Sunday, November 30, 2014


Hello Humans.

I haven't been here for quite a long while again. Life has been pretty not bad, especially I just had my long holiday away from Singapore. 

Actually there are many people who are traveling during this period, many of them headed Europe and most people were quite surprised when I told them I'm traveling to China. I didn't think too much when I first received that kinda reaction as probably people wouldn't think of going China yet or youngster seldom goes China. But come to think of it, that kind of attitude seems a bit, wrong? I mean, what's wrong with traveling to China? There're plenty of pretty sceneries in China that worth the trip, regardless of your age. Does it more superior to travel to other countries, especially Europe or the States? Maybe, since these places are much further and the cost of travel expenses is likely to be much higher too. So it kinda put you at higher place when you're saying you're traveling to these countries as compared to China. 

I have to say I'm guilty of that at some point of times. Being envious of people traveling to far away places, being able to afford the cost of traveling and explore pretty places. Or perhaps when people say "wah u travel to Europe before!" Sometimes I'm caught in that too. But part of me will remind myself that isn't it a privilege to travel, regardless of where you're traveling? It seems that travel becomes a need instead of want, and thats kinda dangerous and scary. I did thought of wah I haven't been travel for 1.5years! I myself, as well as some others, commented that it was such a long period. But hmm, is that 1.5 years really that long? Come to think about it, it's okay. So perhaps my next long trip wun be anything soon Huh, hahah.

In anyway, I enjoyed my trip to China. I feel very fortunate to be able to travel and ahem, falling to the category of people who finds travel as a form of escapism. It been so long since I take such a long break from work, and I worked barely 10 months then. I appreciate times with my family, since I'm either busy with work or dating when I'm in Singapore. I appreciate the good nice meal I get to enjoy in Singapore and be thankful that I'm well fed at home. I was kinda meh whenever I see the dishes in China as they keep repeating and lots of oily and stay food. But again, I tried to tell myself it's their culture and their lifestyle. And, we are considered eating much better food compared to the locals so why am I still complaining so much right. 

I have to admit that I found this trip wasn't the best, since there are many types of sceneries and I seriously find Jiu Zhai Gou really much prettier. But again there are some pretty and interesting places that I went for this trip, which I'll probably tell more about it next time.

Ah, human is so complicated and contradicting. So am I. And perhaps, so are you.

This wasn't my intended topic, I wanted to talk about something else but it just came to my mind since I was looking at my photos from China haha. 

Oh wells.

Bye human.


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