rush to her front door.HAHA=) she din open door for pam cos wen she look thru de hole,she din noe de person was pam,so she juz ignore (it's gd to ignore stranger!).HAHA=) den we chat n slack ard in her hse til ard 12pm bah. anw,her keypad damm cute la!!it's HELLO KITTY KEYPAD!! damm cute can!!headed town cos they shopping fr prom dress,den i shop shop :)) saw quite a few NICE top/dress la!! but some r so damm exp la!! dinner sux,it's juz too exp! it's nt economical at all for $3.50 of fried noodles,long bean n filet!!

ytd went bugis wif laopos :) met up zy n hl 1st n walk ard to c wad stuff zy wan for her present. den went foodcourt wait for xq. surprised her cos we only meet up to buy zy's present w/o zy coming n we din tell her tt we're celebrating her bdae! sry gal,even it's quite late for de celebration,hope u stay enjoyed wad we prepared for u!! hope u like de TOP,de FLOWER,n de SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS card!! :) it's fun exploring ard!! i even mistook suntec as esplandna! tt's so DUMB of mi!! yes,ple call mi dumb! but de top of suntec realli look alike to de esplandna!!okay,at least they appear quite similar to me,but tt's only for de top la! THX xq for intro-ing de NICE NICE ICECREAM!!de salegirls r damm polite n friendly!! they keep ask her try de icecream b4 we buy la!! n de icecream damm nice can!! so we walked fr bugis to esplandna! took some stupid pics!damm funny la!! i haven gt de photos,will post them once i gt them bah!!HAHA=)

To my dearest xq,im glad tt u're more positive now. well,u've all along been de crappy funny girl but smt u realli can make ple worry!!do stay strong n yes,u'll be strong. jiayou n strive hard for gd result yay?well, wad i wanna say is sort of de same for both u n zy!HAHA=) oh,i wanna go ur hse play wif snowy!!it's so damm cute!! oh ya laopos, are we visiting hillgrove for SJ?? during this dec? or wad? r we really goin? im damm miss SJ,but if we go there wad can we do? shall we do footdrill? sounds so damm stupid lah,but i guess i can rmb most of de command!! :) but gt 1 stupid command i 4gt!HAHA=)

oh, feel tt im a introvert. a damm introvert. small social circle. yes,small social circle.but it's okay,i dun nd a big one. a small yet strong social cicle will do. of cos i dun mind making de circle bigger,but haix,i really dun like to interact wif ple who i dun realli noe or im nt close wif. call me a introvert pls! im so random.

im goin out every single day. im quite tire yet im rather happy. even though de planning took damm long,but woot. yes,im goin out tmr wif my sis again! i wanna go sing. hopefully we can go sing wif our changed voices! HAHA=)

im nt as happy as i thought i am. guess tt applies to some other ple too.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Are you ready kids?
Aye-aye Captain.
I can't hear you...
Aye-Aye Captain!!

Oh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
SpongeBob SquarePants!

Absorbent and yellow and porous is he!
SpongeBob SquarePants!

If nautical nonsense be something you wish...
SpongeBob SquarePants
Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish!
SpongeBob SquarePants!

SpongeBob SquarePants! SpongeBob SquarePants! SpongeBob SquarePants!

SpongeBob.... SquarePants! Haha.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND U PLE TO SPONGEBOB IF U'RE FEELING DOWN!!haha=) but some ple hate it or they juz simply hv diff frequency! as in dun understand tt cute little spongy ting!HAHA (: im being a bit random for this post huh?HAHA=) wadeva~~!!

解连环 The Unbroken Cycle

omg,i LOVE THIS SHOW!! i love de song too!HAHA=) how i wish i can whole it all over again!!! :)


p.s: I HATE FLU!so waste tissue la!! D:

Thursday, November 20, 2008


aft so damm long,in fact,i tink it's rather short,de torture has ended!! today's bio p1 was pretty okay i guess? it's de only paper tt i hv lots of free time to check n check n check(: BUT there's quite a lot of ans i wanted to change but in de end i only changed one cos i shd believe myself rgt?LOL. ok,wadever,IT'S OVER! (: lalala..

anw, im like getting sick! &$#$#&$ it's time to play lah!! but guess i'll back to normal soon (: cos it's like a bit sore throat,a bit cough n a bit flu.LOL. actualli i like quite long nv sick liao,HAHA=) CHOY TOUCHWOOD!!i dun fall sick la!LOL.

went imm wif zy yt hl. bag was damm heavy,shoulders goin break sia. or shd i say they're broken?went lib wait for sis den had dinner tgt. so weird la,i wasnt hungry at all!!n i ate chicken chop but dun feel full at so tire sia.. so damm long nv go online!! so shiok to online now la!!WAHAHAH=) but i cant really multitask --"


p.s. yeah,someone is getting happier,or at least getting back to track!! JIAYOU!!=)

Monday, November 17, 2008


it's been a mth since i blog!! but a's haven finish! 1more paper n i can start working on my to-do list!:)) i actually wrote down stuff i wanna do aft a's! anw, im in holidae md already! tt's bad cos still gt bio p1 which i hope i'll score okay!!tried some p1s onli! RAH.

well,wad shd i sae abt A's? shd i say it's sux or shd i sae i've prepared for de worse? i duno,n i din bother too much now. aft every single paper i wd tell myself "IT'S OKAY,IT'S OVER N WADX OVER IS OVER! I SHALL NT BOTHER BY IT!FOCUS ON DE NXT PAPER!" aiya,wad else can we do? basically there's nth much we can do rgt? but this stupid A's realli drive ple crazy! it's so heartpain n er..i duno how to say. let's learn to forget n carry on ba! it's always easier to sae i noe.. smt i realli hate studying.. is like i wun be using most of my knowledge in de future. well,everything is hard to say lah..

oh ya,i realli prefer a small classroom wif min no of paper for a's!!duno y some ple r so inconsiderate n speak damm loudly while others trying hard to squeeze smt into their overloaded brain! i was quite pissed off lah! for those who r talkin abt studies related,it's ok n feel free to talk. if u wanto talk crap,pls speak softer!if nt PLS GET OUT!!sry,im quite over here but v RAH noe?!??

i cant wait for saturdae! or shd i say fri? it's nt settle but i tink more or less we're staying over at xq's hse (: i wan do bakery n slack as much as i wan! but i find it hard to slp til 12 nowadays! perhaps used to waking up latest at 9am le.. wadeva,since i slp so early!HAHA=)

i like nth much to blog. i duno y. thought gt quite many to blog.HAHA=)

anw,HAPPI BDAE TO CALISTA,(12nov)DADDY(12nov) N ALL DE NOV BABIES :)) sry if i din send any greeting sms to u! my dad requested for pizza for his bdae so we ordered pizza :)) it was damm nice :)) cos we rarely call for delivery! yummy :D

it's going to end n smt new is goin to start :))