Sunday, February 26, 2012

short updates

Hello Humans.

Out with shan the whole day and back home for drama is loved!

By the way, bumped into Valerie and her sisters and mum today at Orchard Ion! What a small world huh! We had short chats. It's been really long since we have proper talking since we hardly meet in school these days (we're taking different modules).

Some songs (1. alone, 2. Still as ever, 3.Promise) just stuck in my hand and this is bad cos it's distracting. And sadly lyrics are unknown to me. Never mind, at least they sound nice to me (: Shall re-watch the drama-You're Beautiful next holiday! Actually it was on my list last/last last holiday but I didn't managed to watch. And I'm missing here and there on Channel U.

DBS scam is really irritating. Gave myself a false alarm when I received a sms from them saying that I withdrew some money when I didn't even touch my card at all. It turned out to be my aunt's card and she did some transaction yesterday but the contact number is mine. Phew, false alarm is really much much better than tiong scam!

Anyway, it feels good to do good deed (:


Friday, February 24, 2012

Recess week

Hello Humans,

It's recess week time- ain't really excited or happy about it.


Cos it's gonna just be another week. Oh, let me correct myself, it's just gonna be another more stressful week. Despite all the work that have to be done, I'm pretty relax now without doing much related to academic stuff.

Just when I thought maybe I should head to Germany (Berlin) for Summer School Program with my sis and NPM, GSS's email came to inform me that I got a placement for UTT (France, Troyes). So yeah, I got a place for second round, and now I gonna think about it again, by Monday.

Anyway, I thought of trimming my hair and changing spectacle! Well, my hair still seems to be pretty obedience even though there're split-ends but at least the ends aren't dry! Oh well, it's like finally I felt that my hair is growing longer. Should I? Maybe no. Shall cut them when they protest.

I simply love nuahing at home, just like now.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

it's week 7!

Oh man.

Yet another week.

I'm starting to hate school again.

I hope March Nightmare will be over soon.

I will embrace it and survive. *clap clap*

oops, maybe it's time to start work.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mayim with MaMa (:

Hello Humans.

I've been eating this for the past few days! It's more like sweet (like ribena's) instead of supplements! HAHA(: But yeah, it tastes great so it's okay though I'm not the targeted audience of the product right? I suppose it's okay for adult to consume kid's stuff. It's okay right?

Anyway, instead of studying hard at home, I went to Westmall with my mama today to do some mini grocery shopping! Had Mayim for our lunch! It was her first time there and I'm glad that she likes the food there!

 Kimchi greeted us and we were thinking whether or not to try it. Cos mama doesn't really like this kind of stuff but it taste nice the other time I tried it with the batok/gombak peeps! So we spent $1 to try it! Not bad cos very appetizing! (:

 If you like it, you can get it at $6 per bottle! :D

 Mayim at westmall!

 Happy mama and happy me taking the photo.

We were like "oh so many how to finish!" HAHA. So we asked for container to da bao some home!

 Nice hor fun that's $10.80!

 Xiao long bao! Though I quite like it, I let mama to have more (she had 2 out of 3) cos I think i'll visit the restaurant more often than her. HAHA(:

 Must eat- Durian Pudding! Mega loves! I knew that my mama will love this! Durian is so much loved!

So we had a very pleasant lunch at westmall! I told my mum that instead of having a $7 meal for the both of us, we spent 10 times the amount! Don't be mistaken, we got da-bao too! But it's okay to splurge a bit on yourself, plus the food is nice and we are happy so yeah (:

And since my mama was trying out new stuff today, I decided to let her try Gong Cha! HAHAHA. I think I only tried it for the third time and I wasn't sure what to order :/ the person was kind enough to recommend some and we decided on caramel milk tea! Pretty not bad, my mama had most of them again cos I don't think she'll buy this kind of drink by herself! (:

NTUCed and helped mama tidied our super messy storeroom. I gave up half-way :X

Time for dinner and TV soon. I have so much reading debt and assignment debt. RAH.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Just being bored

Hello Humans.

I am really bored and lazy to read any readings or do any stuff ):

That explain why am I here huh!

This is me in a dress that's simple and not bad. I actually quite like it but it's too short! Though I tried it without any intention to buy, but I might buy if it's longer.(:

Anyway, I had many intake yesterday! Say hi to Mc Blueberry meltz 1-for-1 and Tender Grill 1-for-1 for my too-heavy-snack!

They are nice, super nice since I spent half the price for the same stuff!

Oh ya, it's amazing to see how to come together for the same goal! I was in JP's BK and this auntie came over to me (since I was alone) to ask if I want to share with her. The other auntie who was in the queue too overheard that and she quickly say she's alone before I do! LOL. Of course I didn't mind that since I wanted to  buy 4 portion. After that, a secondary school girl asked me about the promotion and I gave her a not-so-sure answer. The woman in front of me then suggested that there are options of buying just the burger or buy them as a set. Woot, we are all so helpful to each other! And guess what, the 2 aunties that I was mentioning earlier on sat together and had their meal + chitchatting with each other like friends! HAHA(: I just feel... why my mum don't eat BK (okay, more like burger)?

Say hi to my lovely doggy PUFFY! My sister name it. Cute right?! It was stressful to draw+paint your art piece within 3 hours. At least it was stressful for me. And sitting next to the glass door was so distracting with people popping by to check out what we are painting! I could hear "dog" etc. Oh well, chose the seat and I didn't even dare to look out X: Nevertheless here's happy puffy!

Some other photos from Grandma's 80th and CNY (:
Grandpa had a mini speech which surprised most of us! He thanked his children and even thanked me! I was really surprised by that! (: Oh ya, since I wasn't feeling well that day, I only had a few bite. Missed the damn nice looking black pepper crab! ): But it's true that when you don't feel well, all/most the dishes seems unappealing or disgusting! Fried tofu, fried chicken or whatever beloved fried food seemed super disgusting with its damn oil.

CNY day 1 was just bai-nian in Singapore and JB.
Had our dinner at Seri Mutiara, one of the JB hotel. Food was okay, the crepes is the only nicer food. Stayed over at uncle's house to play with Keyi (:

Day 2, we nuah around and went to JB premium outlet! Sisters were like comparing JB's and USA's. It's much more cheaper in the states! I'm so wanna to visit them soon!:P

Here's adele in WKWSCI's studio! (: Had our shoots for CO265A, one of our module since we're directors! Okay, sounds good right, but got many directors for all departments.

Okay time to start working ):


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy V-day!

Hello Humans.

me and my relatively neat hair!

Happy Valentine's Day to all! (:

Well, it's just another normal day since my significant ones (in term of romantic relations) is still unknown. But yeah, today is still a nice day! though classes were/might be boring, but still, Tuesday is over!

Sweet sweet NPM bought lunch over and we had lunch at WKW for the first time! And she gave me this rose/choco! thanks NPM, it's in my stomach now! (:

And this pretty summarizes my day: had class for COM222 and lecturer bought some choco for us during the break! It's good to listen to her stories cos they're quite interesting (plus can drag time. mind you it's a 4hours straight of lecture and tutorial) but oh well, there're too many mini presentations ): )

Had starbucks cos there was 1-for-1 promotion for drinks and cupcake. It was $4.40 so quite okay since i've not tried the lemon cupcake before, which is pretty nice.

And then meet up with my da la po (ZY) to have our date at subway. thanks for the choco dear! it's nice to chat with you (:

that's all. i've no mood to read or do anything. lalalala.

Lots of Love,

Sunday, February 12, 2012

School lifeee

Hello Humans.
It's academic week 6 this coming week! I've no idea to say it's too fast or slow. I'm foreseeing a much more busy late Feb and March and I think I'll be super ultra stress with 2/3 assignment/presentation/essay due each week :/

Life's been busy, though I'm not sure with what. All weekends were/are going to be spent with beloved HS416 readings for memo. Oh, and sometimes COM254 readings and online discussion.

HS317 presentation was a nervous one. We chiong-ed last minute the day before the actual day!  Beside stupidly mispronounced many words (e.g. sacred as scared due to our typo in script), it was overall a good one! (: At least we managed to answer his answers and he commented that our discussion question is good! Phew, at least don't feel that bad. One presentation, more to go! ):

No news ain't good news. GSS result for the first round wasn't a good news. I didn't manage to get a place for the exchange-base program but I'll be still on the waitlist. Seriously I don't think there's much chance in the second and third round. It's time to look at other alternatives but I've yet to look at them. I'm lazy. Well, I actually wondered if I should apply for fee-paying for non-NTU partner university. Oh well, I'll reconsider soon, before it's too late.

Time to do online discussion for COM254.