Sunday, July 20, 2014


Hello Humans.

I am 24th. Just the other day I was thinking what I’ve done for the past 24 years of my life. Childhood was pretty happy. Big family that is pretty well to do with my dad supporting all of us and we’ve nothing much to worry about. I’ve gained enough attention and love since young since I’m the youngest. OOPs, I’m not trying to brag but imagine being the youngest and smallest and cutest back then. Haha. Moreover I’m so a good girl. Even up till now okay. I got through my childhood and teenage days pretty happily, without much worries except for academic wise. Not a smart kid to begin with but effort did help a bit. So last year marked the end of my education life and I’ve graduated happily in my dream school.

So yes, 2014 was the new chapter of my life- kinda, in the sense of stepping into working world, being in a relationship and all. Work has been pretty okay for me and I’m really fortunate that I’ve a good boss and my colleagues around me are nice! I’m definitely lucky to have a good boss, who is motherly, willing to spend time and effort to coach me and explain stuff to me. There was once I randomly said I like kit kat and kinder bruneo and she asked if I like chocolate. I said yes though I’m not a big fan of chocolate. And guess what, she bought me kinder bruneo! HAHA. My colleagues around me, like my lunch partners are awesome too cos they made working life so much more bearable! It’s like we can talk about many stuff and we do play among ourselves. Hahha. Well, maybe that’s the case cos we are from different department but I’m lucky that the few of us got in around the same timing (: Of course there are too many people in my workplace and there will be some people who doesn’t like me, they will also people who enjoy being my friends. So I’ll just focus on the happy side and work will be better! Though workload can be quite tiring and being the only MP staff in my section can be a bit challenging, I shall take it as a chance to expose myself to more things.

Coincidentally, my birthday also marks the 200th day of our relationship! We were quite surprised and happy cos isn’t it too coincidental?! HEE. So yup, for the past 222 days I’ve been indulging myself in my love with my love. I’m thankful for a thoughtful, tolerating bf who have to deal with my xiao qi-ness. I wonder if we are still in our honeymoon period or hahah, we are and will always stay sweet together. Of course I know in a relationship that there should be both happy and not so happy days, let’s try to be optimistic! We have not in war before and he knows I’m worrying for one cos we have no idea how it will be. Please don’t forget what we are supposed to do when the time has come.

Anw, YW and I have been trying to find myself a hobby. He was very encouraging, asking to me try baking since he can teach me how to. I confessed to him how stress it might be at times since he can get too strict while baking and baking to me it’s something that should be stress-free and enjoyable. Tried cooking and it was pretty okay so we’re still trying more dishes. I guess there are still many fear within me to be conquered.

Talking about hobby, those hobbies and routines that I’ve tried to establish last year were gone): I’m back being a fatty with lots of food and barely workout. WHERE’S MY HEALTHY WORKOUT REGIME ): it took so much effort and pain to keep up with to hit gym twice a week and once work life starts, it’s gone. OT sacrifices our gym schedule): And yes, where‘s my book? I haven’t been reading for almost 6 months. Trying to get back to reading by reading my bf’s book- Letters to a Young Chef. So hopefully it kicks start my reading and let me understand more about more bf. But hmmm, I haven’t be actively reading it.

Oh, I’ve unlocked another life achievement and that is getting my driving license after learning practical driving for a year. Almost half of the time I was waiting for test but never mind, I finally did it and it was much a relief! I hope I’ll be a responsible driver and not to do those stupid mistakes which I hate drivers do (: I remember one of the instructors said something like to drive safely and to keep in mind that you wanna be home safely to join your family for dinner every day. Kinda true(:

Supposedly a post on reflection for the past 24th years turned out to be a bit like recent update. HAHA. Okay, till then.


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