Thursday, June 21, 2007

ytd went renew passport! 70bucks sia..but mon den hv to go dere take my new passport..ytd gt super loads of tym in my dad's shop so i took out my passport n count de no of stamps..haha..i dere r 85stamps sia.c i so boliao rgt?walk pass bugis but din ke lian..den went JE n hm..8+ den hm n chiong oh by de way,de new passport's photo will be black n white!!r dey tryin to save ink?haha=)
well,todae was lyk normal lesson la..wake up at 6.50 lyk tt..=( dad drove mi to sch=) econ start at 8 but jiajun sae his fren sae change to we went canteen n wait til near 8.30 den go LT3..but we heard ms aw voice outside la!!so de lesson start at 8-.=" nvm..econ onli go thru test's ans..haix..super sianx la..den kept drift away sia..den break for half an hr den maths.. mr wee can teach much better den mr sia..cos can understand better :D nt a wasted trip man =) but stigma part still blur la..tmr goin for binomial de..hope is useful =) ate cup noodles in sizzlinice..marianne n me ate fried rice too fr de buffet?..haha=) lalala.. den in maths n chem quite awake=) so happi la..haha=) even th0ugh i dun understand chem..wadeva..went wm n bought pen n lead which i nd wif yt n hl :D ate nuggets n de other i dun0 wad it call..haha=) den went hm n slack... so sianx rgt de whole dae? but im happi tt im nt realii tt slpy in lect =)

oh,sarah tried feedin mi biscuit in maths lect..n i told her NT TO POKE INTO MY NOSE.. den she tried but miss!!haha=) den it end up touchin my face..haha=) den i sae i dun wan liao n we keep laughin.. i ate it cos i dun want0 be t0o mean..n since de food is given,y nt eat? =) den b4 goin off i feed her sweet..she so funni la..haha=) enjoyed feedin her =)

thx marianne for sendin mi de pics !! if she din send im gonna grab dem fr her blog n post it on my bloggy :D
De position cute huh?
marianne n her BELOVED black black
so CUTE!! X)
dun tink tt's my fist!!tt's nt my fist!! i wun bear to punch tis CUTE LITTLE TINGY!!
it is curious abt de table!!or rather de FOOD?...
3OF DE PUPPIES!!one run away while i t0ok at =)

gosh man..3more daes n holi end!!n i left ECON [onli done retest],MATHS [onli done qn1 n2] n CHEM[ onli browse thru org chem notes]..hw m i gonna finish dem..esp wen im slackin lyk nw?..haix..reflected on wad i done so far..reali slacked..too much of slackin..haix.. anyway,dere's 3 more daes,which is 72 hrs more =) woot!! aniway i dgn hmwk wif xq tmr=) mayb yt will join in=) hope i can do more hmwk tmr wif dem instead of tokin craps =)

go do hmwk le.bye =)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

RAH ^9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999!!!

left damm mani hmwk!!juz touch econ but tmr hv to hand in n i nt even done wif 1 qn..rah!! den maths n chem i haven touch!! scary lahx!!! 1st tym last wk of holi left so mani hmwk lei!! shall nt try tis nxttym!! but i tried dgn n dgn n dgn n dgn la.. but i's smt i muz admit.. shall updat stuffs nxttym..cos nd chiong econ NW!! =(

oh,but muz sae smt!! ytd saw PUPPIES!!freakin CUTE man!! love it!!mi n marianne spend abt 45min playin wif it!! marianne wan black black [black forest-lyk sala =X] i wan brownie!!haha=) dey so cute la!! freak man.. cant hv it la =(

saw de white watch wif pam tt tym.. den bugis hv similar de..but it's rubber which is lyk de current one im havin..which means if i buy it,it will nt be white as tym goes by..but it cost 15bucks at causeway[de one i saw wif pam]'s plastic de i guess..rah.. how how? shd i buy? wahahah =)

here goes some pics for east coast trip!! thx zy n cy for sendin mi de pics=)

im alone!! ...heart wif footprints of chilli family =)

CHILLI FAMILY ROX!! --> written by mi =) so nice hor? haha =)

a dead fish found along de shore of east coast!!--> so dirty la

JS n MI =) de onli guy in chilli family =D

RAINBOW aft de rain :D

Saturday, June 16, 2007

woke up 11+ 12+..haha=) did 1 article le..i wanna do 1more todae so i'll clear GP =) yeah!!but left all other hmwk la.. =( my skin is peelin er xin man..den quite itchy n i rub n rub..haha=) n i peel my well,shall go do article =)


W0Ot!! t0dae shall be hmwk dae =) / =(
wanan wake up at 8am de..but cant tahan so turn de alarm to be 9am..luckily i still hv de energy to make alarm clack..well,breakfast ate kaya bread=) den start dgn GP's lyk nv end la =( i onli done6..left 2 more..RAH!!oh shit man,i realli done nth this holi yet left so MANI HMWK!!gosh...hw m i goin to complete it wen nxt wk de wkdae go out every single dae..haix..

mit up wif hl b4 go bb..EDWARD WAS DE LAST TO REACH..we r suppose to mit at 1pm de..he reach at 1.25-1.30pm..RAH..we alighted at which stop i oso 4gt liao.haha=) den t0ok cab n had a super long walk to de pit..RAH!! but poor james is carrying de curry which is damm heavy.. well,at 1st wanna go cycle de..but suddenli dun feel lyk..s0 more so sianx liao..den mi n yt nv cycle n play a bit card den sit dere do nth =(

rain....rain...rain....chilli famil tok some pic =) yeah=) tt's de fun part of de gatherin man=) dere's a dead fish on de shore..can c hw polluted or dirty is de water sia..haha=) de sand so nice to write stuff man =) lol...well,ate some f0od..thx sx n james n cs offerin us de f0od man =)

went hm at 9+ 10? cos yt was sick..tink havin fever..poor gal..went foodcourt buy drinks..den my finger gt WORM!!SO HAIRY LA!!den i c le jiu "EEEEEEeeeeee!!!!" v loud n flick my finger..tink de worm fly into a stall =X so er xin la....somemore de worm lyk quite long la=( t0ok s0metym t0 find de busstop sia..th0ugh we scare we'll gone missin la,but quite fun lei..haha=) had nice tok wif dem on de way hm..make de journey lyk t0o short..haha=)

i wanna chiong hmwk..but i cant..cos y? i 0s0 dun0..WTH.. nvm..rah..back to hmwk =)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

well,went eclub t0dae.. LATE!!cos wait up late but manage to chiong!!but guess i miss de stUpid bus!!rah!!sit n sit la..n de bus finalli came ard20- 25 min la..well,chiong to sch..haha=) handed in our chi file even though de content pg is nt filled at all=) haha=) thx yifang for printin chem tut for mi n preparin de stockcheck list for mi =) so sweet of her huh?den st0ckcheck for drinks..s0 ....... wadeva..den we wait n waIT N WAIT for someone la..she came at 12.30 wen we r suppose to mit at 10..power?haha=) by de way ms tiong dressin a bit weird today sia..haha=) some sae is he dress,some sae her slipper some sae her bag..n i sae her bag n slipper!!haha=)tink she's goin out dun be so KPO la... **evil luff**

den start sellin de coke..well,did manage to sell 10 wen we haven even step into de uncle nt bad=) haha=)but den de sales gt to hell aft tt stupid trolley quite extra cos we cant climb de lift wif thx fiona help us push it back to sch=) manage to sell all tt we hv=) yippy!!well,den tally de tingy,den mi n yifang carry on stockcheck for other was 3+pm liao..haha=) den we count moch n lalala...dun0 y we cant realli taste de flavor..haha=) we did tested out but aft sometym.. cute huh? den gt someone wanna buy drink..den pam press de cash machine..den tink ew press smt wrong den gt stupid sound!!rah!!den off it still gt de sound..RAH!!we tried to solve it ourself n anyting molest de cash machine..haha=) but end up we call suteng for help =) haha=) well,st0ckcheck til ard 5pm bahx..s0 hard workin..oh,we din hv our lunch so mi n yf cant take it n eat cup noodle :D **twist**

well pam was lyk sayin she wanna shoppin..den i was shock cos we r in pe tee n shorts n slipper n at late hr [ard5pm] n she wanna shop..haha=) well,end up we agreed goin causeway =) well,went jp since we alight at boonlay busstop=) so mani stuff k!!i wanna dem but keep ctrling!!i wanna save $$ cos i din hv much left=( de slipper damm nice..pam eyed on it t0o..but dunhv her size which = dun hv my size..haha=) anyway tt slipper cute gt air de..haha=) i wanna it too but too exp liao=( ren!!! well,went causeway at ard 6.30pm=) had mac de seaweed fries=) nice lei=) yum yum!! im lovin it man=) well,we tok loads=) haha=) well,tried lookin for crystal jade de chicken which sells at 10bucks!!but dunhv lei=( sad man!! pam bought smt..=) went cold storage wif pam..haha=) we r auntie so to0k some tym to find de stuff we wan!!haha=) bought de WR0NG SOAP POWDER!!haha=) aniwae,i was upgraded to aunties aft enterin cold storage due to de plastic bags!!haha=) wadeva man=) i'll becum a auntie wen i gt 0lder..haha=) oh,i bought smt t0o,tt's soap powder n pancake=) lols....

mi n pam were wonderin whether we shd go china la..if yes we'll miss loads of stuff n gonna catch up loads for bio n chem n other sub..n we'll hv to mug fr mornin to nite.. well,im wonderin nw.. yes or no..simple words? yet hard to usee man..RAH!! WTE!!ple,pls give suggestion on whether we shd go china =) ..haha=) oh,hua lao shi say de air ticket lyk bk le..ya,if nt goin den hw ar.. lol...

well,smt $&$#*$^&)*& my sis of my sis [[definity nt 3rd sis--she's de BEST :D]] lahx..smt dun understand her sia..she nt happi her buss k..dun drag mi in.. i hv no interest man..well, tryin to ren..s0 kind of prevent trouble u yi shi feng ping lang jing..RAH!!i HATE PLE HU'S DEMANDIN..if u'r demandin let mi n0e 1st,i'll try nt t0 mix wif u..haha=) jkjk =)

well,ask my bro buy shorts for mi..den he sae he bought m for mi to try..den i tok he gt brin so i can wear tmr..BUT he nv brin hm todae.RAH!!..means tmr cant wear..anyway,he's suppose to be back im quite surprise to hear his voice wen i call well,guess tt's all for todae..

ple pls kingli tag if u visit my blog :D captain HO wanna c hu's here =)

h0pe to do 1 article ltr=) haha=)

tmr will be a GREAT DAE---4e1 GATHERIN AT ECP :D

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

well, todae did nth much t0o =( did 2newspaper articles n d0ne wif pw stuffs!!! =) yeah!! at least nt tt sad =) haha =) h0pe can d0 m0re article nw la..c0s still gt 0ther sub de hmwk..well,A SUPER BIG THX TO YIFANG!! :D she help mi l0ads lei=) muackx!! well, wanted to renew passport tmr de,but gt bu4meetin..ya,luckily mama sae can change other day..haha=) well,chem's slide gt part2..ple can go c=) well,i wanna be a mugger..but i cant=( tt's a sad ting.. wad u wan u may nt gt..wad u dun wan u may gt it..RAH..y tings cant juz turn out to be de way we wan?..RAH!!

Oh,jasmine mention tt she went A''s somewhere i went yrs yrs yrs ago..cant recall much on it la..haha=) but i rmb it's DIRTY..n jas agreed...ya=) so my memory is nt tt bad..well,tt tym dere's a swimmin pool la..but v dirty--de water is nt clean n gt dead insects floodin on it..wad de w0rse is tt de day we r leavin dey start cleanin de po0l..RAH...well,dere's a ZOO if im nt wrong..onli rmb a monkey tt bite my mama's handbag while we t0ok photo wif it..n elephant? lol.. well well well,actualli still ok la..but still gt large room of improvement =) but i went so long liao,yet tis tym jas go lyk still de same..haha=)

here i go hmwk =) bye :D
fussy wazzy....
amazing rgt?..she keep tellin mi abt fussy wazzy is everyone's bestie..w0ot,i din n0e i hv a bestie call FUZZY WAZZY!!!haha=)
fuzzy wazzy lyk t0 eat green but nt blue
fuzzy wazzy lyk to eat maggi mee,n00dle but nt rice
fuzzy wazzy lyk minnie but mickey
etc etc etc..
d0 u n0e hw t0 play?
mi catch n0 ball=(
wadeva..anyting..haha=) nite

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

de whole nite cant lie properli la..back damm pain!!RAH!!woke up at 12+ t0dae.. did nth much!!s0 sad la!!s0 far onli did 2newspaper articles!!wanna do 4 by t0dae sia.. wasted 3plain paper juz nw!!RAH!!i hv limited plain paper!!s0und s0 ke lian rgt?rah!! these few daes realli hv to chiong hmwk cos nxt wk keep goin sch..well,fri will hv 4e1 gatherin at ecp!!wanna cycle de BUT due to de SUPER SUNBURN ytd,i dun realli wanna cycle cos will kana burn by sun..haha=) den a stupid idea came across my mind--do hmwk in mac!!haha=) s0und stuppid la..s0 ke lian t0o..well,w0nder if tt will happen la..haha=) if it will happen,i muz be super super power!!haha=) i shall con't pw stuff =) byebye :D

ytd slpt at ard 2 am n i wake up at 7.30++!!s0 guai huh?!?! c0s wanna d0 bi0 la..but i din d0 much la!!well well,went SENT0SA wif s28 =) onli gt mi marianne yiqing sarah fengyi jon ed jiajun n outram rest nv go.. w0ot!! mit j0n n marianne at JE mrt la..n i accidentli called marianne but i t0k is she call mi-.=" well,reached JE but nv c j0n,s0 decided t0 ask marianne,den he appear,guess he at de other side of de lifT?lol.. s0 came marianne n off we g0 t0 viv0 de giant t0 buy stuff f0r picnic..jon was tryin to endure wif our[mi n marianne's] crap la!!haha=) hu ask him dun crap along wif us..or did he?wadeva..anyting=) well,jiajun was late la..but nt v late.. de rest late la..n we waited til s0 damm l0ng.s0mem0re tt 0UT-RAM still slpin at 11+ la..WTE.. den everyone wait for tt OUTRAM..to0k monorail t0 sent0sa..c0ol ar? but lyk LRT lei..haha=)

well,reach dere saw a weird angmo couple ba..tan in de shade? den de female wearin skirt!haha=) funni la.. den de guys go play water la..i din play water cos i din brin xtra cl0th.. well,we sit n suntan awhile den g0 de opp "island"..st0od dere v l0ng den sit n play la..lame games la..haha=) den went back n tan n play uno..haha=) yiqing cute brin uno la..[I so gd praise her!!] den we play n eat de junk food we sandwich nice =) cos i lyk de ingred used =) haha.. 4gt wad tt jiajun said den wanna kick him la,den de stupid table's bottom gt a ting den i kick tt ting la..den leg damm pain!!nw still damm pain la!!RAH!well,we TAN TAN TAN..yq gtg c0s she hv her jurong gang stuff =( den play card=) FUN!!at 1st play 21 dian wif marianne' n her fren..s0 damm lucky keep getting 21dian la..to0 bad i nv gamble la..haha=) den we played dai di t0o =) s0 damm l0ng nv play la!!RAH!!
yiqing mi marianne--> before

still nt tt red :D

S28 rox man!!

well,den we played speed!!s0 fun n crazy la!! mi n marianne s0 ji dong la..haha=) n w/o realisin i lyk sh0utin la..haha=) but i dun care u c..den sarah intro a game where wen we c Jack we muz snap,Queen we muz clap,de sl0west will hv t0 take all cards!!haha=) den at 1st quite ok la,but as tym goes,marianne lyk sl0w lia0..haha=) den we mixed up de J n Q's acti0n la..haha=) den marianne keep passin dere tt disease la!! mi n sarah gt kana it!but sarah damm funni la!!she keep dgn de opp or raise both hands up!!s0 damm funni!! oh ya,played a game call false name?funni t0o!!den i call fengyi sarah twice la..s0 RAH!! we laugh until stomach pain face pain everywhere pain la..den keep shouting la..out of ctrl man!! s0 sry.. start rain n off we go..went yoshinoya for dinner..7.95bucks la!! RAH!!nvm =(

mi n marianne wif de cards "6" =)

my stupid ides n jon's xtra fingers =)
yonghong is tryin to be funni...

well,im lyk RED CRABBY la!!ate crab ytd n nw im lyk crab!im s0 h0ng!!hu wan my signature?? n dey sae im RED BEAN!!haha=D wadeva man..anyting la..haha=) oh,i accidentli killed an ant on de table la!!s0 sry man!!i mean s0 sry ant!! wanna give sarah a suprise la..haha=) but it dead n n0 more suprise!! well,at 1st realli sianx la,but behind behind realli fun man!!

oh,sarah hv indian fren while jon hv china fren!!haha=) those china ple r askin ways to de shop tt sell chicky n ducky..haha=) den j0n t0ld dem de way n dey sae jon shuai ge!!omg la!!

oh,ed dun0 hw t0 swim den lyk kana bullied by de rest if de guys!!s0 ke lian la!!haha=) den he play dai di keep losin..HAHA=) tok he used to be quite pro in it de.. ed realli hv t0 learn hw t0 swim la.. haha =)

de guys playing cards

s28 tt went sentosa [yq nt here cos she went off le]-->im red la

Sunday, June 10, 2007

hey hey hey!!
w0ke up at 12+ den went msia t0dae at 1+..wad a heavy jam la..RAH!!t0ok an hr++ t0 reach msia.. went sh0ppin wif my br0!! =) s0unds weird? haha=) c0s he wanna but shirt u c.. s0 we walked ard de sh0ppin centre..well,de sale pers0n was standin behind mi n f0ll0w mi whereever i g0 la!!n i din n0tice at 1st den sudden scare la mi!!haha=) s0 i decided nt t0 walk ard de sh0p n wait f0r my br0 [he's in de fitting rm].. saw a bag!!nice k!!but n0 disc0unt n c nt much use in it n quite exp n quite small s0 din buy=( rah.. wasted de wh0le dae huh?!?! but at least i ate crab =) salted agg y0rk crab!!TASTE GREAT!! x) din t0uch my hmwk which is a sad ting la!! but i n0 md t0o la!!c0s im g0in sent0sa wif tw0-eighters tmr!! w0ot!! h0pe tmr wun rain n mr/ms/mrs sun will cum out=) i wanna be darker la!! nxt tym den chiong hmwk bahx!!haha =)
bye :D

Saturday, June 09, 2007

slept at 3+am ytd,i mean t0dae..haha=) but im tire at all sia!!but my sis wanna slp n late slp is bad for health,mi decided to slp even i quite awake..s0 wasted la!!RAH!! d0ne math tut 7,ass7 n supplementary7 =) s0 happi la.. oh,de slides for chem self studi is avaliable can go studi le=) w0ke up at 11am =) nt tt late la =) well,go thru de slides lia0..BUT Y IS DE SLIDES INCOMPLETE DE?!?! somemore ex2 qn a is diff qn fr de note n slide.. RAH!! hv to read thru again cos some dun understand.. =( well, t0k i wun start chem t0dae,but i did=) yeah!! haha =)

t0dae shall be hmwk day!!! happi chi0ngin since cant use com since bro is back s0on!! tmr maybe go msia..which i dun feel lyk c0s i wanna do hmwk la!!RAH!!shall c 1st =)

bye!!:D let's CHIONG HMWK!! :D

Friday, June 08, 2007

7 JUNE[thurs]
went sch for eclub..had meetin for post..mi n yifang is STOCKCHECK de..well,i dun realli lyk storecheck lei..haha=) cos v ma fan den juz dun realli lyk.. but den lyk n0t much ch0ices la.. n since yifang "invite"mi to j0in her,i j0in her lo. =) at least we can w0rk tgt :D we r s0 cute la..keep findin de stuffs in sizzlinice to c wad stuff hv to be ordered la..haha=) so mani stuffs k.. RAH!!yifang,guess u'll hv to do loads of tings sia...cos i'll be slackin sia..but i'll sure help u la.=) well, cleanin time!!! well,dey wash de fork spoonS[diff types de] n mi n yifang dry it ONE BY ONE..haha=) den i wanna p0ur de water away in de container ma..den all sp00ns dr0p on de fl0or-.=" s0 fi0na hv t0 wash it agaiin..S0 SRY MAN... well,br0ke onli 1 sp0on lei..s0 gentle :D miss leong was wif us andshe chat wif us.. abt WHATEVER n ANYTING..haha=) s0 cute huh?! well,crapped l0ads wif yifang =) s0 cant stand mi la.. ask her sit on mi but she wanna jump on mi.. s0 bad rgt? =X den dey sae wash de container of de straw onli n i sae MUZ WASH DE STRAW!!haha=) i so clean rgt? but we din wash dem cos hw r we goin dry it wif so damm little tym la!!haha=) i shd be quality ctrl instead sia!!haha=)

aft cleanin up,mi n yifang wanna take 157 to bb cos she meet her fren at cck while i meet my la0pos at bb..but we wana try WADEVA n ANYTING so we went to de petrol station la..haha=) so damm funni k..cos we cant find de drink anywhere la..den i th0ught 0f de advertisment la..haha=) n tt staff realli dun0 wad de drink where yifang ask her!!haha=) in de end we b0ught pink dolphin at $1.55!s0 exp huh?!?!head t0 bb n quickli went t0liet t0 change la..haha=) THX YIFANG FOR PEI-ing MI TAKE 157 N END UP U'RE LATE =X

met up wif my la0p0s n here we goes to city hall..crapped in de mrt t0o =) ate nacho cheese bread wif zy cos we r damm hungry cos we din eat lunch..hl gd la,gt maggi to eat!!!RAH!!well,den came XQ n off we go to KBOX!!haha=) t0ok s0me tym t0 find it la!!haha=) aniwae,xq became de member cos we nd a member of kbox in order to hv de package of Kstudent..RAH..went rm8 =) n i keep ch00sin de songs since de rest dun0 hw t0 ctrl it.. well,chose most of de songs i want!!s0 bad of mi la..haha=) but guess wad..i dun shout into de mic as wad some may tink [**s0me ple tink i cant go kbox cos it'll be damm l0ud**] haha=) i sing louder w/o de mic..see hw shy i m rgt? WAHAHA :D we start CAM-WHORING wen we're nt singin la!!haha=) den mi n zy keep cant take a nice nice pic!!RAH!!but we nv give up k..=) well, gt a stupid angmo mv la..s0 mv n de song hv NO LINK AT ALL song i dun0 la,de mv is a gal..den de whole mv de pai de gal la..L0L..-.=" den XQ went CRAZY!!HAHA=) realli s0 damm funni la!! de bill was 58.30bucks la!!each paid 14.60 bucks!!rah!!so exp!!but it's FUN n i ENJOyed S0 nvm bahx!!damm cold la..den we went t0liet la..den de walkway gt fei lun hai's poster so we t0ok pics wif it!!haha=) xq c0uldnt stand us man!!haha=)

went sh0p sh0p awhile b4 goin SUBWAY!!wen ate..4gt wad ham liao..haha=) 4.90bucks..quite small lei..den n0 lettuce la..WTH la..mi wanna veggi!!haha=) den i onli add 2 type of veggi s0 ke lian la..den de burger s0 flat la..RAH!!sort of disappointed la!!we tok quite long abt mani t0pics =) realli catch up l0ads wif each other!!guess our nxt outing will be de nxt h0li?wah,tt's l0ng!!i realli miss de days in sec la!!be it FRENS or hmwk la.. =( hey hey!!muz l0ok ahead!! =)

8JUNE [thur]
HAPPI BDAE HANWEE!!--my l0wer pri sch bestie :D
well,nv see him for 4yrs la..he change realli l0ads man!!haha=) back t0 t0dae...
wanted to wake up at 7+ to do hmwk de..but v sianx so went back t0SLP=) haha=) den went JP to meet up wif yiqing dey all for pw..th0ught i 'l be quite earli but yiqing n jaime were dere liao..ed was abt 10min late la!!hw cd hi, let 3 gals to wait for him la!!haha=) aft dgn survey tingy den start email tingy n had pizza!!yq nv treat mi even though i nv sae out la!!RAH!! nvm..6bucks for 4pieces of pizza=) yeah!! but it d0esnt last long la..c0s ate at 12+ den mi 3+ start hungry..rahrahrah!!den cant find email for starhub la!!rah!!m1 is de best as in dey gt put lyk for ple to seek for sponsor la.. well,finish at ard 3+ den aft dgn we t0ok l0ads of g0up ph0t0 =) haha=)

here goes de pics :D edward tinks tt we hv virus...

i love them!!

it's us again wif yiqing's soft toys!!

in her livin rm =) do we l0ok lyk we r takin family ph0t0? haha=)

den we [mi jaime yq fy] go imm sh0p sh0p n here come sarah de lame ****..wahaha=) l0ads of sales stuffs n is damm nice k!!i wan all!!but i n0 $$ la!! oh,i wanna buy FBT shorts lei!!de curve de but sch cant wear for pc la..rah!! wanan buy a non-black de but a black one too..but tt will cost much! how how hw? lol..sarah sae queensway sell abt10bucks depend on thin or thick i tink..RAH.. so huiling u wanna buy ma? pls tell mi if u read tis!!haha=) oh,sarah dr0p her food on de fl0or n she puick it up t0 eat!!rah!!s0 dirty la de f0od!!she's damm funni la!!haha=) t0ok pic b4 leavin wif jaime..HOME SWEET HOME.. t0ok tis at IMM

i wanna chiong hmwk..s0 ple if u all c mi slack for hmwk pls push mi =) thx huh:D

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

t0dae stay at hm d0 hmwk..s0 guai sia =) well,actualli go msia de but cancel's a gd ting s0 i can do my stuff=) in fact is do PW la..haha=) cos by fri jiu muz done le but tmr goin out..ya,so muz chi0ng t0dae =X but den lyk s0 hard t0 find de email for sh0pping malls la..wth la.. aniway,shall try my best cos tt's my part :D haha =) tmr shall c my la0pos!!miss dem k..we r goin KBOX!! yes!! :D but hv t0 go BU meeting in de morning tmr.. thx marianne for upl0adin de pics and thx yifang for sending mi de pic =)

By de way,ytd had GP tests..crap thru b0th tests..c0s nv studi -.=" well,went out wif mama n bro ltr..n i manage to FINISH READIN DE CHI STORYBK!! so damm pr0ud k..haha=) c0s spend abt 3 or 4 dae chi0ng..haha=) oh,thx lame **** [minmin] for her biscuit=) muackx :D

here goes de ph0t0s:D :

mi and yifang :D
she wan t0 sit at rgt so am i..but i let her sit..s0 nice of mi rgt?!?! :D

it's us again =) but with caps ;Dafter de camp... BU4 r0x :Dmi and pamela :D along de c0rridor =) :D dey sae jas's spect suit mi more den my current spect.. realli?

mi yifang n huikim ;D wh0le of BU4 =)

de f0ll0win pics r taken on fri :D
wad a nice shade huh?!?!
rmb wen we r kids?....
cute huh?!? :D
reflection..marianne cute huh?..

Monday, June 04, 2007

hey!!it will be a super l0ng p0st =X hahahahahah :D


had eclub camp..met up wif pam at bb mac t0 d0 de gifts f0r seni0rs :D it's a w0oden clip painted wif nail polish n de seni0r's name on it =) it may s0unds cheap BUT it's v time c0nsumin n l0ads of eff0rt!! h0pe de seni0rs will l0ve it =) we alm0st late for de camp s0 we decided t0 take cab..RAH..v exp la..nvm..we reach earli instead..haha =) den rep0rted... had ice-breaker games..dey v lame la,sae ple wanna break mi [**bin=ice ] -.=" de games r fun k..haha=) dun0 y i quite high de..well,wack0 i sae damm l0ud again la..haha=) den pam keep kana called by yuan kang den i sae out his name which im nt supp0sed t0..s0 end up pam de wacker.. =X den we 0s0 play qing ni gei wo zhe yang zuo..den stupid yuan kang n fren keep sae binbin 4...RAH!!imagine i keep sayin "binbin binbin binbin binbin" la..NVM..yuankang is one of our sisdae..haha=) we r supp0sed t0 discuss abt bazzar tingy but we play games instead :D la la la ...den played station games..

1st station : use mouth take sweet in de flour,den use mouth take lem0n n squeeze de juice into de coke... [EEEE..s0 er xin k..but de lem0n ok la,nt realli sour :D]
2nd stati0n: webby ting? my knee go kana a bit cuts n a small bruise..but p0or yanxi had a long cut at her knee n bled la..s0 ke lian...

3rd station : find puzzle? lol..cant rmb sia..haha =)

in fact hw mani stati0n i 0s0 4gt.. =X p0or mem0ry la..

den i was lyk "yeah i super damm clean la =) unlike yifang.. " den sebastian la,pour de fl0ur ON MI...RAH..n i becum sn0wman la..haha=) some even ask "juz nw c u so clean suddenly becum snowman!!" rahrahrah..nvm.. we had 1.5hr for bathin!!amazing la.. last tym sj camp is 30min for 100+ ple bath..haha=) den mi n pam quite ks den went 3rd floor bath..t0ok our own sweet tym n t0k la..c0s n01 q... den jaime n shuqing came ..haha=) s0 relax k..

den had bbq =) de stupid fire la..make until v rah la..haha..for de sake for chicken wing la.. :D well,dr0p a HOT hotdog la,wasted =( de stingray damm nice k..ate loads.. =) oh,thx nill for setting de fire la,if nt i wun hv th0se f0od to eat :D had fried rice n curry chicken earlier..nice man.. =) watched pirate 1..nice but fall aslp cos v cold la..but less den 10min i guess..well,gt to n0e estee more..she's a v nice gal =) but im still nicer den her..haha=)


we r supp0sed to be slp at 12+ but end up 4+ den slp..WHY?cos we practise dance ma..haha=) so hardw0rking rgt?well,zhihui dun wanna wake shuqing n jaime fr their slp de..haha=) but i v bad la,wake dem up..haha=) woke up auto at 6am..dun0 y..haha=) den had PT..lalala..den breakfast den prepartation for bazzar..mi pam fiona keep slpin la..haha=) den bazzar at taman jurong..v few ple la..s0 hard t0 sell de stuffs!!nxt tym dey shd find a better l0cati0n la..haha=) mi pei yanxi at taman cos gp2 she n0e de ple nt much ma..s0 nice of mi la..den pam nic n fiona went cash converter..haha=) played de use glue-lyk tingy blow into a balloon 1st tym in my life!!s0 ke lian rgt?haha=) yanxi can blew int0 a super big one la..den many ple ask her blow...n i b0ught 1 packet of it for her as her bdae pre!!haha=) well,i t0k we'll win or earn l0ads la..c0s yuankang dey all s0ld l0ads of socks n stuffs..RAH..nvm,at least gt back 2bucks.. returned back to sch..mi pam nill went practive dance awhile..but tink nill t00 tire lia0 so he went slp while mi n pam find yifang..huikim--bu4 manager fell down..s0 scary la..her back already pain in de afternoon la,den de fall shdb make it ke lian..she went hm earli n missed de nite for j2 =( de nite for j2 was w0nderful =) but de dance i guess everyone damm nervous la..i dun0 y i 0s0 nerv0us den anyhw dance..RAH!!!but we dance 3tyms ltr on..l0l..t0ok s0me bu4 ph0t0s..damm tire la..din t0k much lia0..haha=) saw aimee in de bus !!!miss her!! 4gt take her n0 sia!!RAH!!!=(


slpt til3pm :D so happi..haha=) read maths i tink..


went sch at 8.30 for pw bio less0n was 1-3pm instead of 9-11am la..WTH..den i called estee lee la..she's nt even in de sch..RAH..s0 damm piss off can..hw can she 4gt t0 inf0rm him abt de change of tym la..den de class went jp..ate breakfast at mac..mi din eat cos so exp la..haha..but drank milo cos i din drink in de m0rning..den went sh0p sh0p..we r quite crazy la..haha=) t0ok s0me ph0t0s..well,de guys r funni la..l0l..well,b0ught jaime her bdae pre..shared by 11 ple of two-eighters =) h0pe she'll lyk iy ;D well,wanted t0 visit MEIJI factory since fri ma..but t0o late lia0 den nv go =( RAH..well,went back sch n rot..2hr of bio lec din fall aslp..AMAZING :D haha =) but abs0rb lesser to none of de stuff as tym pass =X due to de stupid rain n late hr,we decided to cancel trip to ecp ;( guys wanna go bowling,,s0 ok lo..l0l..s0me non ex s25 went t0o..ok lo.. well,mi pam maria yq n yk went buy fo0d cos v hungry n we mit alex den go b0wling dere..well,many ple dere la,s0 dey still waiting for lane..lalala..yk yq yh alex played pool n de rest play b0wlin..mi pam maria do nth,,RAH...we din bowl cos de guys r pr0 la..we sure waste $$ de..haha=) but aft th0se play p00l play b0wling..c dem play til v funni la..yk din score any for 5 or 6 times la..den gt de face -0- haha=) den mi pam maria feel lyk playing so we played..FUN K..haha=) STRIKE 1st tym in my life la..haha=) had dinner at pasta mania =) yq n yh shd had enj0yed v much..i dunnd explain la..haha=) well,mi pam maria shared 2baked rice n pizza n 2drinks =) mi nt enuff $$ sia.. =( so borr0wed $3.10 fr maria..haha=) i'll return her de =) by de way ple,if u n0 $$ can b0rr0w fr jiajun la..cos he sae he hate to own ple $$ but dunmind ple 4gt return him $$!! haha =) dun understand y de guys so rich la..alex have dunn0 hw mani $50 notes in his wallet la..s0 damm rich..dun0 brin s0 much $$ out for wad la.. well,guess l0ads of ple dun0 lunfa is my relative..haha =) keep hintin but ple catch n0 ball..we r t0o diff le bahx..haha=) well,aft dinner go walk walk in wm.. n hm sweet hm

2june [sat]

went bugis wif sis..

3june [ sun]

msia!! b0ught a sh0es =) walkin sh0es still can run de ma.. haha=) ate crab!!nice=) but t00 small lia0.. dere's a mini zoo in de sh0ppin centre!!so cute k..but de kangorong s0 ke lian caged den lyk n0 space for it to jump..well,rabbits r cute la!!n de spiders!haha :D


well,im al0ne at hm NOW!!sis n dad w0rkin while de rest still at msia!!haha=) im supp0se t0 be studying GP la..but im usin com =X rah!!haha=) tink i'll fall aslp wen i start readin gp la..h0w h0w h0w?lol.. tmr jiu test liao..well,h0pe i can be more pr0ductive..wanna do maths n newspaper article lei..but tym dun all0w la..WTH La...rahrahrah.. im meetin up wif my la0p0s on thurs !!! yeah!!cant wait man..but pam suddenli sae gt bu4 meetin la..wtH... rahrahrah.. off i go for GP :D