Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dear's 27th (:

 Hello Human,

There's a reason love May despite the hectic work. But May started with lots of fun and love! Hee.

So it was YW's birthday and I planned the activities for the day. We were supposed to go to Snow City but thanks to me who booked the date wrongly, we gave Snow City a miss that day and headed for brunch at Prive Cafe! (: I was unable to make reservation since they don't take in reservation under 6 pax for weekend brunch, but to my surprise, there was almost no queuing time! And our food were served in no time too! 

 Dory fish burger :D

My shy bf with his fish and chips.

Food served hot in pretty happy colours! Taste wise pretty not bad, or perhaps everything taste nice with good mood. hahahah. A bad point would be that it was quite noisy on a weekend brunch hours. We could barely hear each other but i think YW shouldn't have much problem hearing me. Had our bill and explored around the area which is much quieter and peaceful! It's good to have a good after-meal stroll, looking at pretty things at the piers and fishes (: But seriously, the sun was too hot and we decided to walk back to Vivo City to have some aircon. HAHA. 

Headed to his house and we went to NTUC cos I decided to be the cook of the night! HAHHAHA. Yes, it was a surprise but i wasn't very confident even though i tried to find recipes that are friendly to newbies. Felt quite lost getting the ingredients and i felt even more lost thinking what to do in the kitchen. Though he was supposed to wait for the dinner, he helped! HAHA. I'm so sorry but I don't cook. So he encouraged me and asked what help i need. (: So i gave him instructions, missing some steps since i didn't refer to the recipe. And tatah~

 Cheesy baked mushroom with asparagus and tomato! Changed the ingredients a bit but never mind huh! I was quite funny cos i forgot to ask him to add seasoning. like salt and pepper. And i only realised it when they were baking half way in the oven. And suddenly he asked me which dishes need the garlic that i asked him to prepare earlier on. Oh well, yes it's this dish again. And to make me feel not that bad, he said it's okay cos he got garlic powder and we can add it in later. X:

 Cheesy baked chicken wrapped with bacon! And yes, I prepared almost all steps for this dishes. But I forgot my olive oil, salt and pepper AGAIN. He was like it's okay cos bacon is fat and salty enough plus the cheesy it's okay without the seasoning. Ahhh, thanks for an wei me huh!

 Potato apple salad! I prepared them myself!! Except the boiling part. He says it tastes awesome. HEEE. And finally I didn't missed out anything.

Oh well, just 3 dishes are enough to stress me. But it's a good start with a thoughtful and encouraging bf :) He even praised that I'm born to cook since we managed to cook 3 dishes without much reference to recipe plus it's common for beginners to feel lost in kitchen. And our dinner ended off with cakes (and ice-cream from NTUC) we bought from Prive cafe which are pretty nice too :)

Lemon Tart

Red Velvet cake


So on his actual birthday, I took off to spend the day with him! It was a simple day with meals and dinner but it was great enough (:

It started off with a surprise to his house with a cake! and guess what, he was guessing that I might turn up in his house already. LOL. this guy huh, keep destroy all my surprises one leh. Seems like I can't hide much stuff from him..

 Forced him to make wished! HAHHAHA. Rushed to our Jap Buffet and watched Spiderman after that! It wasn't that bad and to my surprise it's actually quite nice. HAHA. Had our dinner at nana green tea after that and nuahed a bit! 

A simple birthday and I hope you've enjoyed your special 27th with me! (: 
And thanks for doing stupid silly things with me. Hee.


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